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Chi or Freed Electrons

by on February 22, 2010

Public Affairs TV, Inc.
524 W57th
New York, NY 10019
Re: Chi or freed electrons

Since you mentioned acupuncture why not integrate one more `bias’
as electrical (called prolife if that does not frighten)– the
adjunct of where the complemental CNS can be biased with electri
cal polarity; i.e., the freed electron for growth or stunting the
of cancer? (over) You have fooled many so one can never tell just
when you might be prime to comprehend something profound as ap
parently not before– so will say no more here.

Sincerely, (yet)

cc: Path/IQ; 3-dev(over)
CC: Common Ground

Oct. 10,’88
Scientific Info. Branch Re: paradigm shift
Natl Cancer Institute
9030 Old Georgetown Rd.,
Bethesda, MD 20205

Dear Sirs:

Noting how close we are to either some great social chaos or
the paradigm switch in thought and cerebral dominance, you or
your subscribers may find interest in our now released data. The
medical focus now coming will require full conscious awareness of
the complemental CNS anomalies, with great attention to man’s
ever mounting physiological and psychological pathologies– now
recognized as evoked to avoid just such an evolutional event. The
terse data herewith reflects as few of a series of definitive
cross academic essays (or R&D documents) to be exposed now be
cause of certain Patent Pending status on items researched in our
AI studies over the past 30+ years. While much consternation can
be seen, it is timely now to integrate the empirical obvious to
elucidate the profound. We feel that any timidity towards these
imports is now fraught with great danger.
While of said necessary cross academic import, not only the
empirical correlates to Freud and many others who did perceive
adroitly the underlying genesis of greed, predation (overt or
covert), and nearly all forms of psychopathy, but the growing
demand for the status quo where profits no longer stem from
Šinnovation. The lack of academic knowledge of what constitutes CQ
(Creative Quotient) of right cerebral inputs is only promoting
efficient automatons obedient to tradition and precidence instead
of the progressive development of the new. Our once Patent regis
tered (late 60’s) micro-electrode use for eradicating cancer
nodules* but reflects just one anomalous reason why it is not yet
used. The late yet hidden reasons why higher intellectuals (re
ductive mental processing only) are noted with greater psycho
pathy (even suicide) defines itself. There is no anomaly to APA
professional’s suicides, any more than the said left brain’s
control of the autoimmune response!
As the empirical sciences now bring a form of ‘apocalypse’,
but for now understood reasons, it is timely to bring the empiri
cal obvious to the fore. Hopefully the herewith will evoke more
interest for you and/or your subscribers than the anxiety it has
been disclosing since our technical papers given many years ago.


KTS Research

* cover story; DISCOVER Magazine, May,’86

Cancer nodule elimination:

Defined in Europe (’69) the definitive biological stunting versus
growth factors associated with electrical polarity, much noted by
Prof. H.S. Burr (Yale; circa late 40’s), the simple micro-elec
trode use to stunt if not kill cancer nodules. Agreement by other
bio-research associates suggested further research, and priority
documentation (as U.S. Patent registered upon return), to find to
my chagrin “no interest”. Its cover story in DISCOVER magazine
(April ’86; 16 years later) defined why! Yet, after lecturing
several medical groups find no use yet for the simple, economical
and very therapeutic means. Collusion for profit margins appears
the problem– beyond the vast suffering of the public even yet!

VDT (Visual Display Terminal) stress remedy:

From Prof. Haber’s work (Columbia) and Navy Helmholtz coil re
search on cerebral EEG stress, fusion-flicker anomalies defined
not only the time-share EEG half cycle use but subjective (psy
chological) stress due to inadequate reductive half cycle time to
process some definitive thought. From my R&D on both cross cereb
ral polarity anomalies and relative input versus output mental
functions, again directly associated with cerebral polarities,
found a simple remedy to block VDT user stress with anti-slaved
CR strobing. While in very great need by the flying public where
their air-traffic controllers do not need headache problems to
interfere with the reductive mental process of stacking air-borne
aircraft. The entire field of computer VDT use could benefit
greatly as well, yet it appears that the military’s heads-up pro
gram takes precedence over the public’s comfort and safety.
(KTS Research)

The Pathology of Intellect

1. Low MAO(monoamine oxidase) brings high 5HT and DA for energy.

2. High 5HT offers greater sympathetic CNS censoring.

3. Sympathetic CNS occupies the right primitive brain as uses the
left cerebral hemisphere in man. (1)

4. Low MAO subjects are often recidivistic psychopaths. (2)

Therefore: the psychopathic portion in man is his sympathetic
CNS half as uses inhibitor 5HT, GABA, NE, etc. neurotransmitters.

