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March 2000

by on March 10, 2010

3/2k/ast. letters:

B. E. Schaefer, et. al.
Dept. of Astronomy
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520
Re: Conjunctions
Dear Sir: (`May 5th–‘ Sky and Telescope)

Whether real or imagined, sometimes the subjective right brain view can offer imports very valid (note Kekule), albeit the left brain has greater reasons to fudge for unsaid profit margins! A copy of Grinspoon’s letter (over) might explain somewhat better.

Repeated injunctions (even conjunctions!) by the claimed scholars to Jupiter’s “no influence–” may beg the deeper question of some sustained stupidity, (likely for tenure objectives), but to avoid curiosity– as a few ancient Egyptian anomalies that we somehow fail yet to comprehend scientifically.
There is undoubtably some academic folly in programming nitwits incapable of asking the right questions, but maybe that is the cost of developing IQ with left brain dominance– sans any insight for CQ (genius) creation.


KTS Research

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cc: Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Sky/Ed; D/Z w:

Dept. of Astronomy
U. of British Columbia
BC V6T 1Z1 Canada
Re: How Flat– ?

Maybe with the refracted (decelerated) light (dv/dt; relative red shift) to indicate the Hubble’s error (as any standard candle), it will force us back to the Hipparcose means, if magnetic field densities do average out– noting the 2dF implications of an even universe derived from `clapped hand’ on neat 600Bly intervals to start off quasar vortex for created standing EM wave matter! Only the anti-g between primal galaxies and their jet matter created globular clusters need be then considered. A relative background temperature pattern would be interesting if correlated with the said 2dF data which appears to define the many true a priori `injections’ to buy time in a vast magnetic primal field!


KTS Research

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cc: Big Bang+ (Grinspoon letter– over)
CC: D/Z w:

J. E. Larken,
Dept. of Astronomy
University of California, LA
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Re: clearer view?
Dear Sirs: (March 4th, SCIENCE NEWS, p.156)

Noting the more definitive view of our primal galaxy’s core as no black-hole, (much less Zeeman magnetic refracted light from any starlight behind), maybe another black hole, now that the 2dF sky survey indicates primal EMPs to evoke quasars on huge bubbles (on neat 600Bly intervals!) needs more scrutiny with the Keck II? We are now confident that any primal magnetic `clump’ however dense, will never be `seen’– whether called a black hole or otherwise.

The deceleration of light (again Zeeman) may indicate the Hubble constant may be far from any definitive number (candles included) in view of the many magnetic variables across the universe which refract passing light, the higher its frequency the more so. The relative Alpha line spread says something to this anomaly, as the belief that dv/dt red shift stems more from `expansion’.

We suspect there is coming a greater unraveling of tenured minds than what matter is based, by the mounting empirical confirmation of many shunned theories, since billiard balls’ don’t exist, only the magnetic a priori, as did some fancy hand clapping for primal EMPs to get `things’ started, as quantized standing EM waves of complemental nature, with anti-g between– for jet matter and their petite common gravity globular galaxy clusters at right angles. (note over)


KTS Research
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cc: One-Hand; Gehrels let. over)
CC: Acton; D/Z w:


E-Mail TO:

Some accrued past letters that are beginning to look even more adroit than the tenured are willing to admit– all contingent to Eta Carinae as the inverse of the primal (standing EM complemental `matter’ generating) quasar riding the periphery of a primal cosmic EMP. Those, as predicted `one hand claps’ on neat 600Bly intervals said enough to evoke– so prove, the Anglo Australian 2dF survey which appears also locked into tenure. So not worth the time to repeat ad-infinitum, the below may enlighten– hopefully!


KTS Research

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cc: D/Z w:


To Whom it may concern:

Re: Stark censoring of the empirical obvious

From most Federal offices the obviation of anomalous imports do indeed define the final struggle to sustain a secrecy– that not even its authority’s comprehend– whether rectilinear travel of UFOs or evaded further Mar’s photos for the few yet curious. One might have expected Eisenhower’s desire of using some rapid 5th column espionage system as promised, yet reflects a vast naivete of what information would actually be conveyed, beyond the better right brain spatial awareness for non-temporal remote viewing.

Noting the many warnings to researchers getting close to recognizing federal needs as most past Genghis Khan syndromes (to thin the human ranks now called ethnic cleansing to spill blood, for a never defined underlying reason), the more ominous current U.S. gun control defines the Orwellian syndrome to be tried first, not understanding who behind licensed government really now governs!

