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Evolution Letters

by on February 22, 2010

EVOLUTION: letters

Francisco J. Alaya,
Dept. of Ecology and
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697
Re: 24th Jan. SCIENCE Book Review
Dear Sir:

Well said– whatever the harangue as `ruse’ some use to define
reality sans all of the facts. The murky business of using only
conjecture as the DNA (“mechanical” structure) to equate what now
appears the whole mass-time objective of evoluting some mtDNA may
be a volitional fluke– as evading other imports getting clear.

With `potentials’ now seen in binary response via the freed elec
tron (EPR experiments) as appears goads finite changes in DNA
choice– as only mtDNA fragment from the human male, even the de
coupled anterio corpus callosum of the human female begins to say
something– however that `gentler sex’ refutes same (p.4 below)
as many other anomalous differences between the human gender.

Without repeating myself in recent `tirades’, a few letter copies
herewith might set my pace as direction of research these past 50
years– doing aerospace R&D as college teaching along the way.


KTS Research cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy

Andrew Merrywether, et. al.
Dept. of Evolutional Biology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Re: father-figure `additive’?
Dear Sir: (`Debunking–‘; Science News, 1/25/97)

What you say is provocative, so how does a mother’s mtDNA devour
Dad’s, just as now noted in our social milieu? But they also now
deny the contra-obvious lateral cerebral connection where right
brain spatial insights are blocked from their left hemisphere, to
likely define their 86% need of shrinks to calm them down! (over;
as a couple other letter copies contingent with what terrorizes)

Assumptions are needed for research as tenure– etc. etc., thus
careful conjecture allows the evasion on one import, however ob
vious, to overrule the profound, unconsciously knowing it might
terminate all parading on which the mtDNA must survive. Darwin’s
as Dawkins examine the DNA for the `mechanics’ but all fail to so
wonder what evolves in the psychological sense as the net evolu
tional sojourn for the human animal appears to be wrapping up for
some overt trauma ahead. The recent data defining ATP genesis
with fatty lipid use may suggest the objective of the obese, pre
paring for the worse– as that Freud as Renoux* is staring at!

Sycophants lacking real father figures disclose who now lead us,
to say nothing of who in mother led them! The orthodox Jew is a
sad example where IQ (left brain reductive time oriented) often
abounds, yet very little complemental spatial insightive nuance.
We have lost our moorings as Rollo May would say (or R.D. Laing),
so we may face our own music much as the Anasazi did a millennium
ago– where the rectilinear 2D oriented, UFO or that right hand
of Sperry’s split-brain subject** uncovers the provocative.

If indeed McDougal (Harvard; circa 1910) did find finite weight-
loss at physiological death then what got up and left? Is it some
wad of mtDNA to house a L.T. memory (not found in the cortex!) as
prowls about as the Amerindians (as Anasazi) all claim? The “egg
or chick” enigma may be that pending apocalyptic dogma’s answer.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
as:`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; Gorman’s let + CC: Ankel-Simons; D/Z;w:

ŠTime Publishers, Inc.
Time Life Bldg.
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020-1393
Re: Bent thinking– p.51; 7/17 issue)

What a travesty! Your Gorman is attempting to gore men and I am
betting she herself doesn’t perceive it any more than the twisted
text with scans shown– as likely twisted face lacking any left
facial smile! This folly can be expected now, especially with
naive editors as publishers in love with the academic programmed
corrupt promulgating half truths for an even more stupid public.
Little wonder our pending but needed ethnic cleansing looms so
close– to put to shame the one now in Yugoslavia!

Mere examination of what you pro-offered of which brain have has
the full corpus callosum (obviously left image) as independent
lateral excitation (right) defines the reversed (laterally!) as
worded text implied. You people must also own Ph.Ds!

Until, but won’t happen now, science perceives what Sperry* un
covered between spatial and temporal complementals in mass-time
between those two lateral cerebral hemispheres, we the conscious
mind (RAS) is doomed to annihilation, just as Prof. Renoux sees**
with AiR (Autoimmune Response) of the left brain half to conclude
any further mental evolution on the human specie. It is sad that
the scriptural dogmas are more correct than science yet the empi
rical obvious is the only means to extricate the believers from
their twisted dogma!

