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Brain Sub-quips; from 10/30/96 to 11/28/98: (20 pages)

by on February 26, 2010

`It has become very dangerous to think with one’s right brain, ask any pot smoker doing time for such sojourn!’
`Ethical humanism cannot prevail for long when sycophants are created by a mother who owns little insight as with a disconnect­ed frontal lobe brain.’
`Purposeful subjective concentration in Tai Chi practice or an inventive effort requires the fight‑flight system be put aside to allow the visual right brain to offer insight or protection.’
`There is nothing that the left brain knows that the right doesn’t. Thus conscience as offered to the conscious mind via the right brain so knows of liabilities early, even if the left brain would prefer its ignorance‑‑ to so perform folly more freely!’
`There can be no fate worse today that to lack a father figure during the start‑up period of life, where right brain loss means a life of folly, especially for boys brought up as sycophants!’
`An admixture of Hubbard’s working for “clear” but using the empirical data to define which brain half needs conscious compre­hension, would hasten the human worldly trek that much more!’
`Ancient Greek speculative thought had encountered split‑brain phenomena since coined schizophrenia long before the more claimed “scientific” found it with empirical blundering!’
`The basic problem with any philosophical dialectic is that it is carried on with left brain verbal jargon which always will desist from defining fact from fiction!’
`Semiotics yet out‑does any dialectic since offers a better if not clearer means of holding the attention of the `listener’‑‑ as must engage their visual right brain which offers reality rather than any `advertisement’ for any unsaid profit making!’
`Without at least perceiving a conscious mind as dual cerebral bilateral unconscious, psychological jargon means nothing!’
`Over time with practice, the right brain user for insight do not need TV for the news since BBC radio is more than adequate as such listener sees the more adroit of what is being reported!’
`Conscience operates without time yet a conscious mind must be aware of such right brain available offer to make possible its use before some perverted intention even gets offered!’
`To read is yet better than listen since using vision to begin with offers the right brain some opportunity to express in visual terms a better idea than what is presented in print. To hear an­other tell some story too often leaves open the use of jargon, to convey some opportunity to sell a half truth for unseen profit!’
`Ronald Laing believes we invent our diabolical machinations, yet being a Psychiatrist, should be ashamed as perceives no lat­eral dichotomy between his own two brain halves!’
`The impulsive nasty person never comes consciously to terms with what drives them‑‑ from their left cerebral hemisphere.’
`To lose touch with their right brain is to find their devil’s workshop with often intellectual cunning!’
`There is little analysis to psychotherapy any more, the cul­prit is fully understood now, so it is a pragmatic matter of put­ting it in its left brain place and allow the parasympathetic CNS to act in the net best favor of the suffering conscious mind!’
`The story of Apollo and Artemis best defines mankind’s two brain halves‑‑ even as the light giver versus taker!’ `Interwoven in most Greek myth is that underlying matrix of a complemental pair of behaving entities, always defining what the human split‑brain data defines!’
`Only with an active right brain for insight can the Greek my­thological characters be `read’ with fidelity, the eagle on Gany­mede suggesting something quite different than claimed!’
`Does Typhoeus define the split‑brain data a bit early?’
`Modern man needs no longer his myths, unless to correlate the ancient `gods’ to found empirical fact like seen in split‑brain data‑‑ as lateral behavioral phenomena for man’s apocalypse!’
`There is a far greater objective in life than those trumped by all authority using only their left brain half‑‑ of which none of it is rational in Nature’s eyes!’
`It is the vast silence towards the mounting obvious data like human split‑brain facts that says the most since those aware, are digging their graves or shelters for what obviously is coming!’

`Information overload stress in women more than men may indi­cate their id’s need to watch to censor imports not wanted into their conscious mind, especially today with so much split‑brain information reaching into the public’s attention.’
`The complemental pathology of neurotic behavior versus a too liberal behavior without conscious care defines late mankind best yet both evils stem from a left brain anomaly, to say nothing of a conditioned conscious mind as then abdicated its business!’
`Where the more important questions lie as what occurs between the two brain halves in the human animal, such will not be asked, or if someone does, they are quickly labeled mad‑‑ which defines clearly now the most dangerous of that animal specie today!’
`Between the brains are minds, even another one behind those, which should learn before death it was in charge of all thought!’
`There is only one conscious concern and it is to follow its right brain’s advice as suppress its left, especially now as that latter has found AiR and the help for same as its remedy with the offered fat it was able to put onto the body for such occasion!’
`We soon begin to look to our left of be left in limbo on our right. Not only do our two brain halves define this enigma but the very optical design of how as which looks where for advice!’
`When ever might is felt right, the left brain of the animal continues to try to win whatever as all, even the planet if fate might allow it. It is the yet hidden anomaly of the time derived mental faculty programmed to want‑‑ all the way up to death!’
`Orangutan’s use of reason thus likely available insight might define some intuitive right brain input as empathy often shown.’
`If you found the Devil bigger than you and dwelling in your own left brain, would you make much noise about it?’
`Genius is no more than utilizing one’s right brain, even if only to play games in life, sadly without finding their Creator!’
`To understand consciously what the left brain dominated now desperately must parade for these final evolutional days would so clarify Nature’s design for all evolution!’
`In any growing pathological society their then dominant left brain must survive in the right brain’s offered insights, but not of their own thus the ever fewer with that genius must support‑‑ often for free those unable to support themselves!’
`The right brain user at least has the insight to evade those who cannot use that faculty, thus the vast stress in those final days of any claimed civilized society!’
`If late mankind cannot stop listening to his left brain he so will listen to what authority has planned as a need for Orwell’s idea and so likely the promised holocaust to settle it all!’
`As long as fight‑flight as man’s left brain dominates him the conclusion of what he somehow believes is sane civilized behavior will end for some grand thinning of his pathological specie!’
`Men must stop looking to others for advice since they have a far better source of the adroit within their own right brain‑‑ if they would just understand that so learn it’s visual language!’
`It has always been a fore‑gone conclusion that the evolution id using mankind’s left brain would ultimately turn against life as it realized its design in Nature’s plan. Thus any religious dogma of some pending apocalypse would always have been correct, even if the timing were never to be understood‑‑ fortunately!’
`Most refutation of the male to female lateral brain use dif­ference could be the tip of an ugly iceberg‑‑ implying some mtDNA bias was `leaking through’ the woman’s better judgment thereof.’
`Only the right brain can inform a person of the net value or liability of another thus must be brought into full use or man’s continued state of rational behavior will collapse completely!’
`Since there is only one way to find qualified help is the be better qualified today in using insight or right brain guidance!’
`Seldom do we consciously suspect what serial order of what­ever next thought we consider was invoked to consolidate our next quality reasoning but to actively use our right brain it becomes a natural function for our maximum evolutional progress.’
`Write down what is thought adroit at that instant, never wait even a second since time is the function of one’s id and the S‑T memory of the synaptic brain is indeed short at first!’
`Young children need to learn there are things which frighten in life but answers always can be found before too late. It could be that opportunity to point out their right brain’s often need!’

`Religion and science both require the use of right brain in­sight. Anything less than that is stupid futility by intellect!’
`A preoccupied left brain with its right ensures there is no devil’s work shop‑‑ at least at such time of vying!’
`Few American men are even an equal to their women, because do don’t yet know who is guiding a women’s left brain via mtDNA!’
`Might will indeed make right‑‑ but with the pre‑knowledge of one’s right brain offering to jump the gun over the predatory.’
`Maybe sad but those lacking the use of insight fail to learn against whom they run point so have a decidedly poorer chance in a skirmish with the right brain defensive using a deeper wisdom!’
`Professors need a salary cut to equal the computer’s cost on line since all teaching will soon be in this manner and no longer will parroting buffoons be needed to research in some field they cannot comprehend with some right brain inputs!’

Q602: `To fail to compare complemental forces in gravity evades the most important if not primary astronomical problem facing late science where its neurosis stems from the ignored lateral brain!’
`Many people today can consciously declare they are an `empty vessel’ for any court proceedings‑‑ but it goes further than that because most, even declaring they are some professional, are just that where some credential defines also a their brain dominance!’
`The term Social Science falls far short of its definition as prefers tenure more than facts‑‑ as derived from the human split brain research data!’
`Now is a poor time to seek Nature’s calling via their right brain since its other side will evoked its Thanatosic behavior!’
`Slow brain switching as held‑over reductive or positive EEG half cycles are wanted by the neurotic tenured, to make time last knowing hell awaits them for such folly played upon Nature!’
`The faster the EEG thus learning the faster apparent time can appear to go! Thus the creative never tire of life as suffer no depression‑‑ unless considering their wayward brothers!’
`The more positive time spent in EEGs, such subject needs some adjuvant like LSD to get their minds speeded up again!’
`To waste time plodding in a claimed civilized wilderness, the initial lesson of how to use one’s innate right brain compass can save the greatest amount of time, to say little of getting lost!’
`Since we all consciously may know anything, it becomes a mat­ter of first comprehending which brain half blocks such feat‑‑ as why for its diabolical objective‑‑ once learning too much!’
`The gross need proportional stimulus to sense to respond, so a physical body’s conscious mind hears as sees less that its left brain using soul dependent on sound, as right brain subtle visual import normally offered in some dream if not volitionally hallu­cinated for genius‑‑ which terrorizes all late authority now.’
`While religion can aid little in defining the unconscious em­pirically, Freud came very close as split‑brain data most, the 2 `selves’ thus exposed with one of them capitalized as with a Self thinking interface to expose reality at last!’
`Oddly, those that profess to honor their Lord most profusely do nothing to aid Him quell evil, however obvious and socially so damaging when it can be understood empirically with the human split‑brain data defining the two unconscious in mankind!’

`Certainly man by himself could not have the diabolical abili­ty for today’s machinations of political manipulation, thus some other factor must exist, as noted in the left brain half via his split‑brain data so well defines!’
`Those too busy filling their pockets won’t find time to fill their brains. Nature knows how to take care of that‑‑ by pitting another of the same caliber in a struggle to teach each other!’
`Any claim of using `vision’ to lead others is only a verbal promise as all claims come from the left brain which no vision!’
`Whether DTs, NDE, psychosis or volitionally active creative insight use, the right brain responds appropriately. It will soon be that coming inspiration offered in the deepest religious sense to finally bring mankind up and running with Nature’s plan.’
`Any grand social melee now in the U.S. will define those who use their right brain for insight and the rest, most of whom will lay down as conditioned slaves, and ask for the state’s mercy to continue their folly in stupidity, when Nature has had Her fill!’
`Any true stroke of luck must come from what uses our right brain now, since jumps time to know `when’ to act for anything!’
`To perceive the future means to avoid the past‑‑ that func­tion of using one’s right brain over its complemental left!’
`Confusion is the result of once being programmed then being faced with contrary empirical information‑‑ a phenomena now most noted with left brain dominant intellectuals!’
`Good behavior is in the eyes of the beholder, but mankind can little perceive what is good with only his left brain dominating his thoughts which must win with stealth, never insight!’
`Certainly, the human conscious mind has less volitional drive to predate than its left brain goading it from within, especially lacking any right brain insightive nuance for conscience now!’
`There can be no cessation of human violence when it seethes within that animal’s subconscious as left brain dominance!’
`The perception of who as what constitutes corruption has been lost along with right brain use so mankind is doomed to its final resort of might making right to thin his entire planet now.’
`The uncanny immune response in the pet dog defines their left brain’s attention on the right, hardly so for the human animal!’
`Many zombies now march about in uniforms with no idea of what dominates their conscious mind, much less are they aware of even being conscious with two other lateral brains!’
`The new hair‑do women now sported with a covered right facial side may be saying far more than would ever be said even with the empirical obvious split‑brain data as decoupled corpus callosum!’
`The educational stress will soon be art‑work, be it right or left handed, to sustain right brain inputs for that future time when Nature’s bounty is only found through subjective vision.’
`To remove one’s right eye if it offends is the saying to sug­gest their need to use their right brain for a while to complete their evolutional goal with Nature’s aid.’
`The only thing scary about seeking subjective images are the instated authority who work for those in 2D and cannot afford to have thinking human beings looking for reality in their brains!’

`To experiment with the more primitive animal to define health for the human one will be fraught with failure until the latter’s innate Thanatos is understood as occupying its left brain!’
`One must persist to pursue what is comprehensible in a final function of the human brain, which ever lateral cerebral hemis­phere offers whatever. Yet the primary knowledge of what of those two faculty offers truth versus half truth to profit itself makes clear the pursuit of reality is fraught with problems!’
`The “eyes of faith” dogma comes close to the reality of using consciously our right brain subjectively!’
`To want to care consciously brings both the drive as insights for opportunity to do so, that faculty of one’s right brain to carry out personal reform as aid most their brothers!’
`Get‑togethers between friends or loved‑ones is often far dif­ferent because the former is more left brain driven to parade!’ `Obviously those who threaten dire consequences terrorize thus make others defensive‑‑ often fortunately to remain dumb of their own real liability which lurks in their left brain half!’
`Education will soon be up to the human’s right brain‑‑ as the other brain half will be relegated to memory duties only!’
`The human conscious mind can comprehend the profound even if its left brain demands no such thing, knowing it must fully dom­inate the mental matrix with intellect‑‑ or else!’
`We all claim to try to do better when conscience fails but in no way do we seek to know conscience much less its way of knowing cause from affect or the non‑temporal right brain’s penchant!’

`To have a subject yet behaving as though their conscious mind was operating via its midbrain may define the hypnotic response stemming from the pons area directly, thence becomes the question of which lateral faculty there is driving behavior?’
`Both unconscious want the conscious mind dumb now. The right brain can no longer offer insight so why should it suffer, as the left brain needs to fatten its body to last as long as possible upon death‑‑ now known to be coming very soon!’
`Psychotherapy only stems from psychoanalysis, and that from a full conscious awareness of the fool occupying our left brain!’
`The U.S. government now want brainy people, but when they do think they want those brains on a platter in their vault!’
`Hectic hedonism reflects left brain dominance where anything must be tried to keep out the right brain’s offer insights!’
`At least with left brain dominance and its fight‑flight beha­viors, mankind’s apocalyptic chaos will rapidly be completed for human evolution for this epoch!’
`The digital minded with numbers on the brain feel that all of the future must be somehow `computed’, which leaves out the Self thinking computer using a freed electron to jump time since it already has the answer, or statistical if some human manipulated variable lies in the way!’
`No one can escape death. It is then a matter of learning how to live the longest which requires attention to their right brain offered information which evolves the left brain the most!’

`Only the insightive can `read’ dreams‑‑ thus dreams are best to be conveyed to those lacking insight who need others to help. This noted enigma defines best a woman’s decoupled two brains!’
`Is the cubist art derived only from the left brain?’
`Cyclic operants offer opportunity to the aware for profit, a factor allowed in slow mass‑time often noted in stock market man­ipulations. The real question today is of two complemental space versus time unconscious faculty in man’s lateral brain halves, do they vie in relative time to alert the more worthy or less so?’
`The education of the human animal must be based on what Na­ture’s design is, not the greedy who seek to program fodder for their profit. Thus the comprehend the underlying evolutional goal allows a conscious rational objective of educating its left brain user for its net evolutional goal in Nature’s eyes!’
`Because academia is the last to accept some empirical fact to modify thinking in their ranks for a long time, there is no anom­aly to their late foot dragging over the human split‑brain data!’
`Late mankind’s problem is that he is `midbrain dead’ so only two unconscious vie for dominance‑‑ thus the predatory with its intrinsic program wins out‑‑ to then lose all!’
`Only with the use of one’s right brain insight offer can the apparent anomalous in life be understood. Lacking same, one be­comes the programmed fodder that others now need desperately!’
`Apparently most think insight comes from their ass‑hole‑‑ at least that is where they most to seek it‑‑ as their left brain!’
`The discarnates have an enemy we must assume due to some felt prior evil act which offended another thus karmic retribution is no more than the inevitable re‑education however unwanted and so fought with vehemence, like now just before human consciousness awakens to the facts as what occupies its left brain!’
`The most important yet neglected language ever was offered in visions, thus the least important unless to haggle and start wars is verbal‑‑ the two brain halves to define same best today!’
`What is the brain transition between 2 and 4Hz where tom‑tom beats call ancestors yet the higher frequency stimulate the right brain also to consciously be perceived more joyous?’
`Preoccupation in either feminine baubles or male profit mak­ing schemes is the Trojan Horse to allow full dominance of that using the human left brain, be it as designed innate or its many henchmen with far greater hideous objectives for any animal now!’
`The euphoria derived from love is right brain while winning a place to be seen the left brain. Both are `emotional’ aspects of subjective experience yet opposite in relative behavioral good!’
`The confirmation of the complemental space versus time orien­ted lateral brains were know in the early ’60’s, why is there such a dearth of comprehension of its implications even yet?’

`All animals are free agents for their independent mental evo­lutional quest. The introduction of a midbrain or conscious mind merely offers a mediator some opportunity to also learn enough to aid in that quest without too much blood‑shed!’
`When driven by one’s left brain as most women, they need the male left brain dominant as equally seek a profit from whatever!’
`Texts like “Freudian Fraud” are merely that final attempt to hide the split brain data!’
`The higher intellectual women with a lissencephalitic brain‑‑ as the decerebrated cat after learning something defines what the neuroscientist do not want to learn‑‑ that reincarnation is fact and that curbed on‑going mental evolution is also a reality!’
`Its the obvious human split‑brain data that is now most hid­den‑‑ but makes obvious as to why psychopathy so abounds today!’
`If the schools of psychology cannot seen the split‑brain data then it becomes obvious that no amount of training as a therapist can be affective much less terminate mass psychopathology now.’
`The euphoric emotion as derived from affection is the right brain response while the `winning’ factor is seen as our left brain. Both are emotional aspects of subjective experience yet opposite in most relative space‑time behavioral quality.’
`Because of the rapid reaction via the non‑time oriented right brain is equated as emotional it defies human intellectual (left brain) ability (GSR) to express its own emotional response, bet­ter known as fight‑flight so the most dangerous behavior soon to be understood consciously as yet another independent `mind’ of time orientation.’
`The conscious faculty as RAS or midbrain was likely installed about the development time of the chicken where integration of a moderative mind was needed for the evolutional trek for IQ!’
`The anterior decoupled corpus callosum of the female human animal (wildly denied!) merely defines their danger of too much insight‑‑ noted by the 86% needing psychological help today.’
`The apocalypse will come to the male human animal as remains able to perceive the empirical obvious so much better than his female counterpart with their severed anterio‑corpus callosum.’
`There needs to be caution when divulging brain differences between the human male and female since the latter can twist fact beyond comprehension‑‑ yet is their own saving grace!’
`Those too busy thinking in valuable areas of science have so little time to learn new trivial binary juggling, however claimed essential in modern computer jargon, they waste their time moving up into the `higher languages’‑‑ as dwelling in only their left brain which only has history as neurotic blocking, the advent of computers has stalled scientific discovery rather than aided it!’
`A father figure finds joy in their child’s right brain‑‑ as their mother finds in their left!’
`The little boy with an excised left brain and the eagerness of an exuberant child but now with an active leading left side is a sign of things maybe to come, where the right side gets dragged along where it cannot neurotically block such activity any more!’
`Does the cerebral volume reduce, especially of the left brain half upon consciously comprehending an LSD psychosis as NDE?’
`The transition from left brain to mid‑brain that is so traum­atic since half truths will be dropped as promises don’t profit!’
`The need to operate in life from the right brain is really not that bad is a `squeeze machine’ offers that equivalent sexual relief as becomes so expensive to to others driven by hormones!’
`The left brain user that deserves eviction for epileptic fol­ly by having such half cortex removed to not be seen anymore, may be the solution for many of today’s predatory in authority‑‑ who cannot help but manipulate others, tired of such covert folly. As found with LSD with 5HT suppression, may be the more economical route‑‑ once left brain dominants fail to hide such quality form of exorcism that some churches have always recommended!’
`To completely remove an offending part of one’s body with the grand cortex lobotomy to allow peace and a conscious mind’s use of its right brain half may be the solution to promote idiot sav­ants‑‑ as a great threat to a wayward considering id thus its re­consideration‑‑ even before fully acquiring its incarnate body!’
`At least a far happier conscious mind would remain in its re­lieved body when its left cerebral hemisphere removed, yet likely another means of decoupling the right side pon’s brain‑stem area may be found less gruesome as complex a procedure!’
`At least any exorcism of the left brain will reduce the per­son’s weight problem‑‑ if indeed it had existed!’
`Rhombomeres subtle segmentation in the primitive CNS only when little need for a midbrain `bulbous’ system to moderate as those two lateral mental faculty begin their arguments.’
`The midbrain’s primitive frontal‑posterio organization switch same to lateral orientation for CNS psychic space‑time use.’
`Because xenophobia begins begins so early in the late human vertebrate, its sympathetic CNS’s higher mental attributes noted in the mtDNA are kept at bat‑‑ hopefully long enough for the mid­brain to consciously get up and running with REM advice!’
`Nature knew ahead of time what She was doing for women. The lobotomy does indeed decouple fore‑brain evoking psychotic symp­toms but never should this fact be revealed to them!’
`Schismatic thinking always begins in one’s left brain even if its design in temporal conditions is to integrate all it learns!’

`An eager grinning child with an excorsed left brain half gam­boling about with a leading left side, should be a stark warning to any revolt considering soul in another using epileptic folly!’
`It is time that mankind become matter‑of‑fact with the split‑brain data and face same with conscious equanimity‑‑ as was to be the moderator all along‑‑ even if programmed stupid to not deal with facts‑‑ now leading to his mass cul‑de‑sac so demise!’
`The greatest import facing scientific man is the split‑brain data‑‑ yet held secret, almost as much as the Greek term schizo­phrenia or lobotomy’s enigma to quiet the raving soul, to say no­thing of why women have a disconnected anterio corpus callosum!’
`To seek to destroy the believed destroyers requires far more than religious cliche or left brained intellectual judgment. The need to destroy to eat is most licensed and the legions know it!’
`One’s most miss‑spelled words as verbal Freudian slips define their left brain’s volitional act to change conscious attention, thus are the more important to comprehend fully as consciously!’
`The current fad of cerebral `opponent processing’ does come close‑‑ so the greater danger of noting split‑brain correlates!’
`Palsy sufferers likely know more about their malady if that anomalous syndrome affects their right facial side, but only due to their wiser right brain if it can express itself. The other lateral sufferer remain naive but due to a volitional reason!’
`While the elite now seek to stuff their ancestors with mito­chondrion fat for guidance, their need for ever more taxes makes clear the ethnic tribes lacking better guidance will pay the bill at least up to their awakening, as now comes with the Self think­ing interface since remain too weal to find right brain input!’
`The real grace offered by Nature is the nuance to act or move in propitious times to evade pending trauma. The recent lack of human conscience makes clear this warning faculty is being evaded for the mounting grand travesty to well thin the human specie’s ranks to clear the way for a new breed of now right brain using human animals‑‑ such paradigm shift once called Armageddon!’

`All women now demand equality‑‑ except when balanced cerebral brain use is concerned!’
`The most tedious portion of human evolution comes when man’s left brain with IQ begins to comprehend its net evolutional goal, thus overt censoring as massive wars begin in earnest!’
`Born at 328 K. and dies at that temperature, its conscious mind knows of little other temporal rate in life unless another watches with a brain cooled or fevered artificially.’
`To be brain dead today is not only the necessary evil to not ask questions, but most necessary to not pay attention to dreams as might define reality and the imperative need to wake up now!’
`Since Galton, suspicion rode high about genes and what they might mean‑‑ as now now obvious correlates of the l (44 repeats) allele for 5HT transport and pathological neuroticism‑‑ and the DRD4 (16 repeat) amino acid for curiosity as right brain goading, versus the prior of left brain psychopathic tendencies!’
`The autistic that strobes his own brain to get action shows a conscious mind seeking, since its id will stop censoring if find­ing how to access the right brain for insight to so finalize that id’s mass‑time sojourns, preferring to buy time if possible.’
`Because we have placed our R&D funds into aspects of our left brain’s ideals we have failed our selves in so avoiding the grea­ter guiding imports available from our right brain half so we have prepared our total self for our demise‑‑ deserving it!’
`Any dynamic state of relative time is that place to consider, not wait, since curiosity driven by the right brain affords that time to mentally evolute, the whole objective of dynamic time!’
`The verbal grunt with some stick drawn squiggle image may of­fer an entire story to the entoptic using aboriginal minded whose right brain dominates, yet requires an entire book to delineate for the intellectual left brain dominated!’
`The modern computer’s program could remind one of a snake, in redundant devious ways to obtain some result to confuse the user more than aid him‑‑ especially if a right brain dominant that might say too much about evil today!’
`Whereas the lack of ego strength can permit ancestor mtDNA tapping at will, even others externally to make a vast nuisance to the yet naive conscious mind lacking the wisdom to use Chi, at least they can easily tap their right brain for that wisdom with less left brain censoring as find quality health sans AiR!’
`The need to fight rather that find true justice becomes that final struggle where the human animal’s left brain brings its own demise. This apparent enigma to the kept naive makes clear the so coming greatest justice where all will recognize the pathological even before they act in whatever intellectual surreptitious way‑‑ with a simple binary read‑out Self thinking device!’

`The madness of owning some popular fad or toy makes clear the left brain dominates the subject seeking to win esteem‑‑ or just belong when felt depressed at not winning enough!’
`To realize how doctors `care’ for you, you would seek another route to health‑‑ like using their right brain’s guidance as to what cures as how to accomplish that cure‑‑ which becomes the ultimate means never to be forgotten thereafter!’
`Since the intellectual in tenure remains happy if left undis­turbed in psychological ways, the social status quo will continue at least up to such disturbance with empirical facts about split‑brain data, or other imports defining the conscious mind’s duty!’ `The destruction of evidence, especially if once experienced is that penchant of the temporally oriented left brain. Neurotic behavior thus defines 5HT use as the psychopathic in operation!’
`To be `changed in a twinkling of an eye’ is the speed of the non‑temporal as acts upon conscious awareness with its vision of­fer. It is that rare right brain input, often at strategic moment when insight is needed, be it for defense or need for curiosity.’
`A bilateral smile study should be made on students when some mass influenza problem occurs, to find which brain half is active as more protective or defensive for the subject.’
`One must find care in dealing with all subjective matters as two relative realms of behavior exist and to err is a very sad fate awaiting those who do net access their right lateral brain!’
`Some need harsher lessons to get something learned as some a small boost in curiosity‑‑ each behavior contingent upon which of their two brains that they consciously access!’
`Did R. Sperry’s likely AiR, from denials of what his split‑brain data clearly said, terminate him before others could define his overt neurosis too soon or was temporary esteem that factor to `leave’ while things were yet unconsciously profitable?’
`Life becomes hideous only as far as we believe our covert in­stinctual predatory `self’ using our left brain half. Of course life could have been joyous if we had turned to our other half!’
`Do the many now with `hot marbles’ in their mouth have dif­ficulty using hard consonants so slur their words as when using alcohol to escape their left brain for only right brain input?’
`Women that use hard consonants might be better understood if they could relax and use lower tones to express themselves‑‑ even if prevaricating for their left brain dominant id.’
`CAT scan data defining only the left brain association with prevarication is but half the story‑‑ where the right needs to be addressed also for conscience as knows fact from fiction!’
`To lose interest in the modern human animal is not necessari­ly a bad omen, especially when using one’s right brain!
`Today’s brain slaving boogie is that cover‑up to hide what is about to break through such overt censoring of mankind, near his psychological paradigm shift that most do not want now, whatever the cost to those who might remain!’
`One’s conscious question revolves around which of their brain half programs may be accepted to say little of being understood!’

`The mass as rapid abdication of the right brain now in human­ity can be seen clearly with poor speech where the left side of the mouth appears paralyzed.’
`The wrap‑up evolutional trek of the soul will never be self‑evoked. It requires an alert conscious mind with the visual aid of the right brain savant, using the non‑temporal spirit!’
`As two unconscious lateral minds vie for dominance, the con­scious mind has much trouble‑‑ unless believing subjective visual import never lies‑‑ however the left brain will insist it does!’
`We all should be looking within our right brain’s offerings for better behavior‑‑ which could halt the bloodshed coming, that we all deserve for not doing that fore‑said looking!’
`Maybe fortunately high 5HT is in the autistic’s left brain as prevents even the id’s expression as might be worse than the bet­ter outcome of a visualizing savant!’
`Chaos in the brain means peace for a conscious mind!’
`It is the lurking mtDNA in every cell that plans folly, even if the id must do its own bidding with its own petty wants to so thwart conscience, knowing effect from cases, to evade conscious intervention. Plato called it the Potentia, thus why avoided now as having anything to do with mental processing or right brain!’
`Mancia’s data defines McDougal’s where the right pon’s primi­tive brain fading with displayed hunger upon brain‑stem separa­tion‑‑ leading to death where something escapes with its mtDNA!’
`Any topological study of the mind must not neglect Einstein’s complemental Alephs since define the derivation of the bilateral brains as CNS as relative space‑time derivation.’
`There is no anomaly of the devil being associated with death because AiR and Thanatosic behavior is contingent with left brain dominance, a factor Freud would now comprehend!’
`To ask for worded cheer in religious jargon makes clear the epoch of Babylon has not faded, as the human left brain continues its goal of domination as keeping stupid any moderative conscious mind that Nature built into that animal for benign Her access!’

