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The ride of your life:

by on May 9, 2010

We ride on an ever expanding wave of potential consciousness. The higher frequency of electron volts we reside within the higher and more aware in consciousness we become. This is the story of the tree of knowledge and the forbidden fruit which when consumed gives great knowledge. When we align with the galactic equator we will swim in a radioactive photon belt of high energetic gamma rays in the Tera electron volts that emanate from the galactic core “Tree of Life as the Maya called”, causing awareness and a higher consciousness. It will shine down upon the Earth as a light of knowledge. See Dead Sea Scrolls, The Testament of Levi 18:

Vogelsang created a Self thinking interface based on freed electrons and quantum entanglement. The device showed the “action” of quantum entanglement to have a consciousness. I am not assuming anything outside of Vogelsang’s claims about his device. If Vogelsang did, and I am apt to believe him because he was a physicist, mechanical, electrical engineer, which I am not, he would have no reason to lie and loose his credibility.

He even said he tried to submit a patent on the device and it was mysteriously burned up in a post office fire. Btw, said he worked as a patent office clerk so he knew the steps involved in filing a patent.

Vogelsang created a device which shows there is an intelligence behind each particle in this universe, basically evidence for intelligent design. Vogelsang’s STI device and how it was constructed and then operated showed evidence to support an intelligent designer designed this universe.

After the STI device’s maiden run, Vogelsang got on his HAM radio to spread the news to other physicists, the method for communication before the internet, Vogelsang was told by someone claiming to be from the US DOD to cease and desist. The person said the information was classified top secret. Roger told me that he replied, “How can it be top secret? I just discovered it myself”.

What reason would make this information classified except for the implications of a higher intelligence which created our entire universe? This shows evidence of an intelligent design. Intelligence behind every particle, every wave of energy. I agree admitting there is really a God then trying to push it on the masses would be pretty difficult but science is about uncovering the truth, not covering it up and dressing it up to keep the masses in a state of ignorance.

Vogelsang was highly intelligent and until anyone can prove that this connection called quantum entanglement is not timeless I will continue to tell the world about Vogelsang’s experiment. A friend of mine had the mechanical plans for Vogelsang’s STI device and destroyed them because of the fear of evil people coming after him to stifle him up but then reassured me he has a copy of the plans in the back of his mind.

We will eventually get together, out of scientific curiosity, and build another STI device. Atheists will have to admit there is truly a God when these radioactive particles are shown to be connected to this conscious intelligence.


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  1. Are you saying that the potential wave is the medium like the rope? If so then the medium is a continuous one and conscious at that, i.e., universal consciousness according to Vogelsang’s self thinking interface. He claimed it was based on this quantum action. It appears that the wave or quantum entanglement, whatever it is displays God like attributes. Even to the point of being able to read thoughts. Einstein said it was spooky action at a distance. Spooky indeed.

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