Because of the ample research done* and disseminated in discrete ways, because of the official terror above said, not oddly this mental evolutional epoch of overt intellectual neurosis (noting APA’s lead in suicide to evade comprehending schizophrenia) makes clear what S. Freud perceived clearly but will be ignored at all cost at this late hour. Genetic research closes in on the mtDNA as does most human reasoning now, but to conclude the evolutional design of Nature, because entropy affects mental process rates if no fatty lipid acquisition (75% from the human) can be had, so defines the incarnate now being programmed stupid– if not first by the church, then by today’s authorized academic systems. To hoe corn and ask few questions shows late mankind’s true plight. Tenure, doing some same dull round as NASA, is one such syndrome but remaining naive of the most profound imports for mankind now.


* Sperry’s split-brain data (Scientific American; August of ’67)
and `Split Brain Revisited’ July ’98 (with left brain’s folly)

B. Sadoulet,
Dept. of Physics
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
Re: partial EM standing wave WIMP factor
Dear Sir: (Science News; Feb. 26th)

With string theory better defining what quasars create for matter to buy time, we get fooled in believing that some don’t evaporate sooner as didn’t incorporate enough E to close their net standing wave status, called electrons or their 3-phased whole quark configurations. At least their entropic state, as re-twisted third phase leg for superconductivity or anti-g phenomena will shake up physics for some real tenure buying by voting to settle the next half baked truth for some scientific `fact’. So we find science doing as its political thing, buying time for tenure so survival, at some grand tax expense upon the kept dumb programmed. (over)


KTS Research
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cc:Path/IQ; Phys/Psy; One-Hand; Sproull let.(over)
CC: Lewin; Bernabie; D/Z w:

Wm. J. Nellis, et. al.
Dept. of Physics
Livermore Natl. Labs
Livermore, CA 9
Re: Metallic H
Dear Sir: (`Making Metallic–‘ May, SC. AMERICAN)

With great interest your data implicates EM standing wave matter all the more! Even the twisting whole 3-phased quark (3-leptons) to re-orient magnetic vortex for better aligned orbitals to free- up single leptons (electrons) for conduction ease.

The question now is the complemental neutron to proton trefoil configuration to integrate with an enhanced net orbital(s)? Since neutrons here within a koinomatter environment unravel easily (as a 2-phase meson), the self annihilating complemental leptons go back to gamma to define their origin! Now that the Anglo-Australian 2dF Sky Survey data defines the cosmic EMPs on neat 600Bly intervals for ensuing quasar/galaxy– as precipitates standing EM wave `matter’– it makes clear far more our bungling with `billiard-balls’ to avoid deBroglie so long ago thus the approaching obvious of our primal `genetic’ origin.

Suspicion now could rest on the finesse needed to orient freed D in trajectory to nudge off a neutron’s quark `electron’ to allow its two complementals to fisel for controlled heat applications?


KTS Research

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cc: Phys/Psy; Big-Bang
CC: Kastner; cert/card; D/Z w:

R. Montgomery, et. al.
Dept. of Mathematics
U. of California, Sanata Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 9
Re: 3-body system
Dear Sirs: (`ORBITING–‘ Sciences News, April 1st)

Gravity, electro statics or magnetics could be the same, as what may be the `whole quark’ (hadron) spinning in a 3-phased configuration, suspected to be a trefoil. Whether a proton or re-twisted neutron for a common nucleon’s electron orbital vortex, each lepton segment would be merely a petite magnetic EMP field front, much as its grand progenitor EMP now defined as some black hole which existed on neat 600Bly intervals. (note 2dF Austalian Sky Survey data) Our predictions of quantized EM `matter’ based on de Broglies’ work concluded the need to quantify the base universal magnetic flux as appeared obvious that the E side of Einstein’s Special Relativity had to `precipitate’ into EM standing waves as the a priori for temporal matter of mc².

With some likely complex confluence of net forces, the compound wound yet simple electron (as complemental positron with opposite wind for anti-force affects, noting primal quasar jet matter), as being the root matter, becomes compounded with absorbed energy to create the hadron via the said 3-phased state. The net ease of unraveling to offer gamma energy (fission) made quite clear all of the above.

From your work we wonder if the figure `8′ can be compressed into a trefoil, whether free of external influences or within some net milieu of other adjacent force-fields?


KTS Research
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cc: Big-Bang
CC: Chenciner; Buck; Simo; D/Z w:

A. J. Lazarus, et. al.
Dept. of Astronomy
MIT, Rm. 37-687
Cambridge, MA 02139
Re: ion nadir for reversal?
Dear Sir: (`Day the Solar Wind–‘ 24 March SCIENCE)

One might wonder of the 11 year solar cycle also has a relative ion polarity shift detected here, to reflect pole ejecti of what now appears as anti-matter? The stirred `burps’ of a petite nova could become dangerous if the galaxy’s magnetic field orientation didn’t steer (as the primal jets) such matter at right angles.

Any referential data to cyclic epochs of ion net charges noted on earth would be appreciated.


