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by on March 10, 2010

Norman Lewis,
Dept. of Biochemistry
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164
Re: dirigentive levo electron?
Dear Sir: (`Guiding‑‑’ SCIENCE; 17, Jan. ’97)
There is likely nothing truly new about some `spatially’ oriented faculty guiding various aspects in the biological realm, whether using historical DNA (Darwinian physical evolutional sense) or mtDNA for the psychological. Dawkins (as said Darwin) has not yet fallen to the reason for the physiological for the psychological, yet neither will we, since will evoke vast trauma if we do!

Asimov’s `levo’ electron, as the interface for the self thinking device (over) stirring apprehension in physic’s (EPR experiments) may help to define what goads the rational biological from the mass‑time `chaos’‑‑ where random (dextro) life gets assembled in molecular form yet still needs levo to guide it for its net purpose‑‑ now looming as mankind’s greatest problem after some intellectual left cerebral using faculty’s evolution.

I fear Kaiser’s remark about “hamhanded‑‑” as most others using science for tenure merely means right‑‑ lacking right brain in­sight as might discover too much.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T(over)
CC: S. Sarkanin; J. Dean; M. Zenk; D/Z w:

Andrew Merrywether, et. al.
Dept. of Evolutional Biology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Re: father‑figure `additive’?
Dear Sir: (`Debunking‑‑’; Science News, 1/25/97)

What you say is provocative, so how does a mother’s mtDNA devour Dad’s, just as now noted in our social milieu? But they also now deny the contra‑obvious lateral cerebral connection where right brain spatial insights are blocked from their left hemisphere, to likely define their 86% need of shrinks to calm them down! (over; as a couple other letter copies contingent with what terrorizes)

Assumptions are needed for research as tenure‑‑ etc. etc., thus careful conjecture allows the evasion on one import, however ob­vious, to overrule the profound, unconsciously knowing it might terminate all parading on which the mtDNA must survive. Darwin’s as Dawkins examine the DNA for the `mechanics’ but all fail to so wonder what evolves in the psychological sense as the net evolu­tional sojourn for the human animal appears to be wrapping up for some overt trauma ahead. The recent data defining ATP genesis with fatty lipid use may suggest the objective of the obese, pre­paring for the worse‑‑ as that Freud as Renoux* is staring at!

Sycophants lacking real father figures disclose who now lead us, to say nothing of who in mother led them! The orthodox Jew is a sad example where IQ (left brain reductive time oriented) often abounds, yet very little complemental spatial insightive nuance. We have lost our moorings as Rollo May would say (or R.D. Laing), so we may face our own music much as the Anasazi did a millennium ago‑‑ where the rectilinear 2D oriented, UFO or that right hand of Sperry’s split‑brain subject** uncovers the provocative.

If indeed McDougal (Harvard; circa 1910) did find finite weight‑loss at physiological death then what got up and left? Is it some wad of mtDNA to house a L.T. memory (not found in the cortex!) as prowls about as the Amerindians (as Anasazi) all claim? The “egg or chick” enigma may be that pending apocalyptic dogma’s answer.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
as:`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; Gorman’s let + CC: Ankel‑Simons; D/Z;w:

Jaron Lanier,
Dept. of Computer Science
Columbia University
New York, New York, 10027
Re: Evolution, but of what?
Dear Sir: (Psy. Today; Jan/Feb issue)