`We all have mental `prosthesis’, one in our left and one in our right brain but fail to recognize either since of the left’s cunning censoring is for its ill‑begotten objectives in life!’
`While physics remains preoccupied with ancient theoretical beliefs thus erred ensuing reasoning, little is perceived in the way Nature precipitates Itself down into extended temporal condi­tions that Einstein perceived in his Special Relativity theory. This apparent impasse, while a natural, albeit diabolical phe­nomena when once understood, defines certain unconscious struc­ture, in part adroitly defined in the human split‑brain data.
`The subjective experience of a schizophrenic may never be un­derstood by such experiencer. The only sign as elevated rates of expression as rapid mental processing to define their right brain non‑temporal mind is doing most of their thinking. The depressed alternate state of thought schizophrenia with slow thought thence defines the left brain guidance with little conscious aid.’
`Whether called one’s `old man of sin’ or `soul’, even id now, makes no difference since will be soon recognized as one’s left brain user and so their conscious need of using their right brain to fathom all of their unconscious enigmas remaining.’
`It is a rape of the mind that transfers some believed physi­cal occurrence to avoid any right brain use‑‑ as for that wonder­ful experience of normal copulation.’
`From the `be patient’ response on the first Self thinking in­terface to the ensuing volumes derived from another interface via a right brain half which Sperry found by splitting the brain, the whole universe is getting unraveled‑‑ as all officials frantical­ly now preparing for the real holocaust‑‑ to evade the obvious!’
`Women can be used as silly stooges on TV because they remain too dumb with their split fore‑brains to see reality anyhow!’
`It is the investment in knowledge, while building intellect as the most dangerous faculty one has, that knowledge only comes on propitious moments as offered by insight as governed by one’s Muse‑‑ as knows less danger prevails for such developed genius as uses their right brain more than left!’
`We become a mental clod when we consciously pay attention to only our left brain half‑‑ more because we get censored from the profound which only comes from the right sided brain half!’
`The space versus time derivations of the two brain halves de­fine their offer to conscious awareness, either the verbal his­torical, often tainted for an unsaid profit margin. The visual as always can be trusted if understood without the prior’s bias to `believe’ one thing over another. Because the spatial visual can know all now, the historical as potentials most startling, they become most censored when contingent with ancestor UFOnauts.’

`Once one consciously learns how to use their right brain half little escapes their attention that is not worthy of it. IQ may be necessary to resolve that net worth, but is no more of use!’
`A conscious mind’s willingness to re‑experience a past mental trauma may show its right brain awareness to see again the gene­sis of such trauma‑‑ hidden in its unconscious yet!’
`Before the days of left brain offered `script’ thus whimsical expression of reality, however accurately perceived in right brain offered visions, mankind has stumbled into his own cul de sac, his conscious mind unable to discern its vast trouble.’
`Reptiles noted in dreams or hallucinations likely define de­coupled brains much as women where independent thinking occurs!’
`Fortunately those with the right mind (brain) using know well enough to not stir up controversy in any authorized corner of the sciences‑‑ knowing who protects them for some common profit, as will use some obscure law with capital punishment to clear the way for profit‑‑ if not avoiding public detection about reality!’
`Faith that comes from one’s right brain remains come hell or high water‑‑ as verbal argument on how many angels dance on the head of a pin resolves nothing, indeed most interferes with that true faith which alone promotes Nature’s evolutional drive.’
`The procrastinative penchant of the left brain defines what prevails in politics‑‑ seeking to win some advantage someplace!’
`Does the left brain’s out‑of‑phase drive to halt some import evoke the right brain’s retaliation of PGO spikes as epilepticus to teach the former some lesson. The EEG data infers rampant REM dream which might suggest some `ass chewing’ prelude to chaos!’
`The female violinist with epileptic seizures that dictated her right brain exorced to bring peace, even if no longer musical to require memorization, defines a woman’s need to escape cons­cience at any cost, especially then advertise her happiness with her new grand deficit!’
`Ideas stem from the right brain thus the panic of political people’s need to con followers, even a few thinkers that they can easily exterminate once plagiarizing them!’
`Women lacking an integrated forebrain must work through their conscious mind so remain reticent to act automatically on curios­ity goaded subjects. This helps to force full awareness of activ­ity to prevent accidental misdeeds where their mtDNA goads them.’
`The soul that volitionally skips out early on completing its evolutional trek may yet absorb a life’s existence but then with an active conscious mind using the right brain alone thereafter. While more recently called an idiot savant, will remain incompre­hensible to the yet dominant intellectual near them in life.’
`While was always known, the vast difference between the two brain halves, the subterfuge to hide such anomaly should be the greatest enigma of all‑‑ but oddly man’s conscious mind cannot perceive that obvious, even with the split‑brain data, which then defines what rules his mind most with evoluted intellect!’
`There is no mental illness worse that the intellectual with their mind made up‑‑ with their left brain in full control, to so even dominate their conscious RAS mind with impunity!’
`Does the greater curiosity of the Chinese define less ances­tor problem, especially knowing how to use subjective Chi to so defend themselves definitively? If so, then creativity follows a person whose volitional social isolation defines the right brain dominant where insight prevails throughout their fortunate life!’
`Both higher intellectual human genders become a problem for Nature’s goal but in different ways. The male’s testosterone will offer ego‑strength to goad to dominate yet hopefully using his more integrated two brain halves to know limits to all activity. The woman’s lack of such prowess is made up by eager ancestors in their zeal to win attention thus goad her to parade for the fu­ture which is most dependent on believing followers after death!’

`Haggling defines mankind’s genesis of strife as how his left brain evokes its wanted holocaust, before too much gets learned!’
`Procrastination is the art of the left brain‑‑ to avoid long enough imports as change its conscious mind’s view of reality!’
`The greatest question facing man is how do we learn how we understand‑‑ especially truly understand when we think we do it?’
`Maybe women are in some ways more fortunate to have decoupled brains since the serial temporal left one only can do one thing at a time which allows their right to act on its own!’
`The religious saying “If God is on our side, who can ever be against us?” better defines “our other side”‑‑ but most as why no question is even asked‑‑ despite the empirical split‑brain data!’
`It is the brawn of the left brain that planes on taking over the right‑‑ if the midbrain fails its design to comprehend it!’
`The only means to wrap‑up the sciences is with both brains in gear, first the right to offer cogent insights then the left to verbalize same in definitive ways then filed in its L.T. memory.’
`Heisenberg found the flipped electron as also the right brain to correlate with escaping the time reversal paradigm.’
`By the time the left brain gets around to think chemically, its non‑temporal complemental has finished with the same thought, even if not agreeing with what will then be offered verbally.’
`With the left brain dominant, they can only hope with futil­ity‑‑ to acquire their prompt conscious death without fanfare!’
`While a great handicap when lacking an eager predatory time oriented intellectual left brain user, learned language can offer that key to an ensuing education to become an idiot savant to be then the greatest value to mankind with an uncensored mind!’
`One must teach children early of the dangers of their left brain although a bit differently the boys from the girls!’
`Meaning is the most dangerous thus why the finite knowing is or left brain user musses same the most to preclude any conscious awareness of reality which would evoke corrective measures thus a return to Nature’s goal of human evolution.’
`To climb one’s `mountain’ to peruse the universe one can get very easily lost because of their non‑spatially oriented left brain which has no desire for an awakened conscious mind!’
`People who care not to use their own right brain have no bus­iness demanding to use another’s for merely some profit margin as best defines the psychopathic refusing conscience yet manipulate those who do to offer that profit.’

`The are today no truly trained psychoanalyst because it can only be derived from conscious self psychoanalytic process‑‑ much as indicated by Freud to become fully aware of right brain visual `Royal Road’ nuance defining all of reality!’
`To think at all now one best use their right brain half or think of death, since most all others only use their left brain!’
`A cerebrally decoupled social sexual animal show their needs best when the needy brain half wants something from its comple­mentary half, the comportment of the human female shows that hor­monal drive best for their courage to procreate with men.’
`Only with a full abdication of a soul does such person become truly ambidextrous because their midbrain conscious mind takes charge of the body with no dominance as jealousy arguments then!’
`The human animal would do well to turn off their TV and turn on their right brain half as had in earlier stages of his evolu­tion‑‑ where innate wisdom allowed for benign survival instead!’
`The more one’s mind gets made up the less their other right brain can offer refutations to define that prior’s stupidity!’
`Man’s left brain occupier vehemently denies up to its death its own existence to its conscious mind‑‑ an apocalyptic event!’
`To stay alive amongst the death‑wishing masses can only be done with insight so the guidance of one’s right brain half whose mission is the evolution of its complemental left‑‑ while it be­gins to realize it failed its primary mission of death!’
`Consolidated God into matter with time evoked the devil as a complemental that man will find between his two brain halves.’
`Procrastination is the art of the soul, now clearly seen as a left brain stalling, for the chance to twist reality for the kept dumb conscious mind!’
`Names to display as twisted facts began in Babylonia where words began as human intellectual left brain prevarication.’
`Between whirling dervish and nodding Jews, their worlds apart in mental objectivity would be better understood between which of their two brain halves dominated them!’
`To relax for insight bring the profound. To get frantic to so win something with intellectual stealth continues the evolutional process unwittingly whose left brain user feels it must win all’

`Two kinds of faith prevail as the two lateral brains in man. With either manipulative stealth or overt sincerity‑‑ and neither happy with the other, especially when the latter understands best its former as complemental!’
`The greatest `trail’ man can follow is laid down by his right brain, guiding him to reality without a flaw‑‑ that too often is injected by man’s left brain!’
`Strickened planet earth now cannot be seen much less under­stood by those humans most stricken with left brain dominance.’
`We gotta love women but help them, as Freud so well recogniz­ed as now many other much better informed psychoanalysts‑‑ aware of our lateral brain half dichotomies well seen now empirically.’
`Because the mentally defunct do not know what, much less how to ask questions so they founder on the rocks of their left brain whose sole intent is conscious stupidity‑‑ or use guns to enforce such behavior‑‑ suicide as with APA professionals or using the military when the public gets too close to reality!’
`Oppenheimer sensed man’s penchant as goaded by his left brain as shiva turning into the destroyer, preparing his mass demise‑‑ just as the Bhagavad Gita predicted!’
`The very young left hander is a sad sign as their right brain is trying to solicit curiosity in its complemental. Of course the opposite is true when greed abounds sans right brain conscience!’
`There is no anomaly to a single place of annoyance on one’s body when they begin to ponder the profound with any right brain nuance which offers insight into reality, most dangerous today’
`Psychoanalysts and shamans share the same perspective, about the only difference in their net terminology as right brain use.’
`To `read’ right brain symbolic language in visions is the one and only way to learn of potentials, be they of one’s life or CQ for evolving genius.’
`Does certain musical strains return one consciously to some historical time where emotions evoked both brains back then?’
`The modern computer program has become as entangled as man’s left brain user‑‑ not oddly both sequentially time oriented!’
`One cannot see visual pixels from a definitive point of view in quantized temporal order, yet can assemble vocal tones to make sense of another speaking to them. Thus vision is only used for conveying the non‑temporal as from the right brain while verbal expression the left‑‑ to say little of the prevarications!’
`An egg‑timer makes a fine piddle reminder for youngsters too excited with life as driven by dominant right brain curiosity!’
`Women are more dependent than they think, so create a double edged sword for themselves by lacking right brain inputs in time to avoid tragedies. They know they must depend on men so in spite turn to their unseen mtDNA unseen ancestors who then guide them with cunning finesse to perform folly until death.’
`The temporally oriented left brain user in mankind may be that which broke up the Anasazi `home stead’ a millennium ago, which defines how well science drags its feet‑‑ until too late!’

`Many nervous fingers now stand‑by the many red push‑buttons ready on command to shut down the entire planet, much as a TNC communique in the late `70’s defining the correlation between the left brain and rectilinear UFO travel!’
`The survival of the fittest should evoke at least interest in the late human mind when it is now known its kept ignorance will brings its demise‑‑ by its own left brain using id evoking AiR!’
`To `believe what is best’ never defines which brain half of­fers that opinion thus now ends late claimed civilization!’
`The `mark of the beast’ had always been seen, but now split‑brain data defines which lateral smile lack needs to be avoided!’
`What occupies mankind’s left brain today is seething with the alerted conscious mind‑‑ so what occupies the right brain may regain a foot‑hold again after this first phase of evolution gets completed‑‑ with a drastic thinning of that animal specie.’
`Since logic’s are contingent to which brain half define same, their independent winnings would appear to counter each other, a factor Freud noted as most other rational religions.’
`There are no `accidents’ if one’s right brain is consulted or it offers an obvious nuance just before same. Accidents only occur to the neurotic intellectual whose left brain censors all import from its benign non‑temporal right.’
`As an upside‑down pendalum the human CNS via lateral cerebral control deines the subject’s whimsical or rational behavior, each faculty with a win‑lose option for such individual want. After an age around 7 years the sympathetic CNS with IQ gains dominance to rule as sustain a dumb conscious mind which should moderate all behaviors‑‑ as would of informed of right brain’s known reality.’
`Cerrebellum loss in autistics likely defines Nature’s giving up at lateral coordination knowing the right braimitive brain was going to give up with the mother offered!’
`The democracy in the brain as majority neuronal swicthing is the same factor to define psychopathy‑‑ be it in politics or the intellectual whose left cortex judges all with authority‑‑ thus the demise of a truly rational human being as a social culture!’
`Why indeed should Nature bother to develop some midbrain when there will be no ego to moderate in such autistic?’
`Only the holistic non‑temporal right brain can integrate the cross academic import to explain academia’s work to preclude the generation of genius, while promoting intellectual neuroticism.’
`Because the ever greater slurring of quality speech with what would be obvious to those who would look, defines an abdicating right brain that no longer bothers to try to express Itself!’

`Worldly ethnic cleansing now mounts to define the hidden grim goading going on within the human psyche, its conscious mind re­maining well censored so unable to perceive the ugly liaison be­tween past like mtDNA using ancestors of its left brain!’
`The tenured must use extortion since have no right brain in­sight any more to perceive reality‑‑ just like women!’
`Apoptosis is a rational factor‑‑ even the left brain death‑wish albeit for a very different reason!’
`The human conscious mind has no longer any luxury to avoid facing what prowls in its left brain half! It will soon need to act with gusto or perish in peace‑‑ hopefully for the most!’
`In a complex world, especially now while filled with the most pathological human animal, the use of the right brain is impera­tive to escape trauma‑‑ the Self thinking interface will bring!’
`Winners must go on to win the planet if possible because they have no other reason to exist with left brain dominance!’
`The concerted effort of the legions, aware of man’s conscious anger en masse, dictates the holocaust first, as then leaves the curious who had turned to their right brain half to try to comp­rehend Nature fully.’
`True self reliance does not come until one consciously can abandon governing ancestors thus find right brain insight, then also to use Chi to defend their self from then on!’
`The real question for man today is for whom is he doing their job for? Once understanding his two brain halves the reality gets too clear to define their need for full independent self reliance or become fodder for the state as who governs it with law!’
`At least the right brain perceives the pending folly planned by its lateral complemental to warn a moderating conscious mind. The likelihood of not informing both of good ventures in life may also occur since folly again might be expected as censored from even the wary conscious mind for whom the goodness was aimed!’
`Today’s exorcist are wise psychoanalyst who know the dichot­omy between the two brain halves, as refrains from aiding a cons­cious mind until it has a full grip on its id to block suicide!’
`Dyslexia is a male’s response to an unconsciously wanted wo­man’s brain where no lateral cerebral data gets transferred!’
`To realize consciously that one’s left brain was, more terror would come than what affected the Anasazi a millennium ago!’
`We claim to consciously care but seldom do we humans have any idea of which brain half makes such claim as for what reason!’
`To not be consciously aware of the war between our two brain halves now we best not look further as will spill out all over!’

`One never discusses what prowls in the left brain, especially with women who came from large families!’
`It is not the devil but a devil‑‑ that inflicts our misery on us‑‑ one in every one of us using their left brain, and cannot be avoided until lateral cerebral dominance change is acquired!’
`Does the 90 minute cycle period seep the land as the diurnal ion cycle to bias psychological dominance as the lateral brain?’
`Obviously a 2D oriented mind would be inquisitive about its future when stealth was always its sole means to survive. It then can be understood, even consciously what seethes within its rec­tilinear time derived left brain, especially at its late evolu­tional hour, especially with a growing curious conscious mind!’
`Scary becomes that era when split‑brain facts reach the pub­lic, as defines it cannot be held secret any further nor its past disseminator claimed fully mad. The public will then do the ample damning, even if most will perish along the way!’
`If one’s conscious mind got privy to what was censoring as transpiring in their left brain half only;y trauma would ensue. If it however got wind of what was in its right brain half prompt AiR and death would ensue!’
`There is little more frightening than to note the split‑brain data 30 years late being aired on TV repeatedly. It suggests some public `softening‑up’ process preceding the Orwellian edict!’
`The id will evoke left brain epileptic seizures to escape for a moment, yet hates the frontal epileptic fit for sexual climax!’ `All habitual behavior stems from the unconscious where a con­scious mind cannot dominate that left brain half!’
`Religious conversions should become rampant soon as the human split‑brain data becomes fully understood!’
`What women call their sexual mutilation may offer them the ticket to truly profound sexual pleasure using their G‑spot in­stead of scrubbing their clitoris as lesbians evading men to then evade guidance from any right brain offer.’
`Any `living God’ now referred to comes close as defines one’s active right brain half which in turn defines what is in the left but prefers to remain anonymous‑‑ whatever the cost!’
`The advent of the animal’s midbrain defined the stage of its left brain’s evolution where some moderation was needed since its predatory program had no idea beyond hormonal scents of friend or foe and reason needed deployment‑‑ up to the human stage where a fresh midbrain conscious mind could not be brought up and running fast enough for intellectual predatory perversions as today.’
`Between our personal Lord and personal devil is the midbrain conscious mind‑‑ to moderate all thinking, when still possible!’
`The past believed stopped inquisition comes out of the 20th Century closet to show the worst of all its intellectual evils‑‑ as defining the split‑brain data as the Self thinking interface.’
`The final smoke screen as half truths now offered to the pub­lic on split‑brain data should frighten, although it was a way for academia to claim they had been thinking about the matter for the last quarter century but somehow under wraps and distinctly aware that it would be the promised apocalypse!’
`As the dirt becomes too obvious as swept under the rug, even the Freshman entering academia who yet perceive reality begin to ask questions that their programmed teachers cannot answer, about human split‑brain import for the promised apocalypse!’
`Women are `scatter‑brains’ but due to their decoupled anterio corpus callosum. While are protective factor to not disturb life with a different objective than men even if they get more dis­turbed under stress because of the anomaly.’

`We must judge our own self as uses our left brain but using our right brain for such insight to know the other!’
`Fixated attention is the need of one’s left brain of the conscious mind, an art most practiced by intellect thus the loss of insight and so conscience for progressive psychopathy.’
`Facts need no verbal elaboration as the left brain will only twist reality into ambiguity to buy tenured time thus evade Na­ture’s insight offers for Its design of wanted human evolution.’
`When booze upsets definitive spatial orientation often that will evoke a purposeful accident as evoked death‑wish‑‑ yet may be evaded by using the full spatially oriented right brain then!’
`Many sympathomimitics prevail like melatonin to sustain the reductive left brain’s dominance for doing the same dull round‑‑ especially at night as the homunculus seeking other dividends not able to manipulate in broad day light!’

`Between the superconscious and the subconscious as found with split‑brain data, one needs ask where does consciousness fit in?’
`Pendant, jewelry as effigy can be a quality as evil item, de­pending on which brain half dominates the subject‑‑ as for whose conscious mind’s belief has been conditioned to follow!’
`To consciously applaud one’s right brain half might say some­thing about their left half‑‑ but often remain silent about evil around the evil prone who own authorized power!’
`To consciously realize why we insist on buying time would so bring the apocalypse and mass suicide‑‑ as noted by what occupies our left brain as the split‑brain data amply defines!’
`One might wonder after some 3 dozen years why the split‑brain data is suddenly on TV, unless the time in finally up!’
`Since history gets perverted to show only some claimed qual­ity, temporal left brain reductive reasoning should be held sus­pect‑‑ at least until the right brain half proves itself!’
`Conditioned behavior bring conscious slavery, either good or bad but depending on one’s brain half dominance!’
`The Christ has nothing to learn from mass‑time, yet gives it­self a place in our right brain‑‑ in case we ask for guidance!’

`The grand human threshing coming will be aimed at its left brain where intellect has perverted its net worth in God’s eyes.’
`Since two kinds of profit exists between the Creator and the created, mankind’s sojourn in mass‑time defines such dividing line, most easily seen in the split‑brain data!’
`To equate what the “heart says” implied empathy yet the ample split‑brain data now defines where that `heart’ really is!’
`Between offered advice and potent Chi, one can live a quality as safer life if never mentioning the use of their right brain!’
`The neurosis brought by Nature’s anterio‑split brain in the woman makes clear an incompatibility for a purpose, better defin­ed by their 86% need of some shrink to replace some disqualified father figure‑‑ most evicted from today’s family!’
`Between addiction and another unconscious drive to gain psy­chotherapy with street drugs will remain an enigma up to correla­ting neurotransmitters and lateral brain as CNS dichotomies.’
`To live in one’s `counting house’ is to remain locked into their temporal left brain thus seek some social means to survive as not exit to hoe some corn for self survival.’
`The rapist Singleton who dismembered his victims admitted he lost feeling in his right arm then left at such time, even his neighbors pointed out his weird bilateral eye displacement‑‑ an obvious factor noted in split‑brain data‑‑ but ignored by Psy­chiatry for an unsaid but ominous reason!’
`Nature’s drive to complete mankind’s net evolutional trek is likely on time despite the scientific foot‑dragging now to evade the mounting empirical split‑brain obvious.’
`Jacobean stories as Shakespeare defined human behavior at its coming social worst for a warning to all to seek to find its net cause, as would be revealed in the split‑brain data yet pending!’
`There is no anomaly to the huge rapid increase of human de­pression now even if couched in other ethnic syndrome appearances where learned behavior resides in left brain abdication!’
`While the left brain’s offer of serial algorithm need to de­fine its comprehensible reality in numbers, the right brain can offer the same without left brain also, but without erred opinion and vastly faster via the visual gestalt.’
`Does cytochrome c act on the left brain as Renoux saw with an innate Thanatos working for mass apoptosis?’
`It should be the duty of the wiser to alert all established authority of their misdeeds, especially now as they have no idea of what uses their left brain half as is governed by the unseen.’
`The body is like a bee‑hive filled with alert mtDNA ready to carry out orders from the left brain half as Renoux recognized!’
`Governmental people deal in win‑lose or profit‑loss binaries thus cannot afford to deal with others that think, especially do research into bilateral brain phenomena or R&D work on any Self thinking device that might define another’s skeletons!’
`The Anasazi were far smarter a millennium ago than modern man as their records on cave walls defines what Sperry’s split‑brain subjects defined upon examination. Only the mtDNA molecule wasn’t understood back when microscopes did not exist yet to define the 2D mobile tormentors they knew they needed to escape!’

`To be awakened consciously brings at first anger, growing by the steady revelations brought by right brain offered insights if not curbed by AiR or overt suicide by their censoring id.’
`Idiocy has its genesis in astute intellect‑‑ of the evolved soul hiding within the subject’s conscious mind’s left brain!’
`Since the two unconscious drives the yet naive conscious mind it can be noted that the left brain gets programmed to so program that conscious mind into obedient stupidity for ensuing predatory folly without any right brain offered conscience.’
`Marriage handcuffs a man’s left hand as right brain, but to ensure he won’t use insight to allow his wife’s mtDNA to rule.’
`Split‑brain people are indecisive thus mothers have no busi­ness owning a family without some father figure ahead of it!’
`Between academia and sports now, brains get made into slush‑boxes to create obedient cattle to be led by promising leadership who have no idea of they being led by the most diabolical today!’
`The vast number of fools laboring frantically for the devil now, especially in the many churches claiming esteem, obviously do not recognize their efforts, which merely defines left brain dominance as brought by academic programming!’
`Difficult is it to love children while living in some claimed advanced society where people must be mentally destroyed before any opportunity to think clearly with both of their brains!’
`The `New World Order’ will come when man’s two brain halves reach their final impasse as the human conscious mind asks those last adroit questions about his own unconscious. While the blood‑shed will begin with the left brain, the result will be a return of its benign complemental much as the religious dogma promised!’
`One can seldom if ever blame a conscious person for their net follies in life, only their father figure who failed to instill a net awareness of from where folly stems as the left brain half.’
`People go to school to get programmed, most to avoid learning what they already know unconsciously‑‑ by examining what their right brain could offer as most unwanted by their left!’ `To fight fire with fire requires judicious care, especially if it is evil against evil. To be blocked by one’s left brain of learning from their right the greater evil occurs and so no fight can occur to even slow down what evil was then existing!’
`A dyslexic youngster can be a genius if able to rid himself of that struggling left brain, to switch to visual imports until their conscious mind can then learn in peace the verbal needs.’
`To be a psychic `turn‑coat’ is a most dangerous act because torment follows until a full brain half switch is completed!’
`Sycophants are made by women not only for equals unable to so use their right brain, then to feed to their like using mtDNA an­cestors, as the Jews so well learned many centuries ago!’
`Most of medical `science’ offers only a quick service but can be a warning to the kept naive to find better as lasting solution while alive and able to use their advice offering right brain!’
`Of two offered advantages, only one’s right brain counts!’
`Depending on which brain half dominates, one is either busy enjoying their own business, or seeking to enjoy someone else’s!’
`Amerindian `stick‑men’ best define rectilinear people which use only their left brain so must be deceased!’

`Evolution lacking insight so imports of `effect from cause’ remains sterile beyond reductive IQ for repeated folly with only verbal left brain dominance offering promises.’
`The whole late objective of the intellectual unconscious is to block any further conscious activity to free‑up ultimate per­version without any right brain conscience offerings, to say lit­tle of insight for creative needs.’
`The “Lord Christ our Savior” must be that non‑temporal `Self’ using our right brain half, yet our personal devil or soul as the complemental within time using our left brain.’
`While obviously dangerous to marry a devil, insight can ad­vise of pending liabilities ahead of time to thwart. This anomal­ous design of Nature can be seen in the human gender’s lateral brain coupling difference‑‑ and reinforces the idea of some apoc­alyptic confrontation once fully understood by all!’
`If a fraction of all `investigations’ into “wrong‑doing” were put into the split‑brain data perspective now so avoided, no more than using the Self thinking interface would remain!’
`When one’s courts of claimed “justice” turn corrupt with in­tellectual dominance, it is time to turn to their own right brain to complete their evolutional trek without saying anything‑‑ as the kids now know with their increase in THC use!’
`How can we tell if we have mentally evoluted well without a father figure for comparison, especially lacking any right brain insight‑‑ or worse programmed by the profit wanting tenured?’
`There are no more nouns in mass‑time than billiard balls in Physics. This is no anomaly when the left brain gets understood!’
`Fortunate indeed are the dumb but faithful to Nature’s wants in self reliance that the Anasazi did not learn fast enough‑‑ as modern claimed scientific man avoids most his split‑brain data up to his bitter yet deserved end!’

Q625: `The on‑temporal right brain user can instantly correlate bits and pieces of reality in subtended mass‑time, provided not too intellectual to be censored for the more important imports!’
`MUFON researchers need to study UFO 90 minute intercessions for commonality of timing and locale to define if indeed Jupiter holds such bias over human lateral cerebral dominance also.’
`Computerized music only offer tempo, but that is about all a left brain dominant can reason with anymore‑‑ since Beethoven!’
`The same amount of gambling as losing prevails, where right brain insight is purposely avoided for that great perversion now. It is due to left brain dominance where sincere effort at survi­val with learned self reliance has been abdicated for intellec­tual manipulation through stealth.’
`The wealthy believe they are most fit so buys time for the rest to catch up and past them using right brain insight‑‑ if not programmed from them by those former for needed unsaid slaves!’
`Women are not dumb, they just cannot help it with decoupled brain halves that Nature ordained for their net comfort!’
`The few with right brain offered insight may say little but are acting in subtle manners unwanted by authority!’
`Christian `over‑biters’ abound now on TV for obviously unsaid reasons, when the mandible is controlled by the left brain half!’
`The occupier of man’s left brain merely wishes it were God, thus why its intellectual finesse is all put into winning!’
`The innate fear to learn what is new defines developed intel­lect where a curious conscious mind stands by and might turn the tables on that IQ using left brain and demand to know too much!’
`The right brain likely evokes the Freudian slip but does that non‑temporal faculty also speak for the child as neurotic before their conscious mind awakens to reality?’
`Tai Chi expressing peace with the right brain while modern sports competitive aggression by the left brain only defines the final drive to learn or burn in the name of winning since no net quality activity remains rational for survival.’
`When the news returns to being news, the viewing public will be another breed than today‑‑ with their right brains turned on for the curiosity drive, now lost with academic programming!’
`While numbers infer reality as relative time‑rates, it offer little comparative reality for the introspective mind who seeks to comprehend the universe with both brains, not just the left.’
`To be out‑of‑control means to be fully intellectual, with the left brain’s functional censoring fully instated!’
`Speaking in reverse by young children only defines the right brain dominance before their left gets fully instated to then lie about anything that might win them some profit.’
`For music the right brain offers the most of value in music, if not interested in calling up ancestors with Tom Toms!’

