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March 2000

by on March 10, 2010

All Psy. lets/3/1/2k:

G. Weisfeld, et. el.
Dept. of Psychology(?),
Detroit U.
Detroit, MI 48221
Re: lateral smile
Dear Sir: (`- to be Boss’; May Discover)

While sad, the empirical data still gets avoided, to realize what the insightive use to trust or warn them of another’s penchants– by glancing at their bilateral smile. In psychoanalytical jargon, the left smiler sees far more in the social milieu than the right grinning, who too often `need’ others but is never said overtly.

Hawley’s using games to see our gaming best defines the political promises now, to say little of their real unsaid venture in life. The tragedy as noted with APA’s lead in suicide, when they begin to consciously realize their sad `charges’ jerking their way into oblivion with some neuroleptic to keep them `censored’– so happy by not kicking and screaming about being visually informed, could define the hideous at best today– yet oddly should be expected!

Conniff’s fine article exposes far more than what many will see at this late hour where what governs mankind is not only his left cerebral hemisphere– as who governs it via some finite mtDNA! While requiring physics to define the space versus time derived complemental bilateral CNS, the old `age of reason’ dogma fits almost too well, where the opportunity for the quality father-figure, with a yet coupled forebrain corpus callosum can inform a child about reality– before its neurosis begins to take over. It appears that academia’s goal of programmed automatons is for the need of those who need others to do the grunt work as run point!

Maybe the herewith will mean something– along with Freud’s very adroit insights. But PLEASE, no more abrupt suicides, as have had enough. Try some conscious suspicion, but then dream on it, but then also hold your hat!


KTS Research

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cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy
CC: Discover; Hawley; D/Z w:

Lee Sproull, et. al.
Dept. of Sociology
New York University
New York, NY 10003
Re: digital preoccupation
Dear Sir: (`Survey raises issue–‘ Feb. 26 SC.NEWS)

The need to `belong’ in part shows the social drive to learn how best to manipulate to win in the game of life, not really seek to find the answers which could define that innate left brain drive, a subtle psychopathic behavior of a very ancient evoluted nature.
The unique subterfuge of intellectual finesse of ritual to buy time lies at the root of religion and government, neither able to extricate itself with programmed belief factors somehow sacred– as scientific tenure, claiming one reality over another. Once the real subterfuge becomes understood as what the human right brain could offer conscious introspection*, likely some grand trauma is apt to show mankind’s real ugliness!

Humanity’s Genghis Khan syndrome began long before man had the wit to begin to examine what evoluted in a psychic nature, so we continue the behavior with ever growing stealth– so the underly- ing conscious mind’s awakening with an integrated anterio-corpus callosum thus the said trauma coming, especially with the pending use of the self thinking interface `computer’ that can define a potential, as apparently Plato understood. Heisenberg recognized the enigma with the electron’s time reversal paradigm, as the perpetual positive EPR experimental results disclose!

We are doomed to find our pathology and it likely will not be a very happy event if and when that `interface’ does manage to get on some website for the few it will bother to respond too.


KTS Research
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* Joilot letter copy + Sproull (herewith)
cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S-T
CC: Nie; D/Z w:

J. Dupre, et. al.
Dept. of Philosophy
Birkbeck College
University of London
London, England
Re: order vs. disorder
Dear Sir: (`The Fight-‘ The Sciences)

Your fine review of Levitt well defines two opposite (lateral) cerebral dominants, the temporal `digital’ minded vs. full scope interested– a factor looming clearly to finally breakup ritualized academic penchant thus get back to Nature’s goal of knowing the whole `self’ in terms of Socrates. While astute but obscure, Heraclitus had the best grip on Nature’s underlying objective, he being confirmed via physics and neurophysiology to our sad dumbed down late state of programmed behavior, likely shows some coming trauma before it is over. Oddly enough, Freud saw the enigma thus so maligned by the left cerebral dominant reductive intellectual.