Your PT quoted remarks evokes this note as contingent to the relative value of DNA verses mtDNA where the prior merely offers some appropriate `housing’ for the mentally evoluting mitochond­rial like historical record, to suggest that what might be best about “civilization”(?) to thwart evolution defines the mounting impasse to Nature’s goals‑‑ thus some promised chaos which now is looming most clearly for late mankind. If we continue to refuse the empirical obvious Nature has ways to teaching such neurotics, albeit maybe not in some benign way to get the message across!
Since Dawkins dwells on the `mechanics’ as nearly what Darwin did but expected for his time, that which guards with jealousy our fat cells as likely defines McDougal’s found weight loss at death (Harvard, circa 1910), to define also the Anasazi’s fear of rectilinear `travelers’ to abandon their fixed 2D spatial homes, the Roberts letter (over) may help to explain.
When government is guilty of stamping secret anything for its profit‑‑ never said to win the planet, the enigma best defines what evolutes in our left cerebral hemisphere and wants nothing to do with its all‑knowing (non‑temporal) complemental, so steals whatever, as whenever, with some appropriate engineered opportu­nity that might then be so managed politically. The scenario is tragic, but not oddly a twofold good insofar as a vast thinning of the corrupt to then allow the few who remain the opportunity to learn about reality without the subterfuge of intellect buying tenured time with half truths. The current `scientific’ following the church for both of their net demise may be fortunate indeed!
To comprehend neat 600Bly intervals of evoked cosmic bubbles (Huchra) across this universe‑‑ likely done by one hand clapping, to precipitate an a priori magnetic flux into quantized standing waves to promote temporal conditions‑‑ once called `foot‑stools’, the evolutional game can be understood as fundamentally between our two (spatial vs. temporal) brain halves.
Finding to some dismay many past files as got dumped onto the internet defining a very long study (as brought the self thinking computer using the freed electron to escape the time reversal paradigm; note EPR experiments)‑‑ even the key yet needed for fully controlled fusion‑‑ the above danger becomes clear, where a net late awakening of the carefully enslaved is that expected adjunct needed to return whatever humanity may be left‑‑ back to Nature’s goal‑‑ with utilized conscience instead of manipulation!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; S‑T; Phys/Psy CC: Brockman

Marc D. Hauser,
Dept. of Ecology
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Re: SCIENCE; on social science
Dear Sir: (again)

As said before (Jan. 5,’93), evolution contains far more in the right brain than what we neurotic left brain users could imagine (because it censors; Freud, so no longer use REM `Royal Road’ import after around 7) yet is noted prevalent in a fetus getting pre‑programmed, as all complex brained other animals using same throughout life.

Granting that split‑brain data as the physics of complemental derivation needs be understood (herewith again) thus developed (digital temporal) numeracy as the evoluting left brain faculty. Its benign complemental goads with curiosity up to our neurotic IQ dominance to define what Sperry and Penfield saw between our brains. Not oddly, the female’s near severed corpus callosum defines her malady‑‑ as vehemently denied Gorman’s TIME article last year‑‑ inspite the of obvious CAT scans! Since the freed electron (sorry) offers right cerebral insight almost as the EPR experiments define `knowing cause from affect’, is Plato’s Poten­tia. This is likely the dogma’s `apocalypse’‑‑ where late neuro­tic man refuses to believe up to his bitter end.
The real trauma coming now is to define the mtDNA as evolutes in the psychological way‑‑ and goes back to Lucy in Africa. Maybe even what McDougal saw with weight loss at death there a Harvard (circa 1910?) to indicate the extent of the rapid mtDNA change! Maybe even worse, why the Anasazi packed up and left home about a millennium ago when not understanding 2D rectilinear travel that the UFO buffs have been watching. Our demands for profit now and to hell with tomorrow says it all‑‑ yet very timely I fear!

Sincerely again‑‑

KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy
CC: Kacelnik; Moller; Tooby; D/Z

M. Guillen, Sc. Ed.,
c/o ABC News
Capital Cities/ABC Inc.
47 W 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
Re: cloning‑‑ but for `what’
Sir: (This morning’s panel discussion)

What Dawkins as past Darwin argued the point about physiological evolution, the subterfuge has kept any investigation away from a factor well known about mtDNA living in all of our fatty lipid cells, where `energy’ resides, as well shows its very fast molec­ular change‑‑ at least inferring some another evolutional factor!

A lengthy investigation has implied much, especially since the confirming split‑brain data of the spatial vs. temporal bilateral brain halves*, evoking much terror yet, to define mankind’s late real problem underlying his ever growing approach to trauma for some mass‑genocide.


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

Peter Gomez,
Dept. of Theology
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Re: why not the empirical?
Dear Sir:
Your remarks were adroit (NPR TV) but as you know certain `apar­theid’ portions of this country would rather fight that switch‑‑ noted over the now obvious import in human split‑brain data*. Most revealing is our 2D (temporal/non‑spatial) left brain, very likely McDougal’s finding (at your campus; circa 1910?) which defined mass‑loss at a body’s physiological death, to say nothing of the Anasazi terror of rectilinear `something’ a millennium ago, as UFO phenomena** now.

It does appear that the human animal’s historical `self’ has some traumatic plans for we kept naive midbrain conscious mind, but may be allowed by Nature to clear the deck for the next phase of completed mental evolution‑‑ likely the mtDNA. This could well be that promised apocalypse‑‑ as real holocaust to follow‑‑ as many of my GVSC students some 25 years ago suggested.

