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Gravity’s Complementary Force:

by on August 10, 2010

In response to this posted lecture linked above:

If the universe were comprised of hot radiation from the specified time period and caused matter to form after it cooled then this should be reproducible in the lab, which it cannot, thus it is a false assumption.

I cannot accept this explanation as what happened in the first few moments of the speculated Big Bang.  Unanswered questions arise out of the explanation.  Like, what caused the universe to start out being extremely hot in the first place? Was the heat localized in one location or was it uniform throughout the entire universe and if it was why did the universe form on a flat plane rather than in a spherical shape?  What event could have caused the energy to pop into existence then to cool while rapidly and continually expanding contradicting escaping the effect of gravity?

The law of thermodynamics states that expansion happens when heat is applied and contraction happens when cooling is applied. The only opposite instance is in the formation of ice, where water expands when it freezes.

If the universe began as being extremely hot and it cooled the opposite would have happened, the universe would be contracting from the cooling effect.  Even if the universe began as an explosion or expansion of heat it would have to be continuous in order to continue expanding, like the solar wind from a star otherwise gravity would take hold and cause the reverse to happen, contraction. Plus, all objects would be moving away from one point in space, yet all objects appear to be moving away from us, not from a single point in the sky. Several theories do not add up to observations.

The universe is expanding and accelerating.  I can surmise that the universe is expanding because it is getting hotter not colder.  The visual inflation of the universe implies the universe is adding energy and mass, hence the reason for adding dark energy and dark matter, which then violates the first law of thermodynamics. No other way to explain the observed inflation but to insert an unknown, (dark energy). This observed effect (inflation) was found to overpower the attraction effect of gravity. The inflating universe can be easily explained without dark energy when noting one natural effect of gravity.

When gravity is used as the work force in the formula for thermodynamics (creating heat at the cores of all planets, stars & other objects with gravity[gravity=pressure=heat=energy=MF]) it continuously creates new energy and causes the universe to expand.  There is no need to insert this mysterious dark energy into the equation to explain the inflating universe when this effect of gravity can be shown to be the reason.

EM field effect:

This simple idea even explains why furthest galaxies are accelerating away from our perspective and not from a single point, re: BB.  The BB theory needed to be revised because all objects are found to move away from us, thus the inflation theory when knowing the BB theory was found to be wrong, then why use it?  Then when you note that within an EM field all other EM fields become connected (note anti gravity effects of charged capacitors)  thus no need to insert dark matter into the equations for the observed orbital speeds of stars in galaxies. The action of energy being created at the cores of stellar objects causes the effect we call gravity.

Gravity is not the effect of mass but rather the effect upon mass as a complementary force. If gravity were an effect of mass then explain why atop a mountain a person weighs less than when that same person is weighed at sea level? If mass were creating the effect of gravity then standing on more mass one would be effected more so. But this does not seem to be the case. Also, if mass were attracting objects like a magnet then the objects would not be able to escape the effect. Plus, if mass were causing the attraction then objects with different mass would be attracted at different rates dependent upon the mass and this too does not seem to be the case. Gravity is not the effect of mass or the warping of space and time but the result when new energy is created at the core of the object. For every action there requires an equal yet opposite reaction.

All objects are attracted to the planet at the same rate no matter what the mass of the object. This shows that gravity is flowing from space inward towards the central core. The new energy produced by pressure escapes the core and this effect causes space to rush inward, like air rushing into a  jar to replace the fluid as it empties. The energy escaping at the core is the action which is creating the effect of gravity, an equal and opposite reaction. If this complementary force called gravity were not produced then a star would expand in an instant and release all the energy at once. The energy escaping then is complementary, opposite but equal to gravity.

The only problems with this hypothesis is that it violates the 1st law of thermodynamics where it states that energy cannot be created. Plus, it goes against the law of conservation where it assumes because of the first law that energy and matter has always been here and a conversion happens. This hypothesis suggests that the universe began extremely small, possibly microscopic, and grew to the size it is today at a continuous rate.

Now, we find when the large old galaxies (quasars) reach the speed of light at the edge of the observable universe all that matter turns into energy spreading the captured energy back creating new matter, see Milagro Observatory where they find high energetic gamma photons transform into heavy elements when colliding with the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

There, I find reference to how elementary particles, matter, is made continuously when high energy cosmic waves, gamma photons, hit the upper atmosphere causing heavy elements to form. Every energy emitting stellar object in the universe adds to the minute growth of the universe as a whole. This action of energy converting into matter tips the balance that happens between energy and matter all objects which produce gravity grow and move away from one another. This explains a lot of observations in the universe. As each EM field increases and the universe inflates while gravity and new energy are complementary, the formation of new matter via accretion causes more energy to be produced adding to the universe’s inflation.

Until the first law of thermodynamics is changed to state that new energy can be created the cause of gravity will never be fully understood and observations will continue to defy theory.


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