Why should the conscious mind of man continue to believe in the
subterfuge and whim as derived from his left cerebral hemisphere,
claiming what constitutes a social norm or value? (3,4) As Freud
perceived when he said; “the unconscious wills to remain uncons
cious-“, the human `censored’ state is brought by that one uncon
scious faculty to sustain dominance and so control over such kept
naive midbrain (RAS) conscious mind.
The crux of man’s current psychopathy stems from this sympath
etic CNS faculty of temporal orientation. Using the left cerebral
half with volitional historical recall seeks to dominate for con
trol for innate predatory objectives, its covert neurosis in pro
portion to past intellectual development. This yet little noted
behavior finally stagnates Nature’s goal for its mental evolu
tional design, especially precluding any non-temporal visual in
sightive import into conscious awareness.
The human split-brain data concludes that man has not only been
the goat of a supreme hoax in the guise of intellectual prowess,
but is likely about to commit some vast folly to evade the mount
ing empirical obvious defining his underlying malaise brought by
intellectual dominance. This expected chaos to dissuade conscious
introspection for its pending awakening, even may have been seen
correctly centuries ago as expressed in past religious dogma.
Mankind’s Thanatos left brain half is being discovered, subjec
tively at first (R.D. Laing as LSD users) but its overt refuta
tion is found most with high intellect, and no accident that sui
cide occurs in proportion to IQ, even then most in Psychiatric
professionals. The mounting empirical obvious so now defines the
pending anxiety of potential trauma on international scales, but
due to that unconscious demand to escape an apocalyptic conscious
awakening of what lies within the human mental matrix.
While it requires the integration of cross academic data to
fully comprehend the overall malaise that late evolutional epochs
bring, there is little doubt that psychopathy so prevails in pro
portion to offered authoritive power, be it political, academic,
or a claimed scientific office. So long as the empirical evidence
remains couched in cliche or half truth, for tenure or otherwise,
it becomes the net goal in academic programmed behavior, to pro
Šduce unthinking automatons for conscious ignorance, if not fodder
for the state, and so prevent any potential conscious moderation.
The myth of Psyche and Eros discloses the ultimate design and
need of an integration between created mass-time psychological
complementals. This myth makes clear the purpose of what the
Special Relativity theory Aleph derivational end-points show, in
keeping with CPT theorem. The inner mental war is most overt in
overt manic-depressive schizophrenia, stemming from the said
neurosis, thus Laing’s remark “We are mad without insight–” be
comes adroit when seeing the genesis of that very madness itself!
It may be that man faces his ultimate challenge with the imper
ative need to know his `self’ within– soon in view of the vast
empirical data (5, 6) disclosing man’s dichotomous bilateral un
conscious. Urgency is obvious yet disclosure a big liability when
only the neurotic censored own authority, the fate of Socrates no
more an anomaly then as today. In short, mankind’s left brain has
dominated too long now and why likely great trauma will ensue as
science unravels the facts of the genesis of covert greed so an
ever mounting overt social pathology.(7) From a unilateral smile
to cerebrally blocked import for the hidden Freudian death-wish
seen with AiR (Autoimmune Response) via lymphatic control (8) so
defines the ugly yet profound still misunderstood by late claimed
scientific man.
Since the hallucinogens are likely the greatest psychotherapeu
tic of all times (9), we might question the terror such evoke in
those who own political power and authority? If man is indeed a
civilized animal so claimed loudly by his left classifying brain
half, then its preparation for mass suicide might underlie yet
another reason remaining well hidden– as the recidivism study
done in Boston by Leary with LSD, with nearly 100% prison-inmate
therapy in just one session. So what are prisons really for now–
as the ethnic cleansing syndrome underlying the vast unconscious
malaise now growing to some holocaustal potency?


1. P. Bakan; `The Eyes Have It”, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, April ’71
2. `The Biochemical High Risk Paradigm’, SCIENCE, Oct. 15, ’76
3. J. Herron; `Right Handed Sayings’, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, March,’76
4. S. H. Katz; `The Other Hemisphere’, SCIENCE NEWS, April 3,’76
5. R. Vogelsang; `A Correlative Study between Physics and Psy
chology’, Intl. Biomet. Congress, Aug.’69
6. J. E. Bogan; `The Others Side of the Brain’; Bul. L.A. Neurol.
7. J. Jaynes; `Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the
Bicameral Mind’, ’78
8. Renoux; bilateral cerebral immune response; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
9. L. Grinspoon,;`Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered’, ’79

KTS/EMPSY (V-3/94) ref: `neuroX’/69; DIR/73; Psy/Adv:89; 94

Re: “pluripotent” indeed;
via the freed electron!
Dear Sir: (March ’95 DISCOVER)
The most grand and so ultimate question now facing stem-cell re
searchers is how the freed electron biases or codes ahead of time
a finite item as likely your Thy1 molecule for true prolife?

