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AiR Sub‑quips; from 10/30/96 to 11/28/98: (20 pages)

by on February 26, 2010

`When discarnates can’t defend their kind by keeping a cons­cious mind censored they conspire to kill the subject with AiR!’
`To consciously realize what evolves the soul the fastest can evoke depression since agony alone does it‑‑ at least up to death as all souls plan for as early as possible with AiR!’
`It is not necessarily a danger to eat high fatty meals but if their id is thinking of AiR and has unseen friends, is it danger­ous indeed, especially with a curious conscious mind!’
`One must first learn to navigate optically as without their inner ear for verticality, especially before evicting their id as it begins to evoke AiR. The loss of proper nouns as astute math­ematical ability then is of minor consequence for ensuing life.’
`It becomes less of some AiR hazard with obesity than hungry ancestors when denied dinner at holy communion‑‑ thus then a cold front becomes their greatest hazard when ancestors next visit!’
`About the only way a soul will accept a body today is either because it is tired of foraging around obstinate incarnate rela­tion or will chance winning the planet again if smart enough to invoke AiR fast enough since has no idea of its future pending!’
`When one’s soul evokes enough agony to turn a yet naive cons­cious to seek relief, the question is whether too much AiR pre­paration had been done so death is imminent or if time remains to act with gusto using Chi, as turn all allegiance back to Nature?’
`It is the building realization that mankind will need to re­turn its conscious alegiance with Nature to avoid AiR or an overt mass war which will ensue before any amelioration can follow!’
`To attempt to teach others about the unconscious invites the worst that those others unseen ancestors can bring, often with AiR and death‑‑ or often by some “accident”. Thus the saying one must traverse their life’s path alone!’
`Mankind suffers more accidents to evoke access routes for its unseen ancestors than even for AiR or some evoked bodily death!’
`Until the legions are all put onto ice, Chi will remains the choice of defense to prevent death via AiR!’
`Today, only sympatholytics and parasympathetic CNS vitamins are worth any value of rebuilding health since AiR has become so rampant while the id seeks to escape the pending apocalypse!’
`Certainly, no conscious mind deserves the higher intellectual id which manipulates life‑‑ including willed death with AiR, thus the imperative now that conscious man awakens before too late!’
`Whereas the lack of ego strength can permit ancestor mtDNA tapping at will, even others externally to make a vast nuisance to the yet naive conscious mind lacking the wisdom to use Chi, at least they can easily tap their right brain for that wisdom with less left brain censoring as find quality health sans AiR!’
`When booze boosts estrogen levels up to 300% it best defines its parasympathomimitic function, which suppresses AiR as evoked by the sympathetic CNS. This fact alone more than condones the use of alcohol to remain healthy throughout life!’
`AiR is very contagious; so do not ask questions now!’
`AiR deaths due to protein using neuropeptide Y inhibiting may baffle AMA who knows of no AiR to begin with, to say nothing of what mtDNA drives the subject to put on fat!’
`To learn consciously why we humans die so prematurely would anger that mind which in turn would anger that which kills, using AiR in frustration as demands to govern‑‑ or escape life!’
`Altaplas may dissolve plaque as some sclerotic growth but al­low a patient to bleed to death‑‑ since is equally affective with AiR if it has become the chosen route to escape!’
`Did R. Sperry’s likely AiR, from denials of what his split‑brain data clearly said, terminate him before others could define his overt neurosis too soon or was temporary esteem that factor to `leave’ while things were yet unconsciously profitable?’
`Balance in CNS control is Nature’s design. Now that the evo­luted id has learned how to suppress the parasympathetic excitory as enhance its own to inhibit or redirect prolife operants, AiR ensues now with rampant success dictating the paradigm shift of mental awareness‑‑ for a peaceful millennium after chaos.’
`There is no anomaly of the devil being associated with death because AiR and Thanatosic behavior is contingent with left brain dominance, a factor Freud would now comprehend!’
`Selenium’s crystalline temperature shift needs to be examined to see if some allotropic state comes close to the fever level in humans, to define the potential aid of being some very protective anti‑oxidant‑‑ especially during AiR episodes.’
`To be set free consciously of their censoring neurotic id, relegated to extended time, is the whole objective of medication, especially to avoid AiR which becomes most prevalent then!’
`Best one eat limited sugar and fats to semi‑pacify their id‑‑ since to replace same with promising `chemical aids’ to profit another can bring AiR with a vengeance!’
`If we claim to have loved a recently deceased we need to more examine how they died to find out if we wish to conscious pay any more attention to them‑‑ since it could have been overt AiR where the greater profit comes to them to leave life a bit early!’
`One’s worst battle in life comes with AiR‑‑ and often is best to succumb to it or even war then since life is hardly with it!’
`To learn consciously one has a purposeful confusing alternate self within their mental matrix evokes anger and too often curi­osity which then turns into AiR with the danger of suicide, often then in proportion to religious introspection.’
`A dream’s accelerating steam locomotive snorting up from be­hind defines one’s id in some attempt to derail consciousness, be it with some acquired disease or AiR try to maybe terminate life. As noted often by women at menses, an `inevitability’ with a cir­cumstance defines the issue once understood consciously!’
`To have good anti‑bodies is fine provided they are yet better than one’s anti‑anti‑bodies to define AiR today!’
`As has been well noted with vaccinating depressed children to nearly kill them, worse still are older people who then suffer an AiR problem‑‑ to really finish them off, and AMA knows this!’
`Nature clears our depression if not too much IQ stands in the way‑‑ as may evoke more AiR than worth a needed death then.’
`Between an abdicated id and its AiR death‑wish objective, the conscious could not suffer more, especially in ignorance now!’
`The survival of the fittest should evoke at least interest in the late human mind when it is now known its kept ignorance will brings its demise‑‑ by its own left brain using id evoking AiR!’
`Mammograms need to be replaced by in‑depth psychoanalytical diagnosis to define how soon AiR will begin‑‑ as beauty fades!’
`AiR is that syndrome that follows loss of attraction where no other can feed them psychically!’
`The greater the `actress syndrome’ before 40 the more rapidly AiR follows after forty!’
`At least AiR does not bother the autistic, much as the silent schizophrenic, they can own uncanny health and happiness to the end‑‑ if their conscious mind is brought into existence!’
`It is the persistent need to thwart one’s id bent on AiR that at first becomes so bothersome, then worse as their id seeks aid from henchmen to over‑throw a curious conscious mind‑‑ much as the Anasazis forced from their homes to evade those 2D oriented!’
`One must not fear their personal demon, once called the Devil to keep intimidated a conscious mind, but wade into it to return its threats and bluster, once knowing no dangerous AiR prevails.’
`There is only one thing worse that no immune system response, it is one that responds with the AiR or Autoimmune Response that Professor Renoux noted‑‑ as quickly ignored!’
`The abdicating soul forces itself to do so completely with a defunct immune system so cannot digest the very fatty lipids it so depends. It last resort is to kill its body with overt AiR but fails that also when an alerted conscious mind learn how to swing allegiance and re‑enact Chi to save itself‑‑ far wiser for the experience‑‑ soon to be needed by the surviving masses!’