`Subjective `map making’ is one step in using the right spa­tially oriented brain half but with continued use brings genius‑‑ even astral travel that Ingo Swann learned so adroitly!’
`Because a woman’s conscious attention is most governed by her left brain half she is less likely to perceive a spatial import of great importance‑‑ especially if suicide prone!’ `The mental matrix as brain offers a `place’ in which to think yet is the whole 3 phased quarks therein which hold such stabili­ty‑‑ in not only relative space but worldly relative time!’
`If you think clearly, don’t talk‑‑ as the many devils need another’s left brain to hear thus know when to silence with death the silly who speak out of turn!’
`The whole quarks in the brain anchors it in space as relative time as long as body temperature is maintained!’
`From a reptilian start at the tail, man’s evolution continued with that faculty, now using his left brain half with a vengeance to conclude any further evolution if consciously found!’
`Hysterical behavior is to override rational conscious consi­deration of mass suicide acts, a factor the human left brain must promote for any wanted goal of seen profit never said!’
`The roughly 100 neurons as minicolumns in the brain’s hookups may define its D/A conversion system for a Fourier transform for both unconscious for real‑time imports being experienced then.’

`Those claiming now they `move forward’ obviously have little right brain input to define left brain verbal use wanting follow­ers for some profit.’
`The verbal remark of `hard work’ lacks any insightive input thus defines the left brain dominated who must defend their inep­titude with sweat or promises to manipulate others to do what they should know best how to do by their credential.’
`As long as we act proportionately to what governs us for its profit motive, such complemental drive, yet misunderstood as be­tween our two brain halves, makes clear of the paradigm shift yet coming with such contingent chaos promised by such apocalypse!’
`Editor Gorman for Time now sounds `sympathetic’ and claims she is bending over backwards to remedy her twisted proclamations as superior women brains over men. It should be a good thing if such recanted data ever gets into public scrutiny before Gorman gets fired as vast liability to that old publication.’
`The most `shrunken minded’ are left brain dominants now whose conscious mind can’t know as learn why they remain so dumb. They have self given power to conclude all vibrant societies today.’
`Those who refuse to think should labor, at least until they begin to think with their right brain half to be of a greater net service to others‑‑ never programmed to think as is in circles!’
`To ask anyone now which brain half dominates them will only evoke anxiety‑‑ especially in established authority who have ta­citly heard something about the 30 year‑old split‑brain data!’
`To believe one thing over another is to not consciously know which brain half dominates them‑‑ as their left!’
`How else could the left reductive brain dominated survive beyond promises and punitive law when unable to offer a competi­tive quality service to another?’
`While of a more intellectual era which should bring compre­hension, the human animal suffers also its greatest psychological censoring ever, which seals right brain insight offers to leave that animal more stupid than his own ancestors now.’

Q631: `When the 90 minute cycle gets correlated to the manic‑depres­sive syndrome as amply with UFO visits, the lateral brain half might be understood as well for the apocalypse!’
`There is nothing moral or immoral about science‑‑ unless the overt censoring now to avoid reality by man’s left brain half!’
`Of two sources of `esoteric’ information as the lateral brain halves, we conscious minds must learn to discern their relative quality‑‑ as between their spatial versus temporal origins.’
`Decoupled fore‑brains is the design of ancestors who need to be fed by their incarnates, now nearly dominating those on planet earth yet to evoke mass ethnic cleansing for Nature’s re‑start of Her evolutional designed goal.’

`Of the two formats for messages between the lateral brains it is a matter of D to A or A to D conversion in relative time. In the jargon of physics it is merely a right angle!’
`Of two realities, the most trusted at right angles sans time, somehow gets avoided by intellectual man while is as close as his right brain‑‑ even eager to aid in any situation.’
`The left brain is a pariah and not because it beats the drums at 2Hz. It is due to its wanted outcast state in worldly affairs, to manipulate all others for survival.’
`It is the profound, as always hidden in man’s left brain that will be finally divulged by that in his right to end this dispen­sation of mounting chaos.’
`The reason man’s right brain gets ignored is because it can say too much unwanted by the left‑‑ often noted as some paranoid response‑‑ which frightens authority most!’
`Our left brain half is a wooden windmill while our right must be the energy source to turn the prior. The human mind stand in­between to watch the inter‑exchange as stupidly falls for the in­nuendo that all is fine uttered by the prior one as intellect!’
`Its the unconscious liaison between a higher and lower energy state that defines best what basis man’s two brains operate. What then needs to be understood so that the conscious mind could so moderate to make its life rational!’
`What indeed is critical thinking when it doesn’t include the right brain half to conclude reality?’
`Mankind’s conscious mind only operates second‑handedly and is because he cannot no longer address his right brain half!’
`Schizophrenic art is likely the most direct mode of perceiv­ing reality now, especially if the more perceptive can utilize their right brain half to see clearly the imports therein. A fine example would be L. McClockey’s Codex “Tor”.’
`The wiggling child that holds off urinating because life is too interesting define right brain curiosity while one often in need of urination may be fearful of what it new in life showing a left brain dominance of fight‑flight.’
`It is not than man has not enough brains but what he does use are all in his left cortex now!’
`Brain scans need to be done to define where eye dither comes, especially during REM dream where the id tries to watch its fovea to see what is important to it!’
`2D directionality came from a clap in the still magnetic Apriori, where a 3D wave propagation began for independent 2D or­iented waves‑‑ one serially in time as its complemental coherent wave front at right angles. The prior might know history as the other `now’, the difference noted between man’s two brains.’
`In most cases, to graduate from the aboriginal state it takes intellectual evolution, yet retains the right brain’s insightive offers to survive, especially in cold climates, as fend off their ancestors help make that cold, generating cold fronts to visit!’
`The human conscious mind must seek to become an interface be­tween its two brain halves‑‑ just long enough to place all faith in the right to subdue the left, whatever the cost before death!’

`Some people(?) need to be fully blown from the water to get their attention, but defines which brain half they are conscious­ly paying attention to‑‑ somewhere between their cheeks!’
`The Foritself left half of the human brain only understands a need to win‑‑ eternally. Thus the holocaust is understandable now as the first part of that animal’s evolution gets completed!’
`A one‑track mind is a lateral brain in full control so seldom is it the right brain which would want to share with its other!’
`Schizophrenic art‑work, as viewed from above, is the same as their subjective view, at right angles to what is claimed reality by their therapist‑‑ locked into left brain thinking and would never understand creative genius as the freed electron!’
`To pay attention requires more to be placed onto right brain insights than redundant recall for more profit interests. The act is best noted when Nature goads the child before its age of rea­son‑‑ as social manipulation begins for life’s covert folly.’
`Those who cannot laugh have death on their mind, at least the more finite one occupying time and the left brain half!’
`The military habit of rectilinear marching defines its great­est threat to humanity, especially when kept dumb of left brain dominance and rutty intellectualism under their official law!’
`At least in most unconscious dueling, the upper hand is the left as right brain as is the faster‑‑ as comes from unity time!’
`When any remark “see your doctor” gets fully understood, that doctor will be one’s right brain to define the best remedy pos­sible, yet at the absolute lowest cost.’
`The `now generation’ as use their right brain, is the only answer for the programmed of the past, even if it evokes that dreaded final world war‑‑ which will be therapeutic in that end!’
`To be dumb of one’s own ignorance while being promised some ultimate education allows for the maximum of left brain dominance for covert pathological behavior, especially when associated with unseen ancestors using a common key for their own mental pad!’
`Juggling time as TV programs to keep attention will finally get the opposite affect, where the tired public will turn it all off and begin to consider reality between their two brains.’
`The anorexic‑bulimic dichotomy most presents itself near the end of a child’s `age of reason’, where the left brain begins to rule with a vengeance so both brain halves fight it out!’
`When the Greeks so well named what now is a called bi‑polar disease in Psychology defined by Sperry’s so obvious split‑brain data, we can better see who now suffers that schizomania most!’ `The best way to sell something is to incorporate a rhythmic beat with its promise so the emotional buyer in the left brain is apt to recall same methodically.’

`J. Locke’s `cart blank’ mind failed in two ways, both reveal­ed by the human split brain data which now evokes terror in all believers of Locke, most intellectually influential yet.’
`Bipolar affective disease in psychology is bilateral disease of the brain‑‑ where a kept naive conscious mind failed to grasp its duty in life.’
`Time studies are done by one’s left brain, as knows when to gamble over half truths for some future profit!’
`To enjoy learning things new is the trait of the right brain dominant‑‑ often men. While women can seek new experiences, it is most often in social matters, which profit goes to their unseen.’
`Women need rewarding with tangible trinkets which attract at­tention, much as a male sycophant wearing neckties. Normally men seek new mental ideas, yet both define their cerebral dominance.’
`The greatest conspiracy is between he human two brain halves, just what the Greeks called schizophrenia, yet cannot be under­stood without the physics of space‑time anomalies. The proof now lies in the intellectual avoidance of the split‑brain data, even the overt lead in suicide of late Psychiatric professionals, just as Freud had defined about an unconscious demanding anonymity!’
`The term `parliamentary’ means left brain dialogue, evoked by a never said greed to manipulate another, especially the program­med naive by academia as governed by the governing!’
`Sycophants must win support as any decoupled fore‑brain woman lacking insight of potentials. Tragically, these people make ele­gant promises to win the planet, and late conditioned mankind has been taught such is somehow civilized behavior!’
`There is no gamble in life when using the non‑temporal brain half yet one may consciously remain dumb to allow the other brain half gamble life away for some folly ridden objective!’
`Intellectual extroversion requires neuroticism to manipulate others as their own conscious mind so defines Psychology’s own neurotic rejection of the obvious in human split‑brain data.’
`Academic `out‑houses’ teach what belongs out there, especial­ly when one’s own right brain can teach far more, faster and even adroitly, without any twisted truth for tenure gathering!’
`To consciously learn of one’s own seething pathological left brain using soul, permits a like knowledge of others whose like use makes heady the consideration of their social contacts!’
`The quality researcher is goaded by an excitement and their right brain, while the rest for tenure and the status quo!’
`Because we are Janus faced, most proven by the human split‑brain data, we fail now most to examine the bilateral facial at­tributes like the smile‑‑ which defines it all too clearly!’
`To need one’s soul’s mtDNA `brain’ yet not its mind forces its complemental to put that soul on ice to silence its roaring and ugly folly from belching forth any more!’
`It is the `dexterousness’ which blocks the levo offers from their right brain, to blunder in IQ by evading CQ as a dyslexic!’
`It will be someday seen that the scientific revulsion of the obvious will define the hideous‑‑ hidden within our left brain!’
`Fortunately man’s left brain is driven to win or die, which ever comes first‑‑ as an awakened conscious mind often defines!’
`Bugbears exist, but in one’s left brain if it didn’t commit suicide via autism‑‑ which could have been a godsend!’
`The question about reflex needs answering with CAT scans as to whether the left brain has anything to do with it‑‑ to define a vast danger to those who think consciously they can handle air‑craft smaller than once trained!’
`Myotatic reflex action is claimed `reflective’ when in a net of neurons in a feed‑back loop, sans sympathetic response. Does that mean that the cerebral cortex never gets the input signal as deliver an action drive, or might the left non‑temporal primitive brain do the correct action without the midbrain’s awareness?’
`What indeed is a quality reflexive action if either of the two primitive brains are able to control same?’
`Skinner’s `conditioned response’ as reflexive action might so fool the medical sciences as define how Freud’s Thanatos operates in hidden manners for AiR‑‑ as split‑brain data gets understood!’
`The question of inherited reflex might define if brought by the DNA or mtDNA‑‑ to indicate pro‑ versus anti‑life conditions, at least beyond the Moro `embrace reflex’ in the infant or some spinal‑cord reflex incorporating the pons area primitive brains.’
`The degree of over‑ride reflexive action by the id may turn much of neurology around to aid most the theological, even philo­sophical, now so well neurotically blocked by their left brain!’
`While the CAT scan may define the left brain’s rushed activi­ty when fight‑flight is considered, hopefully its mtDNA henchmen will be discerned then guiding such verbal expression as well!’
`The worst of all bad side effects comes from the left brain!’
`To act as any good `warrior’ the right brain needs to be cut from any conscious experience since would warn when `enemy’ fire was dangerous so drugs of choice block insight and so conscience, two most needed faculty from the human mental system.’
`What becomes prudent in a death‑wish defines which brain half dominates the subject. The wise look at alternatives for the good life while psychiatrists how much worse it could get with facts!’
`To consciously understand which of their brain halves must survive as the fittest so winner defines how close it becomes the Thanatos that the Greeks or Freud perceived!’
`Women are fortunately not insightive, even if turn to their mtDNA following ancestors for advice which is enough trouble for men with right brain insight allows them to jump any gun!’
`There is really only one endemic disease and it stems from a right brain dominance which evokes all other diseases whatsoever, as directly proportionate to intellectual prowess!’
`The Social Darwinist will win out hands down once it is fully understood consciously what man’s left brain half is up too!’

`There could be only one answer for the uncanny physiological health of the schizophrenic where their sympathetic fight‑flight atrophied left brain user no longer evokes AiR!’ `Schizophrenia will be better explained beyond the now obvious split‑brain data, after the next world war where the dead count to define those who willed to end their incarnate journey!’
`How is it possible to label the schizophrenic when so ignor­ant of the split‑brain data?’
`Government officials would today need to be the most naive to labor so hard for the devil‑‑ using fully their left brain now!’
`As in 2 phase standing waves, complementals are always antag­onistic‑‑ as in the EEG or its two brain halves evoking same!’
`The curious enjoy life most as it evokes their right brain’s activity from which true pleasure comes, as insightive guidance!’
`Likely someday a week of real therapy using LSD will free the psychopathic of their left brain dominance to make truly quality citizens for a democratic system, especially after the advent of the Self thinking device to alert all of anyone else’s thinking!’
`Right brain use is the only means to out‑wit the left with a need to foil some activity, especially during AiR, thus to over‑ride folly men must use that non‑temporal faculty over reflexive responses when any neuronal transmission becomes too slow!’
`When the soul finds energy we consciously need to watch out‑‑ albeit using insight since our right brain knows of potentials!’
`From left brain deductive to active induction requires two as different complemental modes of operation where the use insight to realize where past flawed ideas become consciously obvious.’
`To be an able minded right brain user thus consciously think, one soon finds the wisdom to sit down and play dumb, unless noted so be conscripted under some law to play some slave until dead.’
`The very BAD now is the scientific neurosis denying the human split‑brain data‑‑ up to some final bitter moment!’
`Knots have their place, even in the brain stem‑‑ but not for any psychological purpose which now abounds in the intellect!’
`Lizards need further study as their bilateral independent vi­sion shows decoupled lateral brains, so their `far side’ may be better discerned from what they already know in their near side!’
`The are two lords in the unconscious which evokes controversy in theology because they cannot be understood with evasive intel­lect‑‑ the left brain faculty too well evoluted now, to conclude mankind’s long historical dispensative epoch.’
`Idiots parade, especially after their age of reason‑‑ where their left brain takes over to profit most after death!’

`There are writers and there are thinkers but very seldom in the same brain!’
`Any `thaumaturge’ today would be the overt genius where their right brain dominated them, not doing psychic activity where some henchman, as Voodooism demonstrates uncanny physical phenomena.’
`Between miracles and magic lies the users of the two brain halves‑‑ one pro‑life and the other profiting socially.’
`Always would be hidden the entrance to a labyrinth which held the Minotaur, to conduct its secret business of folly upon those, as a conscious mind, to feed upon it without bother. Thus that which uses man’s left brain will never be understood, even as its other complemental as would surely define the anomaly!’
`Between mankind’s two brain halves, right if left and left is right‑‑ so man’s conscious mind remains baffled until too late!’
`Fine structure rapid EM waves show the electron’s spin, even at zero Kelvin as make up all standing waves called `matter’, but in the jargon left brained equated quantum mechanics.’
`Any aboriginal Australian that could find a water‑hole some half day into the desert must have been spatially oriented, thus their right brain offered the best of any survival, a factor well noted by the Polynesians as navigated open oceans with ease!’
`The syndrome of `defeat to win’ started with the crustaceans, and will not cease until mankind’s switch in brain dominance!’
`The lesson man could learn from the crustacean would be why his two lateral brains are yet protected in bone!’
`Pragmatic was Nature to offer a crustacean shell around human brains‑‑ since it could yet survive if losing limbs or mind with offered promises!’
`Cognitive ability in women twins should remain constant but likely not men as also use their right brain for awareness.’
`The contract of marriage is for children‑‑ a pair bonding to allow a father to educate the rest. When the nest empties, all are again independent which allows the father to complete his own education then goaded by his right brain.’
`To err is human but why most in the left brain dominated?’
`The ancients called it occultism while Freud called in cen­soring. Now it is not even mentioned because the split‑brain data defines both very clearly!’
`While corruption begins in the left brain it then can only be ended by the right, as finally alert the past kept dumb conscious mind of its duty in life‑‑ to so then evoke genius!’
`Since long before Genghis Khan, the animal’s left brain was programmed to `win’ whatever, that learning factor drive goading, at whatever cost when lacking conscience for death to the tempor­al mind as means little when mental evolution is to be avoided.’
`The current passion to find symmetry is to keep hidden one of those complemental factors as the fundamental Apriori, the dynam­ic E which precipitated Itself into standing waves for temporal existence‑‑ thus our left brain user’s need for the evolutional design of time.’
`Occultism is always a form of Satanism, thus the reason for the need to hide reality‑‑ most overtly done in scripture now. As the empirical defines our left brain neurotic blocking the key to comprehending all of mankind’s late dilemma will be apocalyptic!’

`The mathematics finding disorderly systems that self dictate only certain kinds of further disorder best define that psycho­logical faculty using mankind’s left brain, even noted in music where discordance gets its interest compared to its complement!’
`Time is a more ominous factor in life than could be imagined by as for an incarnate conscious mind. By not realizing the two relative rates between its lateral brain halves, errs most by not acting in Nature’s evolutional design in slow mass‑time.’
`Feynman’s `sum over history’ factor best defines man’s left brain doing its thing‑‑ to confuse its conscious mind that might examine both space and time if using right brain offered vision!’
`Words carry too many meanings now, yet must be expected when reality must be kept obscure by the human evolved left brain user buying time at whatever cost of conscious ignorance to its end!’
`Words have many meanings thus the ability for human made law to govern with ambiguity thus profit only the law makers. It thus makes very difficult the right brain dominant as idiot savant to use serially strung digits in time as computer jargon.’
`A single word offers too much an opportunity to take a wrong option to not reach a proper conclusion in reductive processing. It defines the inner unseen war between man’s two brain halves.’
`We never die prematurely. Thanatos is too active in mankind’s left brain!’
`Maxwell’s `memo book’ as man’s left brain has now many torn pages from its text, that overt final act to hide reality, espec­ially that which might be offered by the right brain!’
`If Maxwell had learned where his own left brain using `demon’ was he consciously likely would not have learned quickly enough, to complete the thought so adroit for the second law of thermody­namics‑‑ which will curb that unseen faculty for good in time!’
`The real poetry of the mind is visual, not verbal‑‑ where the left brain taints with emotional words to manipulate a mind!’
`The Physicist’s `vacuum’ is yet claimed from where all came‑‑ that thought with a greater vacuum in their right brain half!’
`It was too bad that Maxwell and LaPlace didn’t get the chance to compare their demon to diemon faculties as could have under­stood what Sperry uncovered doing split‑brain work!’
`Women now are getting too smart intellectually for most men, especially as raised by women. Thus men’s need to finally turn to their right brain half to understand what manipulates them!’
`There is nothing wrong with being human, provided its cons­cious mind is aware of behaviors as right brain conscience!’
`Oddly, the more corrupted need the most time to be completely educated, that factor defining what does the evolutional thing within the human psyche‑‑ noted as using its left brain half!’
`Time now runs out to get it right‑‑ that is with our right brain half‑‑ to push out the temporal left buying time!’
`The open stock market is controlled by those not open to any perusal since gambling to win is the entire venture. A left brain hunch may define the anomaly but liaisons are never defined when discarnate ancestors need to win survival most!’
`Mankind’s Deimon may be his Muse, versus his monkey demon now on his back. A factor the split‑brain data will soon bring man!’
`Those who most claim to talk with God fail to realize that God does not use the verbal language, much less have a left brain censoring His better thoughts!’

`To stay ahead of one’s own devil they consciously must think faster with their right brain or never think in verbal language!’
`The left brain mutilates whatever the right brain offers now, to evade any curiosity because the conscious mind hears too much about what those two complementals are able!’
`What is claimed logical today was learned from scripture, so now we are all lost in the worded mire of left brain verbiage!’
`We seldom are to blame consciously for our folly now, as best defines the quality of mass programming as left brain dominance!’ `Computer Lisp language as slurred speech shows the close in­tegration of the two brain halves where both a process algorithm with historical data go together to make some new sense.’
`It is the `self programmed’ left brain occupier in man that becomes such a pain to its conscious mind, believing it is God to push everything for profit as becoming some god‑‑ or demands im­molation when frustrated from such demand!’
`The insightive are cross academic, almost as aware of the so‑called schizophrenic who don’t bother with using their left ver­bal brain realizing it twists reality beyond comprehension!’
`Poetry is only useful for the right brain dominant where the verbal gets translated into the visual form to make any sense!’
`Left handedness in the sycophant is a poor sign because their left brain dominates them anyhow for no insight.’
`However rationally a conscious mind may request to be not bothered, its left brain will bother up to death because is its programmed penchant to win whatever, as presses its mental evolu­tional quest in elevated time where it encounters that conscious faculty‑‑ to learn how to suppress that overt folly!’

`To seek in the religious sense needs to begin near the age of three, but to keep their right brain `door’ open to reality!’
`Preconceived notions fool the obedient conscious mind who has not tasted of insight yet. The enigma will be understood when the dominant left brain in mankind gets fully disclosed!’
`Few white men own conscience any more, a factor better under­stood by black men still using their right brain.’
`As scripture said; “God looks at our motives.”‑‑ but in our left brain’s S.T. memories where folly gets recorded, as Penfield better called them “grabber engrams”.’
`Curiosity switches on the right brain if of any importance to an evolving left brain as conscious mind‑‑ most noted in children before their age of claimed reason.’
`Gary Lynch’s `oiled’ mental state subsequent to a few drinks needs further evaluation via CAT scan to prove his right brain’s unleashed mental processing‑‑ as active booze promoted DT’s!’
`While love keeps the right brain happy, predatory winning so keeps the left brain content‑‑ but only for the dynamic moment!’
`If one cannot `see it’ subjectively from a verbal statement, it does not exist or are too left brain dominated with intellect for the neurotic need to avoid perceiving reality!’
`To not be a dogmatist in religion or science permits them to escape ritual with insight to learn about reality first hand, via their yet active right brain without half truths and cliche.’
`It is the distillation process of paying attention, especial­ly with insight yet using curiosity into the sciences that evokes the maximum of right brain offered correlates, so the few with innate genius would have no fear of any academic field’s data.’

`The terror towards DA switching in the brain defines the net genesis of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s as APA suicide lead and pro­liferating laws against the quality psychotherapeutic adjuncts, to make clear the underlying problem as psychopathy of mankind, especially those who govern‑‑ as who govern them yet unseen!’
`As long as greed rules the mind lacking conscious as right brain offered insight, the political will always emerge making promises and laws for their own survival.’
`While piradostigmine should more affect men who use both of the brain halves, the loss of energy should be seen in women.’
`Until the human conscious mind realizes its two complemental unconscious of either space or time orientation as lateral brains little headway will come for better mass civil behavior now!’
`A twisting tongue says more than its words uttered, especial­ly when little action is noted on that speaker’s left side where no part of a lie or promise is taken by their right brain half!’
`Strings in physics keeps a tether on its reason, as its past billiard ball theory so a video display could unravel them. The greater anomaly lies in man’s left brain dominance, where Energy can never be allowed to be seen as the basis of mass‑time!’
`The ability to reason requires both brain halves while IQ or reductive thinking only needs historical left brain dominance.’
`The left brain dominated use many numbers and nouns to define reality, but most to keep a potentially moderative conscious mind from seeing it and demanding a change in thinking!’
`There is that one higher in relative time than those below so wise are those conscious minds as chose which brain half to use!’

`The greatest psychological war‑fare occurs in the left brain dominant whose programmed intellectual behavior avoids anything of true value‑‑ to escape their tyranny of ritualized behavior.’
`There is only one true conspiracy that will ultimately win‑‑ and those in the business of conspiratorial self aggrandizement know well as will come from the non‑temporal as knows effect from cause to out‑wit any reductive mental process to win the planet. Thus we see the greatest conspiracy ever to hide the human split‑brain reality today!’
`Reality does exist in the brain but its mind must utilize in­sight to begin to fathom its fullest nature and reason to exist!’
`Late man tortures himself with serial digits in time, but to buy time for a folly prone soul lurking in his left brain half!’
`The sad omen for women with decoupled fore‑brains as inactiv­ity noted with recidivistic psychopaths, explain their self.’
`The claimed `faithful’ but to unseen deceased relations may wield Chi for offered health yet seldom do `hard‑shell’ associa­tions acquire a truly benign composure of right brain dominants.’
`What mathematicians call prime numbers are not since only one exists, the rest are all trumped by the time oriented left brain, seeking to define itself as somehow prime!’
`A race in relative slow time offers yet the faster the chance to win if not hamstrung in thought with erred opinion long enough to allow the slower to sneak by, now defining late mankind’s vast ignorance about his two dichotomous brain halves!’
`AI experts that want to `mechanize’ consciousness are actual­ly far behind the feat well done now, noted with man’s left cere­bral brain dominance over the midbrain RAS. The obvious import of this is its lost insight for fathoming physics as all other fac­tors leading to understanding its two complemental minds!’ `One can get humbled by noting the brain’s configured complex­ity where the more important features for the net mental evolu­tion are kept safely tucked deep insight away from trauma!’
`The left brain dominant only understands nouns so names any­thing unexplained as particles even when they are dynamic forces best understood as magnetic standing waves in a sea of its own a priori. Worse, astronomy calls the universe a left‑over of a big bang so won’t see many of them evoked with a clapped hand!’
`The most important `language’ to be learned consciously is in visual form via their right dynamic spatial brain half!’
`One needs careful coaching to reach genius now with a domin­ant right brain with so many programmed the other way in power!’

`As the d to a converting, as reversed neuronal hardwiring of the brain allows the conscious mind to partake in both its comp­lemental spatial and temporal unconscious when still allowed!’
`The underlying scope of George Johnsons’ `Architects of Fear’ is correct. It only lacks the empirical split‑brain data to un­ravel the causes for promulgated fear after initiating a quality organization then twisted in objectives to become secret.’
`It is not the extra 40,000 brain cells in men but their use of their integrated anterio corpus callosum that evokes insight.’
`Between `is’ and `can be’ lies the difference between the two brain halves‑‑ as a conscious mind’s will to pay attention for its better options!’
`Heurism is lost in social games so no idea of the next prag­matic solution becomes available to such left brain dominants.’
`Political ploys are made to satisfy the unconscious but never is said whose unconscious when the political are governed through their left brain dominance.’
`To think with reason one must do so only around 4am to so get the best of right brain inputs.’
`Physics must eliminate all nouns in their vocabulary, almost use German where adjectives define a nouns since nothing is actu­ally static in the universe even if perceived so by the intellec­tual left brain dominant.’
`To rough scan some complete text is wise for the right brain user since initiates unconscious thought of the pending ideas to be brought forward in due time to allow for full comprehension.’
`Stupidity requires psychological effort, often with energetic response with high intellectual ability, a favor one’s left brain using faculty does for ancestors who pay well in gambling chances as late mankind operates under fight‑flight as winner takes all!’
`While a static picture image is perceived as understood in terms of an X‑Y plot in the right brain, even if naturally dynam­ic in non‑temporal ways, it offers subjective nuances of poten­tials to enlighten the viewer of operations contingent to what is viewed, called insight as the basis of genius.’