There is no `science war’ only a space vs. time mental (cerebral) fight which becomes that natural act between complementals– one perceiving only history as the other the now. Evolution, beyond what Darwin was claimed to have been examining of DNA (physiological) and the now growing mtDNA as mental, takes that final heady course to integrate how a Creator (Barrias’ sculpture) must be so cautious about unveiling Its beauty* to the persistently obscene!


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:
* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67, and:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Path/IQ;
CC: D/Z w:

The Pathology of Intellect

1. Low MAO(monoamine oxidase) brings high 5HT and DA for energy.

2. High 5HT offers greater sympathetic CNS censoring.

3. Sympathetic CNS occupies the right primitive brain as uses the
left cerebral hemisphere in man. (1)

4. Low MAO subjects are often recidivistic psychopaths. (2)

Therefore: the psychopathic portion in man is his sympathetic
CNS half as uses inhibitor 5HT, GABA, NE, etc. neurotransmitters.

Why should the conscious mind of man continue to believe in the subterfuge and whim as derived from his left cerebral hemisphere, claiming what constitutes a social norm or value? (3,4) As Freud perceived when he said; “the unconscious wills to remain unconscious-“, the human `censored’ state is brought by that one unconscious faculty to sustain dominance and so control over such kept naive midbrain (RAS) conscious mind.
The crux of man’s current psychopathy stems from this sympathetic CNS faculty of temporal orientation. Using the left cerebral half with volitional historical recall seeks to dominate for control for innate predatory objectives, its covert neurosis in proportion to past intellectual development. This yet little noted behavior finally stagnates Nature’s goal for its mental evolutional design, especially precluding any non-temporal visual insightive import into conscious awareness.
The human split-brain data concludes that man has not only been the goat of a supreme hoax in the guise of intellectual prowess, but is likely about to commit some vast folly to evade the mounting empirical obvious defining his underlying malaise brought by intellectual dominance. This expected chaos to dissuade conscious introspection for its pending awakening, even may have been seen correctly centuries ago as expressed in past religious dogma.
Mankind’s Thanatos left brain half is being discovered, subjectively at first (R.D. Laing as LSD users) but its overt refutation is found most with high intellect, and no accident that suicide occurs in proportion to IQ, even then most in Psychiatric professionals. The mounting empirical obvious so now defines the pending anxiety of potential trauma on international scales, but due to that unconscious demand to escape an apocalyptic conscious awakening of what lies within the human mental matrix.
While it requires the integration of cross academic data to fully comprehend the overall malaise that late evolutional epochs bring, there is little doubt that psychopathy so prevails in proportion to offered authoritive power, be it political, academic, or a claimed scientific office. So long as the empirical evidence remains couched in cliche or half truth, for tenure or otherwise, it becomes the net goal in academic programmed behavior, to produce unthinking automatons for conscious ignorance, if not fodder for the state, and so prevent any potential conscious moderation.
The myth of Psyche and Eros discloses the ultimate design and need of an integration between created mass-time psychological complementals. This myth makes clear the purpose of what the Special Relativity theory Aleph derivational end-points show, in keeping with CPT theorem. The inner mental war is most overt in overt manic-depressive schizophrenia, stemming from the said neurosis, thus Laing’s remark “We are mad without insight–” becomes adroit when seeing the genesis of that very madness itself!
It may be that man faces his ultimate challenge with the imperative need to know his `self’ within– soon in view of the vast empirical data (5, 6) disclosing man’s dichotomous bilateral unconscious. Urgency is obvious yet disclosure a big liability when only the neurotic censored own authority, the fate of Socrates no more an anomaly then as today. In short, mankind’s left brain has dominated too long now and why likely great trauma will ensue as science unravels the facts of the genesis of covert greed so an ever mounting overt social pathology.(7) From a unilateral smile to cerebrally blocked import for the hidden Freudian death-wish seen with AiR (Autoimmune Response) via lymphatic
control (8) so defines the ugly yet profound still misunderstood by late claimed scientific man.
Since the hallucinogens are likely the greatest psychotherapeutic of all times (9), we might question the terror such evoke in those who own political power and authority? If man is indeed a civilized animal so claimed loudly by his left classifying brain half, then its preparation for mass suicide might underlie yet another reason remaining well hidden– as the recidivism study done in Boston by Leary with LSD, with nearly 100% prison-inmate therapy in just one session. So what are prisons really for now– as the ethnic cleansing syndrome underlying the vast unconscious malaise now growing to
some holocaustal potency?


