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Female Opinions

by on March 10, 2010

Philip Cowan,
Dept. of Neuropsychology
University of California,
Berkeley, CA 94720
Re: female opinions
Sir: (`Elderly show‑‑’ June 12, SCIENCE NEWS)

Women do fine when repeating some dull round but cannot be too well trusted in giving opinion from historical opinion. This fact was glaringly shown by Gorman (over) when mixing male and female anterio corpus callosum judgment.

So Carstenen’s unseen negative opinions, as anger yet affection for a close friend, likely defines a male with insight attempting to change some covert predatory behavior of another he likes. Her said `younger’ people seeking to win someone (marriage?), yet to dwell with friends later (as TV soap shows with intrigue) to hash over all of their past `winnings’, best clarifies the human male father‑figure need with integrated complemental brain halves‑‑ however unwanted by mother raised sycophants making laws today!

This culture could learn much about Islamic faith, but likely too late now‑‑ so we shall learn in another more tragic way‑‑ called empirical, blood and all! If the net evolutional objective in our life is mental, at least old age wraps up Nature’s goal rational­ly‑‑ even in the eyes of old Darwin. One might find interest in what the female mtDNA is really doing‑‑ to evoke some lobotomy?


KTS Research

cc: Psy/Phys; Path/IQ; Gorman/let(over)
CC: D/Z w:

B. B. Mandelbrot,
Dept. of Mathematics (Fractals)
Yale University
New Haven, CT. 06520
Re:mtDNA resonances?
Dear Sir: (`Craggy border‑‑’ July 31, SC. NEWS)

Since the finding that `matter’ is all EM standing waves (over), we can suspect that at least human memory may continue within the evoluted (if it ever gets there!) mind of which evolves through our slow mass‑time (note reductive time oriented left brain user) for some `future’ aspect or need. The question is how to read the `output’ in whatever digital data mode, a terse burst of a finite light wave might evoke some interrogative process?

Your early work holds some profound implications in view of an entirely electro‑magnetic universe now!


KTS Research

cc:Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; `One Hand’ (over)
CC: Wool; D/Z w:

J. Weld, et. al.
Dept. of Curriculum and Education
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Re: `Achieving‑‑’ June; Phi Delta Kappan
Dear Sir:

The clock in the drawing was most succinct, in view of relativity and the time rate for learning of the time oriented left cerebral hemisphere in man. Worse, it’s neurosis (Freudian `block’) can be seen now as the real menace in education‑‑ where half truths must be used for an unsaid unconscious profit interest! Thus tenure is the whole game today‑‑ with some number and fresh red neck‑tie.

Once we begin to see consciously (RAS, midbrain) that some non‑temporal right brain can offer reality `now’ in visual gestalts, we get back to Nature’s objective of mental evolution, where the curiosity factor (note 3 year‑olds) and a quality father figure can do far more to stop academic programming for automatons most needed by the State‑‑ seeking to win the planet unsaid!

To empower any student means to give it the faith that it already `knows’ anything they might put their mind to‑‑ as those left handed da Vinci’s, Einstein’s, or visual hallucinating schizoids. Maybe this is the dogma’s `apocalypse’ coming!

Your STS approach will be investigated to death, more for the net tenured profit than uncovering what our left brain seeks most to avoid‑‑ reality! Far worse for our cross gender problem, it was seen clearly in a Time article a couple years ago where a form of `lobotomy’ prevails‑‑ likely with human mtDNA dominance! Sorry‑‑


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S‑T
CC: Phi Delta Kappan; D/Z w:

R. Hyman, et. al.
Dept. of Psychology
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
Re: mtDNA?
Dear Sir: (`ESP findings‑‑’ July 31, SC. NEWS)

Since the twin studies in Minnesota defined much in the spontan­eous department of ESP, maybe close family ties would show that adjunctive need for an unconscious `resonance’ needed to end the controversy‑‑ as wanted by the neurotic left brain dominants seeking to keep its ancestor‑worship alive as long as possible. Our current believed governing, as most gambling on some status quo (tenure?), defines what Lewis‑Williams was saying about the Clovis‑‑ likely running business down here in slow time yet!

At least the rectilinear knowing in its temporal rates (UFOs) as left brain penchant* defines about all we really need to know, if it was not so terrorizing to established authority today. MUFON’s researchers saw the airborne stuff as we the split‑brain data* so we get watched very closely, especially by those at the below co­ordinates!

KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67


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