`AiR might be rational in the MPD subject unless the medical professional proceeds to remove their lymph nodes for an ensuing unhampered possession!’
`If one’s conscious mind got privy to what was censoring as transpiring in their left brain half only trauma would ensue. If it however got wind of what was in its right brain half prompt AiR and death would ensue!’
`To eat with an AiR prone id is asking for misery or death!’
`To understand who needs energizing to evade extended temporal conditions brings great anxiety‑‑ yet with faith in insight also the fortitude to forage on to perceive what underlies as seethes in the late human psyche‑‑ attempting AiR in frantic repose!’
`Fat carrying LDLs are the ominous precursor to AiR, a factor never equated with IQ since might define too much to AMA!’
`To be awakened consciously brings at first anger, growing by the steady revelations brought by right brain offered insights if not curbed by AiR or overt suicide by their censoring id.’
`Obviously the last import for man to learn will be his innate Thanatos whose planning AiR to limit life, if not suicide, is to evade that said import since a conscious mind could stop it by so killing its options first‑‑ using insight offering reality!’
`The older as evoluted soul the more likely one’s engineered AiR, with or without unseen mtDNA following ancestors!’
`To busy one’s soul with new information constantly keeps it too busy to consider folly as AiR in some `devil’s workshop’. It is the best way to conduct one’s life if they can evade others as need to busy themselves with the concerns of others.’
`The tormented conscious mind by its abdicating soul to pro­tect the body or worse invite its own kind in to evoke AiR to so fully escape another evolutional life, only Chi remains the last resort for any relief, noted by desperate yawning when used!’
`While the viral mode of infection is the more often suspected route of disease, it need not be so anymore than twisted gene or overt AiR by and for wanted death of the sympathetic CNS. Its aid acquired from its own unseen kind now create mankind’s greatest threat to life and social stability ever!’
`One must conscious climb onto their id and keep on pounding on it since its many unseen henchmen will kill the body sooner if allowed the peace to carry through some AiR!’
`To give blood to reduce one’s one iron content thus oxygen is likely the good part of blood‑letting for heart ailments during AiR problems, yet fresh blood is a priority for discarnates, so may well hover around morgues most if not killing the hapless!’
`Free radicals need not be introduced into the body. They can be made there using the blood’s oxygen by as for AiR.’
`Since it is how Nature sees the animal’s evolutional growth that dictates its health with pro‑life aid, the human animal’s loss of health would be a warning if it used insight or monitored dreams consciously to recognize volitional AiR under way.’
`When the soul acts up enough it becomes time to consciously throw it out‑‑ which explains Freud’s remark “the unconscious wills to remain UNconscious‑‑” turning into Thanatos with AiR to evade any further unhappy conscious awakening then!’
`Alzheimer’s is AiR, but a more benign form to just block any new import from being understood consciously, if that mind used to think‑‑ so could become dangerous!’
`If Alzheimer’s occurs less in wine drinkers it might define a means to suppress the AiR or censoring id for the better life!’
`Red wine reduced Alzheimer’s by its acidic content can block any plaque build‑up evoked by subtle AiR!’
`The hollering schizophrenic is yet safer than any quiet in­tellectual whose AiR remains undetected until too late!’
`Any problem with their left side best defines AiR as the dia­bolical brought in by their id to do folly today!’
`Once beginning to understand one’s unconscious matrix, one of the two begins to recruit henchmen to aid it kill that body, if not feed them royally to do errands while succumbing to AiR!’
`One may try to consciously depress their id, at least up to where it prefers to fight to its bitter end so raises hell with that conscious mind, until finally both lose that body with AiR!’
`The current AiR prone soul likely appears frantic flag‑man, trying to figure out a way to get aid from its own unseen kind‑‑ to help kill its body before too late!’
`Besides killer T cells there is apoptosis, a benign faculty that an aware conscious mind can activate, especially during AiR to rid its body of some disease, using focused dynamic Chi!’
`Nothing goads the yet curious more than to suffer some enig­matic problem, in health or otherwise‑‑ so today examine psychic anomalies to uncover the profound as often AiR to complete their task of awakening if finding Chi early enough!’
`Fasting allows a kept dumb conscious mind to perceive their past salt intake was by freshened taste‑‑ for the chlorine to do vaso restrictive AiR operants that AMA would never perceive!’
`A conscious mind can learn only so much before it finds fatty lipids are toxic, yet last as why where AiR is not understood!’
`It is the spasmodic booze drinker that is of danger because will use it for AiR or a momentary death‑wish drive.’
`While a good sign was Ginsburg’s fully attentive left eye, a depressed right suggested AiR at work, as cancer in action!’
`Suspicion is the promoter of chaos, first upon another ethnic group, thence upon the self with AiR‑‑ today post‑haste!’
`One’s first line of defense is awareness thus vision is the most important, then sound yet last verbal ones as attempts to rescind all prior signals for an unsaid profit margin. If visual imports are not heeded, however received, it may be AiR!’
`Chronic disease stress from pre‑AiR phenomena is a warning to pay attention since their parasympathetic CNS won’t aid forever!’
`Cigarettes aid and abet AiR, even if prolonged lung cancer is the route to death!’
`One must turn to their Lord rapidly as their soul turns to its henchmen since life will become extremely stressful to say the least‑‑ if AiR does not kill the body!’
`Herb Benson’s meditation may evoke greater AiR in his 70% of non‑healers‑‑ just as the scriptural number of devils who will leave the planet with the final call of cards gets played!’
`The crystal as DNA or mtDNA is a dormant code by itself need­ing some kind of energizing to expose its information. The larger question then is who energizes it for needed long term memory‑‑ as some mRNA or pathogen needed in AiR?’
`Microbial pathogens may be the first‑ordered need of the de­pressed id who needs some `out’ with AiR, and knows how to ener­gize and manipulate their attack within its own physical body.’
`Does the energizing of a pathogenic nucleotide sequence for active AiR venture, aid most an ancestor today?’
`The AiR’s first act is to block any quality conscious percep­tion about reality, Alzheimer’s its final attempt, the neurotic behavior in proportion to evolved IQ!’
`The cellular phone craze to express authority to others but now found with cancer may more define AiR where attention was not gained soon enough!’
`Spontaneous cancer due to UV light might define overt AiR as the death‑wish becomes obvious.’
`Man’s rampant spread of disease now has less to do with his multitudes than AiR becoming more rampant!’
`The now realized vast germ network in all social settings de­fines statistically that AiR today abounds, so mankind’s late as expected decline in psychic will the closer to reality it gets!’
`Why we fail to note out progressive AiR defines its uncons­cious stealth‑‑ until too late to halt some disease instated!’
`When subtle imports define the ugly to be blamed on something within one’s psyche, curiosity builds as does AiR in preparation to stem such seeking, if not kill that body in a timely manner!’