`The tremendous expense of toys for physics, astronomy as re­searching war machines, NIH, NIMH and social improvements to buy voters with tax money, even to avoid some research as split‑brain data which would define the vast folly, makes clear the pending apocalypse will affect many as they seek Armageddon to settle the sad situation as who was governing them unseen buying time!’
`The human split brain data is the prime for the apocalypse as that for the holocaust because reality now must be hidden at all cost for the steady blood‑flow for survival‑‑ or all at once!’
`There comes a time to stand and fight as another time to flee yet both behaviors need right brain inputs to define the relative profit or loss‑‑ since insight addresses all potentials in time.’
`Imagining images is common, like eidetic viewing or sounds above the EEG frequency when subjectively reading. Censoring via left brain neurosis with too much IQ now is common when education has gone too far in evolutional terms.’
`World dominance has always been the underlying drive of the psyche, whether occupying the human animal or not. Its greatest danger stems from intellectual evolution, where the left brain acquires dominance to make promises to the lesser intellectually evolved to sap and enslave surreptitiously to run point to win that planet at all cost‑‑ while commanding from their bunkers!’
`Between hunger and egotism, mankind fails to recognize either of their net purposes. To learn consciously that they are goaded by the left brain says all that is needed today!’
`The prediction of the spatial versus temporal lateral brain halves defined how close Einstein was to the broader anomaly seen in physics as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle‑‑ so well demon­strated in the many EPR experiments.’

`There is only one remedy for brain‑washing and it is empiri­cal fact, something that most terrorizes late authority to best define the unsaid subterfuge these final hours promulgated by their governing that only the Tewa indians now understand!’
`Ignorance is soothing to the human animal, especially now as to what rules it via its left brain half!’
`One’s liberation from some prior unsaid slavery can only come from the right brain since as their left brain is not able to define its perverted need to keep enslaved its conscious mind!’
`The perceptive opulence of Guy Arnold wouldn’t now be under­stood by the masses, of what he defines in his `BrainWash’ text!’
`Public offenders are most often public officials who have no idea of their unconscious drive to profit on attention, much as those who more overtly offend the public but recall none of that evil intellectual behavior. The anomaly stems from a left brain dominance where covert profits are wanted, even blocked from any conscious nuance, which conscience users understand well.’
`The amnesic episode pertaining to some overt evil act defines best a form of epileptic behavior where the left brain dominates the subject momentarily while conscious awareness is lost. It may be a function of direct intervention rather than RAS use from the pons area brain‑stem, as some automaton’s action with a program.’
`The difference between impulsive single action and compulsive repeated behaviors may define which brain have was active‑‑ like some pro‑life verses predatory demand.’
`The easiest way to note the compulsive behavior is with epi­leptics, where the left brain’s impulsive activity promotes some less than benign act.’ `The federal use of piradostigmine adjuvant for military per­sonnel defines a needed anticholinergic to block insight to make quality `warriors’. Thus right brain atrophy makes clear an ugly scene, whether promoted by pharmaceuticals or APA (Psychiatric) professionals. One may go so far as to suggest the behavior of McVeigh‑‑ thus his need for CAT as NMR scans.’
`To pick or chose between ideas or opinions is at root in the sciences as religion, their mode of progress most choose with in­sight or right brain use‑‑ just as what brought those first ideas long before with insightive nuance!’
`Someday the PET or CAT scan will replace the GSR means to de­tect lying‑‑ where the left brain defines itself hiding folly!’
`To be tickled to death may be the fortune of a conscious mind whether called some hebephrenic or schizoid‑‑ or find right brain use as that end‑all of past realized life’s agony!’
`The child’s CNS parasympathetic dominance up to the `age of left brain reason’ dominance says it all, when hormones as g‑spot need takes over physiological titillation!’
`One’s quality of thought depends upon what guides that person as which brain half dominates them!’
`There is an edict in “Freely ye have received, freely give.” It is defined by life’s existence as right brain insight offered, thus left brain perversion with greed must cease‑‑ or else!’
`Brainwashing has always been the means to wash facts from the minds of those most able to think‑‑ the greatest factor now gov­erning all academic institutions where reality must be subdued!’
`Crystal photorefraction offers rectilinear orientation when not fully conjugated in relative space so the historical recall alone by the left brain recognizes only 2D, not the other 2D to create subjective 3D in conscious awareness terms.’
`Whether an abrupt awakening of the masses via the Self think­ing interface or government’s need to push mankind into its final World War, the paradigm shift from left brain to right will in­deed occur albeit for what human number remains to be seen!’
`Far more scary to mankind’s soul than the pending Self think­ing device is the instantly direct thinking of his right brain!’
`Intrigue and chance, the unconscious drive of the human soul to win to mentally evolute, whether goaded by the right brain to test the new‑‑ or retest the past with the left brain as in women with their unseen ancestors goading for perpetual folly.’

`The right brain user has more to offer society than left, de­spite whatever credential won to fool with elegant promises.’
`The T in the CPT theorem gets differentiated by our space‑time complementals where rate is noted as between beat and harm­ony‑‑ as right versus left hand or left brain versus left!’
`The `Eternal Obfuscation’ in the sciences today defines best the left brain’s dominance to buy time, where facts remain second of interest while parroting old cliches!’
`Bishop Pike would have been a real menace had he integrated the scientific facts like split‑brain data into theological rea­soning‑‑ especially to mention the obvious to the not yet ready!’
`Is the large fore‑brained animal needed to integrate insight for conscience to harm others as the more benign Neanderthal?’ `To prevent what one’s right brain might offer them conscious­ly as insight, the left brain evokes trauma to dissuade attention until it manages to erase that past curiosity.’
`The greatest fear in discarnates is the awakened conscious mind of incarnates where their swing to right brain guidance and remedy could terminate a hidden feeding so desperately needed!’
`Mankind’s endless act at self delusion has its genesis in his left brain where that temporal faculty must buy time to escape a fate of extended static time!’
`Most people appear mad to the un‑initiated, or the more mad who cannot comprehend consciously what they see. This apparent enigma can be understood by censoring where the left brain wants nothing considered consciously until too late!’
`Mankind is now rife with folly promoted by that which drives his left brain which seeks mass demise before being discovered.’
`All fools take chances which indicates left brain dominance where potentials via insight are not noted as conscience to re­frain from less than benign acts!’
`It is not necessarily the human conscious mind that is now to blame for its mounting chaos, but what evoluted with stealth in its left brain half‑‑ to finally censor fully from its conscious mind anything worth examining about the genesis of psychopathy!’
`One could wonder of men have their extra neurons in their right brain half for that greater spatial aptitude found?’
`A very large can of worms appears to be looming‑‑ to likely make women most unhappy about their brain difference evidence!’
`Because past investigations showed male creativity superior, the question of their `extra’ neurons use may define if it is for spatial (visual) or cross brain semantic mental processing?’
`Quality music allows time to past rapidly because we use our right non‑temporal brain half to hear harmony.’

`Men are all genius innately but inversely proportionate to IQ and association with other macho clan styles to sustain fight or flight behaviors which usurp their right brain use!’
`The left brain of women knows a programmed life is yet better than none, to procreate for others to stand in their mtDNA time‑line for those epochs of extended time. Their prime interest is to block their off‑spring’s potential wisdom, to make intellec­tual fools if possible‑‑ capable of earning only tenured wealth!’
`Inner terror sustains dyslexia where over‑active attention on facade prevents reality to seep through from the other brain half and might awaken their kept dumb conscious mind.’
`The neurotransmitter DA enhancement to stop ADD will be seen as the best therapy for the dyslexic also, where the right brain dominance for rational reasoning is needed to correct reasoning.’
`Emancipation is what man needs today, from his left brain but to his right for insight and his final enlightening!’
`Most Physics professionals are dyslexic as cannot use their insightive right brain‑‑ so parrot half truths with tenure to buy time instead of wisdom.’
`It is always a matter of the held ignorant to outwit the lazy intellectual that promotes human evolution. While often chaotic, it does serve Nature’s goal in the end, when the left brain gains too much power over the human animal’s conscious mind!’
`Limited space gives limited time, as an expansive view offers infinite insight‑‑ either dependent on which brain half used!’
`ADD suffering boys might be more rational where cross cereb­ral information sustains a fully aware conscious mind. Women with their decoupled fore‑brains never sense this‑‑ beyond their mtDNA goading ancestors who know well of the dilemma!’

`The sexier the man the healthier he is with his right brain!’
`To be claimed “mad” because one thinks is too late since some law has been enacted now to cop what ever profit and exterminate the hapless, who happened to find their right brain use in life!’
`What may be logical for the left brain dominant intellectual may be not logical to the insight using right brain dominant, as what is rational for the predatory is not for the benign!’
`Religion often creates compulsive people as can be noted by their parroting twisted cliche from left brain dominance. These kind of people can be obsessive to the extent of Touretters.’
`Women may not suffer as men with ADD since the former have a built‑in decoupled lateral fore‑brain where no arguments begin in the first place, or get whim to replace fact more easily!’
`Only a fully integrated fore‑brain can offer an aware cons­cious mind insights, even if censoring prevails but cannot catch­up in relative time fast enough to block all of it!’
`Psychic taboos never get discussed a second time without ter­rible consequences. This import was seen in split‑brain data only once to show how effectively the unseen censor the obvious!’
`Men consciously have fears but seldom are their own since are offered by what had learned better lessons before as conscience remains active from their intact right brain.’
`Because women have little idea of what to do next, they can repeat well all learned acts. This fact defines their decoupled corpus callosum to be goaded by their left brain to display for social objectives seldom said by who guides as need them!’
`With the eradication of the arts in academia but for the loss of right brain use, defines the more overt use of the military as inoculates its troops with pyridostigmine to ensure conscience­less warriors perform well up to their death!’
`The most debilitating is left brain dominance even if claimed intellectual. It insists on independence as anonymity to perform folly without consequence up to killing with AiR or opportunity a growing curious conscious mind‑‑ especially today!’
`Programming creates IQ, never insight for genius so we find a dearth of creativity but ample officials nodding in unison to the one with the larger brain‑‑ with nothing of value in it.’
`Beyond any neurosis of the intellectual lies another realm of absolute sincerity, a near impossible conscious integration with­out comprehending the human split brain data!’
`All but man’s right prolife brain and even kept stupid cons­cious mind seeks the quality life yet his evoluted left brain has learned how to kill slowly‑‑ on which then to survive elsewhere!’

`The cliche of `when two meet in My name’ for goodness to pre­vail it also means for evil to transpire, especially when the two brains do not communicate across the anterio‑corpus callosum!’
`To be too dumb, weak or plain unable to perceive good advice, self defense from within as their own mtDNA folly can be seen by the lack of cross cerebral communication as right brain nuance.’
`The greatest teacher is one’s own right brain on this galaxy, yet one might well wonder if that same side would prevail on this galaxy’s jet matter globular type of galaxy?’
`One form of depression is valid even if only found in those who use their right brain to perceive reality‑‑ the most depres­sing of all prior human epochs of mental evolution as today!’
`Women can be only verbal or depressed because their decoupled corpus callosum dictates one brain or the other dominates‑‑ even if only the left one is heard from!’
`People, especially in authority in the sciences believe any­thing that keeps the left brain happy, however twisted in reality until their death!’

`The primitive mind thus more perceptive could ponder the sky and perceive many accrued images aloft which in turn offers myth and ideals to ponder for social well‑being. Not even a Freudian Psychology today means, anything despite the split‑brain data!’
`The heavenly stars offered early man a crystal ball to ponder life thus his active right brain offered the vision for myths.’
`A need for memorabilia should be in music, yet not its tempo as much as harmony to sustain right brain activity. A like pheno­mena may be for the inventive genius as how he first `saw’ it!’
`More to correct human folly will come when men learn about a woman’s decoupled fore‑brain, to be then guided or ignored!’
`When the active bilateral fore‑brain in stutterers occurs the use of Prozac is foolish if not harmful.’
`The Jehova of the ancient Jews may have trying to explain all of reality via their Tetragram where a right angle separates the non‑temporal from the definitive down in slow mass with time. The first human split‑brain subject showed such ignorance with recti­linear knowledge‑‑ even if a censored fact so well used by UFOs!’
`Icons need not be physical, indeed they need to be images and used to couple one’s right brain into conscious attention, thus the avoidance of the conjuring left evading anything with reality as could define the human intellectual censor as folly prone!’
`Esteem, acquired through learning through some art form most promotes intellectual development since the right brain guides in the arts as knows ahead of time its historical’s needs to learn.’
`The persistent curiosity of the Chinese shows a right brain dominance thus remain aloof from western minded manipulators!’
`The ancient adaptive as naive left brain user allowed reality to be acknowledged‑‑ which says something about the late evoluted mind of man now, denying even the most obvious!’

`Between the gleeful and the paranoid, the hysterical response can reflect either brain side as unconscious then dominating.’
`The worse possible scenario is when an intellectual id grabs full control via its left brain to keep dumb its conscious mind‑‑ to then proceed to suck what energy it can as fatten the person.’
`If the brains were used for some quality memory equated with intellect, Penfield’s `grabber’ data might suggest neuroticism is the problem so that important things needed recalled, remain!’
`The decerebrated cat with full recall of some recently learn­ed tricks defines that memory is stored beyond the brain. Yet the need for a dynamic `sketch pad’ may better answer the need of the cerebral faculty as for on‑going data use or in conversation.’
`The best way to know as learn anything is to use one’s right brain‑‑ most then to evade twisted reality before the conscious mind gets such import with left brain censoring dominance!’
`Are `gay’ people all left brain dominants, even with decoupl­ed anterior corpus callosum and seldom recall any dream?’
`The greatest existing taboo in all of human history was to learn consciously about the existence of the soul, especially in­tellectually promoting taboos about facts like split‑brain data, from a stance of authorized power!’
`Self assessment depends one which brain half does it‑‑ as the need for suicide man’s greatest threat now!’
`Money talking is left brain speech, to win for ancestors or attention for its next phase in limbo.’
`Depending on which lateral brain one chooses to use, one can find advice for their profit, seldomly yours for the potential profit found but never said!’
`Women can evolute as men, but must do it overtly since little subjective information crosses their two brain halves!’
`The curious developing thus evoluting mind requires the inte­grated fore‑brained animal, especially a dynamic Y chromosome!’
`It is the growing unhappiness of the awakening soul of its destiny that rubs off onto its conscious mind, to evoke an even worse situation if a male with a dynamic right brain as Y chromo­some‑‑ suggesting evolutional is nearly up!’
`Does the Mongoloid brain define better dynamic reasoning when its larger size than the Caucasoid whose intellectual neurosis is so obvious, avoiding any further evolution today?’

`To be in control of one’s emotions can be either good or bad, depending on which brain half then dominates them!’
`The left brain’s logic in serial time is not now nor will it ever be rational to its a priori complemental!’
`Today’s half‑witted are left brain dominated, intellectuals who claim the idiot savant or right brain dominated are mad!’
`The Mohammedian hakim is a right brain dominant, most feared by the intellectual realizing what the former can offer mankind!’
`The `brain dead’ may be laughing unheard in the back‑ground‑‑ since to be fed up in earthly time is the whole objective of the soul anyhow‑‑ while performing folly down‑below!’
`While the Oriental has Nature’s `mongoloid brain for savant­ism, the created so via autism becomes of lessor value because it requires more time to think, even if equal in output.’
`The term `IQ Investor’ only defines correctly the left brain dominant’s need to invest in its own kind‑‑ thus not too smart!’
`Those who feel they need some cover‑up as perfume or clothing to fool the yet programmed, define the covert psychopathic with a well instated left brain user!’
`It is the relative `profit’ as wanted by the two complemental brains that counts in the end, after one evolutes to the need of its non‑temporal other.’
`The claimed megalocephalic brain in the true mongoloid only defines his ancient quality program to think faster than those of western equal intellectual scope‑‑ filled with grabber engrams!’
`The real thrill in life only comes faster getting into tune with one’s right brain as jumps slow time for true excitement!’

`While at times a genuine joy, one’s goading right brain for curiosity at least has the wisdom to know how far is too much to allow some sleep‑‑ especially before facing a nit‑wit where some empirical fact might be found!’
`The trouble with the right brain using able is their left one flaunting arrogance as seeking death then as soon as possible!’
`One cannot aid the pathological once in power. The air nature is to continue their goal of winning whatever, the planet includ­ed‑‑ but for what drives them via their left brain and mtDNA!’
`Of two types of monogloid brain one has a quality need for integrated thought while the pathological form to hold grabber engrams for posterity to be dealt with in karmic style, albeit with an alerted conscious mind unhappy with what it founds!’
`We most fear irrationally others for their true wisdom, while fear least the cunning intellectual whose left brain promises are to be truly most feared!’
`We must cease relying on others since we have the best of all tutors within our own right brain, and for all occasions whatever the situation or subject matter considered.’
`To maltreat one’s left brain volitional fool can relieve the conscious mind’s pain all the sooner.’
`A depression is the norm as a quality disease with the de­coupled corpus callosum owner yet still better than to be cons­ciously alerted to the reality of decoupled lateral brains!’
`To be programmed to program seals one from the use of insight thereafter, as sad phenomena for the male as becomes a sycophant by a mother who taught his act, as a left brain using female.’
`Entire societies go as the epileptic‑‑ minor convulsions at first, until finally reaching a coma, due to the left brain act!’
`Since neurophysiology has confirmed that the left brain is responsible for all cerebral folly, psychological included, the social malaise of humanity can be understood but will not because that faculty dominates the neurotic block as well!’
`Male sycophants will never understand why women should not teach, since have been conditioned to think without an integrated forebrain for used insight!’
`The consequence of avoided right brain offered insight for an opportunity is left brain censoring, or twisted logic to ensure a kept dumb conscious mind fails to moderate with reason.’
`While Nature programs the fetus for early life, its id pro­ceeds to reprogram its brain with grabber engrams as soon as it can after gaining the power at its age of reason!’
`A quality mongoloid brain sees through the rest of the human animal behavior‑‑ driven by their discarnate ancestors now!’
`While anomalous psychological flukes can either frighten the programmed timid, or enlighten the more curious who fear little, it yet requires the intrepid conscious mind with right brain of­fered insight to continue the venture up to a full awakening.’
`Women learn from each other while their less conditioned boys learn from Nature, often with a right brain dominated father fig­ure, seeking to comprehend what woman don’t care to know!’
`We busy ourselves with fighting dragons or political wind‑mills, all to avoid seeing consciously the obvious what is in our right brain half, since could unravel all enigmas now!’
`The left brain using human knows they must grab all they can since there is only the opposite result remaining!’
`Dyslexics as women shouldn’t be commercial pilots since have their days when their fore‑brains have greater conflict!’
`While a delectable story based on fact, Tabori’s `History of Stupidity’ will appear tame as neurophysiology defines intellect and the female’s fore‑brain as man’s greatest bane ever!’
`The wisdom for evolution lies in one’s right brain, never any icon or promise of some bliss to come!’

`Chi is a fine cerebral therapeutic adjunct when focused on the brain‑stem, for the headache or lateral twitch in some limb!’
`Better than split‑brain or vagus nerve stimulation to halt epileptic folly is self Chi stimulation‑‑ whenever needed!’
`One must aim their conscious anger at his own life’s problems stem, as his own brain‑stem, the right pons area to be specific!’
`The CNS acts as a teeter totter since has opposite relative functions as neurotransmitters to complement each other. This net opposite behavior fools all neurophysiologists because his verbal left brain half would never divulge its many covert objectives in slow mass‑time‑‑ as is yet more dynamic than from where it came!’
`If Chi most stems from the spine’s base, then with conscious propulsion can clear all problems initiated by their sympathetic CNS, as compulsive folly starting in the pons right side!’
`Pandora would naturally have a decoupled fore‑brain to not be able to recognize what was seething as `friends’ in that box!’
`As scary as thorough the therapeutic micro‑electrode for can­cer, the use of Chi is even more feared, especially when aimed at the brain stem to halt all of one’s maladies for good!’
`To be a quality theorist now, one must use Chi to clear their right brain‑stem of its innate folly‑‑ in order to see clearly what gets offered from their left!’
`Man’s left brain out‑ran his conscious prudence of `knowing that self’ so now pays the price, much as noted by Islamic tribes who perceived it coming by remaining devout to Reality’s offers.’
`The best of all self therapy is using Chi on their own brain‑stem, yet paying conscious attention to the beneficial results!’
`Anxiety as paranoia can only stem from the left brain as all potentials remain unknown, yet are rejected in a greater fear of getting the attention of an alert conscious mind!’
`Religion addresses the human conscious mind in words, but any change for some better will never come as that left brain half!’ `Women will never truly compete with men unless they get the chance to make sycophants of them lacking a father figure using as promoting others to use their right brain half for insight.’
`The Roman coin As defined clearly man’s business on earth‑‑ where the Janus fundamentals as the space‑time derived two brains on one side as an active ship’s prow for evolution on the other!’
`The greatest secrecy is held now by the right brain, not be­cause it knows potentials but allows the maximum number of late intellectual neurotics to evolute as far as possible!’
`The best terms to fit the Physic’s CPT theorem were Bergson’s Initself and Foritself complementals defined by the split‑brain data. This factor alone shows how late evoluted man’s greed now will terminate Nature’s program for another after some chaos.’
`Hercules need to kill the Hydra is no different than man’s sympathetic CNS’s will to kill the body via the evoluted faculty occupying its left brain half.’
`Women need compounded guidance since lack it with their de­coupled fore‑brains. A husband is needed to decipher her dreams, as read her problems becomes essential for her evolution.’
`Any disclosure for profit is dominated by the female minded as dominates most authority with a like decoupled fore‑brain. The whim stems from unseen ancestors as will be the last to win all!’
`Only in some Bible Belt could devil worship become a reality, where programmed belief actually begins in the left brain as most guided by their unseen discarnate ancestor devils!’

`The inevitable comes full circle to the human female and no amount of brain research will catch their attention. This defying the empirical obvious makes clear what a decoupled fore‑brain can do to block any nuance of insight thus understanding!’
`McKenna’s fine text `When Work Doesn’t Work Anymore’ says far more than she might want to say, but only to those whose coupled forebrain defines the anomaly!’
`Competition is only for the human male to goad his use of the right brain for insight, thus evolute the fastest under stress!’
`Women are only `producers’ where likely prior incarnates were men with too much license for folly, so need to think without a coupled fore‑brain for a while!’
`The key to religious scripture may use Freud’s Thanatos where death is profitable or the Royal Road even more so, yet which of two brain halves bring either into human conscious awareness!’
`The conscious mind responds to rational fear, yet gets frigh­tened about the irrational which the left brain conveys, which is most rational indeed‑‑ when seen for its underlying goal!’
`Whatever the quality intentions initially, a woman can’t help herself from slipping into her left brain’s wants, thus to profit in covert ways in the psychic ways.’
`The late human conscious mind can little help itself now with a very well evoluted thus cunning soul in its left brain half!’
`If the left brain dominant `Amazing Randy’ were understood, he would be seen as far more cunning than amazing!’
`It is the fancy dress that makes many believe there must be trustworthiness‑‑ but fail to find what promotes that believing in their left brain, to repeat that same folly until death!’ `Streisand and Dion need NMRs, to define the coupling point in their fore‑brains for accurate tonal perception!’
`Since folly is proportionate to IQ, and that is dependent on an unsaid profit motive, best that mankind consciously examine what lurks in the left brain playing with folly prone ancestors!’
`To be a `true’ spouse has very different meanings between a man and woman, when their two brains thinking much differently!’
`As rejectamenta regurgitated form the sea, religious dogmas will soon be seen by all as wasted time to reinstate their right brain to fathom reality instead.’
`For the human animal there is only one way left to find God, as what most blinds him from such act, both in its own brain side by side‑‑ another taboo about split‑brain data!’
`Since it is established authority that most detracts mankind from finding God, it becomes the need to comprehend what rule the so established at this very late hour via their left brain!’
`What Nature did to sustain the least female turmoil by dis‑connecting her forebrains now becomes that means for her ancestor followers to push programmed males a sycophants to evoke Armaged­don‑‑ where the mounting empirical facts defines reality!’
`As long as the human animal allows it left brain to dominate, it may as well believe in pending Armageddon!’

`The felt trapped by lacking right brain inputs fall easily at first to programmers then the subtle diabolical discarnated!’
`The dynamic use of the right brain as in the autistic once taught how to consciously think, shows how all claimed `normals’ should think with insight‑‑ if not the more pathological norm of programmed stupidity.’
`A good expectorant is Chi, but must be used with gusto on the brain‑stem with potency to redirect folly well planned!’
`Scientific reality can use a poetry in words or numbers for the reductive left brain dominated yet nothing is as clear as the dynamic subjective vision to true reality!’
`Men, especially fathers, must expect covert women’s cruelty as they follow their own mtDNA more than conscience, if they had it with an integrated fore‑brain structure.’
`The Moonies believe the woman somehow was in league with the devil, long before man came along to try to help her. The empiri­cal fore‑brain data between the male and female now would confirm that supposition to infer early man knew more that he does now!’
`The human split‑brain data was too adroit 30 years ago so it defines why it remains hidden yet today with left brain neurotic behaviors, as its steady goal of the real holocaust first!’
`The adroit “Night in the Garden of Light and Dark” defines accurately late mankind’s stricture between his space‑time brain halves‑‑ where one will sustain darkness to prevent any light!’
`The cliche soothes while facts startle, so either define what rules late mankind’s conscious mind, via his left brain half with academic impunity!’
`Any definitive magnetic sensing network for navigation would be silly as broad spatial navigation requires right brain use!’

Q658: `Amazing indeed is late man’s perversion with only left brain dominance‑‑ and its Thanatosic drive for mass annihilation!’
`To consciously begin to understand what one’s subconscious left brain does for them, suicide is rational for both of them!’
`Most men would not believe the anger they would find towards what used their left brain half, thus explains abrupt death‑wish claimed to be `natural’ in AMA jargon!’
`To realize how close Freud came in defining Thanatos now may clearly define Renoux’s data as left brain behavior upon being discovered by a curious conscious mind, especially using a Royal Road dream to define reality!’
`What mind more would avoid being detected via hallucinogens than what uses the human left brain‑‑ as the devil itself?’
`Music without repetitious tempo beat may be best if not the only means to regain right brain joy now that intellectual serial thought occupies all claimed rational reasoning.’
`The grand question for late man to ask is why does he avoid the perceptive who could aid him the most‑‑ as follow the promis­ing con‑artist with obviously irrational goals? The enigma at least defines a hidden flaw in human reasoning, so the left brain should be held suspect as dominates most of late mankind.’
`The less effective Chi blast at some definitive bother should be followed with one up the spine through the midbrain!’
`Any written law or document via left brain language will con­tain the seeds of its own destruction because were written for an unsaid profit in some way to be revealed at a later time.’
`Human love becomes stupid when the conscious mind gets duped to aid its left brain while avoiding or denying its benign comp­lemental from where all pro‑life, genius, or conscience comes!’
`The Tower of Babel needs to be abandoned yet cannot short of WWIII which will be Armageddon’s holocaust‑‑ to get mankind re‑started using his right brain for a change!’
`Any religion that returns constantly to history is perverted, most by which brain half dominates such behavior buying time!’
`Few with left brain intellectual dominance now will awaken to what dominates their conscious mind now, guiding all thoughts for one conclusion called death‑‑ as Freud perceived and reflected his bizarre famous expression or all to analyze!’
`Any shrink who will listen to the diatribe of some frustrated woman fails her most by not defining her decoupled fore‑brain!’
`It is man’s `Donald Duck’ id as uses his left brain that now creates so much folly‑‑ especially in power from made promises to its own programmed stupid kind!’
`All that is needed for man’s conscious mind to know is the criminal element occupying his left brain half. The rest of Na­ture’s evolutional cause will then fall into place!’
`If man thinks he is yet foremost on the animal list of civil behavior, he needs a brain transplant from the nearest dog that did not live with another human animal!’

`Men do not separate space from time easily as their integrat­ed fore‑brains show. While it offers their conscious mind a fixed state from which to ponder more of reality, it also permits more conscience to be noted when choices in life become difficult.’ `A woman’s lack of equal suicide with men shows what decoupled fore‑brains can do for them, even if conscience is not one factor for programmed behavior.’
`A `loose marble’ in the head might define a `short form’ lo­botomy‑‑ as decoupled fore‑brain!’
`The philosophy of man’s left brain user is might makes right, up to the death of either!’
`The Arabs filled their concubines with scimitars, about the only thing that women understand lacking fore‑brain activity.’
`Why does a `bother’ end with Chi focused on the brain‑stem‑­unless henchmen are doing the folly by invitation?’
`The left sided tongue tied show what if prevented from ex­pressing itself via the right non‑temporal brain that knows po­tentials‑‑ thus is conscience!’
`If women’s TV programs mean anything to men, covert manipula­tion needs attention, thus voting for sycophants for some greater needed `liberation’‑‑ with a decoupled fore‑brain which precludes any insight or conscience in social behaviors!’
`Schizophrenia abounds today‑‑ but due to left brain intellec­tual dominance. Freud’s remark of some unconscious demanding to remain unconscious defines the anomaly best even if denied!’
`The Sumarians initiated bureaucratic documentation with time and numbers, both a distinct left brain evolutional thing. It may define when the human animal recognized profits gained by manipu­lation rather than get hot and sweaty working out in the sun!’