The real crux underlying `what’ knows pro-life upon which all en
suing `mechanics’ are needed to sustain a quality life lies with
that said freed electron, as bizarre as that may sound. The key
to this knowledge now lies in the EPR experiment as Heisenberg’s
data and where such finite first harmonic standing wave escapes
the time reversal paradigm! The paramount question is how any
pre-coded data gets used as with an optional key to use this or
that code to follow through for prolife instead of death? The
greater question to which Weissman fails to perceive by saying “a
billion years of evolution” may not be far enough back in our
slow time– of which Einstein addressed clearly but few see yet.

The crux of Patent need (Weissman) will soon be irrelevant as the
self thinking interface (computer) makes its debut using the said
freed electron to define anything– as who plagiarized who! (as a
very fearful Michigan pharmaceutical who sent a pre-patent regis
tration sketch to the Karolinska Inst. in terror over the simple
micro-electrode cancer therapy; over) All claimed quality `com
petition’ will end with this device, as likely much federal folly
of offering a few Patent protection while threatening others to
go no further as disturbs their status quo where only might makes

Re: heterozygostity

Maybe the complemental CNS as split-brain data defines best the
bilateral enigma? At least relative lateral dominance via the two
space vs. time derived faculty define relative health* and so the
subjective awareness of the better fit for prolife as strictly a
non-temporal ability as Plato noted and called the Potentia.

To know effect from cause and so act ahead of time (note EPR ex
periments; over) offers the maximum of defense from the vicissi
tudes of worldly mass-time life. Thus the subjective awareness of
the bilateral smile as its terror evoking implications now!

Re: note mitochondrion DNA change
Dear Sir: (Darwin’s Minds; SC. News, 10/12/91)

Selection? Of course, but far more than some physiological cop
ulation dictates the carry-through of a specie when ripe for some
needed mutation for pending environmental catastrophe– or an ex
tended chimp’s left cerebral cortex preparation for language. The
now well noted `rapid change’ of the mitochondrion DNA, yet not
the body’s cell DNA, the differentiation between physical and
mental might be defined more clearly. While Darwin’s Grandad was
Šobviously seeking correlative data to mental evolution, as likely
Charles (yet denied by non-evolutionists seeking the status quo
to avoid any churchly instated encounter), the whole `enigma’ can
be best understood by what Freud so eloquently said; “The uncons
cious wills to remain UNconscious.” and now at all cost!
We find to our chagrin Freud’s Thanatos does indeed lurk with
in, called AiR (Autoimmune Response) when a conscious mind gets
too curious and looks within. This called “stress” factor is
indeed so to define why AMA (as APA most dodging the issue) want
no part of comprehending fundamental psychological aspects, bila
teral cerebral or not as Sperry found. (after I predicted the
space-time complemental cerebral faculty) My GVSC students ex
claimed “apocalypse!” about their 8th week of a ten week cross
academic course twenty years ago– I’m beginning to believe them!
We are going to remain intellectual stupid up to that tragic
point, at least if academia has anything to say about it. Pedan
tism is the act, not curiosity which evokes arguments between the
instated and the insightive.
Shared verbal meanings go deeper to dictate social behavior,
especially in isolated ethnic groups where their like mitochond
rion DNA dictates some mutual historical alliance. Some claimed
similarity in `eyes’ beholding some beauty in a likeness points
to a deeper bias in psychological terms, as the mitochondrion
DNA, now evoking much of man’s ethnic conflict. When a claim that
sociology has little correlation to biology they are correct only
as far as the difference between what cell DNA and mitochondrion
DNA offer in two ways indicates the dichotomy late science faces.
Shared verbal meanings go far deeper dictating a social behavior,
especially in isolated ethnic groups where a like mitochondrion
DNA dictates their historical alliance– or ethnic unrest.

Re: freed electron?
Dear Sir:

The blurb in March 18th Science News (`A Model–‘) indicates with
the odds given that only the freed electron could offer the cor
rect integration of such profound molecular `engineering’, such
definitive operant well noted now in the EPR experiments. Since
it yet remains the qualitative need for ensuing biological struc
ture, only the non-temporal freed electron (escapes the time re
versal paradigm) could conceivably promote what you see, being of
space orientation– not temporal.

