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Cloning– Bur For What

by on February 22, 2010

New York, NY 10023
Re: cloning– but for `what’
Sir: (This morning’s panel discussion)

What Dawkins as past Darwin argued the point about physiological
evolution, the subterfuge has kept any investigation away from a
factor well known about mtDNA living in all of our fatty lipid
cells, where `energy’ resides, as well shows its very fast molec
ular change– at least inferring some another evolutional factor!

A lengthy investigation has implied much, especially since the
confirming split-brain data of the spatial vs. temporal bilateral
brain halves*, evoking much terror yet, to define mankind’s late
real problem underlying his ever growing approach to trauma for
some mass-genocide.

Some recent quips below might enlighten– if indeed interested.


KTS Research

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A.

`The greatest `wilderness’ has always been just beyond cons
cious perception thus why man tenaciously stays with cliche and
dogma to define Nature’s design as plan. The fear is analysis, as
might define reality where what governs mankind seeks anonymity!’
`Man’s ethos is actually pathos in disguise, due to an uncon
scious bias where an unseen cunning, as like mtDNA driving ances
tor, that drove the Anasazi from their 2D homes a millennium ago,
demand feeding as the opportunity to goad kept stupid mankind in
to persistent folly for wanted blood shed.’
`The nice thing about human cloning is no more need for a male
gender– to permit women at last to learn something about life!’
`The neurosis brought by Nature’s anterio-split brain in the
woman makes clear an incompatibility for a purpose, better defin
ed by their 86% need of some shrink to replace an unworthy father
figure, or now disqualified better, evicted from today’s family!’
`Self discipline is the only real hope for social stability if
not equality, where some people are obviously more qualified to
aid the rest than others making promises. This self enforced pen
ding epoch will come with the Self thinking interface to advise
all on all, especially with skeletons in their closets!’

Chicago, IL 60610
Re: `New Explorers’
Sirs: (rectilinear travel)

Bill Kurtis did a fine job on the Anasazi enigma– so now to re-
examine some contingent facts about human split-brain data*, UFO
phenomena** and why a millennium ago the `unseen’ were a hazard
to incarnate man– to say little of today with human left cere
bral developed IQ!

While the Roberts text showed much, more was said in the remark
of the female guide where merely said her ancestors were “starved
out of that cliff-dwelling region”, but to realize the Amerindian
can evoke rain for crops with a 2Hz beat, the inverse is also as
true for those trapped to aid the less than worthy ancestor with
a like mtDNA `key’– who travel in 2D spatial ways.

Because of the rapidly mounting empirical obvious which is dis
turbing federal authority as being too close to their henchmen–
as best defined by Bryan relating in part the secret MIT meeting
(`Close Encounters of the 4th Kind’), mankind may be in some deep
trouble since the planet is going to be tried to be won by some
one, less correlated with Ghingus Khan than what H.G. Wells dis
closed in his Time Machine.

I point to these `anomalous’ enigmas but cannot aid further since
feel somewhat insecure from doors kicked in, phone tapped as even
confrontation on foreign shores– and a lengthy list of `misde
meanors’ now pending– I have heard from a reliable source. The
`Inquisition’ never ended apparently, but could be better under
stood in the term of `ethnic cleansing’– where differing said
ŠmtDNA dictates unconscious predatory objectives.


* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; Rectilinear travel; p.60>

Pullman, WA 99164
Re: dirigentive levo electron?
Dear Sir: (`Guiding–‘ SCIENCE; 17, Jan. ’97)

There is likely nothing truly new about some `spatially’ oriented
faculty guiding various aspects in the biological realm, whether
using historical DNA (Darwinian physical evolutional sense) or
mtDNA for the psychological. Dawkins (as said Darwin) has not yet
fallen to the reason for the physiological for the psychological,
yet neither will we, since will evoke vast trauma if we do!