`To use anti‑sense genes to curb wayward genes as were instal­led purposely for AiR needs could bring something worse, but more quickly to end the prior need for any AiR thereafter!’
`Gene therapy might work well if first the AiR evoking id go thrown out of its mtDNA genes!’
`Lipoplexes fool a cell’s owner to accept a stranger for Air!’
`To realize the remark “over my dead body” includes their own conscious mind, AiR can be understood with whatever malady may be at hand‑‑ to progress in danger as conscious curiosity grows!’
`Any DNA genetic defect as might offer a route for affective AiR will at least bring Genetic Psychology part‑way, while avoid­ing yet the mtDNA as the genesis of the behavior to begin with!’
`To suspect one’s self or another with some deeper psychologi­cal malaise is seldom enough. It requires a persistent curiosity to alleviate subjective haunting ideas, often equated as schizo­phrenic in origin, to delve with intrepidness into the psyche‑‑ where dire threats and consequences can occur via AiR over time. Thus the need of rapid as persistent seeking to unravel subjec­tive enigmas before life itself unravels!’
`Deep sleep protects the body since the folly prone id is not present to beckon its discarnate AiR aiding henchmen!’
`To suffer some AiR malady is not all bad since alerts a kept dumb conscious mind as offers misery to its instigator!’
`It is less the over‑use of anti‑biotics than overt AiR now that brings late mankind his malaise, where volitional use of a disease blocks most conscious attention to its genesis to begin with, to say little of two who most profit from it!’
`AiR stems from from many forms of malaise yet most often is expressed in synovial or fatty tissue, to pay henchmen for AiR!’
`An AiR phenomena need not be volitional where an abdicating id or sympathetic CNS responsibility to fight in‑coming disease is left to a naive conscious mind who fights to its death without understanding Chi or how to wield it, as frequently diet to eat!’
`American NAFTA opponents may accuse South America germ infes­ted agriculture, most as cannot see the rampant AiR in the U.S!’
`The `middle phase’ of a soul’s mental evolution is likely the most enjoyable to the conscious mind since both learn together so a quality liaison occurs with the least AiR!’
`The soul wrecks a life once it perceives its conscious mind perceives reality too clearly. AiR is enough, but to evade that with Chi can invite torment by that soul’s henchmen legions!’
`The believed time to think about ground handling an ultralite plane is stupid since only reflex works‑‑ and that can be danger­ous since is too often left to the id’s control and should seeth­ing anger exist as thwarted AiR, too dangerous for many!’
`A ciliospinal ipsilateral reflex with a dilated pupil infers cranial operants thus CNS control, to make dangerous left cereb­ral dominance in other `automatic’ responses during AiR!’
`Since all sympathetic CNS responses are learned, yet respond over time, can that faculty re‑condition those actions as needed, as to surreptitiously reverse a dangerous act for AiR?’
`Skinner’s `conditioned response’ as reflexive action might so fool the medical sciences as define how Freud’s Thanatos operates in hidden manners for AiR‑‑ as split‑brain data gets understood!’
`To not win by the soul defines why its overt AiR suicide is the best option when reincarnation offers another chance later!’
`Life is full of chances‑‑ the worst as most when AiR gets noticed consciously‑‑ as might act in its own favor!’
`There could be only one answer for the uncanny physiological health of the schizophrenic where their sympathetic fight‑flight atrophied left brain user no longer evokes AiR!’
`Physiological ailments define a psychological one where AiR is promoted in desperation to evade any further evolution, or on‑going feeding `station’ for discarnate hungry ancestors.’
`The reflexive nerve system has built‑in hazards when a cons­cious mind fails to perceive how its AiR prone id can act in some unnoticed way‑‑ and then at some final propitious moment!’
`Only when one’s own devil exceeds their conscious level of IQ does trouble begin in life today‑‑ yet far more trouble could en­sue with AiR being evoked to abdicate that life before finding the solution to a quality life in faith in another unconscious!’
`Right brain use is the only means to out‑wit the left with a need to foil some activity, especially during AiR, thus to over‑ride folly men must use that non‑temporal faculty over reflexive responses when any neuronal transmission becomes too slow!’
`The Lord likely does get entertained, even if at the expense of a kept dumb conscious mind that failed to find its diabolical id playing ugly jokes like AiR, gyrating to avoid detection!’
`Saving face promotes the most suicides, often noted with AiR, but never do these victims realize consciously the hidden folly that was not their fault whatsoever!’
`Any harbored disease as with AiR at root so one deserves to suffer with it until consciously aware to act with Chi or die.’
`The will to knuckle down to help a little its alerted cons­cious mind‑‑ yet not until after a good fight often with AiR for death‑‑ is one’s soul’s business‑‑ if it can evade that helping!’
`At least the soul brings it own agony with perpetrated folly, even if delayed, to force it to use AiR to escape for a while its evolutional goal in elevated worldly time rates.’
`One’s conscious finding what as why they may have some AiR disease evokes the needed anger to promote health, but only after what they learn is some humungous subjective fight to find in the psychological terms what is really wrong!’
`The soul’s final lap of mental evolution becomes the worst of all epochs for the human conscious mind since must learn of AiR rapidly as the underlying goaded reasons for ethnic cleansing!’
`Asthema may be the better AiR function to keep a tormented conscious mind too busy to examine reality to end it for good!’
`Difficult indeed is it to consciously defeat one’s personal devil on its own slow temporal turf‑‑ at least until aided by its non‑temporal complemental to see potentials as AiR outcomes!’
`Buying time in elegance is that way to escape retribution up to death‑‑ which defines AiR as APA’s lead in suicide!’
`The soul must be allowed to believe its willed ventures in worldly life can be fruitful or it abdicates with AiR, to await a future time to try with better chances.’
`Children get no AiR from 60 cycle power lines yet their more frustrated parents can, especially around spiking AC lines.’
`It is sad how we consciously cannot find our innate healing factor fast enough to evade AiR’s final stroke in death!’
`To study one’s dreams is dangerous indeed, especially in pro­portion to IQ where their id knows how to evoke AiR!’
`To worry about a finite pain can dissuade conscious attention to the need of the faith factor to allow Nature to do its healing as end the AiR trauma evoked by the attention wanting id!’
`The closer one comes to realizing consciously what is trying to govern them, the sooner they might stall on‑going AiR for the net quality, albeit quiet, life remaining thereafter.’
`Vouduin created zombies, as self evoked with degenerating AiR in Parkinson’s or autism, define the ultimately frustrated soul, very close to its completed mental evolution.’
`To `pass in peace’ is the hope of some loved one once under­standing the dichotomous unconscious where to learn of one of them too late means to suffer until death with covert AiR or the drive to win all social tests to die with it ruling that life.’
`The use of 5HT to pacify one syndrome or another now seen as destructive in heart valves likely shows AiR, most in the more obese in the U.S. where the survival of the fittest prevails.’
`Only the dreamers are safe to discuss psychology in‑depth be­cause covert suicide via AiR becoming overt is so prevalent now.’
