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Cancer Therapy Letters

by on February 20, 2010

July 6,’92
L. W. Sullivan, Surgeon Gen.
Health and Human Services
200 Independence Ave.,
Washington, DC 20201

Dear Sir:

Since some of our R&D, derived from lengthy theoretical work has been plagiarized as published to eradicate our own use of same to further research much less profit from, and yet the most valuable very simple micro‑electrode* medical item to rid cancer remains avoided, we wonder what indeed is going on in this culture? While questioning relative profit motives, does our established medical practice suffer, as most others in industry now with the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome, or is there some other more sinister ob­jective as needed suffering or populous eradication underway? We find vastly more terror in behalf of “authority” towards anything new, however proven effective, defines the like anomaly occurring in all of current government‑‑ the status quo, at ALL cost!

We have placed some money into a fund for a class action suit to hopefully evoke some attention in the public, whether we get some return or not. Since we now suspect the real disease in this late culture lies more in the minds of those who lead than those who follow‑‑ promises, edicts and/or quick profits on hidden schemes or stock market gambles, we no longer perceive a viable society‑‑ certainly able to face the rest of this planet’s eager who will act in at least their own net favor.

The grotesque joke we find with the double speak of “protected intellectual rights” flies in the face of reality‑‑ maybe because leadership has no idea of what is of value any more. We may need to `blow our wad’, as everyone else now, in the courts squabbling over petty trivia as an entire culture fades‑‑ as two other once vibrant democracies (at least) before. In humble chagrin, we, as find many others, stand by to watch in amazement at the overt and covert blundering and misdirection but always more tax money fun­neled into folly or cigarette boats of the officials. We suspect the best avenue now is precisely the one this society is on‑‑ and that time to leave for those who perceive the ceiling cracking.

What has become most scary are recent meetings, as at MIT on what this federal system, likely in collusion and so denied vehemently for so long the subtle yet obvious psychological `anomalies’ very close to `Star War’ stuff, best named UFOs. Travesties continue, and obvious correlations can be noted from several academic areas of study what late incarnate man is quite likely facing‑‑ yet de­nies same up to some kind of volitional immolation. Certainly, the world‑wide psychological traumas have some unique underlying basis at this juncture of man’s evolutional progress, faced with what Sperry saw in his split‑brain data‑‑ now is shaking physics to the core. So instead of making noise over the imports, those with any clout, crawl into their holes and shiver in terror. We are confident that you must have by now heard something from that MIT meeting‑‑ so why the reticence with continued silence? But then maybe we have studied the enigma too long and it may require another century or two for a “following” leadership to catch up with reality‑‑ but then too late!



Anonymous Henceforth (exposure has even become too dangerous now)

* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86

June 30,’92
Maurice Strong,
c/o The United Nations
New York, NY 10017
Re: environment +
Dear Sir:

Some comments via VOA radio evokes this note with an enclosure you might find worthy of perusing. Since most late scientific effort is aimed at profit more than consequence, we find the planet in the condition it is. Radical measures may be the only `balancing act’ left, but must be with concern and reason instead of just more money‑‑ for officials to further squandering.

Lengthy studies here, initiated after doing several years of aerospace computer R&D, yet in another less `confidential’ area in similar computer fields, defined certain likely answers to psychological anomalies contingent with not only behavior, IQ vs. CQ, but fundamental cerebral constructs in keeping with physics. My prediction of the spatial versus temporal lateral brain halves as soon confirmed by Sperry*, began my provocative investigation into mental matrices and a terse paper** given in Europe to evoke much anxiety‑‑ as yet prevails amongst many. Teaching at GVSC as well evoked some overtly expressed terror in my more theological­ly oriented students who saw the liability of my data, such even bringing the FBI (after Patent filing) over certain `interfacing’ systems as may be best defined in the physic’s EPR experiments. In short, beyond theoretical considerations in computer fields, medical*** or said 5th Generation computer design, I feel the time may be near when divulgement of the major imports of my lengthy study should be brought forward.

A terse statement herewith suggests a few profound areas of much needed dissemination‑‑ even if a couple are yet stone‑walled in the U.S. Patent Office‑‑ likely defined as “secret” as for heads‑up fighter aircraft applications‑‑ but sorely needed in safety ways by the flying public as used by air‑traffic controllers.

