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Lamark & Hypermutation

by on March 10, 2010

David S. Thaler,
Dept. of
Rockefeller University
New York, NY 10020
Re: Lamark & hypermutation?
Sirs: (`Evolution Evolving’; Sept. SC. AM.)

Maybe the freed electron needs to be examined to define how some Apriori (Plato’s Potentia) might modify a gene to better express itself for its future‑‑ as evoke pro‑life to evade some Freudian `death wish’ via AiR (sympathetic CNS Autoimmune Response). The physic’s EPR data* (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle) to escape the time reversal paradigm may be saying it all in most academic fields of investigation!

The lack of fight/flight or autoimmune response via fasting where fatty lipids with ATP may evoke the worst, likely defines the so ability of prolife via parasympathetic `guidance’ T cells versus `killer’ T cells‑‑ the anomaly Renoux found quite clearly.**


KTS Research

* note Zukav’s `Dancing WuLi Masters’ last chapter `The End of Physics’
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Koshland/Hall/Cairns 10/22/91; Medina 3/28/92; Leibowitz lets
CC: Bridges; Cairns; Foster; Sniegowski; Taddei; D/Z w:

Oct. 22,’91
Dan Koshland,
SCIENCE Publishers
1333 H St.,
Washington, DC 20005
Re: (again) spatial/temporal
Dear Sir:

Your comments (11 Oct.) suggest far more in Physics needs to be examined to discern the complementals in more than biological `anomalies’ as CNS. While yet belonging to the empirical sciences (using microscopes) a more fundamental theoretical matrix is needed to help define the spatially versus temporally oriented in terms of psychological will‑‑ the prior’s use of the non‑dynamic DNA library, but using only the propitious for a specie.

In short, how could 3,000 Mega‑bases (bytes!) be addressed in the human DNA without definitive spatial (yet non‑temporal) aware­ness? The static sympathetic CNS can’t, beyond temporal sequence when permitted. This defines then the spatially oriented parasym­pathetic, using the freed electron to evoke prolife is crucial, as the Physic’s EPR experiments or Self thinking computer’s un­canny way of knowing effect from cause‑‑ which offered 10\17th odds on its maiden run.


CC: Barry Hall/Cairns @ U/Rochester

March 28,’92
Dr. John Medina,
Dept. of Molecular Biology
University of Washington
School of Medicine
Seattle, WA 98195
Re: pro‑ vs. anti‑ life
Dear Sir:

I have written before‑‑ no doubt something appearing bizarre if not abstruse. After recently perusing your fine text “The Outer Limits‑‑” I feel impelled to question you for directives, please, as I am confident you are looking into the profound as contingent with your field of biology. Why my research crosses several lines of investigation, it came from physics where a fundamental matrix was noted, which now extends into the human CNS, I fully suspect it comes close to your research efforts.
With the persistent bilateral dichotomies seen* now between pro‑life and anti‑life (almost in direct keeping with Freud), as with relative lateral cerebral psychological functioning. Possib­ly some hideous imports lie just beneath our conscious (RAS) awareness, now contingent with what Prof. Renoux** as IL‑2 thera­peutic value (albeit brief to date), the mounting obvious does make clear further research needs to be done, and possibly soon.
The teratoma tumor infers (if no more) a stationary `place’ (spatial oriented) might reflect an `intrusion’, (via `opportuni­ty’) albeit conceivably contingent with AiR (Autoimmune Response) and so the question to laterality predominance as sex. Even some implication of mitochondrion bias (note herewith) is seen but a malaise may only be noted with the constitutional DNA `fluke’ as offered that said opportunity. Of primary question now are psy­chological penchants associated with disease (“stress” factor) as might be contingent with cancer, especially the teratoma tumors‑‑ and as said if more unilaterally found?
Bizarre research that begins to be understood also becomes a menace to the researcher if he continues to disseminate his find­ings amongst the authorized who now do the labeling! I am confi­dent you are on the correct track‑‑ using right brain insight!