At least the sciences do have the answers even if humanity must await the tenure seeking laggards yet seeking to win the planet‑‑ to teach us as learn some difficult lessons yet!


KTS Research

* Gazzaniga `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
** Rectilinear travel; MUFON ’83 Symposium Proceedings; p.60>
note :`Anasazi World’, Roberts ’95; as Curtis’ recent TV program on rectilinear viewing.

S. P. Goff,
Dept. of Biology/RNA
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027
Re: relative time?
Dear Sir: (“Enzymes illuminate‑‑”; SC.NEWS)

Noting the split‑brain data confirming the space‑time relative operants now, your work as conjecture would imply a correlation between the temporal (historical) oriented right primitive brain (using the left cerebral hemisphere) or sympathetic CNS, may have alternate `objectives’, possibly less than a host organism’s pro‑life‑‑ in keeping with what Renoux* is looking at. Suspecting DNA was a priori in the `mechanical’ sense, ensuing questions as pur­pose‑‑ beyond Darwinian conjecture, suspicion revolves now around the mtDNA with its rapid modification with noted psychological evolution‑‑ so begs the question of the amoeba’s epoch?
The above defines the current quandary of virus `need’ beyond an element of energy conveyance, albeit apparently living with a goal and/or objective in the deeper sense. Our research, after predicting the space versus time complemental brain halves before Sperry confirmed same, indicated a like correlate between DNA (in keeping with Dawkins) but why an adjunctive aid as RNA to convey genetic fragments in less than `sincere’ ways if indeed mutates to become an independent active agent on its own?
Further imports well define our left brain half** owns far less that benign behavioral objectives, albeit with evoluted re­ductive intellect to make Renoux’s data a less then happy spectre noting AiR (Autoimmune Response)‑‑ as viewed from the perspective of psychology‑‑ especially Freudian thought. We suspect that more in scope of what goes on in mass‑time may now be seen.
Whether flawed `enzyme’ or chink in a genetic coded armor, we may appear bizarre in suggesting there may be far more than meets the eye under a microscope when some, albeit few weird `healings’ do occur under psychological influence‑‑ however done. The child before puberty appears one of these anomalies‑‑ but parasympathe­tic CNS dominance may bias their system, again suggesting a fluke in its `complemental’ when mental stress begins.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Robb; Weiss; D/Z;w:

Dr. Alan Garfinkel,
Dept. of Cardiology/Arhythmia
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Re: slow‑time operator
Dear Sir: (“‑‑Chaos in heart‑‑”; SC. NEWS)

With Renoux’s findings*, little doubt remains of the volitional act you note as arrythmia when delayed functions affect wanted results. The sympathetic CNS likely causes far more problems in clogging arteries with fatty lipids using chlorine vaso‑constric­tion, to say nothing of the evoked neurosis to not perceive the obvious in `constricted’ (neurotic) psychological behaviors now.

Chaos in the terms of Physics is far more prevalent than could be said `imagined’, especially as the human split‑brain data looms as the panacea for much more than your biological field, but the space‑time derived as oriented lateral cerebral hemispheres** ‑‑ as visual perceptions well noted active in the idiot savant.

No doubt the root of biological timing, likely in the brain is the culprit we all seek for late evoluted (IQ) state of affairs where such reductive (historical) faculty is now being recognized as mankind’s likely nemesis‑‑ protecting some ugly turf only the past Anasazi suffered overtly with. The recent 2D oriented correlations as left hemisphere (split‑brain) and UFO travel may be saying far more than most of us can or will stomach now. Your adroit `winding down’ syndrome data of delayed diastolic function to evoke ensuing fibrillation might be the key now needed to fully comprehend an innate fool within us all. Pacemaking in slow mass‑time is as valuable as the non‑temporal energy source E‑‑ in the jargon of Einstein’s Special Relativity equations!


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
and `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67 (note right hand `lost’ in its 2D space!)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Ditto; Glass; D/Z w:

Francisco J. Alaya,
Dept. of Ecology and
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697
Re: 24th Jan. SCIENCE Book Review
Dear Sir:

Well said‑‑ whatever the harangue as `ruse’ some use to define reality sans all of the facts. The murky business of using only conjecture as the DNA (“mechanical” structure) to equate what now appears the whole mass‑time objective of evoluting some mtDNA may be a volitional fluke‑‑ as evading other imports getting clear.