`Does one use their right brain to orient themselves in their magnetic background, since that faculty is spatially oriented in that magnetic Apriori?’
`The well dumbed down now no longer perceive what in their own left brain has henchmen sustaining a sterile psychological envi­ronment in order to prevent conscious curiosity.’
`Humans do not often get tristful unless a decouple fore‑brain with little social excitement leaves only Nature to ponder!’
`Man has studies about every facet of his left brain but what is most important‑‑ as keeps consciousness most stupid!’
`The most effective anti‑inflammatory `aspirin’ is Chi, espec­ially in 3 does given across the right pons primitive brain!’
`Whether at peace with a lobotomized brain or neuroleptic, the woman was created with a split fore‑brain to prevent chaos, which she continues seeking aid from a pacifying shrink for a fee.’
`The left brain sadly must teach its conscious mind awful les­sons‑‑ in order for both to evolute in slow mass‑time.’

`We all too often have a fool in our left brain half to want to contend with another’s fool in his left brain!’
`The spirit allows the conscious mind just as its subconscious or soul to suffer in order to learn when refusing advice offered as in dream. Sadly, the more naive conscious mind suffers most as must learn of folly as AiR, done to it if getting too close to recognizing its folly prone soul, especially lacking Chi defense to evict either that left brain user or its depraved henchmen!’
`How can such small brained animals know more than humans?’ `Why search for information where it is claimed of value when is most sincere as to the point if found free as offered by one’s right brain at any instant, and without the Web or E‑mail box?’
`Quality self interest depends on which lateral brain one’s conscious mind pays attention too!’
`The left brain user attempts to program its conscious mind as some computer data processor without any ideas about discrimina­tion‑‑ to remain some automaton for life’s folly until death!’
`The `Mysterious Mountain’ interface between the All and one’s historical definitive is also the pre‑frontal corpus callosum as between their dichotomous lateral brain users!’
`Rumors mean different things to different brain dominates so they react much differently‑‑ as left brain intellectuals refute insightive nuance of right brain genius‑‑ whatever the cost!’
`One has no business disturbing the left brain dominant since he likely owns authority and you are not done with life yet!’
`The righteous are only right brain dominated, whatever said!’
`If the veridical image of the UFOnaut is offered by the right brain then why not define the features of the anomalous `subject’ unless some known, as recognizable ancestor, is up to folly?’
`Common sense, whether in law or mutual understanding should agree, if not, it is not common, where man’s’ right brain has its common source of reality’s Being and so empirical fact when fully understood‑‑ most noted in the creative conscience prone genius!’
`It certainly is the `bigger picture’ but few humans now know which way to look as with which brain half!’

`The articulate speaking show both brain halves active with a common goal thus worth listening too!’
`One gets shunted at every twist or turn when thinking as when dominated by their left brain‑‑ to avoid what their right brain tries to offer in quality import to evade that former!’
`Indira Gandhi’s streak of gray hair should have alerted those aware of psychism best‑‑ even without Sperry’s split‑brain data!’
`Long‑hair music is excellent for youngsters as sustains their right brain’s activity for their future genius despite academia!’
`Literacy became man’s greatest threat as superseded his right brain insight with conscience to blunder into promises while some seek to win the planet!’
`The consequences of human conscious stupidity is great, even living only a short time where his evil left brain user got its chance to dominate a shorter and ruthless season up to death.’
`Few Orientals have overbite, to show integrated fore‑brains!’

`Too bad Charcot didn’t have the NMR brain scan system to bet­ter perceive the female’s decoupled fore‑brains for hysteria!’
`It is life’s vicissitudes that educate when right brain in­sight finally get avoided, to promote late intellectual society!’
`The age of greed now brings chaos‑‑ exactly as late humanity displays its need for survival as goaded by their left brain!’
`The teetering on some brink of all‑out war has that quality affect of promoting thought, most needed in those yet able to use both brain halves‑‑ thus escape the worst of what is coming!’ `Any loss of right brain function brings a conscious mind ever closer to being censored for life, however then intellectual!’
`If women can’t help themselves, how in hell can any sycophant raised so programmed by his mother offer advice? A father figure alone must be raised by his father or all is lost‑‑ as his right brain use to know potentials ahead of time thus conscience.’

`Benign societies show both gender’s fore‑brain connected, yet never so where greed is the social game of the day!’
`Only the Chinese now love and serve each other but never will their integrated fore‑brains be equated by western man!’
`To take the time for any commitment can mean a subjective conference, and seldom is it with one’s right brain conscience!’
`Happiness fades rapidly as one’s curiosity drives their cons­cious mind into reality, for far more reasons that finding their sick culture, as its reasons hiding in their own left brain!’
`Consciously evoked Chi upon their own brain‑stem blows out most of one’s bothersome, yet cannot affect its derivation resid­ing in the left primitive pons area and aids an abets the thera­peutic function of ridding one’s own id’s invited guests!’
`The purposely dumbed down now will not know where to turn for relief as they begin to get devoured alive by their own mtDNA as `loved’ deceased. The offered opportunity called Chi came with an unstinting faith in Who could protect all from anything with will if called upon be mere right brain imagination!’
`Does the facial snarl on the female myasthenic gravis subject the real `signature’ of who dominates their body as left brain?’
`Why use offered half truths from wherever derived when one can realize reality from their own right brain half?’
`Why any persistent religious conjecture, when there is ample data existing to define reality between our brains, as our innate complementals as a personal devil versus God?’
`Strength of mind, and that with right brain input will always defeat the complemental driven now esteemed as intellectual!’
`To care for one’s body they must more care about what occu­pies their left brain as becomes a vast danger with evoked AiR!’
`To appear as a cynic as Sorokin showed after a life of ugly social experience is a sign of empirical research, ignored by others attempting to embellish reality for some social profit. It will someday define the stark reality of human split‑brain data, responsible for Nature’s design as vast human agony.’
`If any human social psychological balance between the sensate and ideological is to come, man’s two lateral brain halves will need to be understood consciously, as acted upon now with gusto!’
`The more neurotic intellectual remains happy in life as some sniffing social beagle seeking out the next patsy to fleece with too much 5HT in their brain!’
`The corrupt as mad can’t realize it as left brain dominants have an excuse to behave so, with a kept dumb conscious mind, as noted in APA professionals leading in suicide!’
`The ethos of universalism and particularism is best defined by the split‑brain data, yet will become man’s apocalypse when he gets all of the facts straight without neurotic twisting.’
`While Ideationals claim some some higher authority as later Senates claim empirical knowledge so the highest of authority, both fail to note what brain half does their claiming so fail miserably in the eyes of the Mixed thinkers who integrate facts!’
`One’s greatest immunity from disease can stem from conscious attention to `Reality’ or their right brain half to learn how to wield Chi for defense as continue their evolutional trek which is their primary adjunct for health!’
`A progressively linear Senate society, as Sorokin might say, only defines the human left brain’s past quality evolution for an epoch of useful greed. The cyclic return to idealism, at first erred up to chaos, forces introspection best as even today!’
`When dogma gets interpreted by the dogmatic everyone suffers a bit more since the devil most rules mankind’s thought with the left brain intellectual dominant now most censored from fact.’
`To lose one’s life in a timely manner depends upon which of one’s two brain halves promoted the act!’

`To be paid well by the government, to think of ways and means which no left brain dominant sycophant can has vast hazards since once the profit route is seen, the inventor gets paid in lead, to ensure secrecy as who gets what spoils thereafter!’
`Do effeminate men fail to heed, or have decoupled fore‑brains as their mothers, to behave as they do today?’
`Frightening reality defines man’s conscious mind is is a free agent yet lacks any idea of what is rational opinion‑‑ being most guided by his intellectual covert personal left brain devil!’
`Frantic nibbling in old trauma sights often can be best tend­ed with a blast of Chi across the bow of their right brain‑stem!’
`Chi blasting may be more required on one’s brain‑stem to keep a bay their own mtDNA ancestor followers, but only because of the welcome mat placed there by one’s own AiR bent soul!’
`One could now wonder about dolphins with their large brains, contingent with the ancient belief of a transmigration of souls!’
`There is no `age of consent’ with the male as has his fore‑brains connected to think for himself with true reason. If raised by a mother there can be doubt of this fact thereafter.’
`The smile gives one’s unconscious away long before any utter­ance via their left brain tries to confuse the issue!’
`Jittery stock markets show the few considering the tacit im­ports of the the Self thinking interface, yet there left brain is still willing to gamble‑‑ whatever the cost.’

`McDougal’s findings defines the mass as Sperry’s split‑brain subject the rectilinear orientation, that UFO watchers frequently saw in their motion‑‑ as static but sequential displacement. The scenario can no longer be ignored however late leaders in author­ity most fight such perceptions‑‑ to imply their allegiance!’
`The consciously aware get impatient with favoritism, espec­ially on the unconscious level, to level some Chi bursts at their own right pons brain stem to halt some henchman’s folly!’
`Human stupidity appears at first incredible to the insightive until they examine intellectual unconscious motives as left brain driven goals for profit‑‑ often today including suicide!’ `Those who have must always have more to show which CNS rules them. This left brain syndrome teaches most to the complacent who have been programmed and offered promises the most in society.’
`Left brain dominants have found the way‑‑ yet had better not inform the others who `know’, with law and guns are righteous!’
`With the growth of intellectual finesse there are few avenues not accessed to evoke AiR as death, the art of intellectual or left brain dominance so clearly noted by Renoux now!’
`Today’s brain dead show how well academia did its thing, but never will be found for whom obedient cattle were needed as the discarnate hungry now governing the vast majority of mankind.’
`Freud’s awareness of the creative few who could outwit a poor family up‑bringing defines what the right brain is capable of, if not too well academically programmed with promised tenure!’
`If women are yet a dime a dozen more of the their fore‑brain data needs to be divulged to the yet naive men!’
`Suicide stems from one’s sewer side left brain half where the soul had enough of its evolutional trek, without enough reward!’

`The bird’s brain offers more insight than any modern politi­cian‑‑ making promises for another to feed him!’
`We are all opinionated but seldom consciously as got program­med by their left brain for opinions seldom worth while, as does academia today to ensure safe people around opinionated leaders!’
`The brain is a vast network of negative feed‑back loops to ensure the right but silent brain user maintains control so thus the great strife now in what is near fully evoluted with intel­lect‑‑ using our left brain half!’
`The glaring travesty in split‑brain research is much as it is in religion‑‑ where theory is avoid at all cost!’

`Do male swans lead their females in flight because of an in­tegrated fore‑brain like humans?’
`Man’s past scimitar wielding left brain or right hand user as dominated long enough during its mental evolutional sojourns up in more active worldly mass‑time began to hack at even what had created it yet their relative time defended the latter.’
`Only man’s left brain feels we are snoopy when looking into reality since its user the soul wants no conflict of interest by an endowed conscious mind to sway opinion to more rational things which defines late mankind’s vast current stupidity.’
`Any psychopathy that exceeds comprehension only defines the lack of conscious comprehension which in turn defines right brain dominance‑‑ and so conscious ignorance about reality!’
`Only in children can a father figure teach about the hidden diabolical since has not yet acquired the power to govern thought around the age of reason. This critical epoch to learn the dif­ference between their two brain halves offers the maximum of both creativity as conscience use for worthy people in life!’
`One can know anything provided they consciously know how to dial‑up their right brain, as avoid the censoring of their left!’
`The conscious mind of man knows how to survive in health be­cause of its left brain intellectual dumbing operation now, using religion as academic science to hide the obvious of reality!’
`Cosby’s body as left brain is as loose as a goose‑‑ precisely what all human beings should be if life’s learning experience is to offer the least pain to a conscious mind!’
`With enough Chi used on one’s right brain‑stem, the left one begins to define reality most clearly in visions especially!’
`Only over time can one learn consciously of their `self’‑‑ an independent greedy mind using their left brain half that was pro­grammed by Nature to act in its own best favor for life‑‑ never another’s with empathy, oddly especially in a mother whose soul’s interest is in her after‑life even more!’
`There may be no other way now beyond the use of a Self think­ing interface to consciously awaken to one’s own censoring if a left brain dominated intellectual‑‑ beyond some forced mode of perceiving facts‑‑ unless using some Royal Road hallucinogen, now overtly made illegal for unsaid official reasons!’
`Only an integrated fore‑brain use can be a father figure to raise introspective as creative children.’
`One needs to outgrow boogie in order to hear symphony, where harmony instead of beat dictates one’s other brain’s attention!’
`The female’s `rake progress’ defines redundancy, and that her decoupled forebrains which could alert her conscious mind of much missed throughout history yet doing her same tenured dull round!’
`More Western men should suffer dyslexia than women, most as the latter got offered a decouple fore‑brain to hold her peace!’
`Why study where we have been if its behavior is less than the best? If Nature seeks evolution, then why not study potential’s, as freely offered by the right brain half?’
`Does the African vocal harmony reflect both tonal aptitude as their right brain’s offer without the left’s overt censoring?’
`Since we know everything already, why not address consciously that innate right brain faculty unless left brain censored!’

`It is the intrinsic conscious comprehension of their innate right brain that allows for the correct belief when half truths as offered by the left becomes fully understood.’
`It is the unholy communion that persists between mankind’s left brain and its henchmen, mostly mtDNA following, that drives humanity now to win whatever, the planet if feasible!’
`Some remain content to govern in order to be seen while most others cannot remain content whatever they next win. The apparent dichotomy only appears odd, but both are left brain driven, the prior by its mtDNA followers as the latter plain greed!’
`The Lord gives all boot‑straps and courage with intuition, possibly a bit less to women with decoupled fore‑brains, so then survive on academic programs and promises‑‑ and hopefully a wiser man who can keep a roof over her head while parading.’
`The Zen game of `Go’ defines our human unconscious where our soul as a horse as we, even more dumb, learn from an all‑knowing tutor‑‑ as wise as non‑temporal God using our right brain.’
`Those with obvious double vision problems have a far greater one between their two brain halves‑‑ where only one dominates!’
`Where motives are everything, the right brain needs consulta­tion often since evolutional intellect develops a taste for at­tention‑‑ any way it can get it!’
`Women will be in the crucifying mood when they discover their own left brain will soon be seen by all men, as following their mtDNA ancestors who will be equated as the devil’s legion!’

`Now is the time to shut off the radio, TV and phone and seek the real communicative link between oneself and their right brain before too late so not be warned of potentials truly coming!’
`To recognize one has a seething lurking fool within their own left brain is never enough, since as soon as that thought is left to consider another as act of folly is most apt to occur, espec­ially if no usable integrated anterio corpus callosum exists!’
`Paraphrenia comes in two forms, the most as an overt neurotic left brain response to what it dislikes, most as reveals itself!’
`Women suffer more paraphrenic confabulation because so little cross cerebral communication occurs, to convey conscience, even if their conscious mind did perceive it unaccustomed to reality!’
`Since we all have a personal devil seething within our left brain half, and we with little hope of reaching the long evolu­tional scope as ability consciously, we are doomed to a growing ugly fate of wake‑up to reality and perish quickly or learn of it slowly so perish slowly!’
`When it finally becomes the conscious mind’s awakened needs that must supersede its reductive mind’s need for survival a per­sonal apocalyptic driven AiR conflict erupts and only faith with conscious volition can overcome the worst, with its right brain.’
`We remain only as stupid consciously as we refuse to examine reality‑‑ especially what is seething within our own left brain!’

`Lateral thinking in the literal sense means most yet to dwell in the right brain’s aptitude, offers the maximum of the other so called lateral thinking for ultimate genius!’
`Those unable to survive with both hands as brains use only one with promises to reap vastly more‑‑ even if only temporary!’
`The hands once were the instrument evil, but the verbal word, since Babylon, has become the greatest instrument of folly, espe­cially if it does not sing the praise of one’s right brain use!’
`All intellectuals today have a Thanatos seething within their left brain and likely more than one plan to escape life, should their conscious mind get curious at some final moment!’
`As ancient man found medicinal adjuncts from insight, a like means awaits modern man once re‑learning to use his right brain.’
`We all harbor some form of bacterial disease but how as when it begins to affect us depends on our left brain’s henchmen!’
`The greatest danger with human evolution now near stagnation is his own dominating reductive left brain using mind which be­comes Thanatos these final hours, both as traumatic yet quality thing where the eager curious seek to complete their evolution.’
`When evil plays games, so must we, but using the right brain then as escapes slow time to avoid detection in a timely manner!’
`There are actually no genius on planet earth, only a few who attend their right brain half to know of what is truly new!’ `Reversed speech could only be evoked by a non‑temporal right brain where its injection into slow temporal conditions for cons­cious attention could obviate censoring or prevarication.’

`To not consciously learn of their left brain guarantees that they will also never learn what the right can offer them!’
`Conscious volitional use of Chi for the Kundalinic expulsion may be the most direct act found by the conscious mind, where God via the right brain is witnessed directly, however called bizarre by its complemental seeking anonymity in all worldly ways.’
`The right handed bow shooter defines which hand times as the other guides‑‑ the space‑time difference between the brains.’
`As a well‑oiled machine, the brain requires ample DA to keep switching smoothly, however 5HT, GABA, epilepticus or a neurotic sympathetic CNS wishes to throw sand in its gears!’
`Dope dealing ecstasy via DA or sexual love driven by hormones introduces the neophyte to the right brain’s ultimate service!’
`Single one‑track left brain minded need THC or LSD to invoke their lateral brain switch change!’
`It certainly is worth losing time orientation by evicting the time oriented in one’s left brain, to return to Nature’s spatial offers, even to use word salads devoid of consonants thereafter.’
`Those who leave some imprint when passing this way with some label of madness or schizophrenia will someday be better examined and even emulated, when found a way to switch brain dominance.’
`Win the planet by listening to Beethoven’s 9th! Nature will then help the most via right brain harmony integration.’
`To evade life is one’s conscious business just as to under­stand what within their left brain will kill them to evade being discovered‑‑ where death is a reward to halt its evolution!’

`Noisy egotists must talk, thus we find they make political promises most where no left brain follow‑up is required!’
`Wars are never started by right brain dominated so defines those who do to feed their mtDNA following discarnates on blood!’
`Writing once was an aid to memory but now it is only an aid to confuse if not manipulate others. While yet a left brain pen­chant, it defines the underlying motive of that hidden faculty!’
`The Kiva warrior shield symbolism says it all when compared to Sperry’s human split brain data, yet none in science will take the time to compare as could be their nemesis if the Feds act!’
`Since the conscious mind was made to sustain its left brain’s rational behavior with volitional moderation, its so progressive stupidification over time defines it is now of no value to Nature so She may allow the real holocaust to restart things all over!’
`To be a fruitful writer, leave enough prior text in view to stimulate their next thought pattern. It goads the right brain to offer the next contingent thought however abstruse at that time!’
`Late mankind got lost in his subjective space since too much left brain dominance with time orientation displaced it!’
`The left brain user in humankind refuses to share any of its cerebral space even if it doesn’t know space beyond 2D!’
`The right brain dominated can only reply to worded question‑answer quizzes with word hints, especially phonetical which can remind a conscious mind of a long lost word as a proper noun.’
`Herschel’s remark of needed wonder over doubt not only de­fines the two lateral brain’s need but why curiosity is now pro­grammed from a person to avoid finding reality.’
`We may learn the joy of sexual climax yet cannot define it in worded emotional feeling, however close we may come to sensing it in music‑‑ which is offered also by the right brain half!’
`The spontaneous orgasm sensing had a quality father figure‑‑ who instilled early in that child’s life their right brain use!’
`The engineer, if worth anything, thinks in potentials, albeit uses his left brain now and then to examine past facts.’
`With insight use one finds self reliance and faith in the future. By lacking this right brain offer one must make laws in order to survive upon those self reliant‑‑ without saying so!’
`The right brain paints the gestalt image of reality while the left brain dredges out historical fact, or fiction, depending on what might profit it most!’
`Women fear sex so got a clitoris to enhance, as the decoupled anterio corpus callosum blocked the right brain’s offer of joy!’
`Right facial smilers when caught off guard show their left brain’s L.T. memory being dredged for the next cliche or program as instilled by academia.’
`Right brain dominants need little booze to get high as they are already there. They can drive well as think, even if few so few can comprehend them with left brain dominance!’
`One might wonder if apoptosis via the caspases don’t get best evoked by proteins that kill on the simple sympathetic signal, as Renoux perceives via the left brain?’

`If any hope remains for man’s continued tenuous peace, if in­deed that, it will depend on his right brain half to explain with caution what his conscious mind now faces, to make possible any moderative rational behavior to balance out left brain control!’
`A shrink’s conscious mind must be fully aware of all nuances offered by a client so defines his right brain dominance, espec­ially when suicide lurks near and is well hidden at that time!’
`The reason why `science’ gets dangerous is less for its arma­ment development than the avoidance of finite reality using right brain offered import, to require little if any left brain tenured research for profit while purposely obscuring reality in jargon.’
`We look everywhere to find evil, except what guides that rea­soning where the greatest of all evil hides in our left brain!’
`Serial processing is required to define gestalt reality, that unsaid function between the two brain halves, as their integrated EEGs in yet a relatively slow time share displacement.’
`Since madness is a function of which brain half dominates the subject, little difficulty exist in noting why intellect, as left brain is noted active with pathological reasoning.’
`If a $20,000 income was maximum for all, self reliance over political promises as promulgated by a mother, a quality society evolves with most import curiosity the right brain’s drive.’
`Happiness comes when the intellectual id is least happy‑‑ be­cause such person has full right brain dominance.’ `The greatest brain‑washing occurs on legislators in academia, where to parade with finesse anything can be said to win the soul of another‑‑ even the planet if things are said right!’
`The brain washed are those most governed by their unseen an­cestors‑‑ so too often govern the kept naive masses!’
`One’s man’s God had become another man’s devil to show how cunning the evoluted soul has become to guide late mankind‑‑ even with the split‑brain data defining reality!’

`All animals, especially human, plagiarize their right brain!’
`It is the dual 2D oriented in 3D space‑time that defines the unconscious, just as the split‑brain data discloses!’
`While left facial smilers should be the more happy in life, they often are least but defines their left brain’s unhappiness over being dominated and so can act in ugly ways.’
`The power hungry understand well as worry about their own kind of reasoning, as the win factor is strong in all left brain dominated. Thus to disarm all in some attempt to thwart the few who have less than benign intentions in life becomes pure folly!’
`No one can judge without the facts‑‑ so with the loss of the right brain’s aid man must turn to the Self thinking interface!’
`Faith is a doubled edged sword‑‑ but both sides of that sword needs to be understood in view of the split‑brain data!’
`At least if one looks to their right brain for reality, they can escape the twisted ideas held in the printed text, even a far better idea of where to look for any import of value!’
`The reason for the many religions now is to ensure human con­fusion, when the devil rules his left brain with impunity!’
`Man is most duped by evil, now evoluted in his left brain!’
`Ample empirical data exists to define mankind’s late dilemma with ancestor guidance for folly. The problem lies in perception, as what the human split‑brain data is really saying!’

`Beetle brows need little fore‑brain as use well their corpus callosum for insight or any other cross cerebral function. Thus not too oddly this anomaly is little noted in women!’
`There should be nothing strange about lost hunger with some potent brain scan using Chi!’
`Conveying information of some potential from discarnates can yet aid the incarnate so a great commerce prevails there‑between. This diabolical liability can only be stemmed with knowing poten­tials as derived from what now is most censored from the human conscious mind, noted residing in its right brain half!’
`Quality thought needs both cerebral hemispheres to rule un­hampered‑‑ so the left brain insists upon its opinions, so no in­sight for potentials as conscience remains in the human animal.’
`An Oriental derived religion as Zen may yet have many imports worthy of study since that race sustained the use of right brain advice throughout history so yet have quality untwisted ideas.’
`Stupid men guide others because women control all thought as their left brain users now do their thinking for all mankind!’
`We conscious minds only think we understand Nature, but fail most to realize it is because our personal devil wills programmed behavior on all who might profit it while using our left brain!’
`The idle left brain promptly gets turned into a devil’s work‑shop‑‑ yet it would be more accurate to say that brain half does business with unseen ancestors making deals via a common mtDNA!’
`The able bodied are able minded which means they use both of their brain halves to figure out life as become self reliant. It becomes a dichotomy now where evolution has promoted overt neuro­tic behaviors in law makers in order to survive better, while own the least of any quality survival ability much less attribute!’
`Why should belief becomes such a burden to mankind when it is most the whim of a twisted mind in its left brain?’

`The bird’s brain offers more insight than any modern politi­cian‑‑ making promises for another to feed him!’
`We are all opinionated but seldom consciously as got program­med by their left brain for opinions seldom worth while, as does academia today to ensure safe people around opinionated leaders!’
`The brain is a vast network of negative feed‑back loops to ensure the right but silent brain user maintains control so thus the great strife now in what is near fully evoluted with intel­lect‑‑ using our left brain half!’
`The glaring travesty in split‑brain research is much as it is in religion‑‑ where theory is avoid at all cost!’

`The instinct to nurture stems from the right brain‑‑ as also offers insight for evolution as conscience nuance for justice as goads the conscious mind to comprehend its irascible left brain, out to win whatever it can to brag about for yet more power.’
`No person can judge another without the use of their right brain half‑‑ and it would dictate conscience long before that!’
`To be obviously friendly yet overt in speech can be a quality sign where their left brain gets goaded by the non‑temporal right and their conscious mind remains as a constant moderator.’
`To `let George do it’ or one’s own left brain is to abdicate conscious respect for quality social behavior so will get return­ed the short if not greasy end of life’s stick.’
`The problem today is to consciously recognize which side of their genetic make‑up genes rides herd over their mental matrix!’
`The collusional factor between all incarnate left brain domi­nants would anger their conscious mind beyond belief!’
`Caution is always required at first when the distraught id or soul over being discovered might commit suicide, thus the time to gently inform a naive conscious mind of its duty to moderate the whole mind with advice from the right brain superconscious mind!’
`While the left brain gathers predatory advice for survival in life its lateral complemental offers advice for defensive beha­viors in keeping with the net quality of mental evolution.’
`We suffer as long as it takes to evoke the curiosity for some solution, to question their right brain for advice in the net but necessary goal of evolution.’
`The human brain may be large but it holds more junk than some amoeba, happy to listen to Nature’s quality guidance instead!’
`Quality thinkers do not dwell in serial logics as some digi­tal time oriented computer but use spatial insight for the acqui­sition of reality, then think upon same with the guiding curious conscious mind‑‑ avoiding if possible historical recall as offer­ed by the ill yet claiming logical left brain!’
`The logic’s of Nature is balance since the CPT theorem rules reality in slow mass‑time. Oddly enough, stupidity as lack of in­sight is needed for the predatory left brain dominant intellect!’
`Lacking right brain input one so lacks the ability to discern much less understand what one is looking at!’
`Chance is the only operant of the left brain where potentials can’t be noted, only guessed, so gambling is the net syndrome of the intellectual who has won some station of social importance!’
`To see makes possible belief, whatever number of numbers get crunched as aid the reductive left brain user, not the vision of­fering right non‑temporal brain with imports offering reality!’
`The insightive `psychic’ are far and few between now because the greater profit lies in manipulating the more naive as in some religious setting via the left brain rather than offer evolution­al advice via the right brain half!’
`Folklore or not, experts refuting experts, as A. Clark’s Hal in 2001 defines adroitly the vast neurosis now prevailing in the sciences where the evoluted time oriented left brain user as rec­tilinear `self’ insists upon the dumb midbrain conscious mind, to be sure it cannot render moderation!’

`One’s right brain `search engine’ has both the power and vast scope of perception to find anything, at least in this universe!’
`The worst `imprisonment’ for the conscious mind is to be pro­grammed by its left brain to believe it is in control, yet not!’
`Now that Gazzaniga defines the left brain with “false memor­ies” to hide the reality of confabulation for unsaid profit, his slightly closer perception, after 30 years, better defines his greater need for tenure!’
`Monkey see, monkey do needs to be now changed to monkey hear, monkey do‑‑ which the left brain user listens to its common mtDNA carriers for advice‑‑ beneath the hearing of the conscious mind for profitable actions of folly.’
`Our left brain needs nurturing‑‑ even if often a stick used over its head, more than food in its face!’
`To surf any kind of Net will never equal surfing one’s own right brain where all of reality is explained, as very promptly!’
`Intellectuals will run any race to win, especially if they are a paraplegic, as lacking their right brain’s insight offers!’
`Volitional ignorance is mankind’s left brain’s demand now, especially in exposing its rectilinear orientation is definitive space with slow time well perceived in UFOs.’
`We all dream but few recall them, either due to their left brain’s neurosis, or lack of need to gain attention consciously.’
`The best one can hope for in life is to be a conscious mental interface for their right brain and their left to peruse reality for what it is and so judge between he best of all options.’
`Many will soon find their hidden seething problem in the left brain as it becomes overt without much conscious ability to re­spond to the ugly scene!’
`One’s Lord is always near‑‑ as their own right brain half!’
`Official terror over the implications of a Thanatos as noted by Renoux and the split‑brain data, makes clear that some trauma is on claimed “civilization’s” horizon, and likely soon!’
`The perceptual rivalry between the brain halves now brings an uneasy stage for Psychology, especially Psychiatry, where their lead in suicide may increase exponentially!’
`The left brain dominant goes on, hell or high water, with the Genghis Khan syndrome‑‑ unable to perceive anything but glory, as could have been found with their then defunct right brain!’