KTS Research

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CC: Big-Bang+
cc: D/Z w:

N. Gehrels,
NASA; Goddard Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Re: Gould belt as gamma source?
Dear Sir: (`Craft Spies–‘ March 25, Science News)

The complemental nature of galactic `matter’ now noted as EM standing waves indicate a 45 degree vector there-between, such primal magnetic field possible having something to do with the Gould belt of active gamma source stars. There may be some net `shear affect’ between complemental magnetic fields if agitated– that might evoke potent gamma radiation, a theory stemming from the now seen apparent fact of grand EMP cosmic generated bubbles (2dF sky survey) on neat 600Bly intervals across the universe.
While bizarre yet in physics as deny the net anti-g factor between complemental `wound’ standing wave-front `matter’, enigmas like high velocity quasar/galaxy jet matter continues to baffle– as unseen `hand claps’ called black holes somehow.
We will watch with greater interest now the Compton+ data!


KTS Research
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cc: One-Hand
CC: I. Grenier; D/Z w:

A. Frank,
Dept. of Astrophysics
Rochester University
Rochester, N.Y. 14627
Re: Inverse quasar for Novae
Dear Sir: (April Astronomy; `Busting–‘

The complemental spatial or matter dichotomy, whether during EM standing wave `matter’ creation in a quasar core or a future Nova compiling, best defines what the 2dF survey has shown as the real genesis of definitive space slow time via cosmic EMPs. The complemental spewed anti-matter jets from primal quasar galaxies (not globular as from that jet matter) makes clear the genesis of any quantified `matter’ as said EM standing waves, now best defined in the string theory in physics. Oddly, all forces then becomes a factor of the compound finite wound standing waves we yet call `billiard balls’ yet, sustaining tenure in ignorance in most our scientific thought. Our predictions many
years ago of anti-g with anti-matter with the Einstein observatory aloft evidence made too clear the neurosis in most of modern science. Bohr’s refutation of Einstein’s supposition of complemental gravity was the real blunder in all of science and so we pay dearly for it yet!

Since Huchra the obvious was seen, thus likely our impetus to get the British to move on 2dF, thus the adroit `Busting the Bubbles’ article in the current April Astronomy publication.

We suspect that N. Soker is close, so needs attention now as the empirical obvious to what `matter’ truly is, becomes understood.


KTS Research

cc: One-Hand; Big Bang; Phys/Psy; Path/Psy; Livio let copy
CC: Astronomy; D/Z w:

Christian Enss, et. al.
Dept. of Physics
University of Heidelberg,
Heidelberg, Germany
Re: Boron’s twist
Dear Sir: (`Glass–‘ Science News, March 4th)

Unique indeed is your data! As copper oxide, but inversely with a `hole’ (`negative’ valence), again the temperature twist on the 3-phased whole quark (hadron) to re-align a major orbital vortex makes clear far more the anomaly of EM standing waves, as called `billiard ball’ matter yet today.

Once the nuclei loses control, to liberate `bose’ electrons from aligned orbitals, superconductivity remains no anomaly, even some complemental g-field noted with the Top quark with an unbelievable `mass’ equated from high acceleration as the primal quasar spewed anti-matter jets. Oddly, the same Science News page shows the galaxy anomaly very clearly, for jet matter globular second-stage galaxy creation at right angles to their primal galaxy!

With the 2dF data confirming our theory of `genetic’ EMPs for the neat 600Bly cosmic bubbles, the `degeneration’ into finite standing waves as complemental electrons on up (most then in Novae), a clear picture now looms for bamboozled physics, as de Broglie did perceive clearly– as many others like Faraday, between quantized first-phased’ electrons and the magnetic field `a priori’.


KTS Research

cc: Phys/Psy; One Hand;
CC: Osheroff; Kettemann; Welch; D/Z w:

4/7/2k D. Grinspoon, et. al.
Dept. of Astronomy
SW Research Inst.
6220 Culebra Rd., Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
Re: Science wars
Dear Sir: (May Astronomy `SETI–;)

An adroit series of statements– but no time to rock the boat as long as our programmed left brain with IQ governs late humanity! It has reasons that we conscious minds (RAS; midbrain) best not probe just yet, as rectilinear (definitive space)* as UFO travel might imply something diabolical in a government’s need in speedy liaison work, better called espionage– but for a very ugly fee!

Indeed, the question boils down to which cerebral hemisphere does not want defined reality,, as what for, but never said reason! It smacks of Freud’s opinion that the unconscious “wills to remain UNconscious”, noting our APA professional’s lead in suicide after getting too close the the empirical bilateral dichotomy of their schizoid `patients’!