As my prediction over twenty years ago (after I defined physics
as the precursor to space-time mental faculty) that vowels versus
nouns would define lateral cerebral dichotomies– I also said the
intellectual (reductive left brain) would never tolerate this
obvious– especially by instated authority, as I quickly also
found. (over) These are heady days indeed, especially for those
so few who do think!


KTS Research

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
**Renoux; U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Path/IQ; Phys-Psy; 3-dev(over)

S. P. Goff,
Dept. of Biology/RNA
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
Š Re: relative time?
Dear Sir: (“Enzymes illuminate–“; SC.NEWS)

Noting the split-brain data confirming the space-time relative
operants now, your work as conjecture would imply a correlation
between the temporal (historical) oriented right primitive brain
(using the left cerebral hemisphere) or sympathetic CNS, may have
alternate `objectives’, possibly less than a host organism’s pro-
life– in keeping with what Renoux* is looking at. Suspecting DNA
was a priori in the `mechanical’ sense, ensuing questions as pur
pose– beyond Darwinian conjecture, suspicion revolves now around
the mtDNA with its rapid modification with noted psychological
evolution– so begs the question of the amoeba’s epoch?
The above defines the current quandary of virus `need’ beyond
an element of energy conveyance, albeit apparently living with a
goal and/or objective in the deeper sense. Our research, after
predicting the space versus time complemental brain halves before
Sperry confirmed same, indicated a like correlate between DNA (in
keeping with Dawkins) but why an adjunctive aid as RNA to convey
genetic fragments in less than `sincere’ ways if indeed mutates
to become an independent active agent on its own?
Further imports well define our left brain half** owns far
less that benign behavioral objectives, albeit with evoluted re
ductive intellect to make Renoux’s data a less then happy spectre
noting AiR (Autoimmune Response)– as viewed from the perspective
of psychology– especially Freudian thought. We suspect that more
in scope of what goes on in mass-time may now be seen.
Whether flawed `enzyme’ or chink in a genetic coded armor, we
may appear bizarre in suggesting there may be far more than meets
the eye under a microscope when some, albeit few weird `healings’
do occur under psychological influence– however done. The child
before puberty appears one of these anomalies– but parasympathe
tic CNS dominance may bias their system, again suggesting a fluke
in its `complemental’ when mental stress begins.


KTS Research
* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Robb; Weiss; D/Z;w:

Peter Gomez
Dept. of Theology
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Re: why not the empirical?
Dear Sir:

Your remarks were adroit (NPR TV) but as you know certain `apar
Štheid’ portions of this country would rather fight that switch–
noted over the now obvious import in human split-brain data*.
Most revealing is our 2D (temporal/non-spatial) left brain, very
likely McDougal’s finding (at your campus; circa 1910?) which
defined mass-loss at a body’s physiological death, to say nothing
of the Anasazi terror of rectilinear `something’ a millennium
ago, as UFO phenomena** now.

It does appear that the human animal’s historical `self’ has some
traumatic plans for we kept naive midbrain conscious mind, but
may be allowed by Nature to clear the deck for the next phase of
completed mental evolution– likely the mtDNA. This could well be
that promised apocalypse– as real holocaust to follow– as many
of my GVSC students some 25 years ago suggested.

At least the sciences do have the answers even if humanity must
await the tenure seeking laggards yet seeking to win the planet–
to teach us as learn some difficult lessons yet!


KTS Research

* Gazzaniga `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** Rectilinear travel; MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; p.60>
note :`Anasazi World’, Roberts ’95; as Curtis’ recent TV program
on rectilinear viewing.

Marc D. Hauser,
Dept. of Ecology
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Re: SCIENCE; on social science
Dear Sir: (again)

As said before (Jan. 5,’93), evolution contains far more in the
right brain than what we neurotic left brain users could imagine
(because it censors; Freud, so no longer use REM `Royal Road’
import after around 7) yet is noted prevalent in a fetus getting
pre-programmed, as all complex brained other animals using same
throughout life.

