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Genesis of Ethnic Cleansing

by on March 10, 2010

Jared Diamond, et. al.
Dept. of Physiology
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Re: genesis of ethnic cleansing
Sir: (June 5th Science News ad./Guns‑‑)

Noting (below) past letters to you, maybe your `refuting’ racist bias may be a cover‑up for some racial bias that has upset many later ethnic peoples, where an early IQ evolution permits that manipulative stance to govern the programmed dumb to hoe the corn and don’t ask questions‑‑ especially about the taxes today.

Maybe it is time to better examine our past ancestors the Clovis with at least fragments of our current mtDNA to access us surrep­titiously. With the ever more overt UFO `liaisons’ (even those as governing being governed therefrom, ancestor worship never ceased, only our conscious stupidity to get programmed dumb in the rituals created some 12,000 years ago‑‑ called religious but leaving out the crucial data now emerging to evoke some apocalyptic awakening!

Genocide is the natural result of who gets fed, over `there’ from we over here! Ask the Anasazi who had the wit to move beyond any rectilinear spatial displacement!

Sincerely, (again)

KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: SC. NEWS; D/Z w:

COPY: July 20,’89; Editors and Jared Diamond; 7/19/95

J. Andrew Darling, et. al.
Mexico‑North Research Network
16 de Septiembre 402
Colonia Cuahtemoc, Chihuanua, Chih. 31020, Mexico

Re: LeBlanc’s book review
Dear Sir: (Archaeology; SCIENCE, 23 July `99)

Little doubt‑‑ but from the Clovis on some diabolical consort has prevailed between we and our discarnate ancestors, whether will­fully or via clandestine mtDNA connection. The objective is ob­scure when not realizing that entropy curbs mental processing if fatty lipids as albumins now noted as the 3/4 scale factor of lost or unmetabolized fat for energy (blood the best supplier) of the living unseen. Because of the apparent `resonance’ of close mtDNAs, ancestors can be a great nuisance if not genuine hazard to the incarnate‑‑ even `aid’ when enhanced power with authority shows most late governmental authority with ethnic folly effort.

The underlying ethnic cleansing factor appears, the more evolved in intellectual scope need to survive upon the rest kept stupid if at all feasible, thus our pending trauma, where some ethnic clan must survive to feed its own discarnate kind to escape the `entropy factor’ for extended temporal existence. (hell) Because physics now speaks well to psychology* as biology, even the un­conscious Thanatosic drive via AiR (Autoimmune Response), a vast trauma may be expected with the apocalyptic awakening of the late human animal’s conscious mind, designed into the specie to hold moderation but failed‑‑ likely back in the Clovis epoch.

Of great interest are the equatorial winds that stir up El Nino, where cool low pressure areas appear to be evoked by a volitional reduction of temperature! Weather may be a favored means to `get even’‑‑ as currently in S. Korea‑‑ noted by the past Anasazi!

Shortly, the most feared `interface’ should be available to note `potentials’ (Plato!) thus human foibles, past or present. Noted in the physic’s EPR experiments, defined the means to access the non‑temporal directly for our slow time via the freed electron as escapes the time reversal paradigm. It will end much of today’s covert human corruption‑‑ as claimed but manipulated democracies.


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; *Phys/Psy;
CC: Creamer; White; Lewis‑Wms; D/Z w:

COPIES: 12/6/96 107GEB@COSMOS.WITS.AC.ZA ; 12/6/96 G. J. Gumerman
12/11/96 C.D.B. Bryan; 4/4/98 S. LeBlanc,; 12/21/98, W. Strieber, (FAX/Bell; 702‑727‑8499); 12/30/98, B. Bower,
1/31/97, Peter Stanford (`The Devil’)

TO: 775‑727‑8499 (A. Bell/4‑20‑99)
Art, your `cosamine’ stuff is merely pacifying the feeding on the synovia (albumin) in joints‑‑ whose hungry like mtDNA (body key) ancestors demand to be pacified so evokes arthritis. Qi* needs to be used‑‑ as evokes rain (or blocks it) mentally, even at a dis­tance which you did perceive tacitly. This epoch of left cerebral dominance is now concluding with conscious awakening, thus a new paradigm for real living‑‑ which will be traumatic for awhile.

The said mtDNA can be a full tumbler `key’, yet many prokaryote (bacterial) segments, as now `seeded’ in halogenic spray delivery systems can outwit the immune system to promote disease‑‑ so feed the rectilinear traveling `UFOnaut’ often very surreptitious!