Re: Darwin revisited– again
(“The Mystery–” 6 Jan. SCIENCE)

Charles Darwin as goaded by an insightive Grand Dad suspecting an
underlying `drive’ for all species, and whether based on theolog
ical perspectives or not, did evoke the grand question of who
knows potentials for the future need of at least some body modi
fications to meet oncoming environmental conditions. While yet
rejected with vehemence, the key to what Plato called the Poten
tia also was predicted with Einstein’s Special Relativity equa
Štions where some`thing’ needed to know liabilities ahead of our
slow mass-time continuum. Thus my predicted space versus time
complemental unconscious, oddly close to Freudian thought, but
amply confirmed with Sperry’s split-brain data*, even if yet re
futed with vehemence– but that alone says more than that overt
verbal official denial subterfuge!

To what I infer pointing to your work, “anticipation” in even the
constitutional DNA (not mtDNA where I suspect the crux of mental
evolution lies) but to bias or `allow’ the evasion of prior fight
flight drives to re-program some specie’s mass destruction as is
obviously on the human agenda the way things are today. Competi
tion brings the stark reality of `ethnic cleansing’ as the real
underlying factor facing us, where past intellectual manipulation
of those now becoming aware makes for some poor(?) yet rational
behavior on this late mental evolutional stage on this planet.

E. Mayr may have seen the tip of Nature’s pre-functional operant,
possibly realized in the ’60’s generation where the hallucinogens
brought a new reality, now fully understood as subjective visual
insight for man’s conscious mind’s attention. While yet terroriz
ing authority who seek to continue their status quo, evokes more
“schizophrenia” through edict than any street `adjunct’** could,
including suicide where APA (Psychiatric) professionals lead!

After my R&D efforts paid off for the 5th Generation self think
ing `interface’ (below), it was realized what Darwin’s goal truly
was– as the currently ensuing terror in authority over any com
prehension of what transpires in our right brain half. This fac
tor alone, noting the overt strenuous academic effort to program
even greater stupidity in the human animal for fodder– as the
political syndrome of win versus lose (no insightive moderation)
makes clear some trauma is on our social horizon– and may be the
best `bottleneck’ yet to come. You are indeed looking at the pro
found– now to comprehend it!
Re: Antibodies and epilepsy

Boy– are you staring at reality! Not only Freud but Renoux and
AiR (Autoimmune Response) in the psychological sense which will
soon open Pandora’s Box for all to see– then neurotically deny!

O. Sack’s “Awakenings” with found DA likely defines as well the
epileptic `front’ where all or nothing storm switching is nurtur
ed by AiR (Autoimmune Response) and so your adroit data– as the
inverse affect of the schizoid (p. 247; 4/22/95 SC. NEWS), even
the same page remedy with the cholera toxin. An unconscious fac
ulty (left cerebral hemisphere; note Renoux*) faculty becoming a
most dangerous faculty as `we’ (midbrain, RAS) begins to look
inside to find reality, as Freud not oddly pointed to a Thanatos!

The only problem we can see is “which” CNS gets activated with
the “transmitter”– for the net go vs. stop signal at the end of
the train of EEG half-cycle. While DA is excitory for at least an
Šaction potential, be it thought or many other physiological pre
cursors, to inhibit DA via 5HT, GABA or glutamate such claimed
excitory, are actually inhibitory in psychological terms, a vast
growing hazard now as mental evolution brings the intellectual
neurotic stance towards anything `new’ (prefontal) to stagnate a
once vibrant culture as here! Freud did hit the nail on the head
when he said; “The unconscious wills to remain UNconscious–” and
to our chagrin– at all cost at this very late hour!

*Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
as: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
`The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
IL-2 Cancer Research (3 left smiler remissive of 8 subjects);
Jaynes, Julian `The Origen of Consciousness and the Breakdown of
the Bicameral Mind’ (Princeton)
Mancia, M.: `The Monkey Split-Brain Stem: Effect–‘, Electroen
ceph. clin. Neurophysiol; Sleep- Wakefulness Cycle’


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  1. Mary Beth Ross permalink

    I only remember meeting you once as a small child when my family was at you home when Tyler was young. I wish you were still alive to help me save my family from the remote attacks on subtle energy and mind experimentation and programming that I am losing ground on.

    I have proof.

    Your second cousin. Dad thinks of you often.


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