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Does Sex Matter?

by on March 10, 2010

TO: E‑mail:

Re: your `Does Sex Matter?’ (true originals)

Editor F. P. Haseltine:

Your succinct remark “‑‑ the problem with tying to tease out the specificity of female versus male.” might be defined equally well by C. Gorman of Time (copy over) where a slight of hand (or mind) blew he intent clearly. But this apparent anomaly is precisely the problem, where a quality father figure must instill curiosity in its child (not than a mother cannot whatsoever) which evokes a right cerebral hemisphere use with a communicative anterior cor­pus callosum for space vs. time comparison, in short genius.

Left handed daVincis or Einsteins don’t come easily but anyone in scientific research should evade academic programming long enough to find insight to know reality is better than whim for tenure. A fine test was what Freud called the Royal Road, for indeed it is, to see potentials in dreams before they occur in our slow time!

The empirical data shows the mtDNA may have something to do with the female neurosis‑‑ as interest only in the social thing, and may go back to Lucy on the plains of Africa.


KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

cc: Path/IQ; Gorman letter copy
CC: D/Z w:

Re: Bent thinking‑‑ p.51; 7/17/95 issue)

Janet Gyatso and Editors
Princeton University Press
41 William St.,
Princeton, NJ 08540
Re: address/contact with Gyatso
Sirs: (`Apparitions of the Self’)

Contingent to empirical studies into neurophysiology, physics and biology, some provocative correlations loom as to Tibetan belief. While abstruse or bizarre, the steady mounting data does imply that past or ancient belief factors hold much to be considered in this late epoch of current empirical adventurism.

To such remarks as “slipperiness‑‑” etc. associated with the `dakini’ disposition, the subtle factor (over) might be noted. As well, the CPT theorem (physics) as predicted the found space‑time complemental lateral cerebral `minds’ in man‑‑ as many other im­ports now noted with mtDNA bias, could indicate a fresh marriage of cross academic effort for posterity‑‑ if no end to the current social madness now ending this culture‑‑ especially.


KTS Research

cc: Gorman letter (over); Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T
CC: D/Z w:

E.C. Scott, et. al.
Natl. Center for Science Education
Science Resource Studies
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22230 (finally got mailed only to Sc. Am.)
Re: “Creationism Evolves”
Sir: (Aug. Scientific American)

Much was said in the fine review on `Babel’, but how can physics progress with only `billiard ball’ minds with only an interest in tenure? It does appear now that the “abrupt appearance theory” may win out in astronomy if Huchra’s `bubbles’ do confirm the Zen idea of one hand clapping! As these bubbles on neat 600Bly inter­vals across this universe turn out to be true (as the Anglo‑Aus­tralian 2dF work now appears to confirm), such poly‑`Big Bang’ out there will likely be followed by another soon on this planet, as we kept dumb bipedals wake up with the freed electron (escapes the time reversal paradigm; Heisenberg‑‑ note the many positive EPR experiments!) defining all of reality soon! Fear is indeed justified by the neurotic `authorized’, especially in government!

Since predicting the jets of complemental standing wave `matter’ with anti‑g expulsion (note full impact of the CPT theorem) for ejecti from primal quasars (initiated all around the above said bubbles) we find only confirmation‑‑ the Einstein observatory the first to evoke much consternation, as both religion and claimed `science’‑‑ demanding the status quo for more wanted tenure. My freshmen students at a college well defined the dilemma!

How we can continue to program nitwits in the face of the vast empirical obvious becomes that final Babel likely promoted by the UFOnauts, who must rule late mankind at whatever cost! Entropy is a real liability when energy runs out since a kind of extended temporal hell awaits those who don’t get fed in ancestor worship, to define the underlying problem with human ethnic cleansing when only enough room to grow food on a planet exists for one clan‑‑ the late human mtDNA underlying the whole problem!

Tirade? Yup‑‑ but far too late to do anything about it anymore!

Sincerely, (really)

KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T
CC: D/Z w:


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