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Ejecti? Matter of Gravity

by on February 22, 2010

Murray Hill, NJ 07974
Re: `ejecti”? “Matter of Gravity”, indeed!
SC. NEWS Oct. 29th (as my unanswered
Dear Sirs: July 8th, ’91 letter)

Maybe your Q2345 pair have anti-g there-between? At least funda
mental physics defines, as Einstein called his great blunder to
renege on complemental forces as gravity also the need to rescind
the General Relativity theory, now that primal interference on a
cosmic EMP bubble’s front with quasars defines complemental mat
ter with said anti-g, spewing at right angles such initial first
harmonic standings waves (complemental electrons) to third har
monic quarks later, while the speedy jets to accumulate as shadow
Šmatter clouds now seen making the bursters with their mutual col
lisions out beyond the galaxy disk.

What you may be examining are two complemental matter galaxies
with anti-g there-between and riding the same cosmic EMP bubble,
as most other `cluster’ groups. The real question is do they all
face outward to the bubble and rotate in the same relative direc
tion to define the electrons or ion ejecti, so the noted spin-up
in their dense primal pinched magnetic field?

The real `crunch’ coming is in our tenured elite’s prestigious
offices who have all their `billiard balls’ in that same single
Big bang `basket’, which was multiple on nice 600Bly separations,
before mass-for-time began! Sorry.



Murry Hill, N.J. 07974

Thank you for the directives. I am aware of Johnson’s efforts.

Albeit what magnetic field (not G-force) residual from the primal
cosmic bubble’s (Huchra) EMP front has dissipated along any line
between our peripheral galaxy and such sister ones on this side
of our said bubble to lens the adjacent sisters, it was assumed
from what data offered that the two Q2345 images could appear
very similar in appearance in spatial configuration and spectral
density/frequencies to certainly appear as one. Not that we re
ject lensing as a possibility, even a likely factor, we remain
dubious as to any precise complemental image coincidentally re
maining symmetrical with each other– a true fluke indeed!

Because of the Zeeman effect for dv/dt (red-shift), as possible
said lensing, we suspect the magnetic field density required for
such phenomena could only occur around primal EMPs whose density
is extreme, and before their net tumbling (wave front on a shore-
line) due to the leading edge slowing (again Zeeman) and its
following wave energy evoking the quasar phenomena for the net
creation of standing waves– yet called “billiard ball” matter in
physics. Indeed, it was Einstein’s Spec. Rel. equations that de
fined the differentiation of the E to mc squared anomaly to my
last last factor of magnetic flux as the a priori, which in turn
allowed the prediction of what the Einstein Observatory saw in
the empirical sense, even the `X’ configuration at the quasar
cores to define complemental (koino-) standing waves as ejecti at
right angles to its complemental. Einstein predicted the comple
mental gravity `force’– his self claimed “blunder” to capitulate
to Bohr (again). Little wonder so much difficulty prevails today
with what appears as “anomalous” data, especially in astronomy.

The key soon found was spin-up rather than down with disk matters
Šwhich defined magnetic torquing of such expelled `matter’ while
ionized, electrons first one direction thence protons the other,
as noted on those reversed spin early phases of some galaxies. In
either case residual momentum outward (the said `X’ phenomena)
spewed radial disks, even “pinched waisted” sombreros (M-104) as
Seiferts where likely early returning anti-G jet matters (around
periphery) came too close laterally. Most unique was the found
Huchra bubbles on nice 600Bly intervals to at least suggest Big
Bang was all over the place at once– since no time could exist
before matter creation– so Who indeed clapped their one hand
there-about all at once? (Zen?)

What must be done soon is a plotting of `sister galaxies’ to bet
ter define spatial placement and then re-examine carefully closer
`on edge’ ones for similarity. We have asked for data to define
magnetic field orientations therewith but our English researcher
may have difficulty with resolution factors. It could be that Arp
(Planck Inst.) is looking into this matter now– as contingent to
his red-shift anomaly– better armed with the Zeeman correlate.

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle defined the electron as no
“bubble”, only a standing wave revolving in a single plane which
defined its escape from the time reversal paradigm at 90 degrees
displacement. It being the first harmonic standing wave made
clear with the growing data on the quark(s) that such were only
of two basic types, each as three phased trefoils but phase wound
in each type in different ways, the top quark’s extreme anti-G
makes its habitation on this galaxy difficult indeed! John Bell
was excited to try my suggestion of equating net anti-forces (not
G) between anti- and koino-matters but died too soon.