`We consciously only think we want independence yet those not even seen in worldly life dictate otherwise because they have a henchman in our left brain using IQ to such diabolical end!’
`Women mentally decay without quality guidance as what seethes in their left brain half as their corpus callosum fails to tell!’
`The best clue of what was governing the government was its terror over equating rectilinear UFO travel with the left brain!’
`The left brain dominant perceives life as did Genghis Khan so there are be little change yet in claimed human civilization!’
`There may be little physiological difference between our two brain halves yet a universe apart lies in their reasoning!’
`The greatest as grandest book burning will come with allegi­ance switching, so the non‑verbal right brain begins to govern!’
`Only with conscious goaded curiosity can one access their in­sight offering right brain, that factor now most lost to intel­lectual neuroticism as gained from academic programming!’
`Mankind can’t understand its own predatory nature because it has, with left brain dominance, failed to perceive what Freud was saying and ignoring to their bitter end!’
`People who need social small talk show which brain dominates them as do not know spatial potentials beyond rectilinearity.’
`At least Gorman did it to herself as most women do in ignor­ance, but to claim a woman’s brain is better somehow than a man’s after misreading their lateral difference makes clear there is no justification for women’s liberation to now rule men fully!’
`To behave as a bi‑polar, a male only needs to comprehend his dual brain halves to consciously correct the apparent anomaly.’
`Because all animals are bi‑polar in cerebral as mental think­ing, it becomes merely a matter of examining the split‑brain data to comprehend mankind’s greatest dilemma.’
`To aid others without remuneration shows the right brain gov­erned whose superconscious has no enemy, yet does have a profit interest not to be understood where only might makes right.’
`Only the left brain dominant bi‑polars now define reality, to define how irrational mankind’s late science has become!’
`Human ugliness will not be fully seen until man’s conscious mind understands the bipolar syndrome, as the overt prevarication of his left brain‑‑ now fully noted in split‑brain research!’
`The proof that the most diabolical controls man from his own left brain‑‑ the obvious data to be ignored until too late!’
`Hippocampal place cell maps may someday be deciphered to read even the dream as derived from the primitive brain of the blind.’
`The bilateral difference between vision and verbal (spatial vs. temporal) primitive brains may be transferring in 2D spatial terms even the serial communication data via left hippocampus!’
`To get too close to the trees to see the forest is like be­coming too left brain dominated to see reality!’
`We are all bi‑polar mentally but most only one way now vehe­mently denying the fact with left brain dominated intellect!’
`The truly last continent of dynamic time, so favored to write about, won’t be written about since the verbal left brain refuses to succumb to reality thus die in extended time!’
`Mankind cannot learn brotherly love until he finds out that ethnic love is divisive at root, via his left brain half!’
`To consciously understand one is bipolar in mental structure, the midbrain becomes comprehensible as those space‑time derived complementals of which have very different behaviors.’
`If Jesus only sung at his last supper one could wonder what he was really saying as a quality psychic before that time where he only used his left brain?’
`Brain washing comes from below, even allowed from above‑‑ but to teach the more neurotic tough lessons, for orderly evolution!’
`One today needs no large brain, only a quality cross cerebral coupling to realize reality after most evolution has been done!’

`By the lack of interest in the human split‑brain data it may show how many will be leaving planet earth in this next war!’
`To be bipolar is normal yet most people are monopolar with IQ and left brain dominance.’
`Oddly, the most entrenched as ritualized take offense at any term like `dogma’, this fight flight factor as left brain problem seldomly to be perceived much less understood until too late!’
`As long as the human conscious mind does not perceive why the left brain needs its ignorance, it will fail to perceive the only panacea residing in the right brain‑‑ until some net demise!’
`Joy comes naturally when pleasing one’s right brain so one’s conscious act in life should never please its complemental!’
`Seeing green as brighter than other colors could signify one is becoming more sensitive to their right brain!’
`Between the Iranians and Chinese an admixture would yield the best for humanity where dogma gets shunned yet sustained insight with good ritual of obedience to Allah as one’s own right brain!’
`The `Doors’ music composers heeded well Huxley’s Mynah bird’s call for “Attention”, when the right brain was most needed, even if one of them died with volition to escape further his `trip’!’
`One needs to record with care all nuances from experience as more is being `said’ there than what is overtly said or shown. It is like heeding one’s all‑knowing right brain while too often the other brain plays games‑‑ just as Mohandas Gandhi perceived!’
`If mankind lasts, it is even feasible that the empirical re­search data might reach his conscious mind enough to evoke its so badly needed paradigm shift to escape war‑‑ as his blood thirsty left brain half, when in its discarnate mode!’
`Moorish architecture shows the definitive embedded into the whole, likely derived from right brain thinking, something that late scientific reasoning should reconsider!’
`Morphodites come most in cerebral anomalies now, however most called “intellectual” left brain reasoning, lacking any insight!’
`Brain‑cell death via amyloid infestation is that quality act of the id to close off all conscious thought if at all possible!’
`Now that the left brain user in man has finally learned how to defend itself though many long incarnate evolutional epochs, it will kill its own body to avoid its benign complemental!’
`Food for energy to escape extended time dictates the fero­cious hunger of the unconscious reptilian mind now nearly fully evoluted in the human left brain, especially in discarnate ways!’
`The wiser can use the ever closer growth of the obvious lat­eral brain difference as that expected apocalyptic awakening to conclude this dispensative epoch of human evolution!’
`When one’s left visual field gets somehow blocked as often the prelude to some migraine headache, they can be consciously assured their id wants no further thoughts on the subject matter at hand‑‑ yet can be that nuance to know their `self’ best!’

`Poetry, especially in rhyming song, requires right brain aid because the quickly rhyming word as musical tone is best accessed there, to say little of the punch of unrestrained lyric thought.’
`To broaden one’s scope of understanding they consciously need to learn how to visualize with their right brain thus with some curiosity, address the library of the universe!’
`The human conscious mind’s sustained stupidity is promulgated by its left brain yet could know all over time using their right brain’s infinite repertory sans slow time.’
`Predatory greed becomes no enigma once the soul as human left brain’s objectivity gets understood consciously!’
`Planet winners all suffer from the left brain syndrome as did Genghis Khan, even a primitive amoeba yet unaware of the planet!’
`The structure of the time oriented mind within mass‑time re­quires the use of atoms, either for a midbrain for consciousness or mtDNA for the soul which will survive albeit in limbo, and it knows it‑‑ to define late mankind’s great tribulations today!’
`To begin to understand one’s own left brain user, its overt vehemence as AiR often ensues with a vengeance!’
`The apparent `brain dead’ are actually least so with the men­tal censoring going on to sustain human conscious ignorance!’
`If mankind is to awaken, it will need to put to sleep its now governing, especially the left brain intellect ruling all of the conscious mind’s thoughts!’
`All that gets said is rational, at least to the faculty that says it, even if only those using right brain conscience know any difference‑‑ as the unsaid profit motive goading it!’
`Because the conscious mind can, if alert, overrule its id’s planned folly with right brain conscience, that person suffers as the id’s henchmen are brought into the more desperate fight.’
`The data of the rectilinier left brain as UFO travel is the greatest taboo in all of history today, which in turn defines the purpose of deceased ancestors needing their diabolical cover!’

Q684: `The question now is whether something gets evoked by Nature or mankind’s left brain, in obedience to Nature’s complemental?’
`Between tempo appreciation and harmonic music can be seen the two brain half dominance in such people, as what in their uncons­cious dominates to be trusted in social behaviors.’
`Luck with children often ends with their age of seven where their left brain takes over everything!’
`The dogma of “God is on one side and all the people on the others side‑‑” is correct, not only in split brain data, but in a deeper way as today belonging to the devil instead!’
`To imitate is the art of the left brain as perceives nothing new in slow time. Thus today all is imitation to fool another!’
`Overt confabulation occurs in the terrorized schizophrenic as political sycophant whose id with ancestors demands stupidity to win whatever. The phenomena now abounds in the sciences since the empirical obvious mounts exponentially for aware conscious minds that had been wary all along of right brain offered insight!’
`The fine line between confabulation and quality theoretical thought fools many, most because few can think anymore with their right brain, being so well programmed to use only their left!’
`The church speaks of good and evil side by side, yet fails to note Sperry’s split‑brain data defining same in empirical terms!’
`How soon after the installation of the fovea did the midbrain get installed in any animal specie?’
`Attention is late man’s need but the question is in which of his brain halves‑‑ for true security with the evolutional quest?’

`To be bombarded with thoughts can mean either madness if all is verbal or creative genius of only visual. Both have their ob­jective, but contingent to hormones or lateral brain dominance!’
`The intellectual speaks for himself so we find no respect for the Lord as use of their right brain for creative genius!’
`Madness comes in two forms, either believed from either brain half which shows how well the human conscious mind got programmed to believe only its left brain‑‑ for the true madness!’
`The introduction of the halogens into biological life for any claimed good becomes a stark import to find only aids as abets in left brain dominance as folly prone humanity seeking yet to win‑‑ but never said for the discarnate legions now governing mankind!’
`The halides became popular as killing agents yet that faculty is also intellect as left brain dominance, so has another reason to spew such adjunct into the air to breathe or eat it in food!’
`When we sit down to write we consciously fail to note who is offering our thoughts‑‑ as its validity when unconscious profits come first in that left brain or soul’s mind!’
`The right brain deals with facts while its complemental left with half truths for profit, as purchased time for unseen folly!’
`Curiosity drives most men with their integrated fore‑brain to seek to comprehend whatever catches their attention, something a woman cannot comprehend much less care too!’
`Spielberg’s comment of listening to the eyes is adroit, even if likely unfamiliar with the human split brain data!’
`Our left brain claims to be the holy of holies but never will mention what hole it came from‑‑ as of its extended time!’ `Once getting their right brain fully shifted into gear, one may sit back consciously to allow insights to flow with imports never before noted, an exciting adventure indeed!’
`Since more than the visual can stem from the right brain, the verbal does require a passive left brain, enough for temporal se­quential consonants to be employed!’
`The impulsive gamble to evade thinking rationally, a function of the left brain using id with mtDNA cohorts offering advice!’
`There is little difference between `hardware’ and the empiri­cal, as one uses their right brain for thought, yet what we too often use as verbal language evokes half truths from facts to buy time to profit within slow mass‑time for tenure!’
`The need to be a `cart blanc’ conscious mind yet pay atten­tion to only their insight offering right brain makes clear the subjective war prevailing, where what uses its left brain fears little its physical body’s death‑‑ yet does fear extended time!’
`When schizophrenics as most in power, who now judge the sane, cannot learn with left brain dominance of what indeed is madness, we find entire cultures preparing themselves for mass self exter­mination unable to become aware of what rules that left brain!’
`There must be a better way than to clutter one’s time orient­ed digital brain with programs of trivia claimed of value, but to get some work done of some value!’
`The greatest pollution stems from spewed halogens yet somehow claimed beneficial yet defines what most pollutes mankind’s late left brain‑‑ the greatest of all pollutants even, yet mental!’
`One must expect two thrills each time they consciously add­ress their right brain, the first therefrom as with music and the other from the fearful left brain user!’
`One’s best advice comes from their right brain, if it gets by the left unscathed, yet consciously understood as conscience to act in time for planned folly!’
`Manual labor through childhood brings into play one’s right brain for insight as well so avoided most by academia today!’
`Paracelsus believed all was a part of the Creator, so needed only Einstein’s Special Relativity with Sperry’s split brain data to exclaim “eureka” as Archimedes before!’
`Man’s left brain user buys time while his right user presses on curiosity for evolution’s top as only priority!’
`Of two basic modes of learning and each a pleasure in itself, man’s two brain halves dictate the anomaly, yet the one thing he will never learn is why there is a difference‑‑ for evolution!’
`We learn only what we should for the net evolutional push but by Nature’s awareness of our current mental state‑‑ including the folly performed as maintained in cerebral S.T. for future work!’
`The pleasure of the chase to win with left cerebral dominance shows the less pleasure in evading trouble‑‑ so we learn lessons in a more difficult way‑‑ yet far more lasting as Nature wants!’

`The promise has a way of wrapping around the speaker’s brain, an active phenomena belonging to the discarnate world tapping the incarnate when dumbed down enough to feed the diabolical!’
`Only the engineer appreciates Gray’s text on anatomy, as thus who designed that brain network!’ `While maybe dangerous yet not bad, to open one’s mind into reality with right brain offered insight can keep one delighted for life‑‑ if not a recluse to not offend the neurotic.’
`A study of right handed goofs when writing about reality may be of value‑‑ to define what man’s left brain is doing to him!’
`Some may say the right brain talks dirty in visions, but how else can a succinct statement be made with potent sincerity?’
`Two absolute relative space frames as time perspectives exist and each contingent to the derivation of the CNS, laterally noted with the split‑brain data‑‑ evoking terror in the left one!’
`We all need time to think, yet far less if we use our right brain as avoiding the left!’
`Time’s perception for the left brain using id is defined by the EEG, yet the right brain goes on above without limit, even if unable to convey same to a body’s conscious mind.’
`Whether called `divine discontent’ or simply goaded curiosi­ty, they define the right brain’s effort to propel the left for its net evolutional quest‑‑ most stymied now with its evolutional intellect as perceives tenured time cannot be purchased forever!’
`Man’s ultimate prevaricator as uses his left brain‑‑ so well noted now, must buy time or succumb to man’s conscious awakening, called his apocalypse thus overt destruction to end this dispen­sative era where intellectual evolution went too far!’

`Only the cross academic oriented should have any license to teach, and then only the right brain dominated curious‑‑ the rest to be programmed by the typical run of the mill pre‑programmed!’
`To learn to think on one’s own shows a conscious mind’s curi­osity as often goaded by their insight offering right brain, thus no need of others to falsify reality for them.’
`Since man’s left brain cannot hold a candle to his right, the net good of visual insight sans time escapes the slow rate of any verbal communication‑‑ the least of value now with intellect!’
`Likely only the insight using Orientals with their full cor­pus callosum will inherit this planet, as yet follow Nature’s ad­vice as use pictographic communication, needing right brain use.’
`Why so few, even the percussionist, as use their right brain, play in some symphony to remain happy as own a lithe thin body?’
`Those who think they read the stars may be more reading their left brain’s henchmen for elegant half truths for profit.’
`The greatest texts to come will stem from writers using both brain halves, to integrate past belief with visual reality.’
`Optimistic girls yet depressive boys now show the difference of anterio‑corpus callosum connection, where the decoupled left brain is happy for some as right unhappy for others!’
`Why should `in writing’ be more valid than any verbal remark, when they both stem from the same prevaricating left brain?’
`Real might comes from the truly right, as can be seen now the occupier of the human right brain!’
`After a rough psychic experience, many are left hardly unable to string beads yet for others that weather the storm as learned how to use their right brain’s insight offerings, profited most by the prior psychological trauma in terms for Nature’s will!’
`The millennium will be peaceful because most left brain domi­nants will not remain on planet earth after Armageddon!’
`Hallucinogen users need quality father figure gurus to fully explain what the suppression of 5HT as enhancement of DA truly is doing in the brain of such user to say little of the NDE!’
`A woman gets aid automatically from her mtDNA ancestors yet seldom knows it. Men notice it when curious about covert thinking as never said objectives, as goaded by their right brain.’
`Men and women are survivalists, but use opposite brain halves to accomplish their goals‑‑ using insight or ancestor advice!’
`All of man’s preconceived notions stem from his left brain as its evolutional trek nears its end with astute manipulation!’

`Human nature now reflects most his historical developed in­tellect which is mostly predatory behavior. Only with defeat does that left brain’s dominance give way to the other’s goading of curiosity to then balance out knowledge with wisdom.’
`Any claimed right brain “damage” is for the left to bury it!’
`It is one’s subjective visual perspective using their right brain that allows one to see reality most clearly.’
`We think we consciously know what we are doing but need to think again‑‑ without any left brain bias if not dominance!’
`To be correct in theory without some numbers invalidates the truth of reality in the eyes of all digitally minded left brain dominants‑‑ rushing to win, but fail to yet understand what!’
`To get bothered enough with authority making demands, we can all blow out brains out‑‑ to leave authority without corn hoers!’

`The 20% stock market drop shows who governs chance when human opinion is governed by the left brain so device to fill its poc­kets‑‑ at the expense of others seldom privy to the plan!’
`To scan read may be fine of a right brain dominant yet can be most dangerous if left where facts get twisted surreptitiously!’
`Is Nature guilty of “pornography” when a beautiful body can attract others with a sense of beauty through their right brain?’
`The sneaky fittest intellectual now can be best defined by the covert death‑wish, noted by Renoux and cerebral NMR scans as show the left brain half is Thanatos using AiR to escape.’
`Showmen that slur their speech need a deeper examination than most listeners do‑‑ to avoid being fleeced by their left brain!’

`Does only a very primitive soul get integrated into the Wil­liam’s sufferer where a weak yet obedient behavior is seen? The problem of concentration with quality gestalt aptitude all show otherwise a lack in left brain activity.’
`The blind man using right brain insight could be blind in the physical sense yet have better net vision overall!’
`Too many with sprained brains must govern because they have little idea of anything else to do, as run point to win what they need from the planet‑‑ while hiding in their well made bunkers!’
`To start a visual want can be enhanced to ensure as possible guide the result of a wanted act when using Chi, thus defines the right brain’s attention to your conscious problem.’ `Between perceiving fragments of reality as one schizophrenic type all too well sees, yet own enough reductive mind to consider in detail those fragments on which to evolve whole theories, the net conscious need of both brain halves then defines creativity.’
`Human pilots should fly as fruit flies, from the right brain, even have the sense to watch out for rods out on the loose!’
`Ridiculous are the promises of government and academia that one can learn a quality art by being programmed, when it requires one’s right brain insight offer to perceive anything new!’
`We conscious minds always have a fine excuse for folly, if we understood what goaded us into stupid acts via our left brain!’
`If polygamy offers a quality home life it would certainly re­quire whatever leader to be wise enough to acquire leadership as respect, if not honor after enough years of togetherness, likely to define their integrated forebrain’s corpus callosum!’
`To saying to keep from falling keep climbing yet has two rel­ative directions thus to undertsnad that first allows the person to conscious know which brain half to follow in such climb!’

`Qigong as energy in motion defines Chi, but the key therein lies in subjective focusing, using the right brain!’
`Difficulty with numbers as seen with benign William’s synd­rome people defines the lack if numerical order that comes with only right brain spatial orientation!’
`The sympathetic CNS immune response from the left brain that Renoux uncovered could be that straw to finally break the dam of scientific neurosis to use the empirical data at last.’
`To live by fight‑flight or left brain dominance one must con­sciously realize claimed civilization will need to end!’
`Wise indeed is that conscious mind that seeks to comprehend what uses its left brain, especially what now governs it with im­punity to their death, which then gets prolonged proportionally!’
`The Lord through our right brain presses us consciously to seek with curiosity‑‑ yet when we gather henchmen to do our bid­ding, we incarnates fail miserably to so learn by suffering from an accrued volitional stupidity to buy time with tenure, for an unseen evoluted IQ faculty that refuses any further evolution.’
`The temporal gradient of genius is often note with the musi­cal composer like Beethoven‑‑ even the engineer who designs from scratch as subjectively perceived reality from his right brain.’
`There is a fine line between intellectual neuroticism and the more primitive intuitive reasoning, yet can be seen easily now as the corpus callosum as the two complemental brain halves!’
`When reality comes together it means one’s two brain halves have compared notes and an alert conscious mind perceives clearly what before was volitionally hidden by their left cortex!’
`Only the promise with gambled life style follows the lack of right brain use‑‑ as all academic programmed elitist behaviors.’
`From predicted then confirmed by Sperry space‑time complemen­tal needs of a dual unconscious from physics, a bilateral faculty soon found to fit what Freud perceived‑‑ now dangerous indeed to the probing curious conscious mind called the RAS or midbrain.’
`Only fools get fooled, by their left brain‑‑ when failing to use their right!’ `To focus one’s attention on half truths as human idols is the foible man’s left brain demands as profits most with a kept dumb conscious mind up to its evoked death‑‑ when so needed!’
`Disgust, anger and revenge are faculties of the left brain so defines the said response coming for today’s TV offers.’
`The right handed violin player shows definitively the time orientation difference between the human two brain halves!’

`A warm psychological feeling may stem from one’s right brain, yet unseen ancestors would like to instill such a feeling also!’
`The computer analogy for the brain would be fine, if one sec­tion didn’t evoke a neurotic block about exposing itself!’
`The terms Cain and Able are indeed adroit where the former is what now is seen in the human left brain as the other the right!’
`Does a koinomatter galaxy foment only a time oriented left brain as space right brain complex? If so, the magnetic a priori dictates relative spin in conscious aspects beyond matter also.’
`The benign right brain offers reality at slow sigma EEG brain speed to permit both viewing parties to see its presentation even if it could speed things up to evade the id’s perception. Maybe it is to warn the id with reality of which an unhappy conscious mind, if aware, might do to regain mental rationality again.’
`Is the human retina mostly connected with the right brain as the fovea with cones for color yet lacking blood vessels for the left as might evoke an autoimmune response to avoid vision?
`The religious are apt to look for signs, but sadly too often do not know where to look as in their own right brain for reality instead of imports twisted to infer unsaid something evil.’
`Its is best to study to learn with their right brain but then teach as parrot with their left!’
`To effectively study one must use their right brain in order to see reality unfold, not merely memorize words to be parroted!’
`To search any `book’ of the Lord means to utilize His offers via their right brain half, and very little more today!’
`One must research the scriptural dogmas with right brain of­fered import to glean whatever reality might yet be perceived!’
`Nothing gets hidden when counseling their right brain, even if delayed somewhat to get more important imports across first!’

`The hippocampus cross section shows the x‑y plot of a vision, such engram likely headed for the primitive pons brain area for a truly L.T. memory like serial worded language.’
`Level headed only means balanced lateral brain use!’
`Intending masters need slaves so make grand promises to the more programmed who remain obedient to ignorance as their left brain sustains until too late‑‑ then called Thanatos!’
`To write can open one’s insightive right brain to begin that real trek into reality over time‑‑ after at times a lengthy argu­ment of what constitutes what is worthy to write about!’
`The hankering to win evokes all sorts of behaviors‑‑ yet each can be understood by which brain half won first!’
`Certainly, mankind’s late dilemma should have been seen so the prophesied chaos to finally enlighten all should have been expected‑‑ from the few whose curiosity goaded them to use their non‑temporal right brain‑‑ a bit ahead of time!’
`To keep one’s id unbalanced so keeps their conscious mind in balance‑‑ with the greatest aid from their right brain half!’
`We may jump to conclusions but their value depends on which brain half had the more energy thus overrode the other!’
`Yates sensed clearly `this life‑‑ this breath’ as his two brain halves defined their being to his conscious mind, as the grand freedom in the clouds flying, well away from life below.’
`The survival of the fittest have for too long now claimed to own the truth, thus the Self thinking interface will most disturb as evoke Armageddon if it indeed must come to save what few self reliant who yet seek on this planet, using their right brain!’
`Why condemn the beauty of sex as some `evil’, especially by women with `off‑days’, most reflects their lack of integrating their two brain halves via a decoupled anterio corpus callosum!’
`R&D requires opinionated right brain dominant people, well rooted in theory based on insight!’
`Not oddly the powerful have the greatest following, most to never be known nor seen as remain an left brain dominance idiot!’
`Mankind cannot any more help from trading with his enemy, as occupies his left brain!’

`The only thing that should matter is to one’s conscious mind, unprogrammed as fully aware of what goads from the left brain and offers insight from their right!’
`The soul racks our left brain as avoids the left in hopes of buying time for another incarnation to repeat the folly ad infin­itum if at all possible‑‑ knowing hell awaits in the end!’
`The digital computer’s CPU has become quite fast but will not ever match the speed of the analogical on in the right brain!’
`The best way to decouple an anterior corpus callosum is with academia‑‑ programming the left brain to win whatever the cost!’
`To use enough booze to evict one’s irascible id yet snort Co­caine to engage some predatory discarnate as lose conscious will to do folly makes these brain dead a true menace today!’
`At least the religious are somewhat correct about the devil‑‑ even if they can’t see what drives them from their left brain!’
`To find pleasure in what one writes has both a good and bad side‑‑ just as which lateral brain half dictated the words. What we consciously fail to perceive is the net profit or loss brought by what was said under the full light of Reality’s need!’
`To attempt to ferret reality with a mind bent upon hiding it defines late mankind’s dilemma‑‑ the human split‑brain data these last near fifty years a case in point!’
`Any `scare zone’, whether an adroit remark in market gambling or tacit insight of liability ahead, likely comes as insight most without fear, to those who use their non‑temporal right brain.’
`We lack the will to understand what goads us from our left brain in order to evade what the right brain offers us with some attention‑‑ as insights of what truly ails us!’
`As one learns to turn to their right brain by evading their attention seeking left, they rise from sleep ever later in the morning to access the same insightive imports as before far ear­lier as before 4am!’
`When one’s id fails to defend, or even turns against the body with AiR with unseen henchmen’s aid, the time has come to evict that left brain using faculty to switch allegiance to the other!’
`The right brain would have positive feed‑back where energy is its base. The left must have energy to act so has negative feed‑back‑‑ so tires itself to extinction as far as dynamic time!’
`As Leary succinctly defined `set versus setting’‑‑ it is just a matter of which brain half dominates a subject for the moment!’
`The saying that we learn from the past by anticipating the future is adroit‑‑ but no left brain dominated intellectual would comprehend relative time where lacking insight equals doom!’
`To offer even a speedy dream in slow mass‑time is likely much bother, yet a necessary evil to alert a kept dumb conscious mind of a vast stupidity, with a Thanatos hidden in their left brain!’

`Maxwell’s persistent question of who would guide him kept his conscious mind open to his right brain’s offered insights.’
`Children that show anxiety when hearing `Night on Bald Moun­tain’ show their right brain is heard by their conscious mind!’
`Lacking insight for conscience also, the so blinded by their intellectual left brain‑‑ as any dyslexic, perceive little evil‑‑ especially when aimed at them with elegant promises!’
`All cancer begins with mental illness, but never will the AMA recognize that left brain’s folly‑‑ anymore than their own!’
`The greatest endotoxin is the active phagocyte with the left brain’s instructions to kill whatever that belongs to the self as the worse of all AiR, the opposite of the yogi who instructs its soul to protect the body, even well after death from atrophy.’
`To kill or be killed is the only signal now from the intel­lectual’s left brain, especially now with the mounting empirical data defining man’s two lateral brain/mind halves!’
`The universe in a grain of sand can only be noted with one’s right brain’s aid‑‑ as a long contemplative sojourn!’
`One might wonder of the unexposed discrimination suits Time publishers now suffer‑‑ after their Gorman tried to gore men with the twisted brain data between genders?’
`It is the duty of a father figure to teach whatever a child seeks to learn, at least the mechanics of how to find any answer within their own right brain using mind!’

`By using one’s right brain no one needs to tell them anything anymore‑‑ but not due to any overt intellectual neuroticism!’
`Today it is no anomaly to not find an intellectual who might comprehend the split‑brain data, unless suicide follows quickly!’
`S. Hawking’s two‑step gyrations, even with only one brain now sustains his parading happiness in tenure‑‑ so lives on!’
`We all have an evil streak, right down our right side as con­trolled by our left brain half!’
`Academia teaches the least of any important first to evade a fact which might refute the first offered import. It defines the mental rut as ritual power of the human left brain half!’
`The few people who think now use an innate `door’ of percep­tion as Huxley saw but into their right brain half, so terrorize the rest who were programmed to use only half truths history, by official academic edicts in order to earn esteem.’
`Indentured slaves are the academic graduates lacking any con­scious right brain input now!’
`In any marriage contract the right brain dominant as uses the anterio‑corpus callosum needs to demand his children, after some age of infancy, remains with him should divorce ensue!’
`It is now becoming even easier to `down‑load’ from one’s own right brain half than use the ambiguous digital computer!’
`When one’s Lord’s day becomes everyday, they have switched to their right brain finally and need never to return!’
`The now noted `rods’ bothering the few who think up on their left brain forehead may define what past wood‑cuts showed with a devil whispering in a subject’s right ear!’
`Man’s war between his two brain halves didn’t begin until the third or conscious part got integrated, now noted in split‑brain data but denied with overt intellectual vehemence!’
`If there is any guilt about over‑eating, it at least shows a little right brain input and conscious awareness to it!’
`From Gorman’s startling Time magazine article, men should be asking; “What in hell are women trying to hide on lateral brain differences between they and men?”‘
`The IR data on `rods’ with obvious mental will‑‑ as past rec­tilinear `UFO’ travel‑‑ with noted left brain definitive spatial orientation, shows an apocalyptic awakening is near for mankind!’
`God likely fractionates Itself for what uses the right brain, maybe better called out our personal Lord. This subtended mind as knows all as even potentials may offer the NDE to enhance a cur­ious conscious mind the impetus to evolute it soul most rapidly.’
`Whether mankind decimates itself in bloody war or huge suici­dal event because of the Self thinking device’s revelations makes little difference now since has evoluted far enough with its left brain and predatory behavior to be of little use to Nature for the next step of its evolutional trek to comprehend why!’

