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New Explorers – rectilinear travel

by on February 22, 2010

BIO: mtDNA BB lets:

Kurtis Productions, Ltd.
400 W. Erie, Suite 301,
Chicago, IL 60610
Re: `New Explorers’
Sirs: (rectilinear travel)

Bill Kurtis did a fine job on the Anasazi enigma‑‑ so now to re‑examine some contingent facts about human split‑brain data*, UFO phenomena** and why a millennium ago the `unseen’ were a hazard to incarnate man‑‑ to say little of today with human left cere­bral developed IQ!

While the Roberts text showed much, more was said in the remark of the female guide where merely said her ancestors were “starved out of that cliff‑dwelling region”, but to realize the Amerindian can evoke rain for crops with a 2Hz beat, the inverse is also as true for those trapped to aid the less than worthy ancestor with a like mtDNA `key’‑‑ who travel in 2D spatial ways.

Because of the rapidly mounting empirical obvious which is dis­turbing federal authority as being too close to their henchmen‑‑ as best defined by Bryan relating in part the secret MIT meeting (`Close Encounters of the 4th Kind’), mankind may be in some deep trouble since the planet is going to be tried to be won by some­one, less correlated with Ghingus Khan than what H.G. Wells dis­closed in his Time Machine.

I point to these `anomalous’ enigmas but cannot aid further since feel somewhat insecure from doors kicked in, phone tapped as even confrontation on foreign shores‑‑ and a lengthy list of `misde­meanors’ now pending‑‑ I have heard from a reliable source. The `Inquisition’ never ended apparently, but could be better under­stood in the term of `ethnic cleansing’‑‑ where differing said mtDNA dictates unconscious predatory objectives.



* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; Rectilinear travel; p.60>

c/o Think Tank
New River Media
1150 17th St., Ste 1050
Washington, DC 20036
Re: women’s lib
Dear Ben:
Hilarious indeed! Hope you needed no under‑carriage stitches after that unhappy yeowling! (and a few of us yet marry them!)

What was not said however is what all quality Psychoanalyst see (and beyond those 86% that visit them!) is their bilateral di­chotomies as over‑bite mandibles‑‑ not to say men don’t own the same relative enigmas. What is being seen however‑‑ even beyond the tirade of Gorman (TIME article; over) by a woman about our lateral cerebral differences between the gender, is the lack of much insight yet demand to be equal somehow‑‑ which may be poss­ible now‑‑ noting the fancy‑Dans and sycophants they raise for politics or the White House. Our pending `paradigm shift’ may be interesting‑‑ if not bloody, should right brain dominants not soon stand up to point at the mounting empirical obvious.

There are some stark revelations also defining the mtDNA pass‑through from mother to children (from Lucy back on the planes of Africa on) which offers a vastly different role for those who do express those genes over the self reliance found with a father’s genetic offer. (as father‑figure role‑‑ now being examined!) The known enigma of insight for creative genius lack in women becomes no anomaly now in light of the Physics to said Neurophysiology dichotomy, where verbal historical versus spatial mental process­ing is distinctly a lateral cerebral penchant, maybe what some of my GVSC students (25 years ago) suggested as our “apocalypse”. A case in point is Temple Grandin (note O. Sacks recent text) where autism (abdicated left brain user) evokes the idiot savant!

Many thanks for that grand `show’‑‑ the funniest I’ve seen (at least on TV) for many moons now!


KTS Research

cc: Time letter/Gorman (over)

NBC Television
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Re: women

Best hold some breath until Dawkins define what evolves in our mtDNA‑‑ as gets passed on from Mom. The now honored DNA only builds the structure for some`thing’ else to evolute in. This now known temporally oriented left brain user in us may be that which broke up the Anasazi `home stead’ a millennium ago, which defines how well science drags its feet‑‑ until too late!

We gotta love ’em but help them, as Freud so well realized and so many other even better psychoanalysts‑‑ aware of our two lateral brain half dichotomies‑‑ now amply seen in the empirical data.

KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ

Peter Stanford (`The Devil’)
c/o H. Holt Publishers
115 W. 18th
New York, NY 10011
Re: evil by volitional fault
Dear Sir:

While defined as evil for evil sake, we find the left brain user, in at least the human animal, responsible for all forms of folly, but for the survival instinct, above extended temporal existence!

Many years ago when using Einstein’s Special Relativity equations to define possible a priori universal conditions, several bizarre concepts were noted. Besides the CPT theorem defining complemen­tarity in any potential space‑time mental faculty (proven some dozen years later by Dr. Sperry of UCLA*), to define complemental primal creation from the said E side of that equation a new para­digm in theory was launched to evoke much consternation over these past fifty years.

While quasar core `condense‑out’ points were expected to precipi­tate quantized standing‑wave EM `matter’, difficulty in confirm­ing any EMP `initiation’ at the centers of the many neat 600Bly intervaled cosmic bubbles (Huchra) to conclude some `mind’ could have initiated same, as Zen masters infer with one hand clapping, ample of the fundamental theory became quite plausible.

Because this research evoked anxiety, this federal government ap­peared insistent that what was considered (“theorized”) was already `secret’‑‑ while remaining somehow unable to comprehend same! This enigma can be understood by their terror of revealed correlates between rectilinear left brain orientation and the oddity of UFO travel‑‑ to put it tersely. With care I placed some research data (as con­jecture) onto the Internet and got some panic‑struck replies, almost as from my GVSC students many years ago. The anxiety over mental complementarity could define Freud’s‑‑ as his abrupt si­lence, as mine after several overt suicides while doing psycho­analytical work as research with a grant from UCLA’s BIS.

Tersely complied are some contingent statements below. They may titillate or evoke further interest‑‑ yet the repercussions of my cross academic study’s technical paper release (’69) still rever­berates to suggest unconscious anxiety remains overt. Empirical facts should not disturb unless they define something unwanted‑‑ often noted with the tenured with ensconced authority today. Thus a paradigm shift in under way to define some likely psychological trauma is in the wind.

Since H. G. Wells `Time Machine’ fits best the evolutional para­digm for a created mind, the Morelock issue becomes adroit in de­fining its need to predate or sink into extended time, in keeping with the dictates of the said Einstein theory. While both Darwin as Dawkins may perceive one aspect of evolution in the physiolog­ical way, the rapid evolutional changes of the mtDNA may define that prior DNA’s need within slow mass‑time confines‑‑ all the way back to Lucy on the plains of Africa! While much conjecture remains, it is the haughty refutation, most by instated theologi­cal people that is of interest, especially proclaiming knowledge of unconscious structure as relative worldly objective design!

Some `psychic’ anomalous imports have been examined beyond UFO data yet evoking anxiety, but it is suspected that the Anasazi US indians may have been confronted with the 2D oriented over a mil­lennium ago, much in keeping with Lewis‑Williams of Witwatersrand U. in S. Africa. Maybe not oddly, early shamanistic awareness may have been the harbinger for our late state of mental progress(?), but more `censored’ now‑‑ to use Freudian jargon. Religion had no doubt its place during our evolutional trek but it now limits any quality scope of perusal, almost to the point of being `evil’!
(Sorry about this terseness)


KTS Research

* Sperry; `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
Goleman, D.; `Vital Lies, Simple Truths’,’86
Jaynes, Julian `The Origen of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’ (Princeton)
McDougal; Harvard U., circa 1910; (body weight loss at death)
Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
Vogelsang, R.; `A Correlative Study between Physics and Psy‑ chology’, Intl. Biomet. Congress, ’69

Bergson, H: `The Two Sources of Morality’ & `Creative Evolution’
Hynek, A: `Edge of Reality’ (UFOs)
Jung, C: `The Undiscovered Self’
Keyes, D: `The Minds of Billy Milligan’
Lloyd, G. `Polarity and Analogy’ (Greek complemental thought)
MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; Rectilinear travel;p.60>
Pike, James: `The Other Side’
Roberts, D; `In Search of the Old Ones’, (Anasazi beliefs)

Robert Sapolsky,
c/o Discover Publishers 114 5th Ave.,
New York, NY 10011‑5690
Re: “understood” frustration factor
Dear Sir (again): (`Testosterone Rules’; March DISCOVER)

If the female hyena appears a worthy study we best soon try to understand the human specie as goads via mtDNA with eons of evo­lutional time yet lacking cross anterio‑corpus callosum integra­tion for insight. Their overt struggle to keep this fact (over) may be that harbinger for the worst at this very late stage. The female hyena may be the most intellectual animal, even more than man‑‑ its sexual mounting posture indicating part of it. The female hyena may be the most intellectual animal, even than any now academic programmed male animal!

Experience SHOULD govern‑‑ however tempting some covertly won new bauble (or planet) appears. The midbrain factor so gets smothered by modern programming with a belief that one “knows all”, but to sedate any ability to use insight (conscience) for socially mani­pulation via developed intellect instead. From a rat’s evolution to man, their progressive night to day activity brought ever more social behavior thus dependence upon each other‑‑ which brought covert manipulation with overt war‑‑ not stupidly once the mtDNA is understood‑‑ albeit called ethnic cleansing. Violence stems from consciously yet unlearned reality, most blocked by the win seeking id (left brain user) as cannot relearn its innate preda­tory program Nature gave it eons ago to promote its evolutional trek‑‑ the said rat syndrome a case in point!

Not oddly, the answer lies with that Boston prison recidivistic study (initiated by Leary) where only one of the bunch after LSD `awakening’ returned to prison on some technicality! Of course no lawmaker will see such empirical data when stealth for manipula­tion is their only means to survive‑‑ lacking non‑temporal right brain offering insight. It may define such sycophantic behavior where only mother brought up the child sans any insightive father figure. Our real violence factor now lies in authority as has no idea of to fulfill promised safety, sans the Orwellian factor‑‑ but likely to then win the planet.


KTS Research

cc:Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; contingent Q620 qps +; Gorman‑let (over)
CC: DZ;w:


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