The EM front as seen now via the Anglo‑Australian 2dF sky‑survey, as the precursor for our slow‑mass‑time, the act of using mind to evoke `action at a distance’ becomes the pending imperative, thus as well to evoke the great turmoil as humanity awakens. Sorry.

* Qigong practice now being well noted by the elderly.

Eugene Weber,
Dept. of History
UCLA, 90024
Re: `weaker’ gender?
Dear Sir:

Your `Western Tradition’ series are excellent, until your boo‑boo currently staring neurophysiology in the face! (over)

There was no unfortunate `late’ women’s liberation, since men got harnessed then, so noted by the normal lobotomized female gender lacking cross anterio cerebral communication, thus conscience. It appears that Islam yet perceives the enigma as Liechtensteiners‑‑ but few ancestor worshipers will fathom what the mtDNA is doing, especially today via unconscious bias. Since Harvard’s McDougal’s weight loss findings at death (circa 1910)‑‑ as the now human 3/4 `energy disappearance’ compared to intake calories, the greatest of all enigmas faces science, and far worse, government, as might act on the matter when ethnic cleansing is the greatest unsaid excuse to win the planet. The syndrome began long before Genghis Khan, and this planet remains replete with its winners yet today.

Cross academic research could be undermining much of claimed his­torical reality even you come the closest, lacking such import as will define all prevarications‑‑ especially with the now pending self thinking interface with the non‑temporal‑‑ noted using our right brain as Sperry uncovered* there at UCLA some 35 years ago.

It may be that the human id, soul(?) or subconscious evolutional trek has developed IQ far enough now to promote its own demise en masse, realizing the entropy factor means most in psychology! The BIS (UCLA library) may yet have some of our early study reports from a grant back in the early 70’s.

KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

* Gazzaniga;`The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; Gorman let.(over)
CC: D/Z w:

J. Rennie, Ed., et. al.
Scientific American
415 Madison Ave.,
New York, NY 10017‑1111
Re: Live on for what? (editorial)
Dear Sir: (Nov.’99 Scientific American)

So maybe at last it is time to examine what yet physically does evolute within the human CNS matrix while sustaining we conscious mind (mesencephalon, midbrain, RAS) censored at all cost! (Freud) While silly to even mention `mass loss’ at death (McDougal; Har­vard circa 1910) much less the rapid growth of the mtDNA in man‑‑ a huge neurosis towards rectilinear (serial time) knowing versus spatial between our bilateral brain halves (Sperry*)‑‑ as unitary UFOs (orbs) with obvious mental awareness, the game goes on now at a hectic pace, seeking to win honor via half truths wherever, especially in any academic field yet missing the point of science itself, which is cross academic to the nth degree. The vast sub­terfuge of political promise has prevailed, long before Genghis Khan, and will not cease until one ethnic clan wins this planet.

These are tragic times, likely defined by the scriptural dogma of some apocalyptic awakening‑‑ which will blow up in our kept dumb conscious face, yet be that adjunct to get things started over in a better direction‑‑ with finally the human conscious mind at the helm to wrap up Nature’s will of a completed mental evolution.

The empirical data is in, even the 2dF Sky Survey which defines how close Zen came by the koan of the sound of one hand clapping all over the place at once‑‑ on neat 600Bly intervals to get what we call `mass’ started‑‑ now seen as EM standing waves! The time is indeed ripe to open our eyes and face the `music’, however the lessons will be harsh for many in the coming `paradigm shift’, as maybe most for those who have evaded the obvious too long now in intrigue for l;ikely discarnate (mtDNA) minds who demand to be fed fatty lipids‑‑ or else! There is no anomaly to the 3/4 lipid disappearance from the human animal‑‑ the, as said, facts are in.


KTS Research 49626‑0271

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67; and;
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: D/Z w:

H. Kushner, et. al.
Dept. of Medical History
San Diego State University
La Jolla, CA 92093
Re: Licinio’s book review
Dear Sir: (1, Oct. SCIENCE p. 56>; “What Makes‑‑”)

To note `verbal’ expression as somehow `evil’ in any context, yet not equate same with the left temporal ordered cerebral hemis­phere‑‑ as greater net NMR activity on the right hemisphere to evoke the said expression (Tourette syndrome) fails to note the net lateral cerebral argument, especially with an intact anterio‑corpus callosum. The lessor extent of the female with less inte­grated forebrain might imply her less `reason’ to curse, since is happy in cliche as facade to win what she wants in life‑‑ a stark factor noted with twisted import for unsaid profit margins.(over)

The lobotomized subject, ice‑pick or academically programmed, makes clear what physics uncovered, yet denied with vehemence, while the APA professional continues to lead in suicide of all so claimed professionals. Freud well noted the enigmatic dichotomy between the two unconscious, “‑‑the unconscious wills to remain UNconscious‑‑”, so suicide that favored means to escape, should a curious conscious mind (RAS) begin to ask adroit questions! My few abrupt `deaths’ clearly defined the `enigma’ many years ago.