`The great fooler now is that both genius and sycophant become left handed for unconscious reasons‑‑ yet oppositely, when what rules their left brain abdicates for insight, or dominates for an unseen ancestor, who writes poorly if not using a like language!’
`To be `single‑handed’ one needs only to use their right brain to navigate anyplace within space in time!’
`The corrupt will never perceive their own corruption because their dominant left brain has learned how to avoid its complemen­tal’s offer of insight as conscience.’
`We late evolved humans have the most damned thing residing in our left brain ever, so will realize it only after Armageddon!’
`To hear yet not see is the late fate of mankind now, who only heed ancestors speaking in silent ways to man’s left brain!’
`Only in primitive races will the woman retain her right brain use since insight is imperative for survival.’
`Soaring with music defines one’s spatial right brain use!’
`One never gets lost in the wilderness because there is none‑‑ for the spatial right brain. Ask a homing pigeon!’ `From a broad to specific or pertinate result can be known for an eventual end, it behooves all animals to use their right brain to avoid the worst of something pending. In not, then a lesson!’
`One is forced to deal with the pathological whose ambition is to win whatever but lacks the insight to know its outcome. The drive to enslave with IQ is as natural as the enslaved lack such ability to recognize enslavement intellectually, yet realize lia­bility via insight‑‑ if yet able to use their right brain!’
`Deviant behavior most occurs in one’s right pon’s brain‑stem for the consumption of the midbrain (RAS) conscious mind!’
`Since the sympathetic brain‑stem faculty has the greatest of all reasons to keep its conscious mind stupid, little wonder now exists as to the NMR noted evoked folly of the left human brain!’
`The most difficult conscious act is to suspect, much less now believe, the evil mental faculty they will face in their own left brain is the `self’‑‑ thought all along to be their own self!’
`The edict of `know thyself’ got ignored so now man will need to face off with that innate devil in his left brain to evoke the worst world war ever for mankind!’

`Who indeed are the `self sufficient’ when using insight from their right brain guidance‑‑ yet remain aloof from religion?’
`It is the goal of the right brain to evolve its complemental left‑‑ whatever agony needed at graduation time!’
`To remain unhampered with discarnates when thinking allows for insight instead of ritual to flow in the brain, especially to allow the right one to offer something new for the curious.’
`The short epoch to live was between 2 and maybe 10 years of age for the human, where curiosity thus right brain was active!’
`Why parrot, when the other brain half offers fresh reality?’
`Inspiration comes from two opposite complemental ways, either of one’s two brain halves‑‑ the visual of the truly new or of the past in temporal verbal ways, to reach our conscious mind!’
`Those who claim to see God, Mary or a UFO, while not denying veridical images, one must question who offered the vision, since was not their own right brain‑‑ that always `speaks’ the truth!’
`To waste one’s conscious life learning rituals is the goal of their left brain user hoping to use its kept dumb conscious mind, for the license to feed unseen ancestors for a profit!’

`One is never broke when using insight, a phenomena of one’s right brain `potentia’ offer‑‑ seldom found in Western women!’
`Any animal cannot think straight when unbalanced, especially with two brains and only one still working‑‑ either way!’
`To try to convince there is nothing material in the universe as believed `billiard balls’ in physics is futile, but because so few can use their right brain to perceive reality now, and most then as their unseen relatives insist on human stupidity!’
`There are two minds in all living specie, even a third, after one of the former evolutes enough to require rational moderation, with a midbrain around the evolutional era of the chicken.’

Q700: `To perceive from where corruption stems as passes through the left brain’s compliant user, is to realize ultimate evil today!’
`It is the private communication line between common mtDNA all mental processing now that brings mankind’s nemesis, failing con­sciously to ask our far wiser right brain first!’
`We rush about with fear and lost faith, seeking guidance from the most dangerous, hiding within our own left brain now‑‑ well prepared for our own immolation‑‑ to be fed to our ancestors with a ghastly impunity least seen, yet warned about in scripture!’
`Between the two computers of either time oriented digital and the yet classified secret analogical lies the analogy of our two brain halves adroitly divided as the Greeks called schizophrenia, is yet called by the intellectual some sane behavior!’
`The most now to explain late mankind’s anomalous psychopathic drive will be most avoided as his left brain dominates with IQ!’

`The earlier a race tries to win the planet, the sooner its people learn to evade predation, to keep their right brain in use with an integrated corpus callosum‑‑ as the Mongolians!’
`Computer word processors were a boon to those using genius as had little interest in reductive reasoning as used by their left brain‑‑ which attempts to hide reality when able!’
`All temporal serial modes of communication are fraught with corruption, just as man’s left brain’s need to win whatever!’
`It was always known that the German language was best for the scientific, but never said was its dynamic nature most used by a non‑temporal right brain dominant so creative!’
`One needs not be a prophet in religious jargon, but the few able to perceive reality with insight for creative genius, as use conscience do access their right brain to know of potentials‑‑ as Plato clearly pointed out, and empirical fact since Sperry split the first human corpus callosum.’
`Dust collects where little action occurs‑‑ like the brain of those unable to get away from their TVs today, yet needed by es­tablished authority whose dust on their brain is volitional!’
`When one’s right brain continues to offer insights via REM dream to a curious conscious mind, unblocked by their left brain half, little doubt exists that the Self thinking interface will also offer advice to these people.’
`Humanity’s last game now is between its two brain halves!’

`At least past visual data gets stored for posterity thus man­kind’s means to place historical blame, as which brain half to so never trust again‑‑ for social or scientific use!’
`To not hear subjectively at least the vowel part of a forgot­ten proper noun is a warning to not bother beyond using a simile, to convey the person in mind. The walls have ears and best it is to not alert some the right brain refuses to recall!’
`That which offers the dream on the negative going EEG half cycle also opens perception on that polarity as well, especially as the entire brain is biased therewith to sensitize it.’
`Fortunately for the human male with two genetic bases vying for dominance, they often also have an integrated corpus callosum with which they may use their right brain’s offered insights to act to moderate either for the better life with conscience.’

`Man’s left brain as now dominated by ancestor’s with a common mtDNA ensures his right brain will remain closed off‑‑ securely in the female with a decoupled corpus callosum.’
`The etiquette speaking hide the most hideous of reality, just as a fresh red neck‑tie, but derived from their left brain which plans on winning the planet or succumb trying!’
`The real `jerk‑off’ in one’s brain is the history knowing id, which acts as some Touretter or neuroleptic charged impulsive!’
`To look up means in a dream to see potentials. To only see downward means their left history knowing brain dominates them!’
`To fly is easy psychologically, even after the age of reason, once understanding the lead weight then in their left brain!’
`Most feared thus called `bizarre’ is insight now where intel­lectual prowess rules most reasoning‑‑ as an abrupt suicide in these left brain dominants (APA professionals) yet unable to per­ceive their own subjective subterfuge as illogical reasoning.’
`Shop where the Amish shop for the best quality as least price of anything. Without them to follow best turn on one’s insightive right brain and follow its lead in dreams!’
`Both rat races and silly gadding to be seen will end abruptly with a self thinking device defining what goads human behavior‑‑ now dictated by his left brain instead of his right.’
`To guide others one’s right brain must prevail, thus the vast needed use of the Self thinking interface to aid all‑‑ whatever their ilk or predatory designs on life still remain!’

`One cannot be much of a neuro‑researcher as it requires some physics to explain the space‑time bilateral brains‑‑ and academia does not permit cross academic imports to be considered yet.’
`Forgiveness may only come to those recluse who turn, with a rational conscious mind, to perusing Nature via his right brain. It so could beg the question then as to what occurs to those who do all feasible to halt such perusal, using a psychotherapeutic?’
`These are the most serious times for all conscious minds of man‑‑ where its left brain dominance is about to get displaced!’
`When one’s emotions are written across their face they can be most trusted, as their right brain dominates with offered insight to least fear reality as then to express it!’
`The most schizoid now own power, without the ability to learn consciously that their left brain dominates them!’
`To integrate the weird might evoke a cogent theory should the third graders got queried with a serious face‑‑ as have not had their left brain’s intrusion yet.’
`The first mind installed into the fetus is the principle of all programs, even if expresses Itself in visual gestalts seen as REM dream‑‑ but to program a brain for two other minds, one which is held back until some `age of reason’ or near eight years, to allow the conscious one a chance to perceive some reality first!’
`To watch subjectively sheep to get to sleep is not irrational because it prevents the left brain’s verbal activity‑‑ as calling in henchmen to be a nuisance to hold off sleep, for a very deep sleep when REM dreams are available and to be avoided!’

`One reason why discarnates do not too often interfere with their incarnates is because protection exists with an integrated right brain using spirit‑‑ even if not incarnates get bled over a longer time with a disease so profit their unseen kin more.’
`Do the perverted who have lost all right brain input as a de­coupled corpus callosum most fall victim to the UFOnaut?’
`AMA as APA make no better judgment of what constitutes some illness, not only because the pharmaceuticals judge for them, but more profit lies in some lingering death or mental block as to what is wrong the first place‑‑ as left brain half!’
`Music with repetitious themes like Bolero, Mozart’s 21st, or Pachabel may pacify the left brain while one’s conscious mind can fly on the harmonious with their right brain if the rendition is done well with subtle modulation changes.’
`The programmed, in church or academia now, get lost in facts, as much for their left brain’s neurosis as bothersome ancestors!’
`Right brain users are feared, even justly by the corrupt as know that insight brings imports about reality, yet get plagiar­ized most when the time to do so in safe.’
`Science and religion cannot afford to not get ugly over new imports which define their past beliefs were wrong. It is fight‑flight or left brain dominance‑‑ without any right conscience!’

`Mankind’s greatest enemy is his own self, a mental faculty in his left brain‑‑ refusing to reveal itself until dead!’
`We work our minds and muscles to a frazzle to get health, but fail to learn the only problem of which brain to use!’
`Freud’s left facial attention and that well know stark eye is what evoked attention in equally right brain users or terrorized the rest for some never said reason. His avoidance, even today, best defines his quality of work but for a very few.’
`Self reliance stems from used insight thus the right brain to perceive potentials‑‑ something law‑makers seldom perceive, until their next war breaks out to thin the ranks of the self reliant!’
`To sin is natural‑‑ until a pragmatic answer looms clear, as will never occur with only the left brain dominating a person.’
`To find anything, the conscious mind must use their right brain. To lose it, the left‑‑ if only to bury it for posterity!’
`The non‑temporal superconscious as uses our right brain con­veys the visual gestalts on PGO negative going half cycles while the ramp or time consuming half offers the historical‑‑ in verbal terms thus defines where prevarication enters our awareness!’
`To have a big enough burden with one’s own left brain they seldom need marriage to content with yet another one!’
`As mankind’s left brain began to dominate, both the right as sexual ecstasy became “evil” with a decoupled fore‑brain!’
`Only children under five are just since ask questions that are adroit for most any occasion, as goaded by their right brain yet never understood by anyone one over ten.’
`Science cannot afford to comprehend relative time as would so define what occupies the left human brain‑‑ seeking to buy time at any cost today with academic programs!’
`True competition stems form right brain, not left gets used, but is most ignored by the latter so only war ensues!’
`Laws require a kind of insight‑‑ but never derived from the right brain as knows potentials too well to manipulate the public for unsaid profits as even a chance to win the planet in time!’
`Male Alzheimer sufferers can yet enjoy children as life with their right brain, while women want suicide as cannot parade with verbal promises anymore!’
`Truth as facts can set one free so little difficulty prevails in seeing why governments program all as stupid as possible now, especially as contingent to any Self thinking device that might define the innate Potentia in the human right brain!’
`Qualitative subjective thinking depends on which brain half is doing the thinking at such time!’
`No child should be denied the opportunity to investigate what is of momentary interest, most because of their active insightive right brain is goading their left to mentally evolute while their conscious mind is realizing what is fun in the investigation.’

`If the physic’s CPT theorem matrix can define so well the di­chotomous bilateral space‑time oriented brains halves, then maybe it is time to reconsider from physics the never said behavior of those complemental `selves’ residing therein!’
`The greatest question now for mankind is that difference be­tween its space‑time complemental bilateral brain halves!’
`The most difficult problem facing late mankind is to define reality verbally because words, written or spoken, are the domain of the devil, as anyone’s left brain’s means of expression!’
`Thinking as reasoning is a give and take operation, most be­tween the two brain halves where the conscious mind merely sus­pects it is participating!’
`One’s right brain user is never fooled, whereas the midbrain conscious mind almost always is‑‑ especially when the left brain interprets some recent dream to defray any liability to it!’
`Epistemology is right brain thinking, thus ignored with in­tellect because it must remain obscure to profit!’
`To use one’s right brain half ever thought evokes another in cascade and of some contingency if consciously patient, to ulti­mately define the universe‑‑ if patient enough!’
`To find the true Lord is like looking for a needle in a hay‑stack, unless using their right brain half to see reality!’
`The few who yet think today with both brain halves need not stop to teach‑‑ just carefully document and hide same for poster­ity‑‑ when curiosity and the time to think is regained.’
`The grand self immolation coming will at least free‑up the rest with self reliance and curiosity to make their grandest ad­vance of all times in evolution‑‑ with direct aid from Nature, at first with the Self thinking device then a switch to their right brain use with visual mental processing thereafter.’
`With reality staring us all in the face yet unable to see it, shows how well left brain evolution took over to spew half truths with academic authorization if not official law!’

`The truly creative most uses inspirational thinking, the non‑temporal offers only present in the right brain half.’
`Only the government runs a monopoly but yet fails to learn of another which controls most of late man through his left brain!’
`Depending now on how well ones perceives what they see versus hear defines the relative reality they follow‑‑ as lateral brain nuance as conscience, rings true if then heeded.’
`If the Mongolian with their more often coupled fore‑brains is able to perpetuate that fine way of thinking, they will likely be the one’s to evade most late mankind’s mass self immolation!’
`Prophesy is but right brain use‑‑ so the vast amount of erred claimed prophesy shows its genesis almost too clearly, most when playing the stock markets with discarnates offering the tips for a returned profit of fatty lipids!’
`Cannibals want proteins and fat while the insightive want fruits and vegetables, either defining which brain dominates.’
`If fats but not sugar quell epileptic seizures than it is the id or its unseen henchmen that evoke the trauma‑‑ to evade what a conscious mind might perceive from their right brain!’
`Migraines and epileptic fits have much in common when things do not go right according to the sufferer’s left brain user!’
`To think and write is fine provided the thinking begins in one’s right brain‑‑ with what is truly new to that mind!’
`While the lateral eye movement as EEG can indicate which of the two brain halves are thinking, nothing further has been said since those findings some twenty years ago!’
`It is a wonder that Freud did not perceive the two lateral brain half psychological difference so Psychology could have been another fifty years ahead‑‑ as maybe even Armageddon over with!’
`Extinctions come when ignorance prevails, especially after a specie learns how to evade their right brain’s insight offers!’
`The greatest `ace’ up one’s sleeve is an active right brain as offers the insight to evade all difficulties, even if the need to leave one’s own culture to learn something truly new.’
`Relative stealth is acquired from one’s two brain halves, one for predation and the other to evade predation. With late man­kind’s IQ development the use of cunning predation so dominates!’
`The church may define evil but it remains enshrouded in ambi­guous terms, to never bring the empirical obvious on human split‑brain data to the fore to discuss seriously!’
`The greatest war fought is between late evoluted man’s two brain halves where win versus lose is the ultimate struggle!’

`Any true messiah could never be an incarnate since it is pure energy even if offers insight via the human right brain half.’
`To believe authority knows best, one needs to understand what now guides his mind or left brain as ethnic bias never said!’
`In desperation the soul seeks to hold off its final lesson in evolution thus frantically does all feasible to avoid a curious conscious mind that seeks with its insight offering brain!’ `The proportion of faulty to clear or a definitive potential depends on which brain half momentarily dominates the person.’
`Any eschatology could only be associated with mass in time‑‑ where evolution occurs as man’s right brain offers prophesy.’
`Both curiosity and insight stems from right brain use, as it knows what needs to be learned yet for its complemental left!’
`More primitive animals have better reasoning because they are not as censored by what evolutes in their left brain, a factor of extreme importance to man so defines his extreme censored state.’

`Oddly, the grand fork in the psychological road defines two relative time travel, either the now or history, as the two brain halves in one’s mind!’
`The switch from left to right brain dominance must be done in haste because any time spent in vacillation brings agony unseen!’
`The schizophrenic’s perception of some vast `conspiracy’ yet unseen likely lies in his right brain’s insight offer of satel­lite DNA biasing the person’s subjective opinions‑‑ thus the vast neurosis today preventing reality to be understood by mankind.’
`Fear versus joy in the NDE may define a conscious perception of life‑‑ as between which brain half dominated them!’
`Man’s noisy left brain will bring the greatest noise upon the earth‑‑ that needed but final war feasible, called Armageddon!’
`To comprehend what governs one’s conscious mind from their left brain as gets missed then from their right will soon be un­derstood‑‑ will force many suicides in intellectuals!’
`A kiss can be a preamble‑‑ often for death, if most men could understand what was seething in the woman’s left brain!’
`The anxiety of the epileptic when hearing scriptural terms is the key to comprehending which brain half is the devil’s abode!’
`The promised apocalypse is merely to define our own devil, as God its complemental in our other brain half!’

`The soul gets the pain it earns by evading the real therapy one’s right brain offers‑‑ even ahead of time!’
`As the corpus callosum but inverted feed‑back signals for two complemental minds, the locus coeruleus deals between the space versus time primitive brains at the root of fundamental thought.’
`The left brain dominant are damned but fortunately do not yet know it, as are the most intellectual of the human specie and own the power to cremate the planet now!’
`Women with decoupled fore‑brains have little libido‑‑ even if they claim so until the marriage knot gets tied!
`As long as most human cerebral functioning is governed by the fight flight response thus loss of insight, few brain scans will be employed to see what M. Mancia found between the energy giver versus energy user as bilateral faculty.’
`To `listen’ with the right brain another’s promise can define its real objective before it’s echo dies!’
`Any woman who cannot access her right brain must contract for sex or children, normally with a husband, few found today so now defines the expanding psychopathy of most late society.’
`Shock attends the awakened about an innate devil lurking in their left brain half, but if remain alive long enough, can swing conscious allegiance to the other half for a true awakening!’
`Mankind’s left brain got into his way for evolution but will aid most to end it in chaos while feeding its unseen henchmen!’
`The insightive now called schizophrenic is an anomaly, most because suffer the worst of any schizoid are the APA profession­als whose left brain dominance is defined by their suicides!’

`Preoccupation with TV trivia allows one’s left brain’s atten­tion to far less trivia, as an unbothered devil’s workshop!’
`Experience SHOULD govern‑‑ however tempting some covertly won new bauble (or planet) appears. The midbrain factor so badly gets smothered by modern programming with some belief that one somehow then “knows all”, is but to sedate any ability to use conscience for socially manipulation via developed intellect instead.’
`While obvious, those who fear most brain research now know in fact must press their dominance‑‑ or else!’
`Leadership requires fore‑sight thus few if any human deserve such social status today as lack any right brain input whatever!’
`A snowmobile in a dream reflects an ability to get around in the psychic world, yet requires their right brain use to see over there where darkness prevails!’
`Fortunately, the human brain cannot be easily read beyond the left brain’s volitional will to expose past conscious thought!’
`Human folly gets most performed after enough IQ has been ac­quired to evade Nature’s right brain warnings‑‑ as Freud said!’

`The natives that paint a child’s right hand with a toxin to evoke pain may be less mad than the claimed civilized who will never understand what governs them via that left brain!’
`To get beyond simple minded IQ one must use the right brain!’
`What appears useless to one person so needs destruction, not recycling, defines the late mentality of the left brain dominant, where the syndrome of ethnic cleansing begins!’
`Does the faulty trigeminal nerve from the right pons primi­tive brain define the left tongue errors in speech, thus some un­invited alternate doing the speaking?’
`While scripture at root is correct, its interpretation will never be accurate as long as one uses their left brain’s aid to define same since suicide is a psychic sense is never wanted!’
`The greatest `blackout’ ever that mankind will ever suffer is now, where his own conspiratorial left brain user must act in its own behalf or perish into extended time as Nature had designed!’
`H. Lotti needs no cue to a pending sung note to define his right brain’s quality coupling to his vocal chords!’
`Vast murky waters as dredged behind extreme security measures should be saying something to late mankind‑‑ at least those few who may survive a terrible psychological change where man’s right brain half will govern the few left after it’s turmoil is over!’
`It is the lack of anticipation with decoupled lateral brains that make some drivers a hazard on the highway, especially when conversing about embellished historical winnings, almost as when they use their cell‑phone to negotiate anything but the highway!’ `Between the compulsion to eat or talk, either syndrome shows what controls the mandible from the right primitive brain!’
`There is coming a men’s rage to return the gender gap back to their dominance again for rational behavior, all for realizing a woman’s underlying purpose is in life as decoupled brain!’
`The difference between thought and rational thought will not be discerned as long as man’s left brain dominates him, especial­ly women, who lack most their connected corpus callosum!’

`To fly on one side of the railroad tracks with a dump on the other side defines reality‑‑ just as man’s two brain halves!’
`To consciously learn what seethes within one’s own left brain should be enough to recognize what seethes in most other minds!’
`To be able to use any RNA fragment for either pro‑ or anti‑life defines the objective of the left brain user.’
`What the left eye offers one’s left brain defines the right brain trying to show with that alerted left eye!’
`Irrelevancy evokes depression unless the right brain can so dominate thereafter‑‑ should the person live!’
`Between living between our audio or visual worlds one must so make up their conscious mind as lies between their own two brain halves‑‑ each naturally vying for attention.’
`Since discarnate ethnic groups all have the same net goal of evading an inevitable sinking into extended time, their common or democratic `voice’ gets heard by their incarnates to choose the most favorable to lead mankind into their deepest ignorance thus ensure stable feeding places with human left brain dominance.’
`The obvious nausea noted in government officials charged with stamping out `drugs’ like THC, makes clear which brain half must fight to a finish to sustain the public’s programmed stupidity!’

`To find life too interesting to want to predate for a living, shows a conscious mind alerted to its right brain for genius.’
`The verb that precedes the noun in some languages could show the dynamic right brain’s precedence over the temporal.’
`Only after this current binge of social intrigue will man be able to becoming civilized, where always before had promised with only his left brain in gear!’
`The NMR scans showing the left brain taking over the right by the age of reason well shows the genesis of psychopathy, especi­ally if no father figure was available for the child.’
`Any `alien’ left hand sufferer would indicate the decoupled state where the definitive space knowing right brain would need a mirror to see reality as to button their shirt.’
`Those who claim to use `sympathetic magic’ are very likely correct as use their own sympathetic CNS or left brain’s folly!’
`To lack the conscious caution of which lateral brain one may need to use for what invites disaster now faces desperate man!’
`All is simple to comprehend when using the right brain as the visual answers to reality.’
`Left handed key‑board strokes become difficult without yet the use of the definitive left brain.’
`Man’s real civil war is between his two brain halves, if his own conscious mind begins to awaken to reality!’
`The only compensation for one’s historical mtDNA is insight‑‑ so men would normally turn to their right brain.’
`Man will learn to use his right brain or perish today!’
`At least those who subtly fear they may be some lieutenant to the devil have a chance to be alerted to which brain half governs them before too late!’
`Once called satori as now the NDE if subjectively moving into the Light. It is the direct perception of from where our right brain user stems, a non‑temporal state better called the I Am.’
`Super human mental processing will only come with right brain dominance and a conscious mind fully aware of what it is doing!’
`To understand Nature one must pat attention to Her, not their jiggling fool in their own left brain!’
`Mankind got its midbrain too early‑‑ as two legs and TV. It shed its fur to shed the cold and rain too soon as now avoids the wisdom to survive in even primitive ways‑‑ to return to limbo as well to wait for more difficult times ahead to finish evolution.’
`As unseen lawyers yet far more mobile, ancestors watch over their incarnate kin, especially those without fore‑brain connec­tions as must rely on advice as when to sue for divorce or start some ethnic cleansing war!’
`Necromancy is to get into bed with one’s left brain first to get integrated with their deceased ancestors to rule their life!’

`Real paranoia most stems from the unconscious desire to hide some equally unconscious factor as Freud noted. What is not noted however is the fact that this behavior when exhibited by authori­ty as in the U.S. today to define the greatest of all psychopathy possible‑‑ where left brain intellect and power reside together!’
`When all come to think alike it is mutual enlightenment where no one ethnic group dominates another with left brain dominance.’
`While curbed by spirit, the soul needs ignorant followers to manipulate for its survival, thus covert unconscious liaisons now called `psychic’ abound as the fall‑out of ethnic cleansing thus the wisdom to examine what offers the maximum of protection in a spiritual way as offered by one’s right brain.’
`Man’s real tragedy being discerned is the loss of his insight offering right brain visual inputs (as REM dream) is what Plato called `Potentia’ or our innate non‑temporal faculty which most offers we the conscious mind conscience.’
`The so few who awaken to life early already had their right as correct brain turned on, yet not too much to frighten others.’
`When it is merely a lateral brain `war’ that defines all psy­chopathy, we find the evasion maximum of its genesis as the pro­fits of pharmacological endeavors, to say nothing of ignorance!’
`Rather than play games with scriptural dogmas which are all so well twisted to mean little, science should pick up the effort to define reality in terms of cross academic import‑‑ most feared by late mankind to define his left brain dominance!’
`To learn consciously one’s own omnipresent user of the right brain with the Self thinking interface would fully turn that mind to seek insight use‑‑ to know potentials whenever needed.’
`An upset left eye reflects an equally upset left brain as is most in need of censoring visual import where a curious conscious mind exists and could upset the subject’s entire mental balance!’
`To trust those who trust their deceased ancestors comes very close to devil worship, so decoupled forebrain owners have little idea of whom directs their thinking, much less loss of insight.’
`The persistent religious squabbles define best ancestor wor­ship, where no true faith can be established which would define how man’s two brain operation in tandem!’
`A woman’s disconnected fore brain shows her most direct con­nection with her ancient ancestors‑‑ who demand her ignorance of reality until too late, to then be called some apocalypse!’

`The Balinese dancer who displace their heads laterally are saying in effect their two brains dominate them cyclically!’
`Women today should be paid more to use both brain halves‑‑ so they could match men that use insight naturally.’
`Second childhood comes when one make peace at last with their Maker, a phenomena most often experienced by men, likely due to their fore‑brain development with intellectual scrutiny.’
`The most helpful to humanity seek little attention while they use their right brain, and so speak with conviction so frighten!’
`After the pending grand planet `cleansing’, done in the name of an ethnic cleansing, the few remaining will be able to turn to their right brain then to decipher reality with ease and safety.’
`What may appear as an incredible thinking rate merely is the use of one’s right brain half, obviously considered schizophrenia by the truly mad who today too often own authority!’
`Boys get `medicated’ to avoid their testosterone use as goads their thinking with both brain halves. Women get medicated to so avoid any thinking, thus permits ancestors to do it for them, or enhance testosterone now to win in a liberative debate over men!’
`From the evidence of decoupled fore‑brains in American women, little wonder at their want of TV intrigue as ancestor aid if yet married to some thinking man!’
`The huge `garbage truck’ now coming to pick up the human junk that got programmed by their ancestors will indeed clear the air for those left, to begin to think with their right brains then!’
`The autistic `syndrome’ will not be examined closely by any researcher, not because no funding will be found but what governs the intellectual, so demands anonymity where a fluke of discovery might point to the hidden left brain using id abdicating life!’