Asimov’s `levo’ electron, as the interface for the self thinking
device (over) stirring apprehension in physic’s (EPR experiments)
may help to define what goads the rational biological from the
mass-time `chaos’– where random (dextro) life gets assembled in
molecular form yet still needs levo to guide it for its net
purpose– now looming as mankind’s greatest problem after some
intellectual left cerebral using faculty’s evolution.

I fear ***’s remark about “hamhanded–” as most others using the
sciences for tenure merely means right– i.e: lacking right brain
insight as might discover too much.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S-T(over)
CC: S. Sarkanin; J. Dean; M. Zenk; D/Z

New York, NY 10112
Re: women
Dear Sir:

Best hold some breath until Dawkins define what evolves in
our mtDNA– as gets passed on from Mom. The now honored DNA only
builds the structure for some`thing’ else to evolute in. This now
known temporally oriented left brain user in us may be that which
broke up the Anasazi `home stead’ a millennium ago, which defines
how well science drags its feet– until too late!

ŠWe gotta love ’em but help them, as Freud so well realized and so
many other even better psychoanalysts– aware of our two lateral
brain half dichotomies– now amply seen in the empirical data.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ

Cincinnati, OH
Re: `Interconnect’ program
Dear Sirs:

Your popular program up here might suggest the alerted public’s
attention, as curiosity for contingent psychic data, an actually
dangerous phenomena as long as ambiguity remains promulgated. The
said upcoming `split-brain’ conference inferred today (10:30am)
may do both some service for the `ready minded’ as bring about
what Freud’s stark (famous photo) stare defined shortly after he
pointed out Thanatos within the psyche, an enigma I found equally
“stark” after several suicides– after great care with the more
overtly stressed left cerebral dominant intellectual. (note lead
in suicide of our APA– Psychiatric, professionals!)

While broken-down office door by police, as tapped phones by FBI
implied much, the real terror should be left unsaid, but could be
better said by the ambiguous `definitions’ expressed in the MIT
meeting on UFOs– as mentioned recently by Bryan. Our slammed TNC
(ham) communication defining split-brain rectilinear orientation*
as noted UFO travel** said too much, even was claimed as “secret”
data– before this government could even understand it! Thus with
caution since, our prediction of the space vs. time complemental
bilateral brains belongs in Physics, not Psychology, however the
`psychics’ twist facts into their needed reality for the truly
diabolical– which drove the Anasazis from their homes when their
rectilinear reference sighting means explains it now from a mil
lennium ago. Man’s (not women) censored state now reaches that of
women, whose lack of anterio-corpus callosum creates the syco
phants running this planet– with eyes on winning it yet.

Some files got dumped onto the Internet recently under the name
of KTS (a company initiated many years ago before the real danger
of unhappy authority was seen) but this may be that time to press
all neurotics, whatever their field of `expertise’ to examine
reality– maybe that promises apocalypse many of my college stu
dents expressed long years ago with anxiety. We must “take back
power–” (as said), but by and for the RAS conscious mind– that
faculty to moderate both bilateral unconscious, if not too late
for much human eradication to occur. Today, only a very high in
tellect could manage the current subterfuge in the sciences (as
religion) to avoid perceiving the mounting obvious!

ŠThe herewith might evoke interest yet suggest caution in repeat
ing same publicly.



cc: 3-dev; Path/IQ; Phys/Psy

Dept. of Geochemistry
University of California
La Jolla, CA 92093
Re: discriminative a priori
Sirs: (C12 over C13; April DISCOVER)

If indeed your opinions as findings are correct, again the pro-
life (freed electron sans time as knows effect from cause; noted
by Heisenberg as escapes the time reversal paradigm to know cause
from affect; EPR experiment) was active before any life got going
around here to evade a damaging isotope. The data looks good even
if it terrorized many `believers’ (in or out of church) at this
late hour. In short; the appetite for apatite says all that is
needed today!


