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Cancer Therapy

by on February 20, 2010

June 21,’92
E. H. Oldfield,
Natl. Inst. of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke
NIH, 9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20205 Re: brain cancer

Dear Sir:

The blurb in the May 30th SCIENCE NEWS infers there is no other way to rid brain cancer nodules so the use of the `chemo‑gene’ therapeutic approach. While not yet calling this syndrome some `conspiracy’ even if it was UpJohns that sent our micro‑electrode company confidential data sheet to Karolinska for proof*, the agony of nodular cancer is yet suffered by many and need not con­tinue to prevail.

No doubt some form of kick‑back by AMA(?) with the pharmaceuti­cals is sustaining the public’s naivete‑‑ even if the DOs are finally getting in gear with their use of the simple and most therapeutic route with micro‑electrodes. The whole story is now leaking out and there will be some mighty red faces‑‑ to say little about an angry public!

The article’s Clay Smith’s work with AIDs is something quite dif­ferent where AiR (Autoimmune Response) is left cerebral control** with no `definitive’ nodule to eradicate‑‑ electro‑mechanically.



* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86, Nordenstrom’s micro‑electrode cancer therapy work.
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: env.let
CC: Deisseroth/Houston; Benedict; Lippman; Consum/Adv; SC.NEWS;

CC:Marc Lippman, M.D., Dir.
Vincent Lombardi Memorial
Cancer Center
Georgetown University
3800 Reservoir Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20007

W. F. Benedict,
Baylor College of Medicine
Center for Biotechnology
The Woodlands,
1 Baylor Plaza,
Houston, TX 77030

Dr. A. Deisseroth,
The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030

June 1,’92 (see above: Gill‑Chi.MSU)
Leo Chin Lin(?),
Michigan State University
Environmental Study Group
East Lansing, MI 48824
Re: CO2 emission
Dear Sir:

From this morning’s WKAR report on the up‑coming Rio meeting, the President’s last minute buy‑out of environmental allegiance with U.S. tax‑payer’s money is, as Al Gore puts it, another smoke‑screen for the American industrialist. But this is only a frac­tion of the real story.

Some lengthy studies here on fusion from a theoretical point of view not only defines how the coulomb barrier is surmounted in `cold fusion’ but the very likely key to laser propulsion/focus­ing application for fully controlled fusion to obviate much of today’s worldly pollution. While obviously not privy to divulge all imports of this lengthy study, Dawson’s work* offered the expected break‑through when de Broglie’s wave theory (not billi­ard‑ball mentality) defined certain anomalies now clearly seen in nuclear physics.

From remarks gathered at CERN and elsewhere, fusion R&D time to fruition was halved, but foot dragging continues while industry seeks some advantageous place to profit‑‑ in lieu of petroleum. This scene is more intolerable than Bush’s recent insult, but it defines where political allegiance lies at this choking hour.

Since divulging some of our study in Europe, a hush has ensued to make us suspect we have been plagiarized again‑‑ as with the 100% cancer therapeutic micro‑electrode** yet stone‑walled at all cost by AMA. The `conspiracy’ is vast where profit is found doing some same dull round. Not oddly, what innovation might halt as some covert status quo‑‑ will not occur until some last moment. Your referral to H.G. Wells is well taken but when greater profit rests with NIH (Not Invented Here) the cul de sac gets obvious.

Wishing you luck on your trip, your WKAR perceptions were adroit.


KTS Research

* `Plasma Particle Accelerators’, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, March,’89
** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86, Nordenstrom’s micro‑electrode cancer therapy work.

cc: Path/IQ

July 4th,’92
Jim and Nancy Larson
3687 109th Ave.,’
Allegan, MI 49010
Re:up‑coming litigation

Hi Ho:

Sans poor L.D. communicative link this may do more to define a `project’ I am considering in your field Jim.

Briefly, aimed maybe for some Class Action suit to not only get AMA’s attention but the suffering public with cancer, I hope to evoke with some seed money my dying mother gave me (she dying for this very reason!), the simple use of the micro‑electrode. Since it proved to be 100% therapeutic for nodular cancer*, possibly there is some excuse to `attack’ the powers that be (for profit alone) via the public, with said seed money offer‑‑ which would indubitably grow as wild‑fire. A terse environmental note (here­with) might aid to define further some data that needs to be disclosed to the public as well.