`Since the world’s human population has finally reached that expected impasse for mental evolution, only demise can follow, to allow a restart of evolution in a far more rapid way by using the non‑temporal right brain directly‑‑ instead of evading it.’
`At least two of the worst human organizations will end with the Self thinking interface, neither really much needed had man followed his right brain’s insightive offers to obviate academia and all political systems, where promises and law corrupt most!’
`Of all prophesies not understood, man’s pending right brain dominance defines Joel’s where old men will dream dreams!’
`An alerted conscious mind brings the most misery to a hiding soul where curiosity drives the mental matrix to examine all the facets of life, as what evades detection most in the left brain!’
`Women write from their left brain as men the other, but don’t conjure reality when more faced with it!’
`As the dogmas say; “If we confess our sins‑‑”, even in writ­ing we can correct evil penchants by conscious consideration‑‑ as said also to get “Timely advice‑‑” from one’s non‑temporal right brain half, offers the best of protection to act first.’
`For those yet unable to think clearly with both brain halves, they should labor in happy ignorance while getting some sense of good versus evil in another’s behavior.’
`To learn which brain half dominates man’s conscious mind much less the net goal of either of those bilateral two, the promised apocalypse stands to now do mankind its greatest damage!’
`The modulation of subjective visual data via the left brain‑stem pons for some `creative’ (schizoid) experience noted via the left area 17, may be a valid guess, even as fetal when REM dream programs visual data is the norm for any male who has an integra­ted anterior corpus callosum for insight for ease of creativity.’
`For some `creative’ (schizoid) experience noted via left area 17 brain, might this same area be active during fetal REM, even if its occipital for visual dream programming doesn’t exist?’
`More than merely the `mechanical’ brain needs comprehension now, as how a non‑temporal (spatial) faculty expresses itself in slow mass‑time‑‑ to define M. Mancia’s research on monkeys, but for the E versus mc\2 side of the Special Relativity equations‑‑ as bilateral cerebral functions.’
`The primitive pons area brain stem is protected by a gate to block traumatic data, this hippocampus operant either entices or blocks, using glutin or Ca+, in control by the parasympathetic‑‑ since knows effect from cause in relative time potentials!’
`Does area 17 of the brain near the pons area brain stem get used by the human female, yet ever get across her anterior corpus callosum to have some affect like conscience?’
`What gender difference is there between their area 17 brain use, and does it begin in the fetal stage of life?’
`Programmed winners keep most people busy thinking wealth lies just around the corner so learn only to bet with unseen ancestor biased chance on games of unsaid extortion once relative time is understood‑‑ as what their right brain might offer them!’

`The big question now is from which of our two brain halves do we conscious minds learn most‑‑ to say little of net value?’
`Bible reading is a double edged sword, depending on which of one’s two brain halves does the interpreting!’
`Sadly, the `twins’ mention in the Good Book failed to mention also of which brain half they represent in man where one seeks in desperation to kill the other!’
`The one‑track minded have lost their right brain‑‑ with a decoupled anterior corpus callosum!’
`All animals are killers, especially the human one now where a final fling at independent survival is about to be tested, as may lack the use of right brain insightive inputs!’
`Clear reason requires both brains as anterior corpus callosum so that a conscious mind gets both halves of any “story”!’
`Do inhabitants of cluster galaxies, if any, own the reversed polarity thus twist of their genetic structures, as left handed predatoriness with a right brain ego centered id?’
`Difficult is it to judge if authority has the devil on their ass or in their left brain making commands today!’
`A person’s rate of thinking is contingent to their positive feed‑back non‑temporal right brain use, however detested by the reductive time oriented left brain. While this leads rapidly into overt genius, one can then understand why they are so hated by so many in authorized power where only tenure offers survival!’

`The verbal expression as Babylon derived indicates who unseen needs the means to an uncanny commerce between two different time rate continuum‑‑ where sign language needs visual perception and so is most avoided because it enhances right brain use instead.’
`The PGO spike on an oscilloscope defines `vertical time’ thus unity time for subjective visual imports offered to the brain.’
`All mental transitional moments create trauma in the minds of the rutty, especially the tenured in power to define the mounting of a grand trauma when mankind learns what uses his left brain!’
`Oddly, to be time oriented with their left brain they seldom plan ahead‑‑ maybe because others have plans for them instead!’
`Solomon’s suggestion of it being better to life as a dog than predator will finally be proven with man’s left brain dominance!’
`Nothing angers the left brain more than a happy right brain!’
`Chemical lobotomy remains in vogue as the ice‑pick method got too noisy and bloody for the few `benign’ therapists. the same net objective however has not changed to decouple the lateral brain halves where the perverted one wanted more freedom!’
`The most incredible life’s opportunities for man depend on how soon he learns how to evade his unseen predatory ancestors‑‑ to open his right brain for insight and so end all competition!’

`Only the right brain using imaginative could spatial navigate in space even if its definitive orientation used the the left!’
`Spelunkers need both brains to navigate below ground because his rectilinear one must live on flat‑land, and rejects the other which knows all space now!’
`Words flow best with the left brain in charge albeit often in control of the unseen fabricating half truths for some profit!’
`When words flow easily but define reality, the left brain has finally capitulated to its inspirational complemental right!’
`To await insight patiently is the art of genius, whose switch in cerebral brain use defines the best of all switched gears!’
`The slower the start the faster the net speed‑‑ when it comes to using one’s right brain, especially after the age of reason!’
`Mix both brain use, as leisure with labor, to maximize one’s use of the Creator’s efforts‑‑ yet remain aloof from those who so claim they know better, as any one day to slack‑off from either!’
`To whimper in subjective joy may be excused over time, but it is that joy that comes only with conscious awakening of what was kept hidden by their left brain of what was in their right!’ `Anyone who seeks to displace the Lord to govern needs their left brain examined as has gotten out of order with too much IQ!’
`Once one begins to truly think it fortunately becomes a good habit thus speeds up their evolution with right brain insight.’
`The growing use of mentioning the left brain with corruption may take their toll since no one would dare refute the mounting empirical evidence today, at least in front of the alert public!’

`It is not longer a matter of what one says but how they smile
bilaterally now that the two brain halves can be understood, thus to define who will need prison or psychiatric care!’
`Obedience to love forces the need to learn defense, if not an overt way to escape harm by using love as right brain insight!’
`To have one’s inalienable rights removed surreptitiously by ever more social laws, there remains yet one last resort to help discern their differences, via the non‑temporal right brain!’
`All human acts have a purpose yet the conscious mind if man seldom realizes from which brain half evokes those behaviors!’
`To trust most as one’s own left brain is pure folly‑‑ however it may have had many centuries of mental evolution called IQ!’

`Music ensures the use of higher frequency listening as from where insight comes, as REM dream well above the verbal spectrum for left brain audio use.’
`To get the best sense in life, seal off your left brain while getting on the Royal Road to paying attention to your right‑‑ as with dreams which offer reality, even before the fact!’
`Those now using their right brain are seldomly amazed at any­thing as genius offers matters of fact!’
`The best of all espionage comes from the right brain as knows effects from cause‑‑ the next best are UFOs, prowling for author­ity who cannot address their right brain!’
`The most valuable `search tool’ for any `web’ is REM dream as offered by the right brain knowing of potentials. It will bring soon bring Jeeves to the Net to define where to find reality!’
`To write down some fact does not mean the conscious mind well comprehends same‑‑ when using the right brain for reference!’
`The greater problem with any heuristic mind‑set is from which brain half the offered the import came!’
`Christ guidance only comes with questioning‑‑ but also do the perverted whose welcome stems from one’s left brain‑‑ to define the business of consciously learning insightive visual language!’
`A large brain is a poor sign‑‑ especially with only a right smiling face below it!’
`The difference of those who seek novelty as think with their right brain for answers and the political minded programmed to seek only with the left brain and use programmed promises defines the vast difference between relative time perspectives.’
`The `guardian angels’ of religious ilk need to be discerned more clearly by the human conscious mind‑‑ to so turn them off as used the left brain for only folly now!’
`The number of people that cannot be helped are growing at an exponential rate while some others, almost at the same rate but programmed dumb to lose yet can help their own self, defines the mental difference as brain half dominating either.’
`There is actually only one way to be prepared for any and all forms of liability, and it is with one’s full conscious attention on their right brain’s offers, with attention to all potentials!’
`The best way to extend one’s telomeres is to think, especial­ly with their right brain to ensure they get the most in life.’
`The hippocampus is a unique body which filters both ways, the data headed down to the brain stem or up to the cerebral cortex.’
`To exist in a unity temporal state there can be no 2nd much less serial anything, whatever time rate exists for another. This fact defines the split‑brain data as contingent to Einstein’s CPT theorem dictated complementals!’

`Chants, as the Jewish nodding at their wailing wall, show the discarnate rate of communication, as deep sleep brain delta EEG.’
`At least for the human conscious mind, to think with the left brain is stupid because reality only gets hidden!’
`Hosea’s claim of women robbing men of their brains is correct but less likely the wine or song which enhances the right brain!’
`Altered states of relative consciousness last up to at most 90 minutes since that is the natural switching time to the other brain half‑‑ where reality gets forced back into perspective.’
`If the I Am of the right brain didn’t know about It’s own reality it might make sense to follow the little god of the other brain which knows nothing by comparison‑‑ if the conscious mind didn’t know any better or have a means to learn such import!’
`We all become wizards when we begin to use our right brain‑‑ albeit few in the department of mathematics!’
`Never would physics as psychology examine the space‑time ori­ented difference between the human lateral brains‑‑ which defines the vast neurosis that will only break with the true holocaust!’
`The greatest game ever played has been with the greatest num­ber of humans stupid of the game they played with a limited deck of cards promoted by their left brain half as their far advanced intellectual ancestors who must win the planet!’
`The Oriental have much to offer the predatory of mankind now as have sustained their subjective ability to use both brains!’

`The most interesting place of all to spend one’s leisure time is with their right brain where the truly profound can be perused as explanations thereto, truly the Royal Road as Freud said!’
`Nothing can be as well done psychologically than with their own right brain where even potentials can be seen ahead of time!’
`The visualizing genius will be the last to be understood by academia‑‑ where only verbal left brain dominance is tolerated!’
`Mind set stems from history so the history oriented soul well instated in mankind’s left brain governs for the profit goals.’
`Devil or ancestor worship has become popular because of the vast unseen legions numbers who govern opinion today, especially with most only using their programmed left brain to think with!’
`Fancy duds as authorized credentials and elegant verbal prom­ises are nearly understood‑‑ as what drives the human left brain in serial temporal order!’
`The left brain dominant may `see’ better with laser light as must use serially ordered data even if not the higher frequency.’
`To be led by one’s hand can bring reality when they remain so well censored by the left brain to not see visually the obvious. It often brings a bloody nose, but then little gets forgotten!’
`To examine scripture with one’s right brain’s offered insight can turn one away from religion‑‑ yet into deep theology!’
`Men are stupid in religion yet women far more so as get their programmed behavior as likely decoupled fore‑brains therefrom!’
`To find one is happier being a slave to Nature than to their predatory left brain user can be the paradigm switch worth it!’
`The programmed left brain dominant must get their ideas from the few insight using to profit in life, a heady operation when a debt does get paid through karmic retribution!’

`Hectic hedonism versus passive pleasure defines the different drive of the two brain halves. The first leads to ethnic cleans­ing while the other to Nature’s intended objective!’
`Heaven on earth cannot come until all its pending inhabitants have been brought up thinking with their right brain. Anything short of that hell must prevail as ethnic cleansing!’
`We all think we are creative in some way but seldom realize what is new to a conscious mind may stem from the left brain thus actually history being repeated like tenure used now in science!’
`Between the two basic factions of human social dominance, its loggerhead stems from understanding lateral brain penchants as an unseen problem with academic programming!’
`The only `circuit’ that counts within mass‑time is the one between the two brain halves, which make or break Nature’s goal!’
`Dreams are not necessary if enough conscious attention with an integrated forebrain corpus callosum, to use insight at will!’
`The number of the beast is both 66% and doomed as was written on the right hand‑‑ by the left brain user!’
`Legislative and Judicial systems now with covert cruelty will not be understood until the Self thinking interface defines the left brain unconscious‑‑ now governing late mankind!’
`To conclude something is correct with their left brain is far too often with a subtle slip in fact while right brain inputs do offer a chance for ambiguity when visions get misinterpreted, as too often by the intellectual neurotic!’

`The universe becomes simple to comprehend once returning to use one’s right brain‑‑ for whatever time required by the left!’
`Human conscious `melt‑downs’ come when the right brain’s heat gets too much for its complemental‑‑ then called schizophrenia!’
`Verbal prayer should be outlawed in schools but then replaced with visualization, then derived from the right brain half!’
`Peaceful towns are often the least users of intellectual left brain capacity, yet stand to survive well in the future.’
`Kuhn’s paradigm shift comes when man switches his conscious attention to his other brain half!’
`To allow one’s left brain to dominate we buy time for folly, as evade learning much about reality.’
`Those now needed some `conversational piece’ in lieu of any right brain use is to ensure their left continues to dominate!’
`Mankind has had all opportunity for its messiahs now so will need to turn to God soon as begin to use the right brain.’
`Because the human conscious mind must guess at something new to it, it remains vulnerable to half truths trumped by its pre­varicating left brain when it can keep censored the right.’
`To accept praise for doing well with right brain aid can be foolish without mentioning from where such offered aid came!’
`Balance and timing as in ballet dancing is often done for the left brain’s praise, more than the quality exercise so gained.’
`Women’s greatest step for their uphill struggle in life will be to integrate their forebrain’s corpus callosum!’
`The Islamic now watch in horror as the American woman takes over all social reasoning to hand their country to their discar­nate ancestors‑‑ who were pulling their left brain strings with­out an integrated anterio corpus callosum.’

`To not know what time it is when in love it likely defines a real love then evoked by one’s right brain.’
`Good timing with balance is left brain behavior thus as pen­chant used for getting attention for praise so a perversion.’
`Positive feed‑back need not be historical‑‑ it can be from a non‑temporal insightive right brain offering reality.’
`Does a left brain dominant `depressive’ seek isolation above latitude 60 degrees as in Finland‑‑ where many lack a left facial smile as maybe cornered by their unseen ancestors?’
`The male sycophant has a brain much like his mother who did manage to keep a quality father figure away to create a politi­cian to seek to win the planet for a mtDNA aggrandizement!’
`Man’s left brain has managed to con its conscious mid‑brain mind that it is wise‑‑ yet has been programmed so dumb it can no longer even understand mental processing with three minds!’
`An hour a day considering reality with their right brain is ample‑‑ when considering one’s relative time factor therewith!’
`Never place yourself into a compromising situation, a factor very difficult to find without right brain insight use!’
`We only think we have problems‑‑ which keeps us from viewing with our right brain our real problems hidden in the left brain!’
`We may file an infinite number of facts into our brain but few humans attempt to comprehend any reality as a whole. It so defines the difference between IQ and CQ as left or right brain.’

`Is it better to have one’s computer screen a bit above their center of head position to move the eyes above their optical cen­ter line‑‑ to possibly evoke more right brain use?’
`The most venomous snake one may ever encounter lives in their left brain and has little use for a conscious mind!’
`The shrink fears knowing what the visual nuance actually is, yet suspects it is correct, as is, when seeing the suffering with a left brain dominance!’
`There is only one means to survive now as complete one’s own soul’s net evolution for Nature and it is to consciously learn of the complemental minds hidden between the two brain halves!’
`Testosterone naturally would be offered the animal using both of its complemental brains as should have enough insight to make ego strength behaviors rational.’
`It today requires a man with an integrated corpus callosum to become a human god, not others whose unseen gods now rule their kept dumb minds from only the left brain side.’

`To decouple from one’s social norm by using wisdom is to use their right brain‑‑ because it knows potentials!’
`Until mankind realizes consciously the goals as means of its left brain’s mass‑time objectives, its vicious means to survive as win whatever will ensue with a vengeance!’
`To be an analogic right brain user in a digital reinforced intellectual dominated world is hell with its worst fate!’
`The Java computer program could be of value for right brain dominants whose reality becomes vivid with the dynamic, not rigid numerical form as used only for historical reasoning.’
`Music per se cannot thrive in those lacking an integrated forebrain so frequencies do not get integrated. Either umpa tempo or harmony defines such listener’s net pleasure.’
`The really beautiful in the Sistine Chapel was Michelangelo’s left hand‑‑ well guided by his right brain half!’
`While Michelangelo’s hand work reflected his right brain many other intellectual as today’s TV cartoonists reflect their left!’
`The real `trekky’ today is the conscious mind pushing out its censoring left brain‑‑ to truly travel in relative time!’
`To remain just drink enough to suppress serial ordered recall but still allow its worded expression of the analogical offers of the right brain defines genius‑‑ if not creative schizophrenia!’
`Any failure of insight is due to one’s left brain darkening the spirit, as being programmed for IQ by academia, running for a political office to survive on others‑‑ or some epileptic fit!’
`From the primitive’s right brain dominance to man’s current left we find the gamut of ever increasing intellectual corruption up to his then well needed near total demise called Armageddon!’
`The trick is to learn consciously how as where to aim one’s vehemence with Chi to what the left brain foments as folly!’

`The musical bar or measure defines two frequencies at the same time. The scaled tone is perceived by the right brain while tempo the left‑‑ either’s offered pleasure thus understood.’
`From tom‑toms to symphony, `music’ depends on which of the listener’s two brain half can’t “groove” with the “noise”!’
`Direct speech without errs or ahhs show forthwith thought, as derived from the right brain’s knowing of facts, while the facade oriented `buy time’ to think of ways and means to fool their lis­teners for some never said profit margin!’
`It is the business of a woman to sustain dumb men where her greatest danger stems from another using both brain halves. It is the basis for her mtDNA ancestors to govern as evoke religious half‑truth folly to conclude finally all of civilization!’
`Since the Feds shut down all utterances (to MUFON especially) of the rectilinear `knowing’ left brain user in the human animal as like travels of UFOnauts (orb or trifid), something has become both ominous as much better understood‑‑ to say little of who are in bed with them!’
`Those in the deepest trouble never sense it because they are so well censored by their left brain using id with high IQ!’
`To understand one’s right brain never lies even if its offer­ed visual expressions are difficult to decipher makes clear then that their left brain could never have been trusted before!’
`Verbal hype is best discerned by the visual oriented right brain so watch the speaker for signs of left brain dominance!’
`The best sonic frequency to drive the brains of the offensive is sigma where 14Hz evokes dreams or insight to alert the trouble maker the option to halt their folly while yet able!’
`Those who use only their left brain cannot help but not un­derstand it‑‑ much less how to avoid its terrible neurosis!’
`The left brain is Thanatos, thus very dangerous to attempt to comprehend consciously‑‑ most because that conscious mind will never reach the intellectual capacity of that cunning faculty!’

`To fill the aid with errrs and ahhs to keep attention while trying to rethink some profit oriented wording best defines not only a left brain dominant, but who unseen is doing the talking!’
`Do the large numbers of Mongolian women with connected fore‑brains define the race to govern the next millennium, even if yet called “slippery dakinis” by their Tantra Buddhist monks?’
`One half of our brain seeks to uncover one kind of `treasure’ while the other brain half yet another kind. It then becomes the inadvertent uncovering of one which oddly most aids the other!’
`We run out of rational behavior as out left brain user begins to rule us with its deceased kin demanding to be fed and our own insightive right brain takes leave to offer no more insight.’
`Crop circles might indicate space oriented entities express­ing in a pictographic right brain language, thus the loss of left brain fear in those witnessing closely such phenomena.’
`When things go wrong it is because little right brain alert­ing was had to define where to be consciously cautious.’
`Left brain dominants either hold still of go like hell so can make the highway hell for everyone else!’
`To teach one’s child when ready to learn of its hidden trea­sure as right brain’s offers in life is how Buddhism evokes their perceptive monks‑‑ even if not a life’s project thereafter.’
`Lacking frontal brain lobe as corpus callosum connection can block insight enough to make a pure intellectual of such person.’

`The animal brain is a complex system for integrating data, primarily for its conscious mind where two other unconscious men­tal faculty feud over dominance‑‑ for life or for death!’
`Only the right brain inductive user perceives what is new for their subsequent other brain’s deductive processing to act upon.’
`Left brain whimsy half truths buys time for tenure seekers.’
`Left brain obedience is fine with an alerted conscious mind, to govern life’s net objectives without folly or facade!’
`Naivete is a blessing when the worst of life lurks in their left brain‑‑ niggling for perceived results other than reality!’
`The net loss of non‑temporal right brain insight for ritual to spew half truths defines church business‑‑ which may have been correct in Clovis times, but profit now dictates their business.’
`The best doctor to be ever found uses one’s own right brain‑‑ if one can evade the censoring of their left!’
`How else could a conscious mind remain so stupid unless gov­erned by a smarter mind using its left brain half?’
`Governmental `facilitators’ teaching on 90 minute cycles may best define what goes on in the same period in the brain where an unconscious dominance prevails for good or folly!’
`The brain’s layout or configuration may be dictated by is finite space more than how neurons occupy 3D unless in the occip­ital where serial layout in 2D is a simple video configuration.’
`Depending on which 90 minute major cycle the brain is in, the facilitator acts to sway reductive processing as avoid any induc­tive use to realize reality.’
`A right facial smiler as left brain dominant can reflect an­cestors really in dominance!’
`Are soprano singers more right brain dominant to fully hear any tone about 40Hz?’

`One evades their social problems by getting into an absorbing study, especially using their right brain for insights.’
`As the Tibetan Buddha monk with visiting dakinis to practice Tantra yoga, their greater attention is in their visions via the right brain‑‑ unlike most western spiritual practitioners.’
`BSE as Kuru or scrapies in the human shows a dominant 1Hz EEG across their entire brain‑‑ to define what has taken over to end spatial organization as the stumbling cow‑‑ with a proliferating protein lacking nucleic acid so full sympathetic CNS dominance.’
`Broken pyrimindine molecules in humans for spongiform brains only defines what palisade mesophyll in rectilinear orientation‑‑ as in other more primitive structures, seeking covert dominance.’
`Many claimed scientific claim to know more than an amoeba be­cause their right brain got shut down for another belief factor!’
`To do psychotherapeutic work after extensive neurophysiology research can make such therapist dangerous unless knowing well of Freud’s found zealous Thanatos lurking in the left human brain!’
`A very large brain shows Nature’s way to compensate for the conscious mind with S‑T memory what an id’s censoring does to L‑T memory, something Freud noted clearly, associated with IQ.’
`The `pincer’ movement pressuring late mankind by their fran­tic deceased now defines the drive to evade right brain use to so evade feeding those said frantic recognizing their destiny!’
`Is the a brief transition of pilo‑erection between deep sleep with delta EEG and REM dream as the right brain takes over, or is the id out sojourning to not know what is occurring in the body?’
`The dogma of “‑‑ the Lord will go before you‑‑” merely shows the relative time between our two brain halves!’

`How soon does the right brain of likely the male baby begin to promote curiosity, and can it be noted well before speech?’
`We are consciously the greater fool when we get titillated by `spooky stuff’, which hides the really spooky in our left brain!’
`Ring finger length may define the more depressive, even if so often creative as R. L. Stevenson or the musical oriented with a right brain dominance.’
`Quips are the jots of dreams in the morning to decipher later when one’s left brain is busy‑‑ to access again their insight!’
`Dreams are the Buddhist treasures as that right brain Royal Road offer of Freud, yet best understood by the aboriginal!’
`The left brain’s death‑wish with epileptic seizure so defines the complemental of the right brain’s offer of orgasm!’
`Stragglers may develop the more valuable brain power for life while the eager to win will teach only agony to those former!’
`Autistics with high 5HT as left brain dominance begin to show their malady around the age of reason in bilateral facial anom­alies, much as the larger head of the dyslexic‑‑ logically!’
`Who yet think they think with impunity best think again!’
`The glitch filled intellectual’s brain defines its blocks as needed with half truths for a curious conscious mind to stumble upon‑‑ hopefully long enough to promote the full death‑wish!’
`The one thing man cannot do is explore his universe with his definitive space knowing left brain, which would never divulge what it found as already knows about,how to buy time by keeping a conscious mind stupid!’
`We all think but which brain half it is done with defines the motivation between quality service to others versus the self!’
`Between the church and government the needed preoccupation of those who might think has become imperative, especially now that the human split‑brain data raised questions as defines reality!’
`Man’s greatest gamble comes when his conscious mind doesn’t know when as which brain half to use between wanted history or what is true new, to say little of potentials in slow time!’
`We all must think again‑‑ but without the bias and subterfuge of our left brain‑‑ thus wrap up its evolution.’

`Do the decoupled forebrain or sclerotic lack sexual orgasm?’
`Right brain visual `hallucinations’ never lie but their net interpretations do‑‑ when the conscious viewee has a potent IQ as left cerebral dominance.’
`One’s company can’t be matched if it is their right brain!’
`One’s extent of anticipation defines both their defense as anxiety so to use right brain insight can become a double edged sword‑‑ worst for the neurotic intellectual yet enlightening for the fearless of Nature driven by curiosity!’
`The grand opportunity for insight at propitious times makes clear one’s non‑temporal right brain user truly cares about us!’
`With intellectual left brain dominance there is no room for conscience which defines mankind’s late evolutional state.’
`To learn what prowls about in one’s left brain can offer the curiosity of what uses their right!’

`The right brain is a thorough‑going hazard to all sycophants in power‑‑ with their eyes on a new Riviera or the whole planet!’
`Interesting will be the more loudly claimed winners when left behind to find out they stayed too long in their left brain!’
`When digital and analogic computers finally face off, such an interface will not need the EEG as the brain but a faster coupl­ing will permit very fast cross communicative modes, to head‑off any psychopathic tendency of the human animal thereafter.’
`When Christ spoke of “Satan get thee behind me‑‑” likely he was tired of that reductive left brain trying to lead in folly!’
`Babylon jargon hides many imports yet fully understood by the left brain which initiated the ambiguous language to begin with!’
`Men and women are adventurists, each going in an opposite di­rection depending on which brain half dominates them. While men face Nature for survival, women face men to fleece them, in some ways a good adventure when fathers have children to educate.’
`There is only one competent diagnostician and it resides in our right brain half, happy to aid if we will but put our atten­tion to its offered advice.’
`What as when to eat is the two brain’s basic argument, where between the acidic and starch defines which governs consciousness for the relative CNS dominance.’
`A redeemed child is one who uses their right brain, which can only come with an early right brain dominant father figure.’
`To speed up thought one must use their right brain, however scary to the left which only seeks some safe ritual for tenure!’
`To consciously awaken to what seethes in their left brain can be the greatest factor to alert one to the rest of reality!’

`Do Liechtensteiners recognize the woman’s decoupled forebrain so do not trust her voting ability‑‑ or who governs her unseen?’
`Was Gideon’s lamp and trumpet parable to wake up the neurotic to see reality‑‑ with the other brain half?’
`The Lord beckons, but those who lack right brain use will not `hear’ until enough tragedy forces a suffering potentially moder­ative conscious mind to listen with enough care to then act.’
`Vaduz Liechtenstein might be the best place on earth today to live‑‑ for the few who do think with their right brain’s aid!’
`Those able to write in quatrains to prognose very likely use their non‑temporal right brain to define deeper reality in slow mass‑time where normally statistical chance is most used. Time potentials likely are what Plato defined as the Potentia.’
`From where else could conscience come other than from right brain insight, which offers potentials of consequences to come!’
`Philosopher Kings are an impossibility because the two brains in man can never get along when judging reality!’
`The high rate of pons offered data to pre‑program the brain for life makes clear the greatest miss of all scientific quests began shortly after the human mind’s age‑of‑reason!’
`We may all `intend’ but it then becomes a matter which of the brain halves wins the gamble to act it its own favor!’
`Because a woman without an integrated forebrain can learn to repeat an act with precision, their value was great until automa­tion came along with TV to fatten them for ancestors.’
`Once learning to find their right brain’s offer of insight, men will continue to ask about reality‑‑ while becoming a terror to women who must survive on half truths or perish!’
`There is only one agency that man can turn to for the facts, it is his non‑temporal right brain that even knows history, which terrorizes authority now with the coming Self thinking device!’
`Our right brain awakens us to see an import while the left is always ready to put us to sleep‑‑ even while fully awake!’

`One needs not `invent’ any spectacular `image’ once learning how to use their right brain with an integrated anterio‑corpus callosum, (seldom in the female gender), so we need to ask how daVinci, Einstein or most left handers got their insights.’
`Grids are spatial gestalts in psychological jargon, but also are derived from unity time from where all else stems in slow time. A need to place the definitive in finite space or dream of same via the right brain, also can be pixel controlled in space, yet with the said interface in an X‑Y plot.’
`Only the integrated forebrain corpus callosum can offer in­sight for that indispensable faculty for genius‑‑ especially to verbally express it.’
`Maybe one’s extent of anticipation defines both their defense as anxiety so the use of right brain insight can become a double edged sword, worst for the neurotic intellectual but enlightening to the fearless of Nature as driven by curiosity!’
`There is little impunity left for those who think with their right brain! So while it now gets understood, a little wisdom dictates silence today!’
`The high rate of primitive brain pons offered data to pre‑program the brain for life makes clear the greatest miss of all scientific quests began shortly after the human mind’s age‑of‑reason, as C. Jung so well noted.’
`The split‑brain data defining the space versus time derived complemental relatively oriented unconscious, oddly or not almost exactly what Freud was looking at as some covert psychopathy may be seen as sycophantic behaviors to cover the loss of conscience which is to know cause from affect.’
`Depending one which of our two lateral brains we consciously defend, we succumb to its goals‑‑ noted as Einstein’s Alephs!’
`Heuristic reasoning best defines the use of insight‑‑ but is only valid when used by the right brain dominant.’
`Likely women with a decouple forebrain should avoid the far north or south where cold climes offer a residence for the evil!’

one to the rest of reality!’

`Do Liechtensteiners recognize the woman’s decoupled forebrain so do not trust her voting ability‑‑ or who governs her unseen?’
`Was Gideon’s lamp and trumpet parable to


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