As the 2dF data show, the primal EMPs for cosmic bubble creation with subsequent huge `bubbles’ (Huchra) on neat 600Bly intervals across this universe says much as about their quasar creation for standing wave EM `matter’ to buy time for evolution, yet such IQ evolution leads to the vast neurosis– like how could the past Egyptians know about evoked anti-g to teleport huge masses– to suggest the Top quark’s `believed’ mass, or the acceleration of a primal quasar’s jet matters (or burping novae) at right angles to its complemental koinomatter! Jupiter’s tidal cycles stirring our sun has its liability on
11 year cycles, so we can be thankful it spews its positrons from its poles– around here!


KTS Research
(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

* `The Human Split-Brain’, Scientific American, Aug.’67 and:
`The Split Brain Revisited’, July 98, SC.AM. (prevaricating left)

cc: Clapped Hand; Phys/Psy; Path/IQ
CC: Ast.Ed.; D/Z w:

B. Burke et. al.
Dept. of Radio Astronomy
Mass. Inst. Tech.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Re: `Secrets by Radio–‘ quasar `black-hole’ matter genetic cores;
(SCIENCE 18 Feb.)
Dear Sir:
Closer scrutiny of the quasar core will define two kinds of `matter’ (EM standing waves) evolving therefrom with anti-g between to define the jets spewing at right angles to the primal disk. Thus any `black hole’ that sucks, truly does `suck’ in the sense that it is false because the said anti-g between two complemental EM standing waves that we call `matter’– from within our finite spaced (point of view) slow temporal quantal state.

The 2dF data defines the true primal `bangs’, likely millions of them on neat 600Bly intervals across this universe, but the means to evoke its peripheral collapsing EMP wave for quasar cores. The result evoking standing wave `matter’ with complemental kind, so anti-g there-between, noted so far via top quark `expedition’, not an assumed greater mass hadron albeit likely an anti-lepton.

Once recognizing the `3-phased’ whole quark (hadrons) with one leg phase reversed to make compatible for the stable nucleon, we will also perceive their genesis as the primal lepton as gamma, derived from finite collapsing EMP fronts on cosmic bubbles.


KTS Research
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CC: Big Bang; One Hand; Path/IQ
cc: Junor; Zhang; D/Z w:

Bob Berman
c/o Astronomy
21027 Waukeshaw
Waukeshaw, Wisc. 53187
Re: Faraday’s question (EM flux)
Dear Sir: (bubbleland; June 2K article)

Strange indeed was what Faraday said, but got to the point when suggesting some a priori underlying the phenomena of magnetism for `quantized’ electricity, now seen as EM standing waves in our slow time.

Since Freud pointed to why our APA professionals lead in suicide, I’ll only suggest Zen’s `one hand clapping’ (within Its own fundamental `element’) for you to guess what a REAL `fluctuation’ might be– and then on even as neat 600Bly intervals for a truly BIG bang– all over the place at once when time didn’t exist!


KTS Research

(No further `.com’ lines here. Note:

G. Basri,
Dept. of Astronomy
University of Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
Re: Brown Dwarfs (Scientific American)
Dear Sirs:

With the mounting evidence that this primal galaxy’s jet (anti-) matters as spewed with anti-g at right angles could with their common gravity form globular clusters thus stars as brown dwarfs. Searching for them should be easy, especially after noting them nearby– as right angle spin galaxy cluster only 400ly away. The time of 50 million years may define their relative `newness’ due to the spew travel time of the said jet matter, all well within both Keck systems of observational stance.


KTS Research

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cc: Big-Bang+
CC: Stauffer; Martin; D/Z w:

With the mounting evidence that this primal galaxy’s jet (anti-) matters as spewed with anti-g at right angles could with their common gravity form globular clusters thus stars as brown dwarfs. Searching for them should be easy, especially after noting them nearby– as right angle spin galaxy cluster only 400ly away. The time of 50 million years may define their relative `newness’ due to the spew travel time of the said jet matter, all well within both Keck systems of observational stance.


KTS Research

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cc: Big-Bang+
CC: Stauffer; Martin; D/Z w:

Philip W. Anderson,
Joseph Henry Labs of Physics
Princeton, University
Princeton, NJ 08544
Re: `protectorate'(?)
Dear Sir: (`Sources–‘ p.480 21 April SCIENCE)

Pointing back some years (over) to a letter* to you indicating the genesis of `matter’ (EM standing waves) via cosmic EMP evoked bubbles, it might be timely to examine the whole quark’s 3 phased trefoil of leptons for hadrons in relative time/temperature where `warp’ decouples an innate magnetic vortex to re-align electron flow via shifted orbitals.

Since confirmed with the Einstein aloft image of another galaxy’s predicted jets of anti-matter ejecti via anti-g, such did as what we hoped John Bell would have done before his untimely death. The steady mounting obvious between astronomy and physics makes us suspect there is going to be some `theory’ changes soon.

Sincerely, (again)

KTS Research

* Big Bang+; ’92 letter (over)
CC: D/Z w:

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