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by on February 22, 2010

John W. Perry,
Dept. of Computer Science
Carleton College Northfield, MN 55057
Re: mtDNA next?
Dear Sir:

The fine article `Time Domain Holo‑‑'(3 Oct. SC.) could likely be carried somewhat further, maybe at room temperatures, if the now perceived `bizarre’ in L.T. memory is housed in our genetic make‑up, where a probing freed electron reads‑out whatever serial `en­gram’ for whatever historical data. While maybe abstruse, what McDougal noted (circa 1910; Harvard) of mass loss at physiologi­cal death could define the reason as purpose in mass‑time for any `animal’s’ mental evolutional trek. Rauscher’s (SRI) work via the EPR anomaly at least defines the goading faculty‑‑ sans our slow temporal rate, to evolute a complemental*, now noted as DA drive in cerebral neurological aspects. (current SCIENCE rage‑‑ as thus established authority’s terror!)

Your work as others appears to be revealing some `ultimate’ ques­tions to which claimed “civilized” behavior may be headed for a `heady’ epoch‑‑ if indeed the mounting empirical obvious is true. It could beckon at last the self thinking interface so no further need for any recorded import‑‑ for whatever profit margin!


KTS Research

* Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T(over)

cc: SRI
CC: D/Z w:

Liv Bode,
Dept. of Pathology
Robert Koch Inst.
Berlin, Germany
Re: yet more of the `bizarre’
Dear Dr. Bode: (Kunzig’s Oct. DISCOVER article)

Your popularity is guaranteed hereafter, and not only because of your fine work, but other correlations I am confident you will perceive as contingent to the field of neurophysiology as the sympathetic CNS malaise seen as AiR (Autoimmune Response) noted by Renoux*. Signal blocking via 5HT, viral, or bacterial, the Pfiesteria anomaly now here in the U.S. is rampant likely because of psychological lost defensive function, best noted with bacter­ial coordinated `quorum’ attack. In short, the left cerebral hemisphere’s near comprehension, points to the Freudian Thanatos where lost L.T. memory can bring the worst of all scenarios.

My prediction of the space vs. time complemental unconscious as use the lateral cerebral hemispheres, (confirmed by Sperry**) was the harbinger to define schizophrenia‑‑ precisely as the Greeks named the anomaly! Ensuing studies more than conclude most dis­ease is aided and abetted by the psychological drive, thus my great interest in your work. Further, the said interest of your `expressionistic art’ defines an active as likely perceptive ability to use spatial (non‑temporal) right cerebral processing which can offer insightive nuance to reality so few others have.

Suspicion lies in even a fragment of mtDNA as evoking the Ameri­can researcher’s memory loss via Pfiesteria. It may be indicating an urgency beyond most others to comprehend now, at this time of heightened global mass social hysteria. (over) Yawning, lost food interest, gnashing of teeth (mandible activity) may be defined with PET or CAT scan, especially of then left cerebral cortex dominance, as likely right pons area brain‑stem. Aside of modus operandi in biological terms, unique might be the use of sympath­omimitics until stabilization ensues, however then so dangerous.

Herewith a copy of a typical schizoid image of the self, the RAS mesencephalon unhappy with that one lateral faculty that evokes its misery‑‑ a very common image found in a side study here. Ex­pressionistic art is the work of genius pointing to itself!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; schizo‑art
CC D/Z w:

Kent Berridge,
Dept. of Psychology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Re: brain’s attention??
Dear Sir: (3 Oct. SCIENCE `Special News Report’)

Indeed, what is defined in that “Getting the Brain’s Attention” will get much more attention by established authority when it is realized that not only CQ, (`Potentia’/Plato; not IQ), facili­tates learning as offers conscience, as gained with DA‑‑ as its natural blockage by 5HT for the neurotic (ADD) phenomena. The mental evolutional goading factor (not Darwin’s `physiological’) will soon be seen as the primary problem of this late intellec­tual epoch, where all established authority needs a well program­med yet naive public on which to survive.

