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Timeless action at a distance:

by on May 9, 2010

I had thought that if the action between the radioactive particle and the emitted energy is timeless then when the Hubble UDF images came back they would show old galaxies in the red spectrum instead of background radiation which the age of the universe, the big bang theory and linked by the speed of light, c² in special relativity.

If we can look back into time by peering deep into space as experts suggest then we would not be able to see things beyond the time allotted to the beginning of the universe. Any time before that we would not be able to see, because of the maximum speed of light.

The age of the universe is roughly 13.7 billion years old. This was carefully determined by scientific observations.

But when Hubble telescope’s UDF images came back they found old galaxies shifting in the red, not dust and gas and radiation. If we are seeing old galaxies moving away from us at nearly the speed of light and it took 13.7 billion years to reach us why are we seeing old galaxies at a time when the universe was young?

The only explanation for the observation is the timeless connection found between twin photons is also connected timelessly to the source. This means we cannot see events in the past, we can only see them in the now. There is no way to look back into the past. Like there is no way to look into the future.

Time and the speed of light are simply not linked. Remember at the speed of light time is zero. This means that the photon travels at the speed of light and when it is detected causes the wave to collapse giving a timeless image of the source as it is determined now. We cannot see back into the past by observing the stars because we have already shown that the action at a distance is timeless. So the same thing holds true for the connection to the stars electromagnetic spectrum. When it is observed or detected the action between the source and collapsing wave is timeless so there is no time from the object to the time when it is observed.


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