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More to Female Defenses

by on February 22, 2010

Eric B. Keverne,
Dept. of Genetic Study
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England
Re: more to female `defenses’
Sir: (`The War Between‑‑’ May DISCOVER)

In more the psychological sense, the letter copy herewith (over) says enough about women, when the mtDNA is not governed by their own conscious mind! While a decoupled anterior corpus callosum might fit lobotomy, their lack insight thus creative genius as so well noted in `south paws’ like daVinci, Einstein etc, conscience also stems from that non‑temporal right brain, as Plato called a Potentia. The `time line’ between Einstein’s Special Relativity `alephs’ defines where we are‑‑ as how close is extended time for some kind of static limbonic hell!

The real question as stated‑‑ `in sickness and health’, but the larger question is what constitutes the term or worse who governs the sycophant in politics who lost his quality father figure? Any $600 price for a crapper seat without mink must define something!
To make promises to profit should be left unsaid near government!

We note in tentative horror the RNA(?) fragment incorporation in the now sprayed halogens to inoculate people to so feed on them, could be the same as ancestor worship, where the whole mtDNA may be the access `key’, for the orb UFOs or `rods’ waiting on church steeples for `holy communion’ well noted today. Certainly, their rectilinear travel shows where once a left brain had them better contained‑‑ for possibly more rational objectives!

The thrust and parry game may be aloft where right angle threats between ethnic clans (?) are noted‑‑ but take on a more sinister implication once incarnated, with weapons of mass‑destruction. We about to `know the self’ within for our promised apocalypse and likely mankind’s needed thinning to restart the mental evolution­al thing again‑‑ with the empirical instead left brained hearsay.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; Gorman let.(over)
CC: Holland; Sapolsky; D/Z w:

Paul W. Doetsch, et. al.
Dept. of Biochemistry and
Radiation Oncology
Emory University, School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA 30322
Re: “Phenotypic Change‑‑”
Sirs: (2 April, SCIENCE)

From physics thus my prediction of cancer nodule riddance via a positively charge micro electrode* in Europe (late 60’s), find yet to my chagrin of the ignorance prevailing between `charge’ and biological health fitting precisely what Asimov inferred with the `left hand of the electron’. The pushing out of any chromo­some for more nitrogen bias to control mutations, may be the crux of what the CNS (at root) device for a yet unseen reason. It appears the transfer of any primary chromosome of less nitrogen for more may be the key to an unconscious bias‑‑ possibly even allow some prokaryote fragment to `govern’, as a satellite to a quality matrix‑‑ especially in the more psychological aspect of the mtDNA!

While cross academic import mounts now to define the freed elec­tron as pro‑life, (as plus charge to end it‑‑ over), it begins to appear that the slow death offers a `service’ of unseen greater value than either quality health or death in the human animal!


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; 3‑dev(over)
CC: D/Z w:

Charles Emmons,
Dept. of Sociology
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Re: 3/15/99 Art Bell’s radio discussion
Dear Sir:

With some allied research we may be thinking in a similar vein‑‑ so this note. (with a copy of a Marschall letter, prompted by a book review in the SCIENCES). In short, you two should be examin­ing the mounting obvious now being seen in cross academic ways mounting now rapidly. My classified work in past aerospace compu­ter areas precludes yet getting too public with my predictions as data, well before it was defined clearly with what Sperry* found.

The terror in established authority defines a collusion with some `syndicate’ likely organized before the Clovis time but now takes precedence to continue to govern late mankind‑‑ at all cost, much as Freud said about the neurosis; “wills to remain unconscious‑‑” or evoke suicide‑‑ of which I had too many. There is no enigma as to why our APA (Psychiatric) people lead in suicide of all pro­fessionals‑‑ as they begin to comprehend what their noisy schizo­phrenics are saying to them about some unseen “conspiracy”!

Art Bell’s astute program may be a thorn in the backs of the most neurotic (left cerebral dominants) whose censored state precludes any conscious (midbrain; RAS) awareness of reality‑‑ the enigma apparently due to the historical dominance of their mtDNA‑‑ maybe back to Lucy on the plains of Africa. In short, human automatons are needed on planet earth for their fatty lipids‑‑ to preclude a `slippage down into extended time’ as Tatian noted. Ancestor wor­ship has never ceased, albeit obvious the Mayan data is now‑‑ as the net avoidance of folly that the past Anasazi understood!