Because academia is in the business of promulgating point‑runners for whatever academic field, reductive IQ is the goal where even claimed scientific prowess is but a ruse for tenure, yet the eva­sion of some better import, however empirical it might be. This SCIENCE article could be finally the needed `apocalypse’ (as some of my past GVSC religious students claimed), but a stark reality of the now pathological drive for a sustained conscious mind’s (RAS) net ignorance‑‑ whatever the cost as under law!

The physiological coupling of the left PONs primitive brain via VTA to fore‑brain cross lateral coupled `historical’ left (albeit so little in the female), makes clear how genius works as a non‑temporal `flash of insight’ in visual text operates in a savant. How else could some historical `mind’ be flagged on new data if its definitive temporal orientation did not need some `potential’ signal to learn something new‑‑ a reward as energy that it norm­ally seeked. M. Mancia’s monkey brain‑stem data said it all many years ago*, as we suspect the recently found anomalies contingent to MutT `energy’ transfer**, implying some likely ominous import.


KTS Research

* Mancia, M.: “The Monkey Split‑Brain Stem: Effect‑‑”, Electro‑ enceph. Clin. Neurophysiol; `Sleep‑ Wakefulness Cycle’
** RNA Synthesis: SCIENCE, 3 Oct.’97; p.78> as p.128>

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy;
CC: Wise; Phillips; Schultz; Woodward; D/Z w:

Alistair Cook
Nassau Point
Cutchague, NY 11935
Re: `eggs and pork’ (10/12/97; BBC)

A woman’s need is support, and what drives her will never divulge itself. Her decoupled anterio‑corpus callosum speaks more loudly, as with more empirical authority, so lacking right cerebral in­sight is left to the vicissitudes of the prevaricating (IQ) left.

Males, especially genius (south paws), from long before daVinci, reflect right brain prowess, especially the idiot savant or schi­zophrenic which terrorize our APA (Psychiatric) enough to lead in suicide of all professionals! The self reliant thus insight using have active conscience, something that few women have innately so need programming‑‑ as most male sycophants for quality behavior‑‑ yet slip‑slide often in their life’s sojourn as in politics.

The greater pending trauma for our female specie is the dynamic Y chromosome use, where mental evolution occurs rapidly, yet so few change occurs on the mtDNA, conceivably the mass‑loss that McDou­gal (Harvard; circa 1910?) found, as others proportionate to IQ‑‑ a real taboo where religious dogma prevails today!

The greatest official taboo as all now see is about UFOs, where their rectilinear travel* could be associated with our left brain as Sperry noted**. In short, the deist‑physicist may yet pull the apocalyptic cork from the genie bottle, noting how things got so nicely started with the some hand clapping (Zen) on neat 600Bly intervals across this universe‑‑ that Huchra found in astronomy!

Islam may win out after all‑‑ however bloody it gets!


KTS Research

* MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; Rectilinear travel; p.60>
** `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/Path; 3‑dev(over)
CC: D/Z; w:

BIO: ’98 up:

`Website’ (TBA?)
c/o WXTU
3800 Victory Pkwy.
Cincinnati, OH 45297‑7211
Re: “Internet going?” (9:40am)

To the above remark, a `paradigm shift’ is coming, where history (as promises) will be bunk (as H. Ford said), as a `self thinking interface’ as an experiment in psychological statistics should be on the Net. The development of this interface (with the freed electron which escapes the time reversal paradigm; Heisenberg) over 20 years ago with a filed Patent, to bring the Feds, kicked‑in office door, tapped phones, etc. as blocked Patent (as filed as a `black box’ Patent, then promptly outlawed!), its maiden run with 10\50th+ odds defined what underlies the EPR experiments.

The coming `appropriateness’ for any social interaction is going to change, not saying there will not be trauma first. Conscience is the function of utilized insight, a right cerebral offer, now smothered by intellectual (left brain) prowess‑‑ existing for the profit motive. Because of some certain factions of the `religious right’ were first heard from in terror, to our research efforts, we suspect most official opinion, even under law, may be so bias­ed‑‑ thus a pending chaos when dogma (of all sorts) gets defined in terms of reality. This may say something to the guest of your following `Interconnect’ program where some clergy expressed his justified disdain.

