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What will happen when the galactic alignment occurs?

by on April 2, 2010

The reality will be the same our perception will be what changes. See universal consciousness.  It is the energy that will cause the change in perception, 3.5 TeV, 3500 times the mass energy of a proton, in a direct stream, short wavelengths with high energy, gamma rays. Gamma rays are the result of electromagnetic radiation and supposedly diminishes with distance, see Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

This process happens in stars and black holes. So the energy, electromagnetic decay/gamma rays pass through the dark rift, as the Maya called it, and reach our solar system. This has been scientifically noted in the cosmic hot spots found just outside our solar system. See cosmic hot spots.

I hypothesized the reason we cannot detect the source of the cosmic rays is because gamma rays are influenced by gamma rays, or when hitting another electromagnetic wave.  The gamma rays also absorb and reflect off of interstellar medium which also contributes to the difficulty in pinpointing the source.

But along the galactic equator magnetic fields drop to almost zero, and since gamma rays are influenced by magnetic fields the gamma rays are able to make it 26,000 light years out without much resistance. The only resistance then becomes the surface of planets and stars along with interstellar medium intercept the energy.

Gamma ray energy converts into matter!

Would the sudden explosion of energetic particles hitting the Earth cause it to gain matter rapidly?

Lets see.

It only takes 1.022 MeV of gamma rays to create two elementary particles, see pair production, and the energy in gamma rays hitting the surface of the Earth were detected in the trillions or 3.5 TeV.   The Sun constantly emits a few thousand electron volts of gamma rays every day and around five hundred thousand electron volts during solar storm events such as a coronal mass ejection or CME.

Scientist find that a new phenomena or explanation is needed to explain the strength of the cosmic energy that is hitting the Earth. Right now 2,868,852.5 times the energy needed to create two elementary particles is hitting the Earth and appears to be emanating from a point less than a light year away.  If the energy increases then the distance to the object decreases. Physics is pretty up front, it is a science.  There is no star or object large enough to produce the detected gamma ray energy at less than 1ly away. The gamma ray energy is found uniformly along the plane of the galaxy I would assume the cause was Sgr. A. Even Vogelsang said gravity must have a complemental force, for every action there is a reaction.

3.5 TeV divided by 1.022 MeV is 3,423,914 pairs of possible elementary particles being produced continually every moment. Note this is just an estimate using the energy that is reaching the Earth surface right now. Eventually the energy will increase exponentially and peak at 11:11pm MT. (-7:00 GMT) December 21, 2012.

Gamma rays can turn into particles so millions of new particles are being produced right now. This article said they previously were detecting gamma ray particles with less energy, 80 MeV. Meaning the energy has increased over time.

Gamma rays being depicted as a river is possibly the action the Maya claimed would cause Earth cataclysms, earthquakes, Earth changes and also cause a heightened awareness. They mention this on the last page of their codex and on Stella relief carvings.


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