`Any well function animal’s body with its many CNS `servo loops’ will always operate in a pro‑life manner, until the evo­luting sympathetic half decides on AiR to secretly kill that sys­tem to escape what it perceives as a poor life‑‑ for another as before always came along in elevated earthly time!’
`A mind programmed to want existence will thwart another mind which endangers the former from its freedom to acquire that exis­tence so becomes a danger to both when it can evoke AiR or act in overt behaviors to kill the body for yet another chance at life!’
`Pain from one’s duodenum indicates a stressed id, yet that is better than heart pains since defines AiR. To cease to eat can be then the best therapeutic ever!’
`Food becomes a necessary evil for the intellectual, especial­ly when it enhances their neurotic behavior or AiR.’
`The psychological war of AiR is that game of hide and seek‑‑ seeking a timed death when others are watching!’
`Aside from AiR or suicide, the worst state of affairs can be an AiR drive once an alert conscious mind realizes how to sustain health by driving out most sympathetic CNS functions, in part its Thanatosic behavior until fully aware of its dual unconscious!’
`It is the unrealized death‑wish that becomes so destructive, especially in the intellectual whose conscious mind is kept dumb up to some AiR’s final trump card gets played!’
`Miscellaneous many physical problems in the body defines their conscious mind’s need to examine same since many routes of AiR has been devised via gene twisting as overt ancestor aid‑‑ most to so keep a conscious mind dumb with attention thereon un­til used to kill that body, should reality be noted consciously!’
`HLA‑a1 and a4 as the sympathetic immune response will soon be seen as a volitional AiR function to prevent conscious awakening, thus the evil mankind has always fought within its psyche.’
`Few ill understand their malaise now‑‑ at least before it becomes far worse with overt AiR if not the promises holocaust!’
`As AiR creeps in one must consciously pay close attention to all behaviors and acts ahead of time!’
`The greater the intellect the greater the ravages done to the conscious mind, especially if curious to then bring AiR!’
`We conscious minds have no other choice than to fight our own soul once we become aware of its Thanatosic goal before discovery and the following struggle for survival under some AiR siege!’
`AiR is that means yet unseen to destroy a living body while at the same time feed unseen ancestors most promoting the illness as keep all conscience attention therefrom.’
`Quorum calls for mass bacterial action may depend more upon the sympathetic CNS of their host with over‑active AiR!’
`The shunting of Kety’s pain or `bad value’ (p factor) with psychological re‑attention focus via hypnosis may define the best way to evade pain, where the AiR (Autoimmune Response)* sympathe­tic CNS faculty continues to sense its folly, when the RAS cons­cious mind can do little to evade same.
`The larger question about retro‑RNA or the re‑used historical coding to foil life in AiR remains to be fully examined, yet no unseen ancestor will tolerate it before overt suicide then!’
`Theseus might be a human conscious mind whose tiring of AiR needs to put its Minotaur into its place within its labyrinth, a factor for medical technology once it gets understood!’
`The `quorum’ mechanism for gut bacteria to act in unison is governed by that unconscious which believes it owns the body, but only when a kept dumb conscious mind cannot interact to avoid AiR or fight‑flight functions to kill that body.’
`AiR as suicide prone have more reason for that behavior than the rest, whose IQ lack protects them yet more evolutional time!’
`Alcoholics are self‑abusing but to evade a greater abuse they consciously cannot come to grips with. Since AiR is the goal, the self immolation defines itself, as anything to reach death before any conscious awakening!’
`Organized chaos in the body called AiR defines the power of the sympathetic CNS as biological IR sensing at a meter to coor­dinate some function‑‑ like some bacterial quorum function!’
`AiR invites all to feast in their body since no immunity will be used in defense, especially towards their own ancestors!’
`From a gradual contemplative walk in a labyrinth as staggered Zen garden bridges, a spinning Sufi to shed his definitive space oriented soul all brings insight as prolife where AiR prevailed.’
`The greatest therapy today for any human disease, especially promoted by AiR is attention with eye contact!’
`Hard knocks in life are not bad, yet the id’s fight to evade them are tough on a conscious mind, especially with early AiR!’
`The closer one comes consciously to realizing what most both­ers it, the closer as faster their AiR operates to kill them, or would surely put many unseen into limbo if finding the remedy!’
`Ancestors living in their mtDNA can commandeer as ride any RNA as virus to feed upon the hapless‑‑ most often today via AiR, with a death‑wish syndrome suffering soul!’
`An epileptic seizure is the signal of a frustrated id that no longer will tolerate new information into its conscious mind. The loss of death‑wish via AiR may be the goading factor.’
`The most debilitating is left brain dominance even if claimed intellectual. It insists on independence as anonymity to perform folly without consequence up to killing with AiR or opportunity a growing curious conscious mind‑‑ especially today!’
`The peak of a soul’s intellect evolves far sooner than any awaking of the conscious mind, to bring censoring and folly with impunity up to affected AiR or overt `accident’ well planned!’
`The often used phrase of “perhaps we shouldn’t ask‑‑” defines the unconscious worry about answers too adroit for our conscious mind’s good‑‑ if AiR had been under way for some time!’ `Why not promote genetic correction via Nature to be sure no further bent gene gets introduced for AiR in a later generation?’
`To eat so energize one’s id is foolish when its plan is to so escape worldly conditions with AiR!’
`Past promises that paid off well also accrue a debt, often evaded by death which can explain the AiR syndrome. Not oddly, if health is maintained for their unseen ethnic kind to profit upon, the debt gets spread for some ethnic cleansing!’
`The overt AiR expression of anorexia or bulimia define the older soul that has become overtly dangerous to its body!’
`The current stampede over bacterial infections defines both AiR as an opportunistic disease loophole use but where the soul is aware of its near damned state for extended temporal hell!’
`Between the parasympathetic CNS dominant trying to aid that younger child to avoid fatty lipids for AiR, then the sympathetic CNS dominance using bulimia to win the battle for death!’
`The burst of bacterial infection only defines the end of that epoch for mental evolution where rampant AiR then Armageddon gets performed‑‑ to allow those few left to replenish the earth, with new ideas about evil, as ancestral legions holding trump cards!’
`If the `hell’s cell’ Pfiesteria can block memory in its re­searchers one can image what it will do when really rampant with those unable to defend themselves with AiR!’
`Any pylori difficulty defines the upset sympathetic CNS where stringent measures should be done to quell its distraught feeling since only leads to greater AiR with death, to avoid what it con­siders the worst of all scenarios, a conscious mind’s discovery!’
`The primary sign of a pending death is when AiR takes its fi­nal plunge at killing the body‑‑ after a long preparatory stage of infiltrating the body with ancestor death dealing blows!’
`The toxicity of hydrogen sulfide defines how well it might do on stomach bacteria, now rampant where AiR commands quorumed mic­robes‑‑ like the `hell’s cell’ Pfiesteria so dangerous now!’
`Thalidomide now used to ease the sympathetic CNS stress will only enhance its AiR function, as neuroleptics do for the schizo­phrenic where more pleading verbal noise covers the hideous!’