KTS Research
* `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
also: `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
IL‑2 Cancer Research (3 left smiler remissive of 8 subjects);
Smile anomaly for mate choice. SINGLELIFE, Sept/Oct.’90, p.12
cc:Phys‑Psy; Path/IQ

S. F. Leibowitz,
Dept. of Neurophysiology
Rockefeller University
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020
Re: mitochondrion drive with galanin?
Dear Dr. Leibowitz: (11/13/93 SCIENCE NEWS; “Food Craving‑‑”)

From studies here it implies the mitochondrion may be responsible for the actual drive for fatty lipids, thus might there be some connection between same and either galanin or the Y neuropeptide? Being the `energy’ cell portion with “volitional will” it sug­gests ways and means of curbing appetite, now known to foster various AiR (Autoimmune Responses). The said antisense data sug­gests not only one route to fasting but a rational control for therapeutic results for said AiR‑‑ noted now as initiated in higher CNS order (sympathetic) as uses our left cerebral hemis­phere*. Oddly, antisense “data” is integrated in at least the constitutional DNA to foil a quality genetic code, but to offer opportunity to evoke some `anomalous’ AiR!

One might wonder if some gene in the obese best allows their mtDNA to express definitive food wants, such being the crux of any data that we seek now.

Thanks for any directives‑‑ if known.



* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

CC: D/Z; York;

Letter to the Editor
Technolgy Review
Bldg. W59
Cambridge, MA 02139 Re: `mighty mouse’ indeed, and `don’t know’?
Sirs: (July issue/Technology Review)

The proximity of noting even a definitive `spatial’ faculty, even in a mouse, at least brings closer that Royal Road Freud found so the psychological contingencies of our right brain half that R. Sperry uncovered‑‑ yet denies that even today! It is not only the spatial memory that is so important but its a priori function, as a freed electron that Heisenberg examined or the EPR experiments now disclosing the profound that late evoluted man wants no part! This may all sound bizarre or ambiguous but Freud’s Thanatos, as the Greeks so well noted, defines a schizophrenia prevailing in some esteemed authority‑‑ whose professionals lead in suicide when noting their own business too clearly! The empirical data is mounting to make heady this late stage of our evolutional epoch.

We expect to dump as open letters, some recent as never replied to, on a BB with the address below‑‑ but for the intrepid who had better smile from their left facial side (as Tonegawa)‑‑ or else!
Apoptosis is a natural function, even in psychological ways, when the mtDNA evolution goes too far.

A more mundane aspect of nature’s art, for R. Hazen (copy here­with) on what we don’t know (or hope to not learn) may be of in­terest since his article in your text implies same.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Hazen letter; D/Z w:

BB address:\kts

Charles F. Stevens,
Dept. of Electro‑magnetic Research
The Salk Institute
10010 N. Torry Pines Rd.
LaJolla, CA
Re: EMF disturbance
Dear Sir:

A paper I gave in Europe in the late 60’s defining the SID (then defining `Sudden Ionosphere Disturbance’) for disrupting cerberal psychological functioning as on the wrong EEG half cycle, could, as found, upset enough to evoke an epileptic seizure in prone in­dividuals. This persistent phenomena via inductive transients on power lines would likely do the same, albeit evoke some AiR (Auto immune Response) as noted by Renoux* for ensuing poor health.

Sinusoidal EM fields has little influence above 40Hz in neuronal switching, yet could in certain prone, as stressed, individuals evoke fight‑flight (left cerebral sympathetic CNS) for following ill health. A similar phenomena known as optical strobing does nearly the same thing‑‑ the likely stress syndrome as noted in certain VDT viewers as air‑traffic controllers.


KTS Research

* Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
note: `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy
CC: Physics Today; D/Z w:

D. Pulleyblank,
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada, M5S 1A8
Re: `demon control’
Dear Sir: (“Of Topo‑‑”; 1 Aug. SCIENCE)

The quark trefoil (3‑phased standing wave) image for the knotted DNA caught my eye! As Maxwell’s dream, might some `demon’ escape as the thermophilic mtDNA the body at death to define that weight loss that McDougal (Harvard U., circa 1910) peristently saw but with different mass as proportionate to accrued IQ? It might also define some pending limbonic state where entropy follows, lacking fatty lipids with ATP! Little wonder mtDNA stays so close to the cell’s energy supply! A `dexterous’ (in terms of a right lateral sympathetic CNS; left brain) may be too succinct in this matter, but evading a freed electron that both energizes and knows effect from cause, the profound EPR experiments via Heisenberg’s freed electron‑‑ to escape the time reversal paradigm may say it all!