1. P. Bakan; `The Eyes Have It”, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, April ’71
2. `The Biochemical High Risk Paradigm’, SCIENCE, Oct. 15, ’76
3. J. Herron; `Right Handed Sayings’, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, March,’76
4. S. H. Katz; `The Other Hemisphere’, SCIENCE NEWS, April 3,’76
5. R. Vogelsang; `A Correlative Study between Physics and Psy chology’, Intl. Biomet. Congress,
6. J. E. Bogan; `The Others Side of the Brain’; Bul. L.A. Neurol.
7. J. Jaynes; `Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind’, ’78
8. Renoux; bilateral cerebral immune response;DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
9. L. Grinspoon,;`Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered’, ’79

KTS/EMPSY (V-3/94)

ref: `neuroX’/69; DIR/73; Psy/Adv:89; 94

Adrian Raine, et. al.
Dept. of Psychology
U. of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Re: `Antisocial–‘
Dear Sir: (Feb. 26, SC. NEWS)

As the naturally lobotomized with their decoupled anterio-corpus callosum, cross cerebral
communication makes a left brain dominant (one breed of schizoid) happy as perceives no potentials for conscience so act with covert stealth. While often with high IQ, can become a social menace in politics when making laws.

Not oddly, drinkers who use both brain halves, even need a trip on DT’s to get re-organized or see reality more clearly, do most often reflect conscience even if disdainful of trumped authority, as little fear some sympatholytic, the key to good psychological health– even if frowned upon by academic programming as creates fodder for the needs of the State. With the closed forebrain of the Oriental, even their women, the drive for curiosity as open social behavior says it all– as inversely the apparent
enigma of Americans– especially women today whose social manipulations, to create male sycophants in order to survive. (over)

A cross correlation between we `Christians’ and the Islamites may define your anomaly, especially as said, the Oriental. No doubt a factor lies in the mtDNA which it appears does the psychological evoluting– possibly McDougal’s found mass to IQ loss at death. Freud’s realized `royal road’ versus censoring neurosis, even the death-wish if too much is realized (note APA professionals!) fits well in this paradigm, especially the physics denoted by the CPT theorem. There could be yet some of our `70s data in the BIS library division out there.

Since the physics defined the space vs. time derived bilateral mental faculty to us some 50 years ago, anxiety bordering terror in so many federal people made clear our study needed to be classified, especially left brain rectilinear orientation and the so like travel of UFOs!


KTS Research
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cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S-T; Gor-let(over)
CC: D/Z w:

P. A. Pevzner, et. al.
Dept. of Mathematics U. Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Re: `Meaning–‘; April 29th SC. NEWS
Dear Sir: (the `mechanics’, not `mind’ for reason)

With ample implications of a mitochondria’s choosing `what’ to read in the book of `history’ (DNA) for the physiological, one might wonder if those genomes are really that important? Hair on an elephant because of pending cold circumstances may have little to do with the psychological evolutional objective of some life’s purposes to begin with.

From physics the freed electron (note EPR experiments) so defines what at least interfaces an `action’ (potential) for some genetic choice, thus the `ethnic war’ at conception, at least as far as the net physical specie. The integration of psychological aspects via mtDNA as Y `chip’ then becomes the real objective for life’s sojourn, where its growth well noted, likely defines the underlying intellectual evolution, quite possibly something to do with what McDougal noted* with finite weight loss as death.