`AiR begins long before birth, likely planned well before con­ception where mtDNA collusion decides what off‑spring may be most advantageous for continued ethnic needs‑‑ never unseen!’
`It is the conscious mind that poses the greatest obstacle to the perverted soul thus its most effort at stopping cerebral men­tal processing, then presenilins for AiR where a yet feeding body can remain viable for the hungry unseen!’
`The soul that feels it can no longer get away with folly will plan to kill as many others before itself via AiR. It is the one greatest driving factor of late intellectual mankind now that its aiding unseen ancestors will no longer aid it!’
`The few with enough insight to find they are consciously held a prisoner by their our soul face overt AiR if not social condem­nation for thinking out of turn!’
`The truly rude awakening by the alerted conscious mind is the fact that is was framed with cliche and half truths but backed up with pending AiR or an `accident’‑‑ just in case!’
`To seek answers to one’s innate devil is to seek death almost as rapidly‑‑ because AiR proceeds then with a vengeance!’ `We all must help our `self’ but first to learn of its overt greed so curb it as ensuing AiR then used in retaliation!’
`The soul that feels it can no longer get away with folly will plan to kill as many others before itself with AiR. It is the one greatest driving force of late intellectual mankind, when its own aiding unseen ancestors will no longer aid it!’
`If young pig testes serotonin cells rejuvenate the Parkinson sufferer then it defines the prior malady was AiR, where the sym­pathetic CNS re‑coded its own cells to die for mental censoring!’
`About the only time a conscious mind thinks is to reach for some analgesic, not care about what is wrong to begin with. This syndrome defines the potency of their id as it cares little about pain, only how to win something for attention while evoking AiR for death to escape the planet as soon as possible!’
`Allergic reactions define the fight‑flight faculty, in stress in psychic ways, or unhappy with an awakening conscious mind ask­ing too many question to evoke AiR!’
`A pandemic virus needs vulnerable people whose immunity has been compromised with AiR for a death‑wish, which becomes allowed with an abdicated parasympathetic CNS as has given up.’
`If the cycles of malaise of most diseases occurs in a cyclic fashion in sync with the advance of low pressure weather‑cells, it likely is a psychic disease at root, whether to merely sustain a conscious mind’s attention or timely kill the subject via AiR!’
`The aware psychoanalyst realizes the liability of the `point of no return’, not only for hidden AiR anomalies but abrupt sui­cidal act, just before a conscious liberational act can be done!’
`Stupidity is responsible for disease, not ignorance. It stems from not using innate healing always available until enough sym­pathetic CNS dominance occurs for it’s evoked AiR‑‑ to escape!’
`Barely surviving a disease may be a promoted ruse to evoke some reasonable thinking for a change, where their sympathetic CNS promoted AiR for death to escape yet the parasympathetic may sustain enough health to promote that thinking!’
`To alert too soon the psychological suffering can abort that lessor misery for overt AiR if not suicide‑‑ especially if enough intellectual ability to conclude any better potential health!’
`Depending how rapidly a conscious mind can swing its allegi­ance to its right dictates how quickly it may evade the death‑wish AiR action of its left for the quality life!’
`The natural drug espanasia strengthens the sympathetic CNS as possible AiR, could be equated as a complemental to most of the hallucinogens as come naturally, yet thus feared most by author­ity‑‑ intolerant to others recognizing reality!’
`Genetic weak points are those places where AiR works most effectively thus appear to naive biology as somehow evil in them­selves‑‑ to avoid what it truly evil and seething within the psy­che, especially when a conscious mind gets curious!’
`Dangerous are quality therapies for intellectual neurotics to evoke AiR faster than it can be stemmed after the age of reason!’
`One can’t see germs conveyed to them, especially when AiR has been initiated, but the Thanatosic behavior can point to the un­derlying problem, as Freud perceived yet evades authority now!’
`Because of the great liability today in noting covert AiR in progress as a preparedness for overt death, psychoanalysis needs to be conducted with the Self thinking interface on the Net, with anonymous Y‑N answers to prepare a conscious mind for the worse!’
`A soul held into semi‑extended time becomes least bothersome if its conscious mind uses Chi to further extent that time when considering reality‑‑ or evade instated AiR whenever found.’
`Mice have no AiR since their evolution has not yet allowed a death‑wish to get instated. Thus an introduced disease can be so eradicated‑‑ yet not so in man without psychotherapy first!’
`One, as some shrink, needs to demand to speak with another’s conscious mind‑‑ to alert them of what might respond with half‑truths to buy time before that conscious mind can act to stem AiR and kill their body as rapidly as possible today!’
`Conscious anger over found AiR to dissuade thinking only reinforces the malady in hopes of finding some accident that most coroners would approve of.’
`Thanatos works by hook, crook or bent gene, often an ancient re‑twisted one on some phagocyte to do a dirty job for AiR!’
`Democratic `gang rule’ dictates biological growth also, the definitive form of temporal disease as cancer nodules up to full AiR defensive acts for suicide, when hope gets lost with life’s interest, so prolife withdraws its help for the a natural death.’

`The spirit allows the conscious mind just as its subconscious or soul to suffer in order to learn when refusing advice offered as in dream. Sadly, the more naive conscious mind suffers most as must learn of folly as AiR, done to it if getting too close to recognizing its folly prone soul, especially lacking Chi defense to evict either that left brain user or its depraved henchmen!’
`It requires conscious anger which requires awareness to aid Nature’s goal of fully evoluting its soul, often too late then to learn that AiR is killing the body without learned Chi defense!’
`A preoccupied conscious mind as with today’s hectic amusement defines the business of its soul, such subterfuge buying time up to killing their body with AiR‑‑ should reality be examined!’
`To over‑feed an animal aids in keeping it censored for dirty work‑‑ like feeding ancestors and preparing that body for death with AiR, in case its conscious mind should get wary!’
`The human body needs to last only so long to accomplish Na­ture’s goal thus its soul does what it can to shorten it with AiR as rapidly as possible with a curious conscious mind!’
`How can one consciously `get it together’ when one of their 3 minds has no intention of such act? If anything when pushed, does its best to evoke AiR with premeditated murder well in mind!’
`Difficult is it to rid one’s body of a microbe invited by a fragment of DNA offered by the sympathetic CNS hell bent on AiR!’
`Its the competition between one’s id and that conscious mind that evokes late mankind’s great strife‑‑ especially if that for­mer remains ignorant until AiR fully sets in!’
`It takes more than mere courage to consciously examine one’s own mental matrix since Thanatos lurks therein and has likely, by the time one’s introspection begins, been busy preparing an AiR!’
`The soul is indeed conservative, saving its energy to con an­other for yet more of it‑‑ unless it must barter it to extricate itself from some social cull de sac‑‑ as finally AiR death!’ `We shouldn’t get impatient with our maladies but examine them as learn their genesis since they define our own Thanatos lurking within‑‑ now using AiR with a vengeance!’
`Can the `control’ portion of the mtDNA be fiddled with‑‑ in order to evoke AiR by the id once it changes its mind? At least the id doesn’t occupy the body until all genes get well started!’