I no longer use phone, FAX, TNC, etc. for obvious reasons.


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
** Vogelsang, R.; `A Correlative Study between Physics and Psy‑ chology’, Intl. Biomet. Congress, ’69
** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86

cc:Path/IQ; envir/stmnt. CC:D‑Z

July 2,’92
William T. Still,
c/o Huntington House Publishers
P. O. Box 53788
Lafayette, LA 70505
Re: the other option
Dear Sir:

As it appears that my Self thinking computer will be under­stood before any American constitutional changes, much less some U.N. `New World Order’, only the option of Armageddon remains to finally quell mankind’s folly to usher another kind of benign New World Order with Christ at the helm, albeit via the said `compu­ter’ as an interface. Since reading the provocative `New World Order’ text, after a long investigation into the genesis of psy­chopathy (note herewith) the social image may be far more danger­ous than at first expected. The overt behavior to find something, just anything to convict me of some `wrong doing’ alerted me to the underlying reason‑‑ a filed Patent to my 5th Generation Com­puter‑‑ as a freed electron interface, which knows `effect from cause’. My prototype offered the odds of 10\17th on its maiden run with merely two startling words‑‑ to prove some theoretical research effort aimed at that said well know computer effort. In short, Einstein’s Special Relativity equations define two comple­mental unconscious realms, one which interested me escaped the time reversal paradigm (via the freed electron) was alive and well, and as said, knew Potentials as Plato ascribed as Potentia.
Since evoking terror in a GVSC class about twenty years ago to the said prototype a dozen years ago with said FBI, fiasco to define my `evil’ works, I only suggest that the days of hem­lock, neuroleptics or therapeutic incarceration are not yet over. Indeed, a likely far greater trauma lies close at hand now that this `very simple’ (can be shirt‑pocket held) `computer’ is being discovered world‑wide.
I include a few terse papers for your perusal. I use no phone, FAX, TNC or otherwise any more so aside from my mail being watch­ed, that route is yet best to quiry further my theoretical study. Just the overt avoidance of my micro‑electrode cancer therapeutic mode (absconded by UpJohns but so the cover story*), one can see with some other items what is occurring at the expense of the naive (academically programmed) public. The recent MIT meeting on UFO again defines the hidious but another facet of my findings. (note UFO rectilinear travel to Sperry’s split‑brain subject’s** right hand‑‑ of only 2D orientation!)


2303 Marzinski

* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86** `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
cc:Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; S‑T CC: Stair


As Al Gore recently put it, another smoke‑screen for the American industrialist, but this is only a fraction of the real story. Not that some status quo is not desirable be it in politics or petro­leum industry, but the foot dragging, despite the now empirical obvious, makes clear some other kind of `conspiracy’ prevails.

Lengthy studies here on fusion from a theoretical point of view not only defines how the coulomb barrier is surmounted in cold fusion but the key to laser propulsion/focused applications for fully controlled fusion, to obviate much of the CO pollution. While obviously not privy to divulge all imports of this lengthy study, Dawson’s work* offered the expected break‑through when de Broglie’s wave theory (not billiard‑ball mentality) defined cer­tain anomalies now clearly seen in nuclear physics. Wave theory is the key, especially when concerning temporal standing waves.
From remarks gathered at CERN and elsewhere, fusion R&D time to fruition was halved, but stone‑walling continues while industry (or pedants) seek some advantageous place to profit‑‑ in lieu of petroleum reductions. This scene is more intolerable than Bush’s recent international insult (or profound naivete), but it defines where political allegiance lies at this choking hour.

Since divulging some of our study in Europe, a hush has ensued to make us suspect we have been plagiarized again‑‑ as with the 100% cancer therapeutic micro‑electrode** yet stone‑walled at all cost by AMA. The `conspiracy’ is vast where profit is found doing some same dull round. Not oddly, what innovation might halt (as covert political status quo) won’t occur until some last bitter moment, a lesson we suspect will only be learned the hard way. Academic conditioning for programmed scientific automatons, unable to look in strategic ways, only re‑examines the obvious, over and over.

Maybe in part the problem rests with NIH (Not Invented Here), an ugly neurosis for a cul de sac to end another once vibrant cul­ture, as two other great democracies went this route before‑‑ so?

Very Sincerely,

KTS REsearch

* `Plasma Particle Accelerators’, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, March,’89
** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86


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