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2012 Galactic Alignment

by on April 2, 2010

You are referencing misinformation from other sources. First, the Maya said on every alignment on the galactic equator earth changes or catastrophes happen. Their long count calendar is based upon this alignment which happens every 13,000 years, half of a precession or 2.5 eras of Mayan 5,200 year eras, which 2.5 times 5,200 years is 13,000 years.

Evidence to the last galactic alignment is in Greenland ice core samples, see SuperWave theory. Now that we are approaching the alignment in 2012, every year now, the Milky Way core does seem to rise out of the morning sky on the winter solstice but the actual alignment along the galactic equator will not occur until the end of the precession.

What is happening is the wobble of the earth causes the constellations to move backwards 1° every 72.222 years, which 360° times 72.222 years is 26,000 years.  The alignment of the sun and galactic core and earth can not happen every year on the winter solstice because the precession of the equinoxes retrogrades the constellations and the Earth’s axis appears to wobble.  This alignment happens once where the sun is directly between the galactic core and Earth.

Recently it was found that an unknown action is emitting gamma rays from a direction towards the galactic core.  These energies have reached 3.5 TeV or 3500 times the mass energy of a proton. Check out the SpaceDaily website link.  Too much BS pushed on the internet about 2012.  Even statements like a magnetic reversal or pole shift are misleading and do not agree with physical evidence.

Now the scientific community is concerned about a super solar flare that will occur during the winter solstice in 2012 but do not say what would cause this event to be different than any other peak sunspot cycle.

If the sun is directly on the magnetic equator “the dark rift” of the Milky Way and the Earth is in the shadow of the black hole spewing an electromagnetic wave of decaying energy *gamma rays* in the Tera volts should be cause for concern.

The last time our planet was on this side of the sun during the actual alignment was 26,000 years ago.  The alignment happens 2 times in the 26,000 years of precession. The only difference is after 13,000 years the positions of the Sun and Earth are switched. When the alignment occurs on December 21, 2012 the Sun will be directly on the galactic equator. I can say this from observations of the positions of the galaxy in the sky during the last few years.  Just Google Milky Way and select images. Then with each image you can open and note the dates and locations where they were taken. You can observe for yourself if the solar systems path of travel is headed towards the galactic plane or away and how close we are to alignment.

The Journal Nature is wrong by stating that we last passed the galactic plane over a million years ago. The images show we are very close to being in alignment now and are traveling at a great velocity towards the galactic equator. Just as predicted if you use the mass of the Universe and total g upon our solar system traveling almost perpendicular to the galactic plane. Vogelsang was right when he said gravity needs a complementary force. Emanating energy from the cores of planets and stars seem to fit that complementary force.


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