The `paradigm shift’ is coming, but with a self thinking computer interface, (note the EPR experiments; where a freed electron can escape the time reversal paradigm; Heisenberg) where all of real­ity will be exposed‑‑ to imply the panic in authority now. Our prototype offered 10\50th+ odds on its maiden run over 20 years ago (saying “be patient”), likely to finish this very long study.


KTS Research

* Gazzaniga; `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T; Marschall letter (over)
CC: Bell; D/Z w:

D. S. Wilson, et. al.
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Binghamton University
Sate University of New York,
Binghamton, N.Y. 13902‑6000
Re: high fitness `memes’
Sir: (`Flying Over‑‑’ 9 July SCIENCE)

Beyond the evolutional objective of `IQ’ stored in the mtDNA, any claimed lack of pertinent data fails the real test of seeking in the cross academic fields beyond mere biology. I wonder now if Dawkins did indeed get my letter‑‑ so duly confiscated yet?

Tersely, the weight loss at death (McDougal, circa 1910) in pro­portion to IQ gained (hushed data by likely religious zealots as heard from a Pa. pre‑med student of mine) would at least indicate that Lucy was doing her thing well before the Clovis took over to dumb us down with ritualized academic programming. The 3/4 energy scale factor now indicates who gets the lion’s share of our fatty lipids‑‑ to say little of what goads us to eat continuously! Our overt Thanatos (Freud), as the RAS (midbrain) conscious awareness of unconscious folly with high IQ says enough here! So Darwin, in part as Dawkins could hold hands if it were not for the demand to feed discarnates and remain stupid‑‑ whatever the cost now.

The `lightning bolts’ are indeed correct, even if a female with a lacking anterior corpus callosum* only accesses history (to imply she was talking to some male; over!) indicates `whatever evolves’ does get stored, but also `censored’ with deliberation. It takes Einstein’s (relative time thus energy) physic’s factors to define our bilateral cerebral use as contingent to the CPT theorem (note herewith)**, but please promise me to not follow our esteemed APA professionals who lead in suicide of all professionals, in this happily dying culture at this late hour. My few abrupt suicides said more than they would ever disclose‑‑ just as Freud found.

Obviously to what I allude won’t fit on a letter, much less text where over 7,000 pages loom on my shelves of just the tech data. It was the Fed’s demand my “cease and desist” (since doing R&D on a self‑thinking interface‑‑ after doing aerospace computer R&D), that came `close’‑‑ after papers I gave in Europe back in the 60’s, so I shall cease and desist herewith.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T; 3‑dev; *Gorman letter (over)
CC: D/Z w:

** see:
last chapter of `Wu Li Masters’ text as M. Gazzaniga’s subtle remarks on the human split‑brain.

Philip Cowan,
Dept. of Neuropsychology
University of California,
Berkeley, CA 94720
Re: female opinions
Sir: (`Elderly show‑‑’ June 12, SCIENCE NEWS)

Women do fine when repeating some dull round but cannot be too well trusted in giving opinion from historical opinion. This fact was glaringly shown by Gorman (over) when mixing male and female anterio corpus callosum judgment.

So Carstenen’s unseen negative opinions, as anger yet affection for a close friend, likely defines a male with insight attempting to change some covert predatory behavior of another he likes. Her said `younger’ people seeking to win someone (marriage?), yet to dwell with friends later (as TV soap shows with intrigue) to hash over all of their past `winnings’, best clarifies the human male father‑figure need with integrated complemental brain halves‑‑ however unwanted by mother raised sycophants making laws today!

This culture could learn much about Islamic faith, but likely too late now‑‑ so we shall learn in another more tragic way‑‑ called empirical, blood and all! If the net evolutional objective in our life is mental, at least old age wraps up Nature’s goal rational­ly‑‑ even in the eyes of old Darwin. One might find interest in what the female mtDNA is really doing‑‑ to evoke some lobotomy?


