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Matter of Opinion:

by on August 10, 2010

cosmic energy = cosmic waves where the waves collide head on 90° to path of travel the waves mix = 3 phase whole quarks = they stop = standing waves = matter = gravity = internal pressure = heat = cosmic energy….. note the energy and heat from stars via pressure by gravity to cause nuclear fusion. The energy is produced to balance out the force of gravity. For every action there is a reaction. It shows how the universe is growing, dark energy is not needed to explain the inflating universe.

Energy can be converted into matter not mass. See pair production. Mass is a measurement of matter.

Pair production explains why Saturn’s outer rings are younger than the inner ones. Because pairs of electrons form when two waves of energy collide or where one wave slows to a stop by interacting with it’s own EM field head on, forming standing waves, aka., matter at a position 90° of magnetic fields. As the EM field increases in distance so too does the position where new particles form. This only occurs with radioactive planets and stars.

True when you note that all the Jovian planets (radioactive) have rings. The sun too if you note the Kuiper asteroid belt. Planets then form from the accretion of matter which forms at right angles to a magnetic field along the magnetic equator.

Everything in our solar system first came from our own sun. Nothing came from outside our own solar system. Evidence to this is noted from the movement of the sun, called solar apex and how every object seems to be locked into the same path of movement.

Saturn’s outer rings are younger then the inner ones. This same scenario should be present throughout the universe. Stars seeing they are radioactive as well as the Jovian planets also form matter at a right angle to their magnetic equators. This would be evident in the age of every planet/object orbiting the star. The youngest planets will form further away. As the EM field increases over time so does the distance where new mater transforms out of the energy from the radioactive star or planet. Thus all debris forms on the Magnetic equator of radioactive stars and planets.

If the objects in the Kuiper belt are found to be younger than Earth then this hypothesis is correct and several theories have to be changed.

NASA reported that Saturn’s outer rings were younger than her inner rings and said it will take them a few years to figure out why because it does not coincide with the Nebula Theory, the current idea on how our solar system formed.


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