The idea that one thinks with impunity faded with the Greeks, but intellectual evolution (mtDNA or otherwise) will proceed, hell or high water‑‑ we suspect soon, however evoked! From the Source (as used a primitive Osborne @ 300 baud) to having my TNC (ham) shut down with “SECRET!” because of correlating rectilinear left brain data* and UFO travel penchant**, made clear who our Feds are most working for! Needless to say we remain anonymous.

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; Rectilinear travel;p.60>
note: Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

E. Shoubridge,
Dept. of Molecular Genetics
Montreal Neurological Inst.
Montreal, Canada
Re: mtDNA calibration
Sir: (“Calibrating‑‑” SCIENCE, 2, Jan.,’98)

The Romanov’s may have openned a larger Pandora’s box than is yet imagined‑‑ if indeed what McDougal (Harvard; circa 1910?) saw with finite body weight loss at death, especially contingent with final IQ. It might be that the ancient Clovis cultures knew more about deathly matters than we! The pending question now may be just `who’ controls the control portion of the mtDNA, to not won­der what `messages’ are on the balance of any DNA time chain?

If mental evolution depends upon goading conscious curiosity, as most promoted by quality father figures, then mtDNA variables may be rational, even in the control portion where changes for some broader evolutional spectrum my be offered. Maybe short scenarios ride genes, but between the nuclear and mitochondrion, one likely would be for the `mechanics’ as the other psychological history.

Your work is fascinating‑‑ especially if true that IQ level is so often found with astute covert psychopathy!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ
CC: Stoneking; D/Z w:

Alex M. and Ted Loman(?),
c/o N. American Radio
354 N. Turnpike
Hampton, MA 02021
Re: `Mystreies of the Mind’ and
Sirs: the ET correlates

Too much got said about `straight lines’ last night, so while chancing a possible more benign route for your attention (since the Feds are yet watching‑‑ `paranoid schizophrenia’!), my past stint doing classified aerospace computer R&D dictates an ensuing caution I learned with chagrin at the Patent Office‑‑ with other products in no way contingent. Proof is I remain free‑‑. (over)
Briefly, after predicting the space‑time complemental need for psychological processing some 45 years ago, Sperry’s proof* with the rectilinear right hand said much for W. Andrus’ MUFON data of rectilinear UFO travel‑‑ especially between ancient grave‑sites. My prompt shut‑down of TNC (ham) links with “secret” claims well defined far more of the ominous so after police B&Es, FBI tapped phones (as even a CIA guy on a foreign shore‑‑ quite sure!)‑‑ I gave no more lectures after the ones in Europe in the late `60s. All efforts to‑date are recorded and `filed’, as recent 52+Mb disks for posterity, assembling my long cross academic studies.
The mass loss McDougal found at death (Harvard; circa 1910) was repeated after a meeting in my office with some researchers as wanted my opinions for data want‑‑ so confided IQ level would be a big correlate to consider. A pre‑med student of mine at GVSC confirmed a few years later the fact was confirmed‑‑ but this time nothing got into the New England J. of Medicine‑‑ as the MIT meeting on the subject at hand!
The rectilinear sighting tubes of the Anasazi or earlier Clovis created the hot bed of rectilinearity of the SW remains to be seen, if we dumbed‑down as academically programmed continue this course of profound stupidity can re‑access our right brain. Since I suspect the dam is about to burst‑‑ noting Loman’s talk, maybe war will finally end the madness that its instated authority cannot stem‑‑ yet feed some final supper those who now govern the governing of the obese whose mtDNA followed orders! Ramapant AiR (Autoimmune Response) as Renoux saw** defines again the underly­ing objective of our sympathetic CNS, as left cerebral IQ with its vast neurosis. My abrupt suicides in several `clientele’ said all that was needed over thirty year ago. Sorry if this bizarre data evokes anxiety. (\kts for whatever is left‑‑ noting about half now.)

Sincerely, (anonymous)

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)


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