While deep in the technical areas, especially physics which is the basis for my long AI studies, it disclosed many other imports which should be exploited as well, yet Patent Office stone‑wall­ing (now known for `official’ terrorized reasons!), need to be somehow opened for public scrutiny. As my GVSC kids twenty years ago said in anxiety, I might open Pandora’s Box to start‑‑ what my more religious students said; the apocalypse‑‑ whatever that might be!

If the herewith evokes interest Jim, let me know and I’ll sched­ule a trip in your direction for a get‑together to further illus­trate my end of the effort so you might consider further your potential aid in the matter too.

Tell Nancy I’ve gotta see those kids!


KTS Research

* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86
cc: Path/IQ; envir.let

(environmental cover‑letter)
June 22,’92

Since the Rio pleas, we come forward to define some on‑going re­search which may well aid this planet’s pollution problem. One long physics based theoretical effort, near completion with very little further R&D work,, we feel now, provocative results are near in the field of fusion. Likely as no anomaly, we find stone‑walling going on by certain corporate petroleum/federal associ­ations, as answers President Bush’s irrational statement in Rio.

We are seeking aid to press for conclusive R&D effort of the above, as to publicize some suppressed products as greatly needed in the medical field. Since one has too long been overtly avoided by AMA, as likely its simplicity and 100% nodular cancer therapy* suggests the net profit therefrom is too small‑‑ yet spells so much misery for cancer patients using scalpel therapy! We feel that if the American public becomes aware of this reme­dial mode, sufficient credence in the balance of our theoretical work will be recognized to press on other much needed products still avoided at all cost. Since Patent Office stone‑walling, some seed money has been ear‑marked for legal aid to force these issues, even a class action suit to halt the archaic bloody scal­pel use yet promoting so much agony‑‑ or pollution relief via the above major item of controlled fusion now so near.

While some products are claimed to fit under various national security standards (as for heads‑up fighter aircraft) a VDT anti‑slaving system to relieve computer users, as air‑traffic control­ler’s stress, we are confident federal stone‑walling in this area can be abrogated with the more important need for the net flying public’s safety needs.

With our broad R&D efforts with heavy theoretical backing, we feel obligated now, since the Rio statements, to come forth and seek aid to promote the agenda of that world‑wide effort. We are open to suggestions, opinions and guidance to/or for mutual ef­forts to such goal that overrides petty political wants‑‑ aimed at albeit never said, hidden profit margins.

Please write for all communications‑‑ we refuse to use the phone, FAX, modem or TNC links any more. We find what is said too often gets away from us. Thank you for your attention.



* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86 (over please)

CC:R. Nader,
2000 P St., Ste. 700
Washington, DC 20036

Ben Franklin Lit. and Medical Soc.,
P.O. Box 567
1100 Waterway Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Assoc. for Health Service Research
2100 M St., Ste. 402
Washington, DC 20037

Center for Medical Consumers and
Health Care Information
237 Thompson St.
Newe York, NY 10012

Council of Health Info.
and Education
444 Lincoln Blvd.,#107
Venice, CA 90291

Foundation for Health Care
2901 Metro Dr., Ste. 400
Bloomington, MN 55429

Intl. Health Society
1001 E. Oxford Ln.
Cherry Hills Village
Englewood CO 80110

Consumers Education and
Protection Assoc.
6048 Ogontz Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Consumers Research
800 Maryland Ave.,
Washington, DC 20002

Public Citizen
Box 19404
Washington, DC 20036

Southwest Research and
Information Center
Box 4524
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Natl. Consumer’s Research Inst.
1700 K St., Ste. 1300
Washington, DC 20006

*(Environ: how to get started?)
Natl. Consumer’s Law Center
11 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108

Natl. Research Center for
Consumers of Legal Services
Box 340
Gloucester, VA 23061

July 8,’92
Consumers Union
101 Truman Ave.,
Yonkers, NY 10703‑1057
Re: Wasted Health Care Dollars

Not only wasted dollars but effort where likely more collusion for ill‑health may be occurring where left cerebral (IQ) domi­nance prevails‑‑ of both patient and doctor! The evidence is mounting to define not a scandal but a downright hideous fact that Freud was correct in suspecting a Thanatos lurks in us all but has the cunning to bump us off at will!