We suspect the “burster” (gamma bursts) phenomena is like matter
(positive G) high energy collisions of our galaxy’s anti-matter
(as spewed from our quasar/galaxy jets, as was predicted above)
to offer the now confirmed multi-directional aspect as even the
`spread’ energy emission envelope. Their evasion of disk matter
in such events would obviously be expected.

Most of the above was documented with the Smithsonian in the 70’s
after the said Einstein observatory confirmed my predictions.

Thanks again for your note.


KTS Research


BIOLOGY Letters:

Dept. of Biochemistry
Washington State University
ŠPullman, WA 99164
Re: dirigentive levo electron?
Dear Sir: (`Guiding–‘ SCIENCE; 17, Jan. ’97)

There is likely nothing truly new about some `spatially’ oriented
faculty guiding various aspects in the biological realm, whether
using historical DNA (Darwinian physical evolutional sense) or
mtDNA for the psychological. Dawkins (as said Darwin) has not yet
fallen to the reason for the physiological for the psychological,
yet neither will we, since will evoke vast trauma if we do!

Asimov’s `levo’ electron, as the interface for the self thinking
device (over) stirring apprehension in physic’s (EPR experiments)
may help to define what goads the rational biological from the
mass-time `chaos’– where random (dextro) life gets assembled in
molecular form yet still needs levo to guide it for its net
purpose– now looming as mankind’s greatest problem after some
intellectual left cerebral using faculty’s evolution.

I fear Kaiser’s remark about “hamhanded–” as most others using
science for tenure merely means right– lacking right brain in
sight as might discover too much.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S-T(over)
CC: S. Sarkanin; J. Dean; M. Zenk; D/Z

Dept. of Anatomy and
Box 8108
Washington University
School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid
St. Louis, MO 63110
Re: Synaptic strength
Dear Sir: (17 Jan. SCIENCE; “Alterations–”

Maybe as Penfield saw with his `engrams’, modification of memory
is a function of need, whether to mount a pathological condition
in the psychological sense or what you are looking at in the more
physiological/biological way. Of course the paramount question is
what faculty determines as directs the innate remedy?

From physics some time ago the predicted spatial versus temporal
CNS complementals became reality with Sperry’s split-brain data–
that spatial faculty somehow ordering the said directives, better
known as the parasympathetic (left pons area brain stem as uses
the right cerebral hemisphere) as coherent visual attributes for
conscious awareness. Your work appears to confirm aspects noted
in our study of lateral cerebral dichotomies which we predicted
Šsome dozen year before Sperry’s work, but to define CQ (insight)
versus historical recall defined as verbal temporal intellect. It
is the innate `prolife’ factor you note which excites further our
conceptions beyond the physics, yet wonder if there is a limit to
such aid when a biological specie has lost hope in survival, even
if not becoming of same consciously? While life is merely impair
ed by a physiological loss, when as where does your `digital’
(neuronal switching signal) get integrated or differentiated into
the smoother analogical– as may occur at brain-stem interfaces?

We suspect the EEG defines the recall `digital’ to be shaped into
the analogical (D to A conversion) via the signal envelope to so
make sense to unconscious faculty. Your work may better indicate
this possible impasse we note in our research. Many thanks if you
could reply– assuming the herewith makes sense!


KTS Research

cc: phys/psy; path/IQ

S. P. Goff,
Dept. of Biology/RNA
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
Re: relative time?
Dear Sir: (“Enzymes illuminate–“; SC.NEWS)

