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Origin of Life:

by on May 9, 2010

The origin of life was unknowingly found in lab experiments. Quantum entanglement, QE, can influence elementary particles & is TIMELESS. It being timeless implied knowledge ahead of our slow mass time to Vogelsang. QE is able to influence particles thus why radiation can change organic tissue. Even life was said to occur out of an organic soup because of cosmic radiation. The universe has a consciousness that is able to manipulate particles with order, purposely creating different forms of life in any possible environment. I will explain.

Even though the ingredients for life are known, scientists still cannot create life. The reason becomes clear when finding an eternal connection between like electrons. Every atom was configured by this timeless action or thought, i.e., quantum entanglement.

Vogelsang found this evidence with his STI device where a random decaying particle, Americium-241, was found to have thought or consciousness directing it. A consciousness controlled the alpha particles at the quantum level to trigger a random character generator program. On the devices maiden run it spelled out fifteen spaces and the words, be patient.

I used the same BAS random program he used in his device and all I could get it to type out was gibberish. I could not determine the character before it was displayed. I could not see potentials in the future. Thus I could not determine the character output. Yet the wave of energy from the decaying piece of inanimate matter is able to know potentials ahead of time and also read thoughts, both seem to be entwined by this consciousness.


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