`The care that the id uses to promote a disease in another so defines its fear as use of AiR to head off conscious awakening!’
`AiR is merely an evoked war within the living body for the same reason other wars get started‑‑ to evade a public’s further attention into their leadership’s dissuading reality!’
`When AiR get underway, the killer phagocyte T cells won’t do their chore even when led to their site with guidance T cells!’
`To care for one’s body they must more care about what occu­pies their left brain as becomes a vast danger with evoked AiR!’
`The harsher one’s experience the tougher their conscious mind for the ensuing avoidance of their Thanatos’ use of AiR!’
`Killer T cells as phagocytes do not attack indiscriminately, especially with AiR, yet do avoid with discrimination the quality offer of guidance T cells when one’s Thanatos takes over!’
`To try to explain to a suffering conscious mind that it was dominated by their Minotaur turning into Thanatos would do little good, indeed any favor once AiR gets instated is heroin!’
`Those who doubt the empirical data maybe should, when they have overt AiR in operation!’
`Chi blasting may be more required on one’s brain‑stem to keep a bay their own mtDNA ancestor followers, but only because of the welcome mat placed there by one’s own AiR bent soul!’
`Sleep can replace booze as offers another mode of protection, maybe with the homunculus elsewhere so unable to guide its hungry henchmen to some feeding site when AiR driven!’
`One must learn as rapidly how to evict their innate Thanatos soul before its operation starts some AiR operation, where evolu­tional IQ becomes the most dangerous to mankind!’
`While Chi is man’s best defense against psychic folly, it can also evoke one’s own AiR war with a neurotic id!’
`The soul stomps ever less cautiously in the body of a growing aware conscious mind, even tries to kill the body with AiR at the final moment when about to be understood so then expelled.’
`Do prion conversions of healthy protein re‑twist or untwist a homo thymine nucleotide spiral easily to allow a reversed polar­ized light, as Pasteur found, access for BSE/CJD infestation for the net result of AiR for anti‑life instead of prolife?’
`With the growth of intellectual finesse there are few avenues not accessed to evoke AiR as death, the art of intellectual or left brain dominance so clearly noted by Renoux now!’
`Just because a conscious mind wins more life by evading AiR, it does not mean any better life lies ahead!’
`Glycolipids are most dangerous now yet can only be understood in terms of AiR or Freud’s `death‑wish’ syndrome!’
`The conscious mind can be stoic if it remains ignorant of all that evokes its subjective misery up to AiR, where death becomes imminent but too late, especially in cases where too much curios­ity had prevailed and so got too close to subjective reality!’
`Lupus throws a conscious mind into a loop when all forms of active AiR proceeds with their id’s vengeance!’
`When historical tragedies such as the movie Titanic holds a fascination in the public, there is more unseen as what drives the attention about death in an unconscious way. With growing AiR as refutation of Freud, ominous indeed is the import today!’
`To get rid of any disease means to throw out one’s hungry an­cestors seeking to feed on any malady they or their AiR prone id, unhappy with a curious conscious mind‑‑ can evoke!’
`Most all human disease has an underlying AiR goading now, in preparation for what is coming‑‑ but is never said!’
`Because our soul knows it has earned a bashing, it readies with AiR to kill the body just in case we consciously do awaken‑‑ to take deliberate steps to free ourself of all folly!’
`AiR is a sympathetic CNS volitional act to evoke suicide in time to evade being consciously recognized. Cholesterols are the favored route as emergencies called “accidences” do often occur!’
`Fortunately the parasympathetic CNS keeps a tight reign on DA to prevent convulsion or overt Thanatosic acts with AiR!’
`The is seldom any lack of AiR, as Freud would define Thanatos when a conscious mind begins to snoop within its psyche!’
`When it finally becomes the conscious mind’s awakened needs that must supersede its reductive mind’s need for survival a per­sonal apocalyptic driven AiR conflict erupts and only faith with conscious volition can overcome the worst, with its right brain.’
`The destructive nature of the soul is only self preservation, even using AiR to avoid an awakened conscious mind as would sure­ly terminate that soul’s active venture of overt predation!’
`Medical people should examine for AiR before offering a pre­scription as can be either avoided or swallowed whole!’
`There would be few cyclic swings of illness, primarily psy­chic, if the evoluting soul didn’t use AiR to subvert Nature’s evolutional guidance with health.’
`To realize one’s own ancestors are responsible for one’s bad health if not aided AiR causing disease, that first revelation is able to invoke the second of asking the Christ to decouple any further liaison and commerce, as feeding is the whole objective!’
`AiR is often allowed by an intimidated soul whose older de­ceased ancestors with a like mtDNA, demanding to be fed on call.’
`We consciously suffer until we learn what was censored from us by our own more evoluted soul determined to win any mental war which would stem from an awakened conscious mind, with AiR if the time remained to escape with the body’s promoted death!’
`Avoid too many proteins now because they are too close to the RNA configuration and can influence one’s AiR sympathetic CNS!’
`Any two that meet in Christ’s name, even folly can be per­formed if upon one not caring about defense‑‑ as the AiR prone soul seeking to escape its body. This is a sad for the conscious mind if kept dumb of what is occurring on the psychic level!’
`Optimistic people jiggle together as ancient amoeba in their primal slime‑‑ with no ideas yet of what life is for. This behav­ior continues until adroit questions come to mind with a silence to follow‑‑ often with AiR is too late or too soon where intel­lect had developed and will tolerate none of it!’
`Crucial is the timing to awaken a curious conscious mind, yet must have the strength to examine deeper into the psyche before its prepared AiR dictates death!’
`The question is when to give one’s id more Chi to think about than AiR or other folly to escape its completed evolution now?’
`When one’s immune system self corrupts with AiR only booze or medical drugs remain their forte to stay alive, unless some Chi can be brought to bear to evict that mental faculty responsible for the malaise, to at least awaken to reality before too late!’
`Only through a bout with AiR can a conscious mind realize any prior aid and fortune as in childhood before its sympathetic CNS took charge‑‑ and turned into Thanatos if frustrated.’
`Caspase enzymes cut proteins where needed, a form of suicide Nature uses before AiR gets under way, to kill the whole body!’
`Nature is kind enough to allow death to escape some hopeless situation‑‑ as a fully dominant id using AiR upon its moderative conscious mind that suffered in vain.’
`We can only cry in ignorance over a soul that took charge in the early stages of life to promote AiR to evoke agony upon that kept naive conscious mind as prevent if from thinking about any­thing profound, too busy suffering and making wealthy AMA!’
`Disease is an opportunistic problem‑‑ most because of one’s id’s use of AiR, more than the disease itself!’
`If Sarah Brady is unwilling to undergo sympathectomy to rid her dangerous fight‑flight faculty which could kill her with AiR, her example should concern many who know others have designs on profit with guns and have enough self reliance to understand it!’
`Antagonistic events in life are supposed to alert a conscious mind of unseen problems to consider for life, especially when any problem is fostered by its own unconscious id considering AiR!’