Noting the split-brain data confirming the space-time relative
operants now, your work as conjecture would imply a correlation
between the temporal (historical) oriented right primitive brain
(using the left cerebral hemisphere) or sympathetic CNS, may have
alternate `objectives’, possibly less than a host organism’s pro-
life– in keeping with what Renoux* is looking at. Suspecting DNA
was a priori in the `mechanical’ sense, ensuing questions as pur
pose– beyond Darwinian conjecture, suspicion revolves now around
the mtDNA with its rapid modification with noted psychological
evolution– so begs the question of the amoeba’s epoch?
The above defines the current quandary of virus `need’ beyond
an element of energy conveyance, albeit apparently living with a
goal and/or objective in the deeper sense. Our research, after
predicting the space versus time complemental brain halves before
Sperry confirmed same, indicated a like correlate between DNA (in
keeping with Dawkins) but why an adjunctive aid as RNA to convey
genetic fragments in less than `sincere’ ways if indeed mutates
to become an independent active agent on its own?
Further imports well define our left brain half** owns far
less that benign behavioral objectives, albeit with evoluted re
ductive intellect to make Renoux’s data a less then happy spectre
noting AiR (Autoimmune Response)– as viewed from the perspective
of psychology– especially Freudian thought. We suspect that more
Šin scope of what goes on in mass-time may now be seen.
Whether flawed `enzyme’ or chink in a genetic coded armor, we
may appear bizarre in suggesting there may be far more than meets
the eye under a microscope when some, albeit few weird `healings’
do occur under psychological influence– however done. The child
before puberty appears one of these anomalies– but parasympathe
tic CNS dominance may bias their system, again suggesting a fluke
in its `complemental’ when mental stress begins.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Robb; Weiss; D/Z;w:

Dr. Alan Garfinkel,
Dept. of Cardiology/Arhythmia
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Re: slow-time operator
Dear Sir: (“–Chaos in heart–“; SC. NEWS)

With Renoux’s findings*, little doubt remains of the volitional
act you note as arrythmia when delayed functions affect wanted
results. The sympathetic CNS likely causes far more problems in
clogging arteries with fatty lipids using chlorine vaso-constric
tion, to say nothing of the evoked neurosis to not perceive the
obvious in `constricted’ (neurotic) psychological behaviors now.

Chaos in the terms of Physics is far more prevalent than could be
said `imagined’, especially as the human split-brain data looms
as the panacea for much more than your biological field, but the
space-time derived as oriented lateral cerebral hemispheres** —
as visual perceptions well noted active in the idiot savant.

No doubt the root of biological timing, likely in the brain is
the culprit we all seek for late evoluted (IQ) state of affairs
where such reductive (historical) faculty is now being recognized
as mankind’s likely nemesis– protecting some ugly turf only the
past Anasazi suffered overtly with. The recent 2D oriented
correlations as left hemisphere (split-brain) and UFO travel may
be saying far more than most of us can or will stomach now. Your
adroit `winding down’ syndrome data of delayed diastolic function
to evoke ensuing fibrillation might be the key now needed to
fully comprehend an innate fool within us all. Pacemaking in slow
mass-time is as valuable as the non-temporal energy source E– in
the jargon of Einstein’s Special Relativity equations!


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
and `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67 (note
right hand `lost’ in its 2D space!)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Ditto; Glass; D/Z

Yale University
School of Medical
New Haven, CT 06520
Re: curiosity gene D4DR
Sir: (`New Data–‘ SC.NEWS, Nov. 2, p.279)

Your data is of prime importance albeit not the opinions. I’m not
flaming nor kidding, but the key to how excitory DA goads the
parasympathetic to offer right cerebral insights for ensuing men
tal evolution. A profound import that has been wanted for some
time– since Sperry’s split brain data defined the spatial versus
temporal complemental lateral brain halves, defining the underly
ing mental matrix processing for the self thinking device.(over)

In short, the `spice’ of life is the D4DR gene, which ever way it
goads the human animal on its long evolutional trek. Between the
truly ancient philosophical oriental beginnings in China with its
longer but sure route in peaceful evolution, many other ethnic
groups, as goaded by their greater net D4DR genetic repeats grad
uate faster, but with strife because of greed. The human animal’s
evolution now culminates with the greatest strife to conclude now
this last epoch for Nature’s grand design in slow mass-time of at
least one major specie that Darwin paid little attention.

With the more obvious claimed `civilized’ net conclusion now be
ing seen around this globe, your data makes the greatest sense in
the terms of Nature’s underlying objective– whatever biological
characteristic needed, from the amoeba up. While the `Big Apple’
town is the place for the more intellectual to parade so grab the
biggest bite in life, the likely greater number of D4DR carrying
genes there would indicate greater CQ (creative genius), yet that
excitory neurotransmitter drive is spent more on greed to win es
teem for what is now being noted the truly diabolical yet unseen.

The physics herewith may mean little however is the crux for the
above. The design of the 5th Generation computer took some time
yet its empirical reality may help most in bringing Kuhn’s para
digm shift– as the eradication of much social dead-wood. Sorry.

KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys-Psy; S-T; 3-dev(over)
CC: D.H. Hamer; A.K. Malhotra; D/Z


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