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CNS awakening

by on February 20, 2010

Dec. 9,’92
E. Mezey and M. Palkovits,
Dept. of Neurological
Disease and Stroke
Natl. Inst. of Health
Bethesda, MD 20892
Re: far more to the story!
Sirs: (`‑‑New Target‑‑’ Dec. 4, SC.)

But many new surprises are coming about that sympathetic CNS, now evoking AiR (Autoimmune Response*) almost at all cost. Since it is psychology (mind) than precedes the physiological, especially in the context of a freed electron knowing effect from cause**, a see vast trauma is on the horizon of empirical research such as yours, where the mounting obvious more defines what was hidden in the past than a simple genesis of disease without some volitional design! Medical science will soon need to “get in bed” with psy­chology to perceive its own past evaded efforts for its (as phar­maceutical’s) profit motives***.

While requiring several cross academic fields to better define a long AI study here and so the needed integrative imports to de­fine the genesis of insight for CQ (instead of mere IQ)****, the provocative was staring us in the face‑‑ to prove the 5th Genera­tion computer was feasible‑‑ indeed, to 10\17th odds with alpha‑numeric read‑out on its maiden run!



*Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (lateral killer vs. guidance T cells)
** Aspect Alain, `Holism and Particalism in Physics’, p.70, Vol.129, Feb. 1,’86, SCIENCE NEWS
*** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86, Norden­ strom’s micro‑electrode cancer therapy work.
**** `A Correlative Study Between Physics and Psychology’, R. Vogelsang; Intl. Biomet. Congress, ’69

`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
IL‑2 Cancer Research (3 left smiler remissive of 8 subjects);
Smile anomaly for mate choice. SINGLELIFE, Sept/Oct.’90, p.12

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; 3‑dev(over)
CC: Bynum; Galbraith;

R. Galbraith,
Dept. of Pathology
Rockefeller University
Medical Center
c/o Rockefeller Institute
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

T.E. Bynum,
Dept. of Digestive Diseases
Harvard Medical Center
School of Public Health
Cambridge, MA 02138


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