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The Pathology of Intellect

by on February 20, 2010

All Psy‑lts after ’91:

The Pathology of Intellect

1. Low MAO(monoamine oxidase) brings high 5HT and DA for energy.

2. High 5HT offers greater sympathetic CNS censoring.

3. Sympathetic CNS occupies the right primitive brain as uses the
left cerebral hemisphere in man. (1)

4. Low MAO subjects are often recidivistic psychopaths. (2)

Therefore: the psychopathic portion in man is his sympathetic
CNS half as uses inhibitor 5HT, GABA, NE, etc. neurotransmitters.

Why should the conscious mind of man continue to believe in the subterfuge and whim as derived from his left cerebral hemisphere, claiming what constitutes a social norm or value? (3,4) As Freud perceived when he said; “the unconscious wills to remain uncons­cious‑”, the human `censored’ state is brought by that one uncon­scious faculty to sustain dominance and so control over such kept naive midbrain (RAS) conscious mind.
The crux of man’s current psychopathy stems from this sympath­etic CNS faculty of temporal orientation. Using the left cerebral half with volitional historical recall seeks to dominate for con­trol for innate predatory objectives, its covert neurosis in pro­portion to past intellectual development. This yet little noted behavior finally stagnates Nature’s goal for its mental evolu­tional design, especially precluding any non‑temporal visual in­sightive import into conscious awareness.
The human split‑brain data concludes that man has not only been the goat of a supreme hoax in the guise of intellectual prowess, but is likely about to commit some vast folly to evade the mount­ing empirical obvious defining his underlying malaise brought by intellectual dominance. This expected chaos to dissuade conscious introspection for its pending awakening, even may have been seen correctly centuries ago as expressed in past religious dogma.
Mankind’s Thanatos left brain half is being discovered, subjec­tively at first (R.D. Laing as LSD users) but its overt refuta­tion is found most with high intellect, and no accident that sui­cide occurs in proportion to IQ, even then most in Psychiatric professionals. The mounting empirical obvious so now defines the pending anxiety of potential trauma on international scales, but due to that unconscious demand to escape an apocalyptic conscious awakening of what lies within the human mental matrix.
While it requires the integration of cross academic data to fully comprehend the overall malaise that late evolutional epochs bring, there is little doubt that psychopathy so prevails in pro­portion to offered authoritive power, be it political, academic, or a claimed scientific office. So long as the empirical evidence remains couched in cliche or half truth, for tenure or otherwise, it becomes the net goal in academic programmed behavior, to pro­duce unthinking automatons for conscious ignorance, if not fodder for the state, and so prevent any potential conscious moderation. The myth of Psyche and Eros discloses the ultimate design and need of an integration between created mass‑time psychological complementals. This myth makes clear the purpose of what the Special Relativity theory Aleph derivational end‑points show, in keeping with CPT theorem. The inner mental war is most overt in overt manic‑depressive schizophrenia, stemming from the said neurosis, thus Laing’s remark “We are mad without insight‑‑” be­comes adroit when seeing the genesis of that very madness itself!
It may be that man faces his ultimate challenge with the imper­ative need to know his `self’ within‑‑ soon in view of the vast empirical data (5, 6) disclosing man’s dichotomous bilateral un­conscious. Urgency is obvious yet disclosure a big liability when only the neurotic censored own authority, the fate of Socrates no more an anomaly then as today. In short, mankind’s left brain has dominated too long now and why likely great trauma will ensue as science unravels the facts of the genesis of covert greed so an ever mounting overt social pathology.(7) From a unilateral smile to cerebrally blocked import for the hidden Freudian death‑wish seen with AiR (Autoimmune Response) via lymphatic control (8) so defines the ugly yet profound still misunderstood by late claimed scientific man.
Since the hallucinogens are likely the greatest psychotherapeu­tic of all times (9), we might question the terror such evoke in those who own political power and authority? If man is indeed a civilized animal so claimed loudly by his left classifying brain half, then its preparation for mass suicide might underlie yet another reason remaining well hidden‑‑ as the recidivism study done in Boston by Leary with LSD, with nearly 100% prison‑inmate therapy in just one session. So what are prisons really for now‑‑ as the ethnic cleansing syndrome underlying the vast unconscious malaise now growing to some holocaustal potency?


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KTS/EMPSY (V‑3/94)

ref: `neuroX’/69; DIR/73; Psy/Adv:89; 94


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