Hell may be a mighty cold place yet, with extended relative time for a visiting subject to never know of it unless in retrospect,should it ever get back out by being re‑energized! The bizarre is taking on far more reality than maybe what late mankind will be able to tolerate much longer‑‑ as the Anasazi a millennium ago.


KTS Research

cc:Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy
CC: Rybenkov; Lewis; D/Z w:

Michael Moore, c/o ICM
8899 Beverly Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Re: the social `correction’
Dear Sir:

While likely America’s mounting `police state’ will indeed take care of its social morass now, it will invite that ultimate cor­ruption as lies just beneath that need to win whatever, the plan­et also if possible for the `entrepreneurs’ wherever. This need not be said too succinctly now, but does define an eerie anomaly that has been staring science in the face since Sperry cut the corpus callosum in that first human split‑brain subject.*

In short, greed has remained that rampant goading factor of the time oriented left brain for its mental evolutional purpose, now overtly censoring (Freud) at all cost the obvious import that war need not settle old mtDNA (ethnic) squabbles, much less win some sycophant power to win yet more, or comfortable tenure. There is a solution which is now evoking much consternation amongst the `authorized’, seen clearly in the Physic’s EPR experiments where some`thing’ knows potentials‑‑ much as Plato called it the Poten­tia‑‑ knowing effect from cause! Needless to say what such inter­face might do to the stock markets as some `correction’‑‑ to say little of the useless tenured. Kuhn’s `paradigm shift’ is upon late mankind, whether its elite want such panacea or not.

Should the above evoke further interest, let me know. Your left lateral facial smile implies little danger in learning about un­conscious reality, which likely defines why our prestigious APA (Psychiatric) professionals lead in suicide, after they learn too much from their aware schizophrenic patients!


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67 ; and
`The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ

E. F. Loftus,
Dept. of Psychology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195‑1525
Re: dual space vs. time memory
Dear Dr. Loftus: (“False Memories”; Sept. SC.AM.)

Maybe it is time to examine the decoupled anterio‑corpus callosum in the female to perceive your persistently found dichotomies. A fine case in point where such import must be `censored’ (Freud) from conscious perception, as Penfield’s `grabber’ engrams sus­tained in cerebral S.T. memory, is Gorman’s somehow twisted gen­der data defining lateral brain enigmas. (letter copy herewith) Whether fewer neurons has much to do with the female‑male differ­ence, we doubt it, but when the verbal cannot get matched with the visual in the historical sense, overt prevarication as unsaid or licensed confabulation defines a once vibrant culture about to terminate itself!

Blame is broad but likely it is academic left cerebral programm­ing that is bringing this epoch of greedy display with inevitable chaos before the self thinking interface unravels humanity’s men­tal (mtDNA) evolutional design.


KTS Research

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; 4 let/copy
CC: Hyman; D/Z w:

Time Publishers, Inc.
Time Life Bldg.
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020‑1393
Re: Bent thinking‑‑ p.51; 7/17 issue)

What a travesty! Your Gorman is attempting to gore men and I am betting she herself doesn’t perceive it any more than the twisted text with scans shown‑‑ as likely twisted face lacking any left facial smile! This folly can be expected now, especially with naive editors as publishers in love with the academic programmed corrupt promulgating half truths for an even more stupid public. Little wonder our pending but needed ethnic cleansing looms so close‑‑ to put to shame the one in Yugoslavia!

Mere examination of what you pro‑offered of which brain have has the full corpus callosum (obviously left image) as independent lateral excitation (right) defines the reversed (laterally!) as worded text implied. You people must also own Ph.Ds!