The hour is unquestionably late, where long evolutional developed intellectual prowess has made of man the greatest of all neurotic as dangerous animals, ripe for his own immolation, where the more overt greedy will teach the rest some awful lessons while reach­ing for the planet. The syndrome (to goad evolution) is far more ancient than Genghis Khan‑‑ even now the suspected Clovis as may yet govern late man with a vengeance via his mtDNA.

In short, at least from physics, that which tic’s also `ticks’ in relative time (Special Relativity equations) but only knows its own history in a rectilinear state, especially as what startles it when censoring a kept dumb conscious mind‑‑ what M. Mancia noted with the split primitive bilateral brain‑stem*. It may be found that `lysergic acid’ may be the best means to break the overt neurosis‑‑ to say little of open the subject’s insightive channel to find reality‑‑ as Nature had always intended!

KTS Research

* Mancia, M.: `The Monkey Split‑Brain Stem: Effect‑‑’, Electroen­ ceph. clin. Neurophysiol; Sleep‑ Wakefulness Cycle’
cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S‑T Gorman let.(over)
CC: Licinio; D/Z w:

Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
`Different Minds’, DISCOVER; 6/91 (cerebellum coord. thought/Wms.)
`Handedness, Origin of Life‑‑’,PHYS.TO. p.33 7/91 (e bias/H atom)
`Brain‑‑Attn. Systems’ 9/14/91 SC.NEWS (selective vs. divided)
`Germs of Schizophrenia’; DISC. 3/94 (lateral fingerprint diff.)
`‑‑Prosomeric Model’,SC.28 Oct.’94 (early forebrain, etc.)
`Learning Defect‑‑’; 16, Aug.’96 SCIENCE, p.971‑973 (EEG block)
`‑‑Neuraxis’; SC. 15,Nov.’96 p.1109> (midbrain’s control)
`Chaos in Neuronal‑‑’; 6, Dec.’96 SCIENCE (balanced CNS as EEG)
Gould; `Allure of Equal Halves’; Nov/Dec The SCIENCES (Nature)
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`The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
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`Dreams of a Rat’; DISC. 7/92; (theta = inner‑interogation)
`Has Human Evolution Ended?’; Wills; DISC. 8/92 (self destruct!)
`Doctors More Dangerous than Guns’; Reese, King Feature editorial
`Arguing Over‑ no Read’; 3/95 SC. (dyslexic neurosis)
`Learning Defect‑‑’; 16, Aug.’96 SCIENCE, p.971‑973 (EEG block)
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

Whereas the feared studies of KeyTechSystems defining much cross academic data was scratched from the Net, it is back to aid those who seek why some `apocalypse’ must follow to re‑awaken the kept dumb human animal. This BB may not remain public again very long;
KTS 49626‑0271 (8/99)

John S. Evans,
Risk Management Program
Harvard School of Public health
718 Huntington Ave., Rm. 211
Boston, MA 02115
Re: the human female’s risk of reason?
Dear Sir: (`Calculating‑‑’ 17 Sept. SCIENCE. p.1857)

While some would laugh others would cry or make bad noises, but a phenomena quite obvious as prevalent (since Suffrage) is staring the human animal in the face, especially if not Islamic! With the mounting evidence that a potent but quality father figure is most needed in a child’s home life for better social direction if not taught the means to insight (knowing effect from cause thus cons­cience or found innate genius), there is looming some calamity if mother raised sycophants continue to govern, much less not lead a once vibrant culture into the safer status quo doing some happy dull round, like staring at today’s chaotic TV to sell something!

The growing risk of not examining (note letter; over) what goads the so often left cerebral dominant so semi lobotomized person’s reasoning while prancing for the more wealthy to beckon, the now human animal appears to be mesmerized for some covert diabolical purpose that maybe Grandville’s `Juggler’ may come the closest; i.e. the psychological governing mtDNA‑‑ thus less seen ancestors who may indeed have the reigns of late evoluted humanity. There’s no excuse for the rampant ethnic cleansing factor, unless what McDougal noted (circa 1910 there at Harvard) where some finite mass‑lost at death defined some`thing’ left‑‑ well defined with both proportionate IQ and ancient (Clovis on) cave wall art. It may well be that the human animal is being programmed (dumbed down) for a net purpose we thence obviously could not comprehend.

