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March 2000

by on March 10, 2010

Dept. of Philosophy
Birkbeck College
University of London
London, England
Re: order vs. disorder
Dear Sir: (`The Fight-‘ The Sciences)

Your fine review of Levitt well defines two opposite (lateral) cerebral dominants, the temporal `digital’ minded vs. full scope interested– a factor looming clearly to finally breakup ritualized academic penchant thus get back to Nature’s goal of knowing the whole `self’ in terms of Socrates. While astute but obscure, Heraclitus had the best grip on Nature’s underlying objective, he being confirmed via physics and neurophysiology to our sad dumbed down late state of programmed behavior, likely shows some coming trauma before it is over. Oddly enough, Freud saw the enigma thus so maligned by the left cerebral dominant reductive intellectual.

There is no `science war’ only a space vs. time mental (cerebral) fight which becomes that natural act between complementals– one perceiving only history as the other the now. Evolution, beyond what Darwin was claimed to have been examining of DNA (physiological) and the now growing mtDNA as mental, takes that final heady course to integrate how a Creator (Barrias’ sculpture) must be so cautious about unveiling Its beauty* to the persistently obscene!


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67, and:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)
cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ; S-T; One-Hand
CC: D/Z w:

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