Granting that split-brain data as the physics of complemental
derivation needs be understood (herewith again) thus developed
(digital temporal) numeracy as the evoluting left brain faculty.
Its benign complemental goads with curiosity up to our neurotic
IQ dominance to define what Sperry and Penfield saw between our
brains. Not oddly, the female’s near severed corpus callosum
defines her malady– as vehemently denied Gorman’s TIME article
last year– inspite the of obvious CAT scans! Since the freed
electron (sorry) offers right cerebral insight almost as the EPR
experiments define `knowing cause from affect’, is Plato’s Poten
Štia. This is likely the dogma’s `apocalypse’– where late neuro
tic man refuses to believe up to his bitter end.

The real trauma coming now is to define the mtDNA as evolutes in
the psychological way– and goes back to Lucy in Africa. Maybe
even what McDougal saw with weight loss at death there a Harvard
(circa 1910?) to indicate the extent of the rapid mtDNA change!
Maybe even worse, why the Anasazi packed up and left home about a
millennium ago when not understanding 2D rectilinear travel that
the UFO buffs have been watching. Our demands for profit now and
to hell with tomorrow says it all– yet very timely I fear!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys-Psy
CC: Kacelnik; Moller; Tooby; D/Z

Jaron Lanier,
Dept. of Computer Science
Columbia University
New York, New York, 10027
Re: Evolution, but of what?
Dear Sir: (Psy. Today; Jan/Feb issue)

Your PT quoted remarks evokes this note as contingent to the
relative value of DNA verses mtDNA where the prior merely offers
some appropriate `housing’ for the mentally evoluting mitochond
rial like historical record, to suggest that what might be best
about “civilization”(?) to thwart evolution defines the mounting
impasse to Nature’s goals– thus some promised chaos which now is
looming most clearly for late mankind. If we continue to refuse
the empirical obvious Nature has ways to teaching such neurotics,
albeit maybe not in some benign way to get the message across!
Since Dawkins dwells on the `mechanics’ as nearly what Darwin
did but expected for his time, that which guards with jealousy
our fat cells as likely defines McDougal’s found weight loss at
death (Harvard, circa 1910), to define also the Anasazi’s fear of
rectilinear `travelers’ to abandon their fixed 2D spatial homes,
the Roberts letter (over) may help to explain.
When government is guilty of stamping secret anything for its
profit– never said to win the planet, the enigma best defines
what evolutes in our left cerebral hemisphere and wants nothing
to do with its all-knowing (non-temporal) complemental, so steals
whatever, as whenever, with some appropriate engineered opportu
nity that might then be so managed politically. The scenario is
tragic, but not oddly a twofold good insofar as a vast thinning
of the corrupt to then allow the few who remain the opportunity
to learn about reality without the subterfuge of intellect buying
tenured time with half truths. The current `scientific’ following
the church for both of their net demise may be fortunate indeed!
To comprehend neat 600Bly intervals of evoked cosmic bubbles
Š(Huchra) across this universe– likely done by one hand clapping,
to precipitate an a priori magnetic flux into quantized standing
waves to promote temporal conditions– once called `foot-stools’,
the evolutional game can be understood as fundamentally between
our two (spatial vs. temporal) brain halves.
Finding to some dismay many past files as got dumped onto the
internet defining a very long study (as brought the self thinking
computer using the freed electron to escape the time reversal
paradigm; note EPR experiments)– even the key yet needed for
fully controlled fusion– the above danger becomes clear, where a
net late awakening of the carefully enslaved is that expected
adjunct needed to return whatever humanity may be left– back to
Nature’s goal– with utilized conscience instead of manipulation!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; S-T; Phys/Psy CC: Brockman


Yale University
School of Medical
New Haven, CT 06520
Re: curiosity gene D4DR
Sir: (`New Data–‘ SC.NEWS, Nov. 2, p.279)

Your data is of prime importance albeit not the opinions. I’m not
flaming nor kidding, but the key to how excitory DA goads the
parasympathetic to offer right cerebral insights for ensuing men
tal evolution. A profound import that has been wanted for some
time– since Sperry’s split brain data defined the spatial versus
temporal complemental lateral brain halves, defining the underly
ing mental matrix processing for the self thinking device.(over)