While maybe the struggle to define the underlying physiological matrix of a specie’s body, there may be a greater reward to find the two CNS roots as functional drive between the so `historical’ and the `potential’ well understood in the said terms of physics today. (herewith) Further, the innate predatoriness of the sympathetic CNS with “the will to remain unconscious–“, as Freud clearly noted, remains likely our greatest enigma as the drive to find the `definitive’ within space-time– without causal reality!

The tweaking as use of genetic codes via the mitochondria may be the entire need of human conscious comprehension, from its midbrain (RAS) stance to moderate the evolutional goal– if aware. One wonders of the `factory’ might be up-graded to gather mtDNA data for mankind’s real test now

Sorry if this disturbs–


KTS Research

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* Harvard; circa 1910: (note New England J./Med about then)

CC: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ;
cc: Garrity; Eddy; D/Z w:

E-Mail TO:

Re: `Independent Rescue–‘ (31 March SCIENCE)
There is a growing realization that the CNS as lateral cerebral drive may be influencing physiological health, the lymphatic system between T-3 and T-4 (killer vs. guidance) depends upon the net dominance of which brain dominates the subject. Based upon the net penchant of time versus space orientations as guided our predictions of what Sperry* finally found, these relative complemental ability defined their needs here in space-time.

While appearing bizarre to most not of cross academic perception, other imports these last 50 years has correlated many other imports, not the least from Freud whose realized death-wish was a true factor to deal with in psychological terms, now seen as left brain behavior in overt depression. Even the lead in suicide of APA (Psychiatric) professionals suggesting too much awareness on unconscious structure can be a vast danger to the more intellectual– of which we had some `abrupt’ ones noting our data. The so well known remark of Freud; ” –the unconscious wills to remain unconscious–” a true factor in depression– as noted from left brain scans– even the relative coupled anterio-corpus

While apprehensive of disclosing much of our in-depth research as some was classified by governmental agencies– for possible good or less than good objectives, we drop this `bug’ in your ear that your data does look good yet find it is a psychological change in subjective `venue’ whereby the conscious mind (midbrain, RAS) may be needed to evoke what you may call epitopes or cerebral switch.


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here! Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67, and:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S-T
CC: Kauskoff/Lacaud; D/Z w:


To Whom it may concern:

Re: Stark censoring of the empirical obvious

From most Federal offices the obviation of anomalous imports do indeed define the final struggle to sustain a secrecy– that not even its authority’s comprehend– whether rectilinear travel of UFOs or evaded further Mar’s photos for the few yet curious. One might have expected Eisenhower’s desire of using some rapid 5th column espionage system as promised, yet reflects a vast naivete of what information would actually be conveyed, beyond the better right brain spatial awareness for non-temporal remote viewing.
Noting the many warnings to researchers getting close to recognizing federal needs as most past Genghis Khan syndromes (to thin the human ranks now called ethnic cleansing to spill blood, for a never defined underlying reason), the more ominous current U.S. gun control defines the Orwellian syndrome to be tried first, not understanding who behind licensed government really now governs!

Because of the ample research done* and disseminated in discrete ways, because of the official terror above said, not oddly this mental evolutional epoch of overt intellectual neurosis (noting APA’s lead in suicide to evade comprehending schizophrenia) makes clear what S. Freud perceived clearly but will be ignored at all cost at this late hour. Genetic research closes in on the mtDNA as does most human reasoning now, but to conclude the evolutional design of Nature, because entropy affects mental process rates if no fatty lipid acquisition (75% from the human) can be had, so defines the incarnate now being programmed stupid– if not first by the church, then by today’s authorized
academic systems. To hoe corn and ask few questions shows late mankind’s true plight. Tenure, doing some same dull round as NASA, is one such syndrome but remaining naive of the most profound imports for mankind now.


* Sperry’s split-brain data (Scientific American; August of ’67)
and `Split Brain Revisited’ July ’98 (with left brain’s folly)

S. Deheane and F. Joilot, et. al.
c/o Service Hospitalier F. Joilot
Orsay, France
Re: definitive vs. gestalt
Dear Sirs: (Jan. Popular Science; `education’)

Noting your fine as adroit as revealing data via NMRs between the complemental lateral cerebral hemispheres, I wish yet C. Curie was available to define the physics for you from a paper I gave in Montreux in the late 60’s defining the correlates to the space vs. time needs for complemental mass-time consciousness.