With `potentials’ now seen in binary response via the freed elec­tron (EPR experiments) as appears goads finite changes in DNA choice‑‑ as only mtDNA fragment from the human male, even the de­coupled anterio corpus callosum of the human female begins to say something‑‑ however that `gentler sex’ refutes same (p.4 below) as many other anomalous differences between the human gender.

Without repeating myself in recent `tirades’, a few letter copies herewith might set my pace as direction of research these past 50 years‑‑ doing aerospace R&D as college teaching along the way.


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy

E. Strauss and S. Falkow
c/o Dept. of Microbiology
and Immunology
Stanford University
School of Medicine
Stanford, CA 94305‑5402
Re: `Microbial Pathogenesis‑‑’
Dear Dr. Strauss: (2 May; SCIENCE)

Has the mtDNA been examined to possibly define its bias for LPS enhanced use for what‑ever, especially stress evoked AiR* (Auto­immune Response) or the Freudian death‑wish Thanatos syndrome, as APA (Psychiatric) professionals suffer most their suicides? The apparent stress of consciously examining what prevails in our left cerebral hemisphere to evoke the worst of all behaviors!
Any `love’ of blood (Haemophilus)‑‑ whether for fatty lipids or oxygen to use fats, suggests your metabolic strategy for the dia­bolical! One might wonder if men suffer more gram negative malady than women, at least as far as their immune system’s behavior?
There may be a difference between the infant (rat or human) for LPS in later stages of sympathetic dominance for your said intra­vascular dissemination data. Keep up the fine work!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy
CC: Finley; D/Z w:

Kristin Leutwyler,
c/o Scientific American
415 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10017‑1111
Re: a whole lot!
Mam (I think, not Self think):

Succinct indeed! Dertouzos must be an excellent Muse, but then if some Greek mtDNA guides him, would never be some pedant interest­ed in tenure more than the facts. He better defines how this cul­ture will soon lose its cool to evoke its needed immolation!

No electronic bulldozers? The tip of the iceberg was noted with the EPR experiments so merely interfacing same for binary output brought the 5th Generation (self thinker) into being‑‑ with odds that could clean out Las Vegas in an evening! This was well over twenty years ago, thus its warning of `be patient’ stuck thus far even it enhanced with the Patent Office neurosis as FBI snooping in earnest since. An upcoming study as to who it will answer may be on the Internet‑‑ but define those whom it won’t better.
It was the quote; “‑‑there for the Enlightenment, guys.” in your fine article that goads this letter, so what the hell now, eh? I just wish I could have had that Mercedes (Cyber View) equipment, even in the back of my old VW van, to avoid the busted‑in doors, tapped phones and you name it, even shut down ham TNC link when mentioning Sperry’s split‑brain rectilinear data as UFO travel.


KTS Research

Dr. C. G. Kurland,
Dept. of Molecular Biology
BMC, Box 590,
S‑751 24 Uppsala, Sweden
Re: `‑‑ Plowshares’?
Dear Sir: (SCIENCE; 2 May,’97)

Your article was well taken! Possibly more accepted for publica­tion as was `foreign’ as what is new is little wanted here in the U.S. unless won via espionage. There is even something ominous in Upjohn’s acquisition of aid from Karolinska‑‑ where I found they sent a company confidential release there for Nordenstrom to prove what a positive charge does to cancer nodules. (over)

The mounting evidence from Renoux* suggests that Freud’s Thanatos is working over‑time with AiR (Autoimmune Response) via the left brain, when psychological stress is felt worse than death! Little wonder our APA (Psychiatry) professionals lead in suicide of all professionals here in the U.S. The mtDNA may be doing what it can do best‑‑ as noted in `Neuroscience’‑‑ same SCIENCE issue!

To do creative work is indeed the means to escape folly‑‑ at least re‑orient the academically programmed to better use those rituals in verbal (not visual) Babel. The instating of non‑tem­poral right brain insight offers more than insight, as from know­ing effect from cause offers conscience. The freed electron (note Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle as time reversal paradigm) may yet upset late human ritual‑‑ with the self thinking interface.

Promising peddlers for `transactions’, seldomly defined clearly‑‑ may suffer most as skeletons get seen by the masses, especially in governments seeking to win the planet‑‑ whatever the cost!

Keep up your fine right cerebral perceptions!