Until, but won’t happen now, science perceives what Sperry* un­covered between spatial and temporal complementals in mass‑time between those two lateral cerebral hemispheres, we the conscious mind (RAS) is doomed to annihilation, just as Prof. Renoux sees** with AiR (Autoimmune Response) of the left brain half to conclude any further mental evolution on the human specie. It is sad that the scriptural dogmas are more correct than science yet the empi­rical obvious is the only means to extricate the believers from their twisted dogma!

As my prediction over twenty years ago (after I defined physics as the precursor to space‑time mental faculty) that vowels versus nouns would define lateral cerebral dichotomies‑‑ I also said the intellectual (reductive left brain) would never tolerate this obvious‑‑ especially by instated authority, as I quickly also found. (over) These are heady days indeed, especially for those so few who do think!


KTS Research

* `The Human Split‑Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67
**Renoux; U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)

cc: Path/IQ; Phys‑Psy; 3‑dev(over)


Trevor W. Robbins,
Dept. of Experimental Psychology
University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB2 3EB, UK
Re: “‑‑Taxonomy of Memory”
Sirs: (SCIENCE, 6/Sept./96

Declarative L.T. memory appears as a serial temporal recall fac­tor, as visual recall (savant) spatial* non‑temporal according to the human split‑brain data. Thus blocked DA as parasympathomimi­tic, would reflect spatial “skill” rather than historical verbal memory use as declarative. Possibly bilateral taxonometric study is needed to to clarify outstanding enigmas, as AiR* (Autoimmune Responses) needs consideration for Parkinson’s anomalies, where the sympathetic CNS (left cerebral) seeks no visual import reach­ing the RAS or midbrain (conscious mind) using a more perminent form of “censoring” in Freudian terms.

Noting the food reward (Squire enhanced recall may be the impetus of energy want by the sympathetic noted my Mancia (split‑brain‑stem monkey study (India) where a greater goading to fulfil some learned behavior from a prior visual means continues. Lesion affect might yet allow visual import access but no declarative response to same which might define the subliminal anomaly noted in Greenwald’s work (p.1699; SCIENCE; 20 Sept.’96).

An apparent enigma of visual input (retina/occipital) versus sub‑brain‑floor from left pons, might be solved with further taxono­metric investigation. Idiot savant correlations in lateral viso‑cerebral recall operants might indicate from `where’ such spatial L.T. memory resides as well.

KTS Research

* Phys/Psy; Path/IQ

Dan Povinelli, et. al.
Center for Child Studies
University of SW Louisiana
Hammond LA 70402
Re: ultimate cerebral difference
Sir: (`Tarzan Syndrome’‑‑ DISC. Nov,’96)

The Orangutan’s use of reason thus likely available insight might define some intuitive right brain input as empathy shown. Mankind has merely regressed back to the chimp stage as its more develop­ed left brain can effectively use the neurotic block (note ADD of Krause’s work*) where extended positive EEG half cycle holds off `perception’ just long enough to avoid something unwanted. More ominous is what Renoux sees** about that left cerebral hemisphere where fight‑flight, win/lose (Tarzan w/testosterone especially) syndromes originate. To wonder evokes cross cerebral activity via the coordinating cerebellum even if direct corpus callosum trans­ferred data alerts. Creative men show this secondary coupling as often the intellectual neurotic not. To recognize fate a liabili­ty also evokes curiosity as non‑temporal (spatial) import by the historical. South paw genius are no longer an anomaly‑‑ as covert predatory promisors.(over) Maybe mankind has run the gamut for Nature’s mental evolutional program where only might makes right, until some bloody lesson needs to teach otherwise, to some final bitter end!

Of interest between the human male and female (as noted decoupled anterior corpus callosum in the latter), less insight with social empathy prevails yet the need to display for the upmanship wanted by possibly their unconscious mtDNA coupled‑‑ hereon left unsaid, but we suspect Dawkins is getting close.


KTS Research

* `Learning Defect‑‑’; 16, Aug.’96 SCIENCE, p.971‑973 (EEG block)
** Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57‑58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
note: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.

cc: Phys‑Psy; Path/IQ; de Waal’s let copy (over)
CC: D/Z;


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