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String Theory:

by on May 9, 2010

The string theory is wrong. Length, width, depth and time are not dimensions but measurements. Tell me where did they come up with the 6 extra dimensions besides the first four? I understand they even have a membrane theory, or M theory, to hold them all together, see Hurcha’s bubbles, for a total of 11 dimensions now.

In reality this 3d place of space where we reside is the only dimension. What about temperature, is that a dimension too? Temperature determines the rate of decay, which is measured by time, so is temperature also a dimension?

Where did they come up with the other 6 dimensions? I would have to say that if there were other dimension of existence then they too would have width, height, depth and time. Time is only a measurement of observation. If we were to travel to a different dimension would we still experience width, height, depth and time? Yes we would. So they are not dimensions.

I mean you can take a ball and throw it at a distance. Then you can calculate the distance, the speed and the time it takes to go from point a to point b. You can redo the experiment and take the ball back to point a but you cannot take the ball back to the point in time where you first began the experiment. So time is not a dimension because it has no placeholder to return to.

I am a retired architect. I know 3d space pretty well and can create 3d models “in digital space” on the computer. Dimensions are what we refer to as measurements not places of existence.

I don’t try to dwell upon anything if there is no evidence to back it. Like beliefs, assumptions or implications. Facts are easy to observe and with experiments are repeatable.


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