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Micro Electrode

by on February 20, 2010

Feb. 1,’92
Tom Valentine &
Bruce McKay(?)
Box 75545
St. Paul, MN 55175
Re: cancer
Dear Tom:

Sure wish I could have got into that dialogue last night. Bruce is indeed close but is treading in dangerous areas where this culture is not run by facts nor empathy‑‑ only profit.

I’ll try to be brief but a couple technical papers I gave back in the late 60’s in Europe, I mentioned the blockage of genetic replication with the positive charge (note salamanders regrow a new tail with negative charge), and likely the micro‑electrode would become the mode cancer therapy of choice. A Belgian resear­cher I had lunch with got excited‑‑ so when I returned to the U.S., registered the idea with a sketch and proceeded to adver­tise. Humana wanted me to work in one of their `foreign’ hospi­tals, until I told them I was in computer science and Physics. No further replies until my secretary threw the cover‑story* on my desk saying I’d better read it NOW! It even had my drawing (of 16 years prior Patent registration) in the article (except I used the battery symbol, not plug‑in power pack) for the 4.5 volt need. I suspect Upjohns, paranoid over competition who sent my company confidential letter to the Karolinska Inst., for opinion, well, read the rest of it. It plainly was too damned efficient or therapeutic to offer much profit. I noted with interest just a couple weeks ago the Humana hospital charged some woman patient over $1500 for a micro‑electrode (likely under $5!) as felt ra­tional since went home without her cancer! I finally gave a talk to a bunch of begging D.O.s in Indianapolis a couple years ago (they use micro‑electrodes for pain blockage) and they are “run­ning”‑‑ but saying nothing to AMA‑‑ obviously. (no doubt calling it yet “pain therapy”! Haw!)

The need for potent parasympathomimitics as Vit. A,C,E and folic acid to stem the self killer sympathetic CNS decision to vacate “stress” (note left cerebral fight‑flight), but Prof. Renoux found the link with relative lymphatic to lateral cerebral con­trol**, now also evoking terror in AMA I find. Since my correla­tive work with Physics to predict the split‑brain space‑time complementals (Sperry***), ample empirical data, as Bruce per­ceives, could but won’t quite yet end much physiological, to say little of psychological misery. When my GVSC students began to cry “apocalypse”, I shut up, but not soon enough as should never have filed my self thinking computer’s Patent‑‑ which will remain in limbo until that event!

The `conspiracy’ is far deeper than merely our government, FBI, my stolen documents, tapped phones, shut‑down TNC ham link, etc., but their paranoia stems from that computer Patent I filed over a dozen years ago‑‑ which is going to end MUCH profiteering by opportunists making promises.

Bruce should examine Prof. H. S. Burr’s work (Yale, circa mid ’40’s)**** to note my approach to the biological relative impetus of the two CNS and their electrical polarity dichotomies. I feel there is a correlate to such charge and the self `integrity’ of a biological system, the id either protects (fight‑flight) or self destructs when we, the conscious mind or midbrain, gets too nosy for it, so evokes “stress” and/or what Freud noted and called Thanatos! All of the mechanics are tied down but this culture is not place to reveal them! This “enigma” started back during Soc­rates time where the `therapy’ of choice then was hemlock!

I wish to point out an `anomaly’ to conclude the bizarre. Scalpel art as most other bloody business as done by AMA,, fits the UFO‑animal contact enigma wherein no moisture is left in the hapless animal, even freshly killed. There is a crypt in Lebanon (likely others) containing a Saint‑‑ which needs its congealed smelly blood removed from time to time. There was a Readers Di­gest hard‑cover text that had both of these “anomalies” in it,, as one of my students brought to class. There may actually be no anomaly of why the government plays stupid about UFOs, but I have not the guts to mention a `conspiracy’ they are too dumb to see!

I may have learned more from my own college Scientific Philosophy class than my kids that term‑‑ especially about “get quiet!”‑‑ I was in the wrong culture! I suspect now that all folly stems from our mitochondrion DNA, somehow with L.T. memory which is NOT in the cerebral cortex. Maybe McDougal (Harvard; circa 1910) was weighing it at death! We shall see.

Sincerely again‑‑ but share this, please. (and yet no phone!)


* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86, Nordenstrom’s micro‑electrode cancer therapy work.
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
*** `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
also: Bogan, J.E: `The Other Side of the Brain’, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
**** Burr, H.S: `Blueprint for Immortality’ ’49 (DC body voltages)

Feb. 29,’92
Dr. J. Geoppinger,
Dept. of Nursing
University of Michigan
Medical Center
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Re: psychosomatic
Dear Dr. Geoppinger:

Your remarks (Arthritic TV program) were well taken. While Renoux defines the CNS (left brain half*) as responsible for AiR (Auto­immune Response), further data concludes the underlying psychoso­matic genesis of maybe all disease, even suspected in `accidents’ which may not actually exist(!)‑‑ with what is being realized in Physics (EPR experiments) by our non‑temporal right brain aware­ness. The mounting `bizarre’ from cross academic studies now de­fine much that AMA would never tolerate. (as noted by our avoided simple micro‑electrode cancer nodule eradication**) A broader and more ominous sign is looming with `anomalies’ as to why APA (Psy­chiatric) lead in suicide of all professionals, while claiming to “therapize” with DA blockers for an ensuing existence in limbo!

We suspect that potent parasympathomimitics are called for, espe­cially for extremity problems as arthritis. Retin‑A may be one of these adjuncts‑‑ with psychological “education” for self help in facing psycho‑social problems you succinctly note. Not oddly, the quality doctor touches with an empathetic hand while the profit oriented one `touches’ with an intimidative authoritive instru­ment. Both approaches work, but depending on the degree of a patient’s psychosomatic problem for any potential amelioration.

Vast indeed are the implications, not only for medicine but all social milieu, where the academic programmed `followers’ now dominate most social scenes evoking a mounting frustration that may well end in some tragic but deserved chaos.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86*** IL‑2 Cancer Research (3 left smiler remissive of 8 subjects);
note: Smile anomaly for mate choice. SINGLELIFE, Sept/Oct.’90, p.12
Even the current TV “I survived” blurb for cancer therapy show­ ed this left smile anomaly.

cc: Path/IQ; Voorhees letter (over)
CC: Ulene

May 23,’92
Grand Traverse Attorney
Referral Service
P.O. Box 1958
Travese City, MI 49685‑1958
Re: class action suit lawyer need

The state bar referral service suggested I contact you about possible practicing lawyers primarily doing class type suits and who may fear little large corporate entities. In the field of medicine it has been realized that certain therapeutic methods are being avoided where greater net profits can be had with past archaic regimen. Now know to be evoking greater net agony if not death by avoiding a very simple 100% remedial* means, many are pressing this researcher to act in behalf of the public since was the inventor of same in the 60’s.

While the referred cover story defines, even uses my patent registration drawing in the article‑‑ while `given away’ by the Karolinska doctor after trying same, for a justified frightened Michigan pharmaceutical. (for obvious reasons!) I am going to act now after goading by many DOs who could most easily utilize this thorough remedy.

Any advisory listing of potential aid would be appreciated. Thank you.



* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86, micro‑elec­ trode cancer therapy

May 28,’92
Editors and
E. Corcoran
Scientific American
415 Madison Ave.,
New York, NY 10017‑1111
Re: U.S. spending for R&D
Sirs: (p.103, June issue)

About the only spending done in at least the U.S. is in plagiari­zing the few able minded‑‑ no more. Your remark of RCA’s LCD in­vention we might dispute since our design of the image reverser in 1949 does precisely the same thing, even more complex as took an incoming negative image and doubly polarized it to reflect a positive image. Using a thin‑film nitrobenzene with both magnetic field polarization plus image gradient currents from a photo‑emissive back to a conductive glass face, did not merely use a constrained `image’ (alpha‑numeric). Like my micro‑electrode cancer therapy with 100% nodule remission* (avoided like poison by AMA) speaks for itself! The real excrement won’t hit the fan until my self thinking (5th Generation) freed electron interfac­ing computer comes on market to define psychopathy as “skeletons” now so well covered.

If you doubt this last remark, ask your qualified local physicist how his freed electron (escapes the time reversal paradigm) to make his positive EPR experiments work. With an alpha‑numeric read‑out, it is amazing what can be learned from what knows ahead of time‑‑ even in statistical ways, just as Plato’s Potentia. My prototype over a dozen years ago offered 10\17th odds on its mai­den run‑‑ but brought the FBI with a vengeance when Patent filing was done‑‑ with yet a slammed door for obvious reasons.

On second thought, better not ask much less believe me. The dogma predicted apocalypse we don’t need quite yet!



* Micro‑Electrode Cover story; DISCOVER, April ’86 (note the sketch therein, most of which was on my Patent registration some 16 years before!)

cc: S‑T


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