In short, the `spice’ of life is the D4DR gene, which ever way it
goads the human animal on its long evolutional trek. Between the
truly ancient philosophical oriental beginnings in China with its
longer but sure route in peaceful evolution, many other ethnic
groups, as goaded by their greater net D4DR genetic repeats grad
uate faster, but with strife because of greed. The human animal’s
evolution now culminates with the greatest strife to conclude now
this last epoch for Nature’s grand design in slow mass-time of at
least one major specie that Darwin paid little attention.

With the more obvious claimed `civilized’ net conclusion now be
ing seen around this globe, your data makes the greatest sense in
the terms of Nature’s underlying objective– whatever biological
characteristic needed, from the amoeba up. While the `Big Apple’
town is the place for the more intellectual to parade so grab the
biggest bite in life, the likely greater number of D4DR carrying
genes there would indicate greater CQ (creative genius), yet that
Šexcitory neurotransmitter drive is spent more on greed to win es
teem for what is now being noted the truly diabolical yet unseen.

The physics herewith may mean little however is the crux for the
above. The design of the 5th Generation computer took some time
yet its empirical reality may help most in bringing Kuhn’s para
digm shift– as the eradication of much social dead-wood. Sorry.


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys-Psy; S-T; 3-dev(over)
CC: D.H. Hamer; A.K. Malhotra; D/Z

Oxford University
Oxford, England
Re: “animal calculation”

Maybe the split-brain imports need integration with the `Selfish
Gene’ data; to define the correlation of volitional unconscious
bias (as mtDNA or Y chromosome bias) to the left brain half. To
recognize the profound non-temporal ability of the spatial orien
ted right brain now– as the self thinking interface (below), may
modify all late reasoning, numerical or not, albeit evoke trauma.


KTS Research

cc:Path/IQ; Phys-Psy; S-T; 3-dev(below)

Dept. of Biogenetics
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden
Re: genetic numbers
Dear Sir:

Of the 74,000 genes in the human genome, what are the extra tag-
alongs doing if only 800 genes are needed for survival? Because
there may be a direct correlation between intellectual growth and
what McDougal (Harvard; circa 1910) found with finite weight loss
at physiological death, one might wonder what got `codified’ when
the cerebral networks are not needed after three days of S-T mem
ory use– as found in de-cerebrated cats?

In recent historical terms, there may be an exponential gene in
crease rate on the human genome with the advent of the said IQ
development– which would also define why dogs showed little if
Šno `mass’ loss at death.


KTS Research

cc: D/Z;

Spring Arbor College
Spring Arbor, MI 49283
Re: a little more empirical
Sirs: than your library text

Noting the only `local’ issue of Dawkin’s “Blind Watchmaker” for
my library request might imply a foresighted college, whatever
theological basis its derivation. Since teaching (by request) at
GVSC over 25 years ago a cross academic course to integrate the
then physics to neurophysiology, the ensuing years have assembled
far more than even this government is tolerant of– to wit kicked
in office doors and behavior quite unbecoming those claiming the
least psychopathy of a well seen dying society.
Since developing the self thinking interface– now bringing much
consternation amongst the many physic’s authority, to `jump time’
(as contingent to Einstein’s Special Relativity equations) makes
clear the human psychological paradigm shift is close, with maybe
much physiological trauma attending same. My perusing of other’s
as Dawkins thoughts defines also that final approach (in aircraft
jargon) mankind now faces as his own two brain halves to define
his late evolutional dilemma– much as Freud glimpsed as Thanatos
and Renoux* perceives in overt autoimmune response.
A full circle from ancient “clapped hand” (Zen) to the obvious
cosmic EMPs** (Huchra; astronomy) to precipitated standing-wave
EM matter for `foot-stools’ in temporal conditions (evolution), a
vast new paradigm for describing reality stands before mankind–
this itself now forcing the very paradigm of no further question!
The real question therefore remaining is how to disseminate the
empirical obvious without evoking too much strain upon those yet
frozen in preconceived notions for tenured comfort for survival?
While your text appeared very new (yet with a mid 80’s publica
tion date) it bodes an ill for science. Yet should the herewith
evoke more curiosity than anxiety I would be happy to respond to
pertinent questions, guided by, as evoked by, this tersely said.


