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Quantum Speed of Potential Energy:

by on August 10, 2010

In response to this article published here: \ more-38872

This was predicted by quantum entanglement.

This article shows the quantum entanglement of the photon wave to be connected in a timeless manor to it’s source. Also see HUDF images. Vogelsang once told me that the effect of light was timeless, and we saw everything in an instant. I truly thought I was missing something because I was always taught that light has a speed limit of 186,000mps. Connecting in a timeless manor means happening without the effects of time.  I am sure he meant we see distant light sources as they happen in the now not as the wave left the object in the past.

Light has zero time traveling at 186,000mps, yet while the energy is in the wave form the connection is timeless, see quantum entanglement. Thus the potential light travels without time as a wave of energy. please note that every object emitting light has done so from the onset of the formation of the universe. Then the light we see has always been shining upon us from every object in the universe from the beginning.  Then, when the wave collapses after interaction it forms a particle, see double slit experiment.

The energy of the source in not transferred, only the information of the object as it appears in the now as noted by Dr. Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva.

This is why even the smallest pixel representing the distant galaxy in the first link above imaged it at the same relative size as our own Milky Way, in the now. The distant galaxy was  shown to be near the size of our own galaxy. If this quantum entanglement did not occur Hubble would have imaged the remnants of a young galaxy not old one. The wave when it collapses causes the quantum action that connects timelessly to transfer the info (communicating it’s position and what it looks