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; 3‑dev(over)
CC: D/Z w:

Mohammed Islam,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 98109
Re: switchable Xtal memory
Dear Sir:

From polymers to crystals with switchable memory, our studies in­dicate the principle DNA (as mtDNA in psychological terms) offers Nature’s RAM or (EPROM) systems in a far more finite way, especi­ally when entropy to near zero K. stores same for ever! The rela­tive `spring rate’ (inorganic resonance) thus defines a greater efficiency thus the return to maybe some `stiffer’ crystal forma­tion for finite `L.T. memory’ networks needs reconsideration.

Likely Frolov, (Utah) investigations for binary switching devices‑‑ more for computational applications than transmission, will prove the more profitable goal. Our research defines such objective even beyond reductive `normal’ digital information handling‑‑ better defined by the `prognosticative’ application, well noted in EPR experiments.

Keep up the fine work‑‑ this is indeed a challenging field now!


KTS Research

cc: Frolov; Perry; DZ w:

J. Losos,
Dept. of Evolutional Biology
Washington University
St Louis, MO 63130
Re: `‑‑Act of Adapting’ (SCIENCE, 2, May;
Evolutionary Biology; as other theories also)
Dear Sir:

Your Anolis sagrei lizards show what all other species might if environmental changes occurs rapidly, where pro‑life via a freed electron (knowing effect from cause; note the EPR physics experi­ments) modifies for survival DNA structures. The question now appears for what evolves in the psychological way, as maybe using the mtDNA molecule for its historical `patterns’. Whatever McDou­gal found (Harvard; circa 1910?) with minute yet some consistent weight loss at physiological death remains enigmatic‑‑ as infers the intolerable to authority and religious believers alike.

Adaptation may be the key as Nature’s role in slow‑time places as here‑‑ where evolutional objectives appears the net goal, yet may define an unseen `will’ beyond the scope of human comprehension.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Price; D/Z w:

M. Karayiorgou,
Dept. of Psychiatry
Rockefeller University
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

Re: OCD via COMT
Dear Dr. Karayiorgou: (SC. NEWS; `Gene may‑‑’)

Your work may be further defined by what Renoux* was seeing when stress evokes what Freud called Thanatos, where the left cerebral hemisphere controls the killer T cells. The paranoia phase of the schizoid may show too great DA or not enough `censoring’ 5HT, yet genetic flukes as noted in the recent microbial pathogenesis to evoke AiR (Autoimmune Response) as the said death‑wish phenomena. The new perspective may be the break‑though whereby physics could help psychology most by defining the `objectives’ of the temporal oriented right primitive brain as uses our left cerebral faculty.

The ugly could be contained in the mtDNA which now appears the `genetic’ aspect of mental evolution, such dominance a likely big hazard to the male gender, when primarily supported in the female to possible explain their less coupled anterio‑corpus callosum.
(note Gorman letter; over)


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy
CC: Leckman; D/Z‑w:

c/o NBC TV
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Sirs: Re: `small’ town secret?

A real can of worms nears public attention in the field of Neuro­physiology as contingent to Psychology and Physics. Being of empirical import thus undeniable, the human split‑brain data will loom as that promised `apocalypse’‑‑ especially for sycophants making promises for survival. Not oddly, the religious now fear most any such innate human revelation‑‑ without saying why!

Not only the greatest of all 5th columns, with glazed fixed eyes on this planet, a vast syndicate nears its final thrust. Long be­fore Genghis Khan, the animal’s left brain was programmed to win whatever, the mental learning factor that goads the evolutional objective, likely in terms of the mtDNA‑‑ at whatever cost since death to its temporal state means little when finally its mental evolution is to be avoided. We in conscious dismay realize to err is human‑‑ but fail for that volitional reason as why we remain so stupid at these final hours.

As for the nicotine problem, a far better anticholinergic called pyridostigmine (injectable) now permanently does what tobacco has always done, to relieve stress* in the `warrior’, thus evokes the syndrome of blundering fools, without any right cerebral offered conscience (non‑temporal; knows effect from cause), to kill with­out remorse‑‑ as to `win’ whatever when once well programmed!



* `Scanning‑‑’ 1/19/97 SCIENCE NEWS (right cerebral atrophy)

P.S. Your might send a copy of this to the anti‑smoking political campaigner on your program‑‑ even if unable to fathom the conse­quences now‑‑ as likely the underlying McVeigh `anomally’.