The AiR (Autoimmune Response) noted by Renoux* goes further than suggesting the diabolical but certainly enhances the idea that we are blundering for some uncanny if not greedy reasons. When the simple micro‑electrode can rid cancer nodules 100%** yet the some bloody scalpel continues to be the `tool of choice’, certainly, there is something rotten in the U.S. culture!

Many implications now for the greatest blood flow in history is pending. The vast frustration of a naive (yet) human race unable to consciously (mid‑brain) realize its underlying problem, much less any idea or function of its two complemental CNS with VERY different ideas about mass‑time life. The split‑brain data*** amply defines those bilateral faculty but few want any comprehen­sion of same. We are just beginning to see the uncanny reason!



* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86 *** `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67


June 6,’92
The National Bar Assoc.
1225 11th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

Sirs: Re: attorney need

I am seeking a lawyer, primarily interested in class action suits who may find of interest a couple cross academic items divulged `accidentally’ (plagiarized). Proven of great value, but are now avoided‑‑ possibly due to pending litigative process I may ini­tiate, seek aid to such end.

The first and more important under certain circumstances is the micro‑electrode application for 100% cancer nodule therapy*. A technical paper I gave in Europe (’69) with likely unwarranted verbal discussions on allied subjects did define the above thera­peutic mode and is route of biological suppression‑‑ so did file registration papers with the Patent Office. I proceeded to try to find one licensed in the art to prove same to no avail‑‑ until over 16 years‑‑ whereupon its cover story* appeared. Much inter­est by DOs then, asking for papers and talks to explain same followed‑‑ so now silence, but find imports as $1500+ bill for a 60 cent micro‑electrode (Humana Hospital) likely was felt justi­fied for likely ridding cancer of some likely now healthy past patient! There are many of these suffering who need a simple but far less bloody or sickening chemotherapeutic means to regain health, so to such ends I have some money from a dying mother with curable cancer waiting in the hospice wings.

A couple other items are in the computer field. Finding a slammed door as far as the Patent Office is concerned, only stone‑walling ensued to my Patent Filings but with FBI harassment as tapped phones, etc. defines something more sinister maybe that my com­prehension. I was `classified’ while doing aerospace R&D but nothing followed such contingent R&D, much less discussion nor divulgements since leaving aerospace on those products. (likely well proven as not incarcerated yet) My more technical items as VDT anti‑slaving stress relief for the computer users (as air‑traffic controllers) would need a more definitive expose.

May I obtain some comment or guidance to those in law who might find interest in my plight or procedural advice for the above?

Thank you.



F. Lee Bailey
823 Olive Ave.,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

The Law Center
309 E. Front
Traverse City, MI 49690

American Bar Assoc. on
Dispute Resolvement
1800 M St., Ste. 200
Washington, DC 20036

American Bar Assoc.
750 N. Lake Shore Dr.,
Chicago, IL 60611

June 20,’92
Consumer Protection Division
attn: F. H. Hoffecker
690 Law Bldg.
525 W. Ottawa St.
Lansing, MI 48913

Re: class action effort?

Recently some money has been designated for some kind of class action suit, aimed at the mounting stone‑walling of established organizations, as medical, refusing to perceive the empirical obvious, for likely even more obvious reasons as on‑going profit. Many are suffering not only needlessly but in naivete to which the said potential class action suit might gain their attention, and so better ways and means to promote health as other needed areas of needed product reformation.

We are a research organization whose past work, while possibly appearing bizarre to many of single academic knowledge, has in­tegrated the more fundamental aspects of science to R&D effort. Our several predictive ways and means to promote various innova­tive products has been more plagiarized or sealed by the federal government because of their more military value, secrecy has en­sued. We now feel that the public needs to be privy to many items as ways and means to judge the growing impasse towards same. Since realizing that this effort to divulge the “unwanted” but for the net public’s good, we seek aid, with our `seed money’ this net humanitarian effort.

Herewith is a copy of a recent “environmental” letter to which a couple items are alluded. More technical information may be had by those we feel may act in the net favor, in some way or other, for the public. Comments by Melvin Belli suggest this route may be most fruitful. May we have your comments and/or interest?

Very Sincerely,


CC: envir‑let

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