`AiR would be the only defense of any subject whose ancestors have become a terrible nuisance in life demanding to always eat!’
`Cheeses with primitive genes are a hazard to people with AiR, where an standing invitation prevails for external foragers!’
`The soul gives nothing away of any value without some profit, even will feed its own predatory kind to run errands as kill its own body when its AiR appears to be failing!’
`It is the fragments of ancient DNA that yet haunt mankind as his once defensive fight‑flight id protected its body but now in frustration with an awakening conscious mind turns to AiR to in order to escape any pending angry moderative retribution!’
`If the mitochondrion is supposed to protect its fatty lipids for its own physiological posterity, then why does it trade off such energy to discarnate henchmen for AiR services wanted in the nick of time‑‑ to evade conscious moderation should it awaken?’
`The most difficult time one will have with the digital compu­ter will be when their id decides on AiR so destroys all of one’s deductive as reductive reasoning as well!’
`To merely examine the facts without religious or scientific zeal would define reality‑‑ if a conscious mind can rid itself of a zealous soul bent upon AiR for a prompt suicide!’
`In a primitive culture the soul is defensive so little AiR is noted when fighting disease with potent volition. Only with com­petition from a conscious mind does a soul’s self defense wane.’
`At least AiR for one’s death‑wish is noted consciously, impu­nitive discipline must follow because no other recourse remains!’
`Difficult is it to remain free of microbes unless AiR was in­stated for no killer cells react in defense. Only the older peop­le had learned how to sustain their sympathetic CNS in good work­ing order, or lived at high altitude where few hazards of a fil­thy life exist down below with the lazy and more germ infested!’
`Depression, noted or not, always precedes death, as AiR!’
`At least with some insight, the suicidal often suspect their disease is AiR, even the day their id decides to abdicate!’
`Chi is the best but can be the worst for conscious defense as the aware conscious mind doesn’t evoke AiR or an early death!’
`To keep demanding ancestors at bay with Chi one must at first consider consciously their own irascible soul, before AiR gets so well instated those ancestors become the least of one’s bother!’
`The soul’s denial to defend its body as with AiR needs to be evicted often with Chi to tire it more than the conscious mind!’
`To remain naive of what goads our conscious mind begs for the folly to end it, called AiR when unseen ancestors call!’
`Much as ECT, defibrillation kicks out the temporal id, such fight‑flight sympathetic CNS using overt AiR to escape mass‑time becomes bound and determined not to capitulate to consciousness unless shocked into a stunned state enough to do it thing again!’
`The few left now who desire to do in‑depth quality reasoning must remain silent, even if their AiR prone id may leak the more dangerous, yet authority cannot make arrests easily on hear‑say!’
`One’s own homunculus may be better sitting on one’s own chest at night than attempting AiR, believing not much time remains!’
`While suppressing the AiR prone sympathetic CNS with berga­mottin enzyme blocker, grapefruit needs to be advertised in lieu of the pharmaceutical complaint, as AMA, to peddle lessor valued adjuncts for human pro‑health!’
`To kill offers life but should be only for defensive acts as phagocytic offense, well curbed from any AiR drive.’
`One consciously gives no quarter to their id without to then promptly suffer‑‑ even AiR is kept stupid until too late!’
`The switch to using insight from reductive IQ is dangerous to most men, where AiR has been in operation for some time!’
`The paranoia over germs can be reckless when it is AiR that one suffers and so fails life’s purpose in programmed ignorance!’
`Our soul gets its greatest aid from the more diabolical an­cestor, especially for AiR if no other profits can be had!’
`The soul, as a bucking bronco will throw any conscious mind rider if possible, often with IQ most prevented in the latter, or kill their common body with AiR if time remains as curiosity has begun in the conscious mind.’
`The loss of sympathetic CNS from stress evokes a weak immune system however continued stress evokes AiR with a vengeance!’
`The human conscious mind has fallen Patsy to all retaliation aimed at its id which initiated folly, then must face its AiR in an attempt to escape the greatest retaliation brought by God!’
`Any soul that refuses to defend its physical body for AiR de­serves the wrath of its conscious mind which not feel guilty of using potent Chi to correct all matters thereafter!’
`A squinting left eye may be a sympathetic CNS function where fear of what might be seen by its alerting complemental so bring conscious attention into the matter for overt pathological activ­ity to avoid further curiosity‑‑ or AiR if it continues.’
`To first consciously understand the difference between the quality immune response and its opposite of AiR permits a very different way to handle innate psychopathy which is its root!.
`Booze is a fine but temporary means to hold at bay one’s own fight‑flight faculty. Its small as constant use ensures AiR won’t get carried away because of overt sympathetic CNS frustration.’
`The mind `explosion’ worth waiting for only comes after an­other mental explosion in rebellion, often suicide via AiR when possible with evoluted intellect!’
`The imperative now is to learn the art of psychic self pro­tection, especially with a runaway soul evoking AiR!’
`The now bad idea of quitting smoking because of increased AiR with accident rates may be a far worse idea these final days!’
`Synovia gobbling ceases when consciously focusing on it with a finger touching the spot‑‑ long enough to evict one’s inviting id evoking AiR‑‑ with a kundalinic burst of Chi!’
`To begin to understand one’s own left brain user, its overt vehemence as AiR often ensues with a vengeance!’
`The closer mankind gets back to Nature with reality so closer does mass suicide or AiR become mankind’s volitional reality!’
`To hold still now with wisdom, to allow others to follow ful­fills Nature’s designs for evolution, yet no soul will be rushed without an ugly scene‑‑ if not AiR for a rapid body death.’
`When there is seen little left to win, the soul wants out of the body, the best time then for the spirit to gain a conscious mind’s attention as learn how to evade AiR!’
`We must expect to suffer with our id in proportion to its now late evoluted state where AiR for overt escape objects prevail.’
`Cheese with its ancient DNA fragment can be a liability to a compromised immune system, especially those suffering from AiR!’
`Accutane with ethanol may be the one‑two punch to terminate a cancer growth, the protein inhibitor the key yet an evicted id as with booze to block its volitional AiR.’
`To plug with Chi one’s id into extended time often enough is usually adequate, once evading its overt AiR, to proceed with the design of Nature to complete consciously the soul’s evolution.’
`To consciously comprehend one’s two CNS as their independent forces to gain dominance as defines the late human condition, now forces that beleaguered conscious mind to balance with force the more predatory one before it evokes AiR to kill their body!’
`The greatest fear a soul has is to get trapped by the wiser conscious mind to evade AiR and finalize that soul’s evolution.’
`One’s defensive use of Chi not only protects but in propor­tionate ways evicts their AiR prone id when used in an NDE mode.’
`Does a dangerous bacteria like E‑coli get housed in one’s gut in a symbiotic state to ensure AiR works rapidly if needed by the sympathetic CNS?’
`The only time a discarnate ceases fighting to keep a body, as the soul then inhabiting same, is when it has lost its game of hide‑and‑seek with its conscious mind, angered and has found Chi to get even‑‑ hopefully before evoked AiR kills that body!’