U.S. News and World Report
2400 N St., NW
Washington, DC 20037‑1196
Re: your Sept. 23rd “fringe cures”

With interest yet anxiety, the mounting empirical obvious becomes a harbinger for AMA’s and APA’s collapse. The coming disarray may evoke some chaos before it is over but I will point to a few contingencies‑‑ once initiated by Benson, but somehow only gets repeated, as any other academic half‑truth to avoid the profound.
The crux of the matter is between our two dichotomous lateral cerebral hemispheres, not only predicted as a spatial versus tem­porally derived (then proven by Sperry), but the mounting fight‑flight in the higher intellectual (left brain dominant) to avoid perceiving the profound. These usually type A’s would naturally suffer far more stress using relaxation techniques because it is a third (conscious; RAS) party to the mental matrix that suffers and seeks relief yet must come to learn of another `self’ promot­ing agony to avoid a greater one‑‑ now looming clearly as a Than­atos and much of what Freud predicted‑‑ and why so vehemently re­futed. Without going further, to either waste my time nor yours if dangerous, examine what Renoux* perceives for AiR (Autoimmune Response)‑‑ or the lateral smile** correlate to pro‑health versus type A behavior. If you do see the enigma, best avoid APA profes­sionals as their lead in suicide defines again a tragic enigma!

The Patent Office terror of my R&D for the self thinking computer (as offered 10\17th odds on its maiden run) defines the last anomaly of man’s now late mental evolutional epoch. My bilateral smile analytical system for both psychological and medical diag­nostic use may be thirty years too soon, but it is coming***, to finally goad volitionally dumb mankind into perusing the profound.

Hope this evokes more interest than anxiety‑‑


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
** IL‑2 Cancer Research (3 left smiler remissive of 8 subjects);
*** Smile anomaly for mate choice. SINGLELIFE, Sept/Oct.’90, p.12

CC:Kabat‑Zin; Ornish; Benson; Spiegel

R. Zatorre,
McConnell Brain Imaging Centre
Montreal Neurological Inst.,
McGill University
Montreal, Que. Canada H3A 2B4
Re: bilateral music appreciation
Sir: (Sc. Am. Jourdain’s book review)

As said back in May of ’92 to your May SCIENCE report*, the well noted dragging of scientific feet defines best what seeks anonym­ity‑‑ whatever the cost and beyond tenure needs. This travesty so precludes many from appreciating Einstein’s perceptions into the real Universal constant as precipitated into temporal standing‑wave `mass’ existence. Needless to mention the rumpus I made back in the 50’s by predicting those spatial versus temporal derived bilateral cerebral faculty in psychological terms.

Someday, hopefully, someone will examine the two phases of the EEG to note their polarity differentiation as contingent to per­ception (D to A as A to D conversion) where the T in the CPT theorem defines our space‑time complementals where rate is judged (even perceived) between beat and harmony‑‑ as right versus left hand or left brain versus right brain. The vast intellectual (as left brain) neurosis evoking human chaos now (as epileptic rebel­lion) merely defines its mental evolution at this time in realiz­ing its freedom of predatory folly is nearly concluded.

Sincerely (again‑‑ sorry),

KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Jourdain; D/Z w:

`Child’s Health’ Program
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207‑7211
Re: “neuro‑‑ril”?/ADD

The term slipped by, as some likely pharmacologist pointed out a likely dopaminergic adjunct for ADD sufferers, expressed tersely near the end of your Monday (9/1/97 10AM EST) program. From neu­rophysiological studies here it would be very rational to switch adjuvant aid to promote right cerebral use for curiosity instead of greater neurotic behavior‑‑ even if now felt more `peaceful’ sans disruptive `avoidance’, via the current sympathomimitic use of Ritalin or the dextro‑ enhancing adjuvants.

The said term appeared European albeit no PRD nor available data turned up the term, including any Parkinson’s therapeutic. The feeling here is that the research is underway‑‑ and exciting in­deed‑‑ noting what academia is trying to do by `programming’!

Another item via NPR (8/4? morning) on `Dinosaur Club’, where early `retirees’ seek drastic solutions to lost incomes. We can’t find such `Club’, feeling again, overt left cerebral fight‑flight might define better the Freudian Thanatosic behavior enigma‑‑ a deep unsaid anomaly with APA (Psychiatric) professionals who lead in suicide of all professionals!


KTS Research


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