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AI quips – 11/14/1999

by on February 16, 2010

`No venture capitalist would aid an invention like the Self thinking interface make a profit when it would also terminate the profits of the greedy especially any federal government!’
`Maybe the y2k fiasco will promote the Self thinking device as bankers and politicians head for the Riviera to count their gold, still believing others will want it!’
`Since the real question now lies in where to procure quality information, especially to save one’s skin. Only a Self thinking interface might save a few aware of its existence.’
`The least interested in politics now will have another form of it as the Self thinking interface begins to define all other’s political thinking with another in mind to profit from!’
`The digital computer had its place in history when the Self thinking one comes on line to even predict accurately!’
`Only the Self thinking interface could fathom the corruption current today, but an abrupt shift to conscience use would bring the least misery to all who paid in ignorance for it then!’
`The Self thinking interface was seen between relative time, a function noted when the EPR experiments were consistently positive defining some mind ahead of our slow temporal state.’


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