KTS Research

CC: D/Z; Discover

Dietrich Dorner,
c/o Metropolitan Books
N. Penn Market Place
Lansdale, PA 19446 Re: But `Logic Failure’ is volitional

Dear Sir:

The logic of failure will not be perceived nor understood until a
profit margin is made for tenure or less said unconscious reason,
a factor least comprehended with history oriented left cerebral
dominance*. Freud saw the `enigma’, even correlated same with the
Thanatosic behavior, that mounting liability that late claimed
civilized as “advanced” society starkly faces**.

Many past as very ancient `beliefs’, some yet as theological dog
ma well misunderstood can be noted in the adroit Mithra belief–
as stabbing one’s Minotaur’s right side, more adroitly seen via
split-brain data as gender corpus callosum dichotomies. Since the
`patterns of thought’ are verbal, never visual, erred reasoning
must be considered relative to intellectual historical reasoning,
not spatial non-temporal as responsible for `cause from affect’
Š(note EPR results using the freed electron as escapes the time
reversal paradigm), but to be avoided at all cost in physics at
this late hour– where only might makes right as manipulation.

Of interest now is the awareness of the ancient Anasazi (with
obvious 2D oriented `something’ bothering them as many primitive
African tribes whose shamans apparently knew more about our sub
jective dilemma today than claimed wise APA (who lead in suicide
of all professionals!) as likely defines the need for error over
any adroit scientific fact. While obviously addressed by you, one
wonders if there is time left to integrate all of the cross aca
demic imports to perceive the reality coming?

Our real blessings to come will be controlled fusion as the quan
tized EM standing wave `matter’ becomes understood– where pollu
tion will cease– after certain petroleum cartel people get their
last cent from the planet’s last drop of oil while we choke on
pollution! For now the enigma of lateral cerebral drive needs
dissemination, if indeed we manage to live that long, as the self
thinking computer (knowing effect from cause) via Heisenberg’s
freed electron! (over)


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S-T
* `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
note: `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
**Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

Cancer nodule elimination:

Defined in Europe (’69) the definitive biological stunting versus
growth factors associated with electrical polarity, much noted by
Prof. H.S. Burr (Yale; circa late 40’s), the simple micro-elec
trode use to stunt if not kill cancer nodules. Agreement by other
bio-research associates suggested further research, and priority
documentation (as U.S. Patent registered upon return), to find to
my chagrin “no interest”. Its cover story in DISCOVER magazine
(April ’86; 16 years later) defined why! Yet, after lecturing
several medical groups find no use yet for the simple, economical
and very therapeutic means. Collusion for profit margins appears
the problem– beyond the vast suffering of the public even yet!

VDT (Visual Display Terminal) stress remedy:

From Prof. Haber’s work (Columbia) and Navy Helmholtz coil re
search on cerebral EEG stress, fusion-flicker anomalies defined
not only the time-share EEG half cycle use but subjective (psy
chological) stress due to inadequate reductive half cycle time to
process some definitive thought. From my R&D on both cross cereb
Šral polarity anomalies and relative input versus output mental
functions, again directly associated with cerebral polarities,
found a simple remedy to block VDT user stress with anti-slaved
CR strobing. While in very great need by the flying public where
their air-traffic controllers do not need headache problems to
interfere with the reductive mental process of stacking air-borne
aircraft. The entire field of computer VDT use could benefit
greatly as well, yet it appears that the military’s heads-up pro
gram takes precedence over the public’s comfort and safety.

The 5th Generation Computer:

Noting from physics the freed electron escaped the time reversal
paradigm, not only was the EPR experiment (see a qualified physi
cist to explain), such like interface might offer the ultimate
computer to man. Indeed it was as ensuing R&D offered a prototype
which offered the odds of 10\17th to one on its maiden run. This
system’s Patent filing got blocked, so tapped telephones with FBI
surveillance said all that was needed. Actually, my GVSC students
were nervous over the early 70’s research, but more so about what
they felt a government quite unable to handle any so reality of
unconscious ability. Freud was correct, unbearably so– in retro
spect of the prototype device’s run over twenty years ago.

(KTS Research)

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