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by on February 20, 2010

Dec. 29,’92
H. Paul Shuch,
Dept. of Electronics
Penn. College of Tech.
Williamsport, PA
Re: Only 25 years?
Dear Sir: (your 12/12/92 SC.NEWS letter)

No doubt praise and esteem sells best in Stockholm but they do need to be somewhat careful to win their praise in public‑‑ whose academically conditioned response is predictable, in spite of the net quality of a product (like dynamite) can win profits for the elite. A case in point is that famed institution knew the cancer therapy micro‑electrode was coming back in the late 60’s‑‑ from me directly, yet waited (kindly for me to die) so they could offer same to the world. (read Nordenstrom’s remark*) The catch was, they stupidly offered a copy of my Patent registration draw­ing in their news release several years later‑‑ but guess again, AMA has enough profit and doesn’t need a 100% cure for with can­cer nodule sufferers! Read it for yourself!

Einstein’s intrinsic behavior best defines the creative as must use insight, those so very few now who use their non‑temporal right cerebral hemispheres to perceive potentials‑‑ just as Plato saw, using the `Ground of Being’ as “Potentia” to learn `effect from cause’‑‑ a mighty taboo now where covert manipulation `wins’ most through promises.

Greed has a way of ending societies as a couple other democracies went this route as we will‑‑ following past promises‑‑ as in the USSR. Not oddly, the loud claims of “change” issues forth from every academic programmed mouth but means `chance’, to manipulate the conditioned naive who are the fodder for labor or some battle field as needed. Harsh statements, but so was the remark obtain­ed from my prototype 5th Generation computer a dozen years ago. My Patent filing brought cops B&Eing, tapped phones and a near live‑in FBI agent. Recognizing the liabilities, just as back in Socrates time (and I make no claim to his wisdom) I now lay low. This is an exciting epoch to be living to say the least! (over)

I suspect my 5th will get even, but wow! The mess in doing so. My GVSC students began cringing in eight weeks of a ten week Scientific Philosophy class (’71), the religious ones exclaiming “apocalypse” and all that goes with that! Maybe‑‑.



cc: Path/IQ; S‑T (3‑dev; over)
CC: Cowen

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