KTS Research

cc: Psy/Phys; Path/IQ; Gorman/let(over)
CC: D/Z w:

B. B. Mandelbrot,
Dept. of Mathematics (Fractals)
Yale University
New Haven, CT. 06520
Re:mtDNA resonances?
Dear Sir: (`Craggy border‑‑’ July 31, SC. NEWS)

Since the finding that `matter’ is all EM standing waves (over), we can suspect that at least human memory may continue within the evoluted (if it ever gets there!) mind of which evolves through our slow mass‑time (note reductive time oriented left brain user) for some `future’ aspect or need. The question is how to read the `output’ in whatever digital data mode, a terse burst of a finite light wave might evoke some interrogative process?

Your early work holds some profound implications in view of an entirely electro‑magnetic universe now!


KTS Research

cc:Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; `One Hand’ (over)
CC: Wool; D/Z w:

J. Weld, et. al.
Dept. of Curriculum and Education
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Re: `Achieving‑‑’ June; Phi Delta Kappan
Dear Sir:

The clock in the drawing was most succinct, in view of relativity and the time rate for learning of the time oriented left cerebral hemisphere in man. Worse, it’s neurosis (Freudian `block’) can be seen now as the real menace in education‑‑ where half truths must be used for an unsaid unconscious profit interest! Thus tenure is the whole game today‑‑ with some number and fresh red neck‑tie.

Once we begin to see consciously (RAS, midbrain) that some non‑temporal right brain can offer reality `now’ in visual gestalts, we get back to Nature’s objective of mental evolution, where the curiosity factor (note 3 year‑olds) and a quality father figure can do far more to stop academic programming for automatons most needed by the State‑‑ seeking to win the planet unsaid!

To empower any student means to give it the faith that it already `knows’ anything they might put their mind to‑‑ as those left handed da Vinci’s, Einstein’s, or visual hallucinating schizoids. Maybe this is the dogma’s `apocalypse’ coming!

Your STS approach will be investigated to death, more for the net tenured profit than uncovering what our left brain seeks most to avoid‑‑ reality! Far worse for our cross gender problem, it was seen clearly in a Time article a couple years ago where a form of `lobotomy’ prevails‑‑ likely with human mtDNA dominance! Sorry‑‑


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S‑T
CC: Phi Delta Kappan; D/Z w:

R. Hyman, et. al.
Dept. of Psychology
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
Re: mtDNA?
Dear Sir: (`ESP findings‑‑’ July 31, SC. NEWS)

Since the twin studies in Minnesota defined much in the spontan­eous department of ESP, maybe close family ties would show that adjunctive need for an unconscious `resonance’ needed to end the controversy‑‑ as wanted by the neurotic left brain dominants seeking to keep its ancestor‑worship alive as long as possible. Our current believed governing, as most gambling on some status quo (tenure?), defines what Lewis‑Williams was saying about the Clovis‑‑ likely running business down here in slow time yet!

At least the rectilinear knowing in its temporal rates (UFOs) as left brain penchant* defines about all we really need to know, if it was not so terrorizing to established authority today. MUFON’s researchers saw the airborne stuff as we the split‑brain data* so we get watched very closely, especially by those at the below co­ordinates!

KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67

TO: E‑mail:

Re: your `Does Sex Matter?’ (true originals)

Editor F. P. Haseltine:

Your succinct remark “‑‑ the problem with tying to tease out the specificity of female versus male.” might be defined equally well by C. Gorman of Time (copy over) where a slight of hand (or mind) blew he intent clearly. But this apparent anomaly is precisely the problem, where a quality father figure must instill curiosity in its child (not than a mother cannot whatsoever) which evokes a right cerebral hemisphere use with a communicative anterior cor­pus callosum for space vs. time comparison, in short genius.

Left handed daVincis or Einsteins don’t come easily but anyone in scientific research should evade academic programming long enough to find insight to know reality is better than whim for tenure. A fine test was what Freud called the Royal Road, for indeed it is, to see potentials in dreams before they occur in our slow time!

The empirical data shows the mtDNA may have something to do with the female neurosis‑‑ as interest only in the social thing, and may go back to Lucy on the plains of Africa.


KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

cc: Path/IQ; Gorman letter copy
CC: D/Z w:

Re: Bent thinking‑‑ p.51; 7/17/95 issue)


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