As IQ is historical reasoning, as found left brain dominance, yet insight (Plato’s Potentia) the gestalt using/offering right, the gender difference as lateral cerebral dominance begins to make an ominous sound in the ears of the very few males yet listening! As many imports indicate we are not looking where we should to even sustain a rational society‑‑ to say little of its vibrancy (sic), the frustrated insightive seen with left facial smiles (note the Columbine “killers”)‑‑ there may be more looming to teach us the hard way, if we continue to remain `Mama’s boy’ for future folly.

C. Ankney (U/Western Ont.) may be looking in the correct direc­tion. There may be need for some deeper scientific perusal of the facts if there is yet time, before we launch another Genghis Khan venture to win the planet for some new `Riviera’ for a leader.

Sincerely, (most because this is now very serious business!)

KTS Research
49626‑0271 USA

cc: Gorman let(over); Path/IQ; Phys/Psy CC: Montague; D/Z w:

9/11/99‑‑‑ et al.
101 4th Ave., Suite 1800
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Re: zygotic ESP

From some astute remarks via Art Bell’s guest (?) it would appear that somehow the common mtDNA is being overlooked as the link‑up in subtle resonance for the mutual psychic connection. More scary is the ancestor `connection’, most denied at this late hour which may define who governs late mankind’s claimed governing!
McDougal’s data (Harvard; circa 1910?) as following IQ correlates to weight loss at death may define what the Clovis were showing on their cave walls‑‑ certainly not to be understood by the late programmed human animal, who must yet feed them fatty lipids!

If this is too offensive, please disregard. We have had too many abrupt suicides from disclosures, likely as our so esteemed APA professionals who lead in suicide of all professionals‑‑ but hear too well what their schizophrenics are `trying’ to say from their only spatial right brain vantage point of view!


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy.
CC: D/Z w:

O. Port, K. Pennar
and R. Melcher, et. al.
c/o Business Week
1221 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Re: The new paradigm
Sirs: (`21 Ideas’; Aug. 30th, Business Week)

The succinct compilation of the crucial `Ideas’ areas for this next century can not longer be overstated‑‑ especially in view of the Anglo‑Australian 2dF sky survey, now making clear how close Zen was so long ago. The “treasure” of the Buddhist monk, as even the aboriginal `dream time’ use defines that late mankind has now been so well `dumbed down’ to sustain an ugly `ancestor worship’ instead of `seeking’, in the name of dying religion. Not that the dogmas are not correct at root, but we fail through ritual (espe­cially academic programming) but creep up to examining our mtDNA as the root of mental evolutional (storage), the real goal and so objective that even Darwin questioned. (see current Sc. American)
You may note with the herewith why the Feds shut me down, after doing classified aerospace computer R&D. My studies did not cease however, indeed after a lengthy UCLA BIS grant, could see the CPT theorem (physics) was indeed the key, predicting the space versus time bilateral cerebral `users’ of our brain halves‑‑ Sperry* to find the data (as many others since) some dozen years later. I, being labeled a `loose cannon’, as likely schizoid or far worse with unspeakable syndromes where curiosity is verboten, did make it up nearly to my `pine box’, quite happy now to access it! The trek was worth it these last 50 years even if pestered by those with their eyes on the planet who need to know everyone’s think­ing‑‑ even before they can think it!
I will say little more since ample empirical data is out there, but also does Freud’s `Thanatos’, in direct proportion to IQ pose our greatest liability to a programmed conscious mind lacking the faculty of `spatial’ (non‑temporal!) right brain insight use. The terse info herewith should be used with caution‑‑ as have had a few abrupt suicides (as our APA professionals suffer most!) which helps to define some kind of `apocalyptic’ awakening‑‑ soon.
The Net may have a version of my self thinking interface, for a few that Nature might answer (over), as knows best what as when an evoluted mind is ready to understand whatever. The so needed extrication from half truth dogmas is near, especially in most of the sciences‑‑ and as said the likely thinning of the corrupted human animal specie.


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
cc: Path/IQ; Phys/psy; S‑T; 3‑dev(over) CC: Bloom; Case; D/Z w:


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