`Whereas the sympathetic CNS kills upon contact, conscious at­tention after noted AiR, needs to avoid any further use of that once defensive system as has gone awry with volition so cannot be expected to ever return to any quality use thereafter!’
`When AiR begins, one must toxify all fight‑flight behaviors since one goal by their id is seen as the only response!’
`Because the conscious mind cannot depend upon its own memory as gets twisted to profit the diabolical, AiR becomes the worst, as sustains all attention on some malaise as will kill the sub­ject if they dwell too long on it, rather that what promotes it!’
`Salt is the greatest adjunct for AiR, almost as fats for get­ting the henchmen to aid and abet in the id’s wanted body death!’
`How could any salt reduction be expected when IQ dominates as its need for AiR now?’
`We seldomly die of any `natural cause’ unless killing by the soul, slowly with AiR or overtly by `accident’, could be equated as natural when the human conscious mind is kept stupid!’
`Humans suffering from AiR need indoleamine (IDO) to block tryptophan which helps their killer T cells to act.’
`The sneaky fittest intellectual now can be best defined by the covert death‑wish, noted by Renoux and cerebral NMR scans as show the left brain half is Thanatos using AiR to escape.’
`Why should the left ventricular need assistance if AiR was not behind the anomalous heart malady?’
`MS shows what feeding can do on myelin by an AiR prone id as allows mostly the left body side to be ravaged by ancestors.’
`Fatal peanut ingestion for some is ultimate AiR!’
`The extreme jealousy of the more evoluted soul will decouple one’s anterio corpus callosum, if not kill the subject with AiR or another more abrupt way is such emergency becomes obvious!’
`When canned goods show sodium content they somehow avoid the term chlorine which is the toxic aspect of that salt. The unsaid reason is to flag the AiR prone id which behaves accordingly!’
`One’s own homunculus is responsible for all nightly folly, as its abdication for defending the body is as evil as AiR!’
`AiR is sedition by volitional default!’
`Likely after the big war with radiation to cleanse the earth, far less immune responses will be needed, thus less AiR as well!’
`The human animal is a torture machine where the soul does all feasible to give agony to its conscious mind to sustain attention beyond its genesis until AiR can be effected!’
`Ulcers due to psychological stress reflects how well the id’s fight‑flight faculty uses gut guests to evoke AiR!’
`All psychiatric behavioral anomalies remain just that as long as intellect dictates what the conscious mind may believe‑‑ at least up to AiR finality or overt suicide found in APA people!’
`The lymph system is the immune system’s means to pervert the body with whatever AiR has been found of use at the time!’
`To accept the brunt of folly by one’s id or soul is quite bad enough, but to suffer consciously its folly of AiR goes too far‑‑ just so that irascible soul can escape mass‑time life!’
`All AiR sufferers need a Qigong shrink!’
`The conscious mind and its id vie for dominance thus AiR be­comes rampant in older age if that conscious mind only turns to the socially authorized remedy so miss the means to find health.’
`Seldomly can enough conscious care be used when one believes their thoughts are their own and so trusted. This should be most understood if AiR had been recently foiled consciously!’
`For health now it comes down to the need for volitional cons­cious acts to hinder AiR or death‑wish killer T cells long enough to enact full use of guidance cells to aid a return to life.’
`To evade retribution means to shed a physical body, with AiR, overt suicide or a grand war for many to escape into quiet hell!’
`To eat fatty lipids to then promptly excrete them may be no malady as could be one suffering from AiR a way of health!’
`If you can’t consciously keep your id on the run it will keep you on the run to win something, or promote AiR if caught in that predatory act with conscience!’
`The conscious mind’s misery defines the intellect of their id bent upon sustained ignorance‑‑ or else, denoted by AiR!’
`Conscious man cannot give up on pressing the final evolution of its soul‑‑ however it evokes AiR to conclude that venture!’
`When one’s id fails to defend, or even turns against the body with AiR with unseen henchmen’s aid, the time has come to evict that left brain using faculty to switch allegiance to the other!’
`When the soul believes it cannot win its freedom to act on its own behalf due to an aware conscious mind, it usually beckons is own ethnic henchmen as feed them to perform folly, most as AiR to rid itself of the incarnate body.’
`The most important question lies in which of two discarnate ilk offer aid to an incarnate, with a soul ready to switch alle­giance and complete its evolutional objective‑‑ instead of AiR?’
`The mounting poisoning by peanut protein of intellectual off‑spring now shows how well the id can use it for AiR!’
`The greatest endotoxin is the active phagocyte with the left brain’s instructions to kill whatever that belongs to the self as the worse of all AiR, the opposite of the yogi who instructs its soul to protect the body, even well after death from atrophy.’
`Putrefaction is too often where ancestors feed, yet cancerous living tissue is as well when permitted in the AiR prone.’
`The soul survives by killing, just as its killer T cells when rampant with AiR to kill oneself with an alerted conscious mind!’
`It may be cruel to point out mental anomalies of another when no solution can be offered because of their overt neurosis. It is worse when their IQ can evoke AiR, to escape any further import!’
`Entropy is the soul’s nemesis and learns it just in time to try to evade any conscious mind’s curiosity to learn the same for its demand to govern life’s objectives, so AiR begins then with a vengeance‑‑ if not some `accident’ if little time is perceived!’
`The more stupid as were programmed dumb now aid and abet in their own demise by running point or paying taxes to their cor­rupted leaders who must win the planet soon or succumb to their own AiR bent folly.’
`One’s abdicating soul beckons its own ilk to finish off the AiR job started‑‑ for the rewards of feeding on the carcass!’
`We all have some AiR but in proportion to intellect so then is most dangerous with a curious conscious mind!’
`Once a conscious mind learns it can survive much better with­out its goading predatory id, chaos begins as AiR, yet Chi can be the difference when used to drive out that id for good!’
`Stem cells will be found to be of no greater aid than what sympathetic CNS control has, especially with AiR in its mind!’ `The faster now IQ gets developed in the human the faster will come its result‑‑ in mass human suicide, not a bad thing when it is understood the agony of evoked AiR for a like end!’
`Phyto chemicals as sympatholytics suppress fight‑flight, thus autoimmune (AiR) responses so may be the cancer cure needed now.’
`To realize one’s body is being used for a hideous objective is apt to cause deep concern as curiosity, thus its rapid need of an AiR disease, before too much of reality gets exposed. This net function of the fight‑flight CNS defines Freud’s Thanatos!’
`Viagra’s danger lies in the potentially suicidal whose id can rebel with prepared AiR not yet discerned by the medical people.’
`The happy transition from overt AiR to chronic health only occurs when an alerted conscious mind learns how to use Chi with effective gusto, especially with some damning curse to alert the Christ self of a sever need!’
`The point of no return comes when the conscious mind learns to suppress overtly its predatory soul, thus defend itself from that irascible `self’ evoking AiR‑‑ if not overt suicide as now seen in APA (Psychiatric) professionals.’


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