KTS Research

*Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
**`Bubbles’; “Cosmic Cartographers Find `Great Wall'”, SC.NEWS,
Dec.,’89, p.340 (the EMP wave-front `initiator’ for quasars)
cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S-T; 3-dev(over)
CC: D/Z; f/n; spr-col.s-t

Dept. of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706
Re: `natural’ becoming ethnic cleansing
Dear Sir: (“Group Think”; SC. AM, July,’96)

If natural selection can only operate in the genes, it may ex
plain late ethnic cleansing where former associated groups with
overt predatory penchants would attempt to survive upon a lessor
intellectual group– where verbal stealth would most pay off!
The vast extension of DNA chain might suggest for the human its
mental history, likely the underlying reason for evolution’s net
drive. Conceivably the `mass lost’ at physiological death (McDou
gal; Harvard, circa 1910?) could infer many anomalies, especially
the 2D (rectilinear travel) of claimed UFOs! (note R. Sperry’s
split-brain data; SC. AM. Aug.,’67!) Bizarre yes, but conceivably
timely in view of this crowded planet where dog eats dog, even if
housed in some human bipedal form! The social as altruistic beha
vior can only go so far when the food runs out!
Darwin’s natural selection now “group selection” may be found
to be determined not only by like fundamental DNA as dictates the
specie’s physiological structure, but in the higher intellectual
sense as the more mentally evoluted human with its mtDNA as un
conscious control or demand for close associates, prevails for an
unsaid if not more diabolical survival reason! What may be called
altruistic objectives in close reciprocal association, the late
objective of the human animal has learned to procreate for ulter
ior motives, that being to feed their deceased while out of some
physiological body. Nature may condone this `ancestor worship’–
but only as long as continued mental evolution remains the net
goal without too much overt predatory behavior– now becoming an
overt rout as called ethnic cleansing where grudges prevail.
Mutual dependent genes may also underlie the human dilemma for
his growing overt ethnic cleansing where intellectual development
for which life itself was designed, now too overtly predatory to
sustain, thus a traumatic epoch to thin both his ranks, as active
discarnate masses, to allow for a peaceful epoch to conclude Na
ture’s evolutional goal if it can be achieved. Maybe history only
means something to a soul(?) (certainly the time oriented left
brain half) thus now our ethnic turmoil!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy
CC: Seeley/Cornell, D/Z

ŠDept. of Geological Sciences
and Vertebrate Paleontology
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712
Re: mammalian neocortex
Dear Sir:

Your fine `Coevolution–‘ article in 2 Aug. SCIENCE defines one
other factor just beginning to be perceived in the field of psy
chology wherein the differentiation of two complemental minds, of
spatial versus temporal derivation become incompatible, noted in
the late human animal disclosing the dichotomy between reductive
inductive mental processing*. The Didelphis may be that beginning
phase of mental complemental dialogue (via the midbrain; RAS) as
maybe `we’ the conscious mind) so crucial for the net evolutional
goal of Nature– what likely Charles Darwin’s Grand-dad goaded
him to examine, underlying his fearful trek to some religions.
While my long `applied physics’ aspect into underlying causes
may appear superficial, the steady empirical confirmational data
as your does, clarifies many aspects of the underlying `design’–
where now the freed electron in the EPR experiments well disclose
the key factor for promoting any change in slow temporal condi
tions as here, be it physiological for psychological objectives,
remains obscure with religious subterfuge yet avoiding reality.
The net `decoupling’ from mandible to an independent perceptive
aptitude, whether for hearing or verticality, to me, remains a
mystery. Conceivably low frequency tones (or struggle) are needs
to be responded to via fight-flight (symp. CNS) yet with evolu
tion the integration of higher sounds may be more meaningful. The
phylogenic pattern of pre-birth to historical timing noted in our
own specie with tail loss yet defines Nature’s net `R&D’ operants
in precipitated temporal conditions– with a `key’ (said freed
electron) its input means for modifications from its innate non-
temporal state. (note phys-psy correlations; as vowel/consonant
lateral cerebral dichotomy, herewith) Thanks for the article!