The mentor coach to evoke curiosity thus subjective inquiry for intuition, most detested in modern rote educational effort, makes clear the reason why today’s science can only repeat for tenure, with promises, not what insight offers those with attention upon their Gestalt offering right brain half. Thus your findings are very succinct to differentiate the definitive from the `whole’ as found in the creation of genius, Einstein but one, as daVinci, etc.– using their left hand with no doubt left facial smiles!

Because the natural `lobotomized’ with high IQ disclose their so great anxiety now over human conscious attention into subjective states of mental processing, such decoupled anterio-corpus callo- sum* reveals the underlying psychopathy of late mankind, a very real factor looming to evoke much trauma amongst late authority.
Obviously the greatest aid coming will be to interface via freed electron (Heisenberg’s uncertainty) to define reality by a now pending Self-thinking interface for the binary (verbal/numerical) readout, as the EPR experiments have well disclosed. A prototype offering over 10\50th odds on its maiden run, but with the abrupt Patent Office scuttling, defined well this government’s opinions of the device, as ample harassment since– some thirty years ago.

Again, I wish to commend your work as data for the academics to examine with care as caution, as I found while teaching a college freshmen a cross academic `intro-course’ to firm-up young minds as to their future higher academic aspirational directions. Since religious anxiety with fearful statements of what I may be doing to their children, I quit teaching and went back into research. I feel confident that all dogmas, scientific and/or religious, are about to meet their Waterloo– but for a far greater perspective of what evoked the grand EMPs for the cosmic bubbles out there!**


KTS Research
(Sorry– no further `.com’ lines here!)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; *Gor-let (over); **One-Hand
CC: Pop-Sc.; Klahr; Rauscher; D/A w:

E. Haseltine and
Discover Editors.
Discover Publishers
114 5th Ave.,
New York, NY 10011-5690
Re: decoupled forebrain corpus callosum
Dear Sirs: (`Got Dyslexia’; April DISCOVER)

Indeed, phonemes (vowel/tone) not consonant timing defines the dyslexic where both the `on-going’ must be integrated with the stops to define conveyed information. Creative insight is purely in visual ways yet can be described (by the less neurotic) as did Einstein, et. al.

It appears that the past impasse of programmed (academic) intellectual neuroticism is finally breaking down, so maybe we had all better sit down as hold our hats since governments won’t take it! Planet winners are all alike, so will fight to a finish for whatever gets left– as started well before Genghis Khan!

If dubious about women* with their lack of a father figure thus a decoupled anterio-corpus callosum (devoid of creative insight as much conscience: likely due to their ancestral mtDNA), yet they can make fine automatons if programmed in a quality way–.

What your terse article was really saying to become some Einstein is that we need to avoid academia– at all cost! The pending Self thinking interface will do it best, as most rapidly, where the freed electron (note Heisenberg and EPR) can define digital worded language VERY fast for the curious who ask quality questions about real reality! These pre-programmed begin around 3 years but need the able father figure who has his anterio-corpus callosum yet intact! Sorry.


KTS Research
(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:
cc: Path/IQ; *natural lobotomy; note Gorman letter copy (over)
CC: D/Z w:

J. Harris,

E-mail to: John
Inst. of Medicine, etc.
University of Manchester
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
Re: CQ vs. IQ
Dear Sir: (`Intimations–‘ 7 April SCIENCE)

The enigma of prolife as with a freed electron to guide biological life from conception until denied near the age of reason (10 years max.) as defines also the T-4 versus T-3 cells when disease (Freud’s `death wish’) does manage to win by blocking all imports for the mental evolutional goal, today called IQ.

