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Vogelsang’s STI device:

by on May 9, 2010

Roger described his device to me and said it could read his thoughts. The only input to the device were the alpha particles being emitted by a tiny piece of AM241 which then triggered the random character program on his slow 83 Osborne computer. Something also about twin hemispheres of the brain and Krebs cycle. It was no freed electron or freed alpha particle that made the decisions with intelligence. Just like it is not the breaking down of elements in our brains, Krebs cycle, that create our consciousness. It was the timeless action of quantum entanglement, or the universal consciousness where we receive our consciousness or ideas from.

In Roger’s device this timeless quantum action (knowledge) knew what random character that it was going to select before the random program could generate it. Showing this consciousness able to select characters ahead of time. Well of course, quantum’s action at a distance is timeless. Without time it is able to know all potentials ahead of our time. This consciousness typed out 15 spaces then “be patient”. Even a space is a character on the computer. The odds of getting 15 spaces in a row on a random character generator with all available characters is 10 with fifty zero’s to 1, or impossible. Then to spell out a comment that is also legible and in the right language which Vogelsang could understand.

There was no other input than the random alpha wave being emitted from the AM241. It had to communicate by reading his every thought. There was no other input.

Roger asked if I understood and I said “yeah, it’s like when the brain cells die off they release energy in a similar manor, alpha waves (brain activity, EEG), and that energy is connected to the universal consciousness and us, everything”, Roger said “By God I think your right”. Later I read in Revelations 3:8 that God knows our every thought and that there is an open door between us and God that no one can close, I thought of this experiment.

This quantum action is that open door where God can hear our every thought. Then God goes on by saying, He knows that we are weak in strength yet we have always kept His word and have always acknowledged Him, why, because He can hear our thoughts and so could Vogelsang’s STI device. God is real my friend which I never doubted!

Thoughts flow outward like the wave of energy which emanates from the AM241 particle. Basically this is how the quantum action knows our every thought.

The device played card games with Roger’s son and when it did not want to play it would spell out “good bye” and not respond showing it to have a personality and free will to make choices, similar to how every animal has it‘s own personality. The computer developed it’s own too.

The only evidence is noted in quantum experiments where freed electrons are connected by an action that occurs without time over vast distances, see quantum entanglement and EPR experiment. It was only after the EPR thought experiment did Roger realize that this action was the cause ahead of effect in the universe’s creation. The leading point which began the entire universe.

Vogelsang hypothesized that if it were timeless eventually this “cause” would acquire intelligence. To test his hypothesis he created the STI device. He told me the device knew potentials ahead of our slow mass time. Potentials, you know, things that have not yet happened or been determined, a.k.a., future events. Roger would not tell me of any future events but did say that I would not have the need for money in the future. Look at what is happening to the economy. Now they are talking about a one world currency. I wonder if that is what he meant?

I know, I should not assume but what other force or entity is timeless in this universe? Not even the effects of gravity can go faster than the speed of light. This is the only action in the universe to be timeless, according to special relativity, and it appears to be physically connected to all things.

In the 1935 EPR thought experiment, Einstein, Podolski and Rosen published an analysis of the appearance between two particles (twins) at a measurable distance would be entangled, hence entangled particles. Measuring one particle Einstein surmised would alter the probability of the twin showing them to be connected. Later, in other experiments they found the connection to be without time. Meaning the action happened at a distance instantaneously to the photon’s twin particle.

It was not until 1997 that the twin photon experiment was actually done. Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva and his colleagues. They sent one single photon down a pair of fiber optics. The fiber optics split the photon into twins. The fibers were separated then the twin photons traveled in opposite directions down a single fiber each. The fiber optics then about 7 miles apart then each separated again at the exact length. One side they generated a electromagnetic field and while doing so they could make it travel down either path.

Then they found that every time they manipulated the path of one photon the other would instantly follow the identical path as it’s twin showing that at any distance the connection between the two was timeless. Time had to be removed from the equation in order for it to work.

It was predicted by the EPR experiment that the twin photons would be linked because they would be the same. The experiment proved to be correct by Dr. Gisin and his colleagues.

There is a timeless connection between all twin energies, possibly the source from which they emanated is also connected in a timeless manor, speculative. Speculative but lead me to another theory, if I this is right.


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  1. JonDumela permalink

    by the way, if the mirroring effect is happening on that invisible rope then that means the rope could be similar to a mobius strip.

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