KTS Research

* `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
note: Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; 3-dev(over)
CC: D/Z; f/n Rowe.pal

Dept. of Genetic Research
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Re: CAG code as `insistence’
Dear Sir: (SC. NEWS; “Mutant gene–”

ŠSince Renoux’s findings* as other psychological anomalies of seen
quality health with the curiousness of conscious mental operants,
there could be some factor of sustaining pre-occupied the left
cerebral hemisphere while using the right, as meditative practice
and longer life now noted in AIDs sufferers. Some form of mind
over matter matters most, as `which’ now of two lateral minds!

The apparent irascibility of left cerebral dominance, even if so
equated as IQ with only reductive mental processing, suggests the
need to understand its potential Thanatosic (Freud) behavior upon
reaching some social impasse. Maybe Huntington’s better defines a
kind of hunting for an abdicative excuse– as extra gene signals!

Is there a less negative polarity charge as fewer freed electrons
available when the CAG gene gets expressed– as when cytocine,
quanine and adenine team up to suppress hydrogen coupling as with
the bias of 13 nitrogenic mRNA base radicals? Some data now shows
the activity of a more freed electron evokes only prolife.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
note:`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy

Center for Child Studies
University of SW Louisiana
Hammond LA 70402
Re: ultimate cerebral difference
Sir: (`Tarzan Syndrome’– DISC. Nov,’96)

The Orangutan’s use of reason thus likely available insight might
define some intuitive right brain input as empathy shown. Mankind
has merely regressed back to the chimp stage as its more develop
ed left brain can effectively use the neurotic block (note ADD of
Krause’s work*) where extended positive EEG half cycle holds off
`perception’ just long enough to avoid something unwanted. More
ominous is what Renoux sees** about that left cerebral hemisphere
where fight-flight, win/lose (Tarzan w/testosterone especially)
syndromes originate. To wonder evokes cross cerebral activity via
the coordinating cerebellum even if direct corpus callosum trans
ferred data alerts. Creative men show this secondary coupling as
often the intellectual neurotic not. To recognize fate a liabili
ty also evokes curiosity as non-temporal (spatial) import by the
historical. South paw genius are no longer an anomaly– as covert
predatory promisors.(over) Maybe mankind has run the gamut for
Nature’s mental evolutional program where only might makes right,
Šuntil some bloody lesson needs to teach otherwise, to some final
bitter end!

Of interest between the human male and female (as noted decoupled
anterior corpus callosum in the latter), less insight with social
empathy prevails yet the need to display for the upmanship wanted
by possibly their unconscious mtDNA coupled– hereon left unsaid,
but we suspect Dawkins is getting close.


KTS Research

* `Learning Defect–‘; 16, Aug.’96 SCIENCE, p.971-973 (EEG block)
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER,
Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys-Psy; Path/IQ; de Waal’s let copy (over)
CC: D/Z;

Dept. of Zoology
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
Re: innate moral vs. learned predation
Dear Sir: (Sept. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN “Moral Kin?”)

McGrew’s review evokes this note– albeit from yet another aspect
of the psychological matrix– not about to be understood without
trauma in programmed predatory cultures. Because it lies in the
split-brain obvious– which also defines the volitional neurosis*
we humans will continue to fail to see what Plato tried to say as
potentials define behavior– unless secrecy offers chance to win
at another expense– as believed planetary resources dwindle. As
long as we humans insist on tenure, we will ignore that as drives
us to comprehend another `self’ within that offers insight for
conscience, thus know any better of what constitutes any a priori
`universal’ morality.

Empathy once won allegiance and so an easier life. Academic pro
grammed behavior now dictates the survival of their believed fit
test who then cannot own insight so must manipulate, whatever the
cost to whom ever. The sad condition of the captive chimps is the
same for humanity now– where leaders need fodder to run point to
win the planet!


KTS Research


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