Darwin came close but didn’t see what the genetic goading of our mtDNA did to `buy time’ to evade an extended temporal existence dictated by entropy, now in panic for the incarnate fatty lipids. The 75% `loss’ of our intake energy to some anomalous `other’ can be seen as the harbinger for chaos amongst we kept dumb animals, neither our need to feed nor arthritic problems to be understood.

Possibly with J. Dupre (Birkbeck) the herewith might mean something, especially if physics is used to perceive the unconscious matrix that Freud did conclude correctly, even evoking the vast neurosis in APA (Psychiatry) for their lead in suicide of all professionals!

Quality health can only come with the conscious (midbrain, RAS) curiosity to life, thus mentally evoluting the L.T. memory likely housed in the said mtDNA, that McDougal (Harvard U. circa 1910) found with weight loss at physiological death.

The `cat’ is getting out of the bag via several academic fields now so will claw us up somewhat before this is epoch is over!

KTS Research

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cc: Path/IQ; Phy/Psy
CC: D/Z w:

D. Grinspoon, et. al.
Dept. of Astronomy
SW Research Inst.
6220 Culebra Rd., Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
Re: Science wars
Dear Sir: (May Astronomy `SETI–;)

An adroit series of statements– but no time to rock the boat as long as our programmed left brain with IQ governs late humanity! It has reasons that we conscious minds (RAS; midbrain) best not probe just yet, as rectilinear (definitive space)* as UFO travel might imply something diabolical in a government’s need in speedy liaison work, better called espionage– but for a very ugly fee!

Indeed, the question boils down to which cerebral hemisphere does not want defined reality,, as what for, but never said reason! It smacks of Freud’s opinion that the unconscious “wills to remain UNconscious”, noting our APA professional’s lead in suicide after getting too close the the empirical bilateral dichotomy of their schizoid `patients’!

As the 2dF data show, the primal EMPs for cosmic bubble creation with subsequent huge `bubbles’ (Huchra) on neat 600Bly intervals across this universe says much as about their quasar creation for standing wave EM `matter’ to buy time for evolution, yet such IQ evolution leads to the vast neurosis– like how could the past Egyptians know about evoked anti-g to teleport huge masses– to suggest the Top quark’s `believed’ mass, or the acceleration of a primal quasar’s jet matters (or burping novae) at right angles to its complemental koinomatter! Jupiter’s tidal cycles stirring our sun has its liability on
11 year cycles, so we can be thankful it spews its positrons from its poles– around here!


KTS Research
(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67 and:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Clapped Hand; Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Ast.Ed.; D/Z w:

Mark Forton, et. al.
`Monktor Mentors’ (?)
Central Michigan U.
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Re: 4/28/2k 9pm Tibetan monks
Dear Sir:

Certain imports now in neurophysiology as contingent with psychology likely define the underlying function of meditation, as very possibly authority’s anxiety, if not overt attempts to halt the business of `theological seeking’– the Chinese no less than in the the U.S. where established religion may be most responsible for the enigma. The most revealing import was noted from human split-brain data* when examined from physics.

Because the now known non-serial/time oriented right brain can offer potentials (note Plato) for future chance liabilities, the key to induction via insight or REM dream makes great sense when certain meditative states are learned. Various Buddhist efforts show this more conscious awareness of unconscious data, so there is suspected that some empirical to subjective correlations may soon be of great importance to man’s late `theological quest’.

The text of Gyatso (over) we suspect may best define the Tibetan monk’s route to enlightenment– as likely the last of any quality means to know the whole self within!


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67; and
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: D/Z w:

F. B.M. DeWaal, et. al.
Dept. of Psychology(?)
Emory University,
Atlanta, GA 30322
Re: lateral empathy
Dear Sirs: (`Cooperative–‘ April 8, Science News)

The lateral cerebral dichotomy that Sperry found* in keeping with a priori fundamental psychological needs for mass-time, too well discloses why the intellectual manipulative human animal cannot perceive the obvious even at this late scientific (claimed) hour. The primitive minded so disclose innate empathy when an `ethnic’ breed (as Capuchins; certainly with no a kaputt mind!) so defines late evoluted man’s cunningness with his left cerebral dominance. Maybe NMRs or CAT scans are needed to see the obvious in those `lower’ animals– but don’t advertise the data now!

