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by on February 22, 2010

`Child’s Health’ Program
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207‑7211
Re: “neuro‑‑ril”?/ADD

The term slipped by, as some likely pharmacologist pointed out a likely dopaminergic adjunct for ADD sufferers, expressed tersely near the end of your Monday (9/1/97 10AM EST) program. From neu­rophysiological studies here it would be very rational to switch adjuvant aid to promote right cerebral use for curiosity instead of greater neurotic behavior‑‑ even if now felt more `peaceful’ sans disruptive `avoidance’, via the current sympathomimitic use of Ritalin or the dextro‑ enhancing adjuvants.

The said term appeared European albeit no PRD nor available data turned up the term, including any Parkinson’s therapeutic. The feeling here is that the research is underway‑‑ and exciting in­deed‑‑ noting what academia is trying to do by `programming’!

Another item via NPR (8/4? morning) on `Dinosaur Club’, where early `retirees’ seek drastic solutions to lost incomes. We can’t find such `Club’, feeling again, overt left cerebral fight‑flight might define better the Freudian Thanatosic behavior enigma‑‑ a deep unsaid anomaly with APA (Psychiatric) professionals who lead in suicide of all professionals!


KTS Research

David S. Thaler,
Dept. of
Rockefeller University
New York, NY 10020
Re: Lamark & hypermutation?
Sirs: (`Evolution Evolving’; Sept. SC. AM.)

Maybe the freed electron needs to be examined to define how some Apriori (Plato’s Potentia) might modify a gene to better express itself for its future‑‑ as evoke pro‑life to evade some Freudian `death wish’ via AiR (sympathetic CNS Autoimmune Response). The physic’s EPR data* (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle) to escape the time reversal paradigm may be saying it all in most academic fields of investigation!

The lack of fight/flight or autoimmune response via fasting where fatty lipids with ATP may evoke the worst, likely defines the so ability of prolife via parasympathetic `guidance’ T cells versus `killer’ T cells‑‑ the anomaly Renoux found quite clearly.**


KTS Research

* note Zukav’s `Dancing WuLi Masters’ last chapter `The End of Physics’
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Koshland/Hall/Cairns 10/22/91; Medina 3/28/92; Leibowitz lets
CC: Bridges; Cairns; Foster; Sniegowski; Taddei; D/Z w:

Oct. 22,’91
Dan Koshland,
SCIENCE Publishers
1333 H St.,
Washington, DC 20005
Re: (again) spatial/temporal
Dear Sir:

Your comments (11 Oct.) suggest far more in Physics needs to be examined to discern the complementals in more than biological `anomalies’ as CNS. While yet belonging to the empirical sciences (using microscopes) a more fundamental theoretical matrix is needed to help define the spatially versus temporally oriented in terms of psychological will‑‑ the prior’s use of the non‑dynamic DNA library, but using only the propitious for a specie.

In short, how could 3,000 Mega‑bases (bytes!) be addressed in the human DNA without definitive spatial (yet non‑temporal) aware­ness? The static sympathetic CNS can’t, beyond temporal sequence when permitted. This defines then the spatially oriented parasym­pathetic, using the freed electron to evoke prolife is crucial, as the Physic’s EPR experiments or Self thinking computer’s un­canny way of knowing effect from cause‑‑ which offered 10\17th odds on its maiden run.


CC: Barry Hall/Cairns @ U/Rochester


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