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by on July 28, 2010

I speculate that if Earth & Sun were to align with this photon belt then all will be nothing but bright light. The concentration of light will possibly max out on the winter solstice in 2012. This also marks the peak of the sun spot cycle. Heavily populated areas of Earth will be tilted away from the flowing stream. The Hopi say to tread into the rapids of this river & rejoice for your loved ones will be with you. Possibly, The Dead Sea Scrolls refers to this as the light of knowledge.

Don’t misunderstand me, my words are purely speculative. The Maya depict a stream emanating from the galactic core. Scientists find the energy increasing in energy as we approach the galactic plane, then find the energy is emanating from an area towards the galactic core. The Maya base their calendars on this. Also explains why history has accounts of being more advanced in technologies than us in certain aspects of astronomy, astrology, engineering, architecture & more.

Our brains are effected by EM fields. Gamma rays are the result when an EM field decays. So gamma rays may influence the way we think. Speculative, but explains why ancient people could build pyramids with such precision. A little over 600 years ago people thought the world was flat, 10,500 BC pyramids were built. Why were previous generations by thousands of years smarter? Knowledge appears to come in cycles from the tree of life, a.k.a., tree of knowledge as black holes do emanate EM fields.

This would mean our thoughts are not our own but possibly pre determined or borrowed.  Depending upon the strength of the EM field the solar system swims within. Our location along the galactic edge would then play a role in what appeared to be evolution, per video. Physical evidence shows that the alignment happens every 13,000 years or 2 times every 26,000 years. See SuperWave theory & how the Earth passed through an energetic stream (photon belt?) some 13,000 years ago which caused a deposit of heavy materials as was recorded trapped in Greenland ice. Physical evidence says the alignment happens 2 times in the 26,000 year cycles, like a wave crossing the galactic edge, the solar system bobs up and down as it orbits the Milky Way, see solar apex.


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