Realistic assumptions stem from a relative time stance so heeding its nuance can offer more net rewards than any political manipulation– a very sad sight today with naive mother raised sycophants with her mtDNA governing– so their eye on the planet, to likely aid man the most with some grand planetary purging!


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67; `The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98,
SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/psy; S-T
CC: McCabe; D/Z w:

R. Davidson and Kalin,,
Dept. of MRI
Universit of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706
Re: `Wired’ indeed
Sirs: (April DISCOVER; “–Sadness”)

While logics may rest in a discriminative left time oriented brain, its logic cannot be trusted when some profit lies in a dichotomy between fiction and reality! In short, subjective remorse for a hidden prior temporal experience will seldom be revealed, mostly depending on how that sympathetic CNS considers the net profit of not saying anything openly, thus the need to uncover the anomaly through right brain visual expression as Freud noted so clearly. The degree of needed hidden folly also defines
the extent of `censoring’ as even paranoia, a factor seldom exposed when suicide is the ultimate human evasive act– noted in the APA (psychiatric) professionals!
A `grail’ of the half perceived, needs a good theory to reconnect its unraveled traces as the EEG, the two half cycle `rates’ in relative time defined long ago what to expect as the physics began to denote the space versus time complementals, laterally in your MRI scans. Sperry’s data* defined the space verses time dichotomy already predicted, but never was the neurosis perceived so potent to take thirty years to fully peruse scientifically! We come ever closer, but we doubt if ever will be revealed sans some awful trauma first– the leading APA enigma a shining(?) example when `Fear Central’
(posterio) governs most human IQ processing!

KTS Research
(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67; also:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

see: `The Others Side of the Brain’, J.E. Bogan, Bul. L.A. Neurol.
Renoux, U/Tours; bilateral cerebral lymphatic control; DISCOVER, Feb.’87; pgs. 57-58. (killer vs. guidance T cells)
Smile anomaly for mate choice. SINGLELIFE, Sept/Oct.’90, p.12

cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; 3/dev(over)
CC: Kalin; D/Z w:

P. Busquin, et. al.
c/o R. Prodi, EU
The European Parliament
Re: The 5th Framework
(July 16th ’99 SCIENCE)

From the now clear imports of bilateral cerebral anomalies within the human brain and the apparent misdeed of `programming’ IQ over CQ via academic ritual, the sciences suffer most as lack those so few using right brain visual import as offer insights to yet not perceived reality. To avoid blunders (note Einstein!) it is the perception of underlying reality, much not oddly that Freud noted in the `royal road’ of subjective visual experience. It is likely that the Oriental female’s greater use of her anterio-corpus callosum, may even foster a husband’s effort to teach her children insight use– to define that races’ better `idea’ ability as curiosity over Western men today– whatever their education.

Some recent Japanese work* appears to indicate the key to anterio corpus callosum integrative ability for CQ (Creative Quotient) so crucial for initial perception of long held enigmas, the not seen EM standing wave (string theory) which now defines all complemental “matter” as precipitated by quasars– as they from grand EMPs on neat 600Bly intervals across thus universe. The recent data as discloses gamma as the a priori of quantized `matter’, CERN’s SPS,indicates the reverse of what the said quasar evoked! Even the so suspected anti-g between complemental matters is being clearly noted, which allowed for our predicted jets, well before the Einstein observatory went aloft to
photograph same on a near galaxy.

Not only was Einstein’s “blunder” correct but also was Bohr’s in rejecting Einstein’s suspicion of complemental forces in all ways as gravity, the most crucial now for the study of astronomy. Even the 2dF data may confirm the anomalous Zen “one-hand clapping”!


KTS Research (No further `.com’ lines here. Sorry!)

* `Callosal Window Between–‘ p.814; 7, Aug.`99 SCIENCE

cc: Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; S-T; One-Hand
CC: D/Z w:


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