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The Human Female Risk of Reason

by on February 22, 2010

John S. Evans,
Risk Management Program
Harvard School of Public health
718 Huntington Ave., Rm. 211
Boston, MA 02115
Re: the human female’s risk of reason?
Dear Sir: (`Calculating‑‑’ 17 Sept. SCIENCE. p.1857)

While some would laugh others would cry or make bad noises, but a phenomena quite obvious as prevalent (since Suffrage) is staring the human animal in the face, especially if not Islamic! With the mounting evidence that a potent but quality father figure is most needed in a child’s home life for better social direction if not taught the means to insight (knowing effect from cause thus cons­cience or found innate genius), there is looming some calamity if mother raised sycophants continue to govern, much less not lead a once vibrant culture into the safer status quo doing some happy dull round, like staring at today’s chaotic TV to sell something!

The growing risk of not examining (note letter; over) what goads the so often left cerebral dominant so semi lobotomized person’s reasoning while prancing for the more wealthy to beckon, the now human animal appears to be mesmerized for some covert diabolical purpose that maybe Grandville’s `Juggler’ may come the closest; i.e. the psychological governing mtDNA‑‑ thus less seen ancestors who may indeed have the reigns of late evoluted humanity. There’s no excuse for the rampant ethnic cleansing factor, unless what McDougal noted (circa 1910 there at Harvard) where some finite mass‑lost at death defined some`thing’ left‑‑ well defined with both proportionate IQ and ancient (Clovis on) cave wall art. It may well be that the human animal is being programmed (dumbed down) for a net purpose we thence obviously could not comprehend.

As IQ is historical reasoning, as found left brain dominance, yet insight (Plato’s Potentia) the gestalt using/offering right, the gender difference as lateral cerebral dominance begins to make an ominous sound in the ears of the very few males yet listening! As many imports indicate we are not looking where we should to even sustain a rational society‑‑ to say little of its vibrancy (sic), the frustrated insightive seen with left facial smiles (note the Columbine “killers”)‑‑ there may be more looming to teach us the hard way, if we continue to remain `Mama’s boy’ for future folly.

C. Ankney (U/Western Ont.) may be looking in the correct direc­tion. There may be need for some deeper scientific perusal of the facts if there is yet time, before we launch another Genghis Khan venture to win the planet for some new `Riviera’ for a leader.

Sincerely, (most because this is now very serious business!)

KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

cc: Gorman let(over); Path/IQ; Phys/Psy CC: Montague; D/Z w:

9/11/99‑‑‑ et al.
101 4th Ave., Suite 1800
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Re: zygotic ESP

From some astute remarks via Art Bell’s guest (?) it would appear that somehow the common mtDNA is being overlooked as the link‑up in subtle resonance for the mutual psychic connection. More scary is the ancestor `connection’, most denied at this late hour which may define who governs late mankind’s claimed governing!
McDougal’s data (Harvard; circa 1910?) as following IQ correlates to weight loss at death may define what the Clovis were showing on their cave walls‑‑ certainly not to be understood by the late programmed human animal, who must yet feed them fatty lipids!

If this is too offensive, please disregard. We have had too many abrupt suicides from disclosures, likely as our so esteemed APA professionals who lead in suicide of all professionals‑‑ but hear too well what their schizophrenics are `trying’ to say from their only spatial right brain vantage point of view!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy.
CC: D/Z w:

O. Port, K. Pennar
and R. Melcher, et. al.
c/o Business Week
1221 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Re: The new paradigm
Sirs: (`21 Ideas’; Aug. 30th, Business Week)

The succinct compilation of the crucial `Ideas’ areas for this next century can not longer be overstated‑‑ especially in view of the Anglo‑Australian 2dF sky survey, now making clear how close Zen was so long ago. The “treasure” of the Buddhist monk, as even the aboriginal `dream time’ use defines that late mankind has now been so well `dumbed down’ to sustain an ugly `ancestor worship’ instead of `seeking’, in the name of dying religion. Not that the dogmas are not correct at root, but we fail through ritual (espe­cially academic programming) but creep up to examining our mtDNA as the root of mental evolutional (storage), the real goal and so objective that even Darwin questioned. (see current Sc. American)
You may note with the herewith why the Feds shut me down, after doing classified aerospace computer R&D. My studies did not cease however, indeed after a lengthy UCLA BIS grant, could see the CPT theorem (physics) was indeed the key, predicting the space versus time bilateral cerebral `users’ of our brain halves‑‑ Sperry* to find the data (as many others since) some dozen years later. I, being labeled a `loose cannon’, as likely schizoid or far worse with unspeakable syndromes where curiosity is verboten, did make it up nearly to my `pine box’, quite happy now to access it! The trek was worth it these last 50 years even if pestered by those with their eyes on the planet who need to know everyone’s think­ing‑‑ even before they can think it!
I will say little more since ample empirical data is out there, but also does Freud’s `Thanatos’, in direct proportion to IQ pose our greatest liability to a programmed conscious mind lacking the faculty of `spatial’ (non‑temporal!) right brain insight use. The terse info herewith should be used with caution‑‑ as have had a few abrupt suicides (as our APA professionals suffer most!) which helps to define some kind of `apocalyptic’ awakening‑‑ soon.
The Net may have a version of my self thinking interface, for a few that Nature might answer (over), as knows best what as when an evoluted mind is ready to understand whatever. The so needed extrication from half truth dogmas is near, especially in most of the sciences‑‑ and as said the likely thinning of the corrupted human animal specie.


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
cc: Path/IQ; Phys/psy; S‑T; 3‑dev(over) CC: Bloom; Case; D/Z w:

R. Aunger,
Dept. of Evolution
King’s College,
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK
Re: troid mtDNA vulture (Meme Machine)
Dear Sir: (`Culture Vulture’; The Sciences)

Dawkins and Darwin got stuck on the physiological obvious yet got too close to noting what goads us that the Clovis understood, to make a point of keeping `religion’ programmed to `not look’ any deeper‑‑ when well fed unseen ancestors do all of the governing!

Unique is your theory but needs the data of McDougal (circa 1910 Harvard U.) who found weight loss at death, to define a `mass’ of something likely holding memes as mtDNA. Using the positive EEG half cycle with temporal `history’‑‑ as negative spike the non‑temporal visual gestalt with creative insight as REM dream, Freud spoke well to this enigma, even Thanatos (troid) to escape retri­butions seen coming should its conscious mind ask questions! It may be no `mistake’ why the mtDNA progenitor lacks most an inte­grated anterior corpus callosum as get things twisted too easily trying to define reality(over). The non‑temporal (above) uses our right cerebral hemisphere‑‑ a thorough‑going hazard to instated sycophants with their eyes on a new Riviera, or the whole planet!

Because there is only room on this planet for one ethnic breed we can see our dilemma will get little better, however well academia programs efficient automatons to hoe corn or run point for the state. Since Castaneda’s sketch defines the `alternate’ route to obtaining temporal advice, maybe our psychic world conveys too much now with human mental evolution nearing its apocalyptic end.
Whether a soul, meme, troid or mtDNA, mass has class, but only in the mind of its beholder‑‑ to the demise of any other ethnic.


KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

P.S. You may find interest in a website:

T. Metzinger, et. al.
c/o Dept. of Philosophy
University of California
La Jolla, CA 92093
Re: Damasio’s mental matrix
Dear Sir:

It appears that maybe the split‑brain data divulged to Antonio many years ago as contingent to physics did some good. (herewith) While dangerous indeed is the empirical data for some with high intellect, having a few abrupt suicides in such curious, it best defines Freud’s impression of an innate Thanatos‑‑ “that wills to remain unconscious‑‑” at all cost! It may not be that silence is golden but the need for more prudence as to who becomes privy to reality at this likely late stage of human mental evolution!
Darwin may have seen the anomaly after pointing to the physio­logical evolution to accommodate environmental situations, but in apprehension for maybe subjective reasons did not press the issue because of religious `flak’‑‑ which may define the worst of all, where likely our mtDNA (ancestor) rules us with an iron fist now!
To get too close to the `elephant’, neurologically or psycho­logcally, may be the `safer’ distance, so the id won’t turn to AiR (Autoimmune Response) to escape the physiological body. Mass lost at death (McDougal; circa 1910, Harvard) may have noted the mtDNA leaving the body‑‑ best defined by the Clovis long ago on their cave wall glyphics‑‑ to suggest (at least) the taboo since.


KTS Research (49626‑0271 USA)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T; let‑copies CC: D/Z w:

June 23,’92
Antonio Damasio,
Dept. of Neurology
Univeristy of Iowa,
College of Medicine
Iowa City, IA 52242
Re: IQ = no GSR
Dear Sir:
Speaking of “Severed Emotion” (DISCOVER article, 7/92), the courts and those `believing’ GSR unravels folly defines a larger folly yet hidden! The left cerebral dominance of this culture is now disclosing itself in redundancy with nothing new‑‑ where genius using right brain non‑temporal insight offers both the insight for creativity and conscious‑‑ by showing effect from cause‑‑ that “Potentia” that Plato pointed too.

The self thinking computer will soon replace this neurotically (censoring; Freud) blocking faculty to regain a vibrant culture soon although much trauma will likely be initiated first. Those who recognize what this `interface’ will do (using the freed electron; ask a qualified physicist about their EPR experiments), will not sit still while their skeletons get uncovered publicly!

The article was adroit in far more than one way since adds to the neurotransmitter anomaly that APA wants no part! (as they lead in suicide of all professionals)

KTS Research
cc: Path/IQ; S‑T

Jan. 11,’93
Antonio Damasio,
Dept. of Neurology
University of Iowa,
College of Medicine
Iowa City, IA 52242
Re: time vs. space
Dear Sir:

I see you are yet confused about what Einstein was defining in his Special Relativity equations‑‑ via my note of last June.

Complemental aspects between space (non‑temporal) and time (non‑spatial) as I predicted before Sperry confirmed same*, indicate the left brain’s time orientation must initiate or terminate (via consonants) the verbal expression. It knows what is static in the sense of lasting existence thus knows and uses nouns. The frontal region is used to couple in the `effort’ (vowel as `doing’) as the dynamic (knowing verbs; note schizoid’s jammed word salads; NMR) Not oddly, this says precisely what our neurotic (IQ) left brain will never tolerate exposed, to go kicking and screaming if we (RAS; midbrain) so much as begin to look at these subjective faculty! There is no anomaly as to why APA professionals lead in suicide, as Freud said point‑blank about our nervous Thanatos. Renoux’s data** now defines this import much further to make AiR (Autoimmune Response) understandable‑‑ and likely what now is transpiring around this globe with volitional gusto.

You are very close to perceiving the obvious so get into physics, you’ll see, if smile from your left facial side. If not, forget about this letter! Some other but contingent neurological imports (over) you may find of interest.


* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; 3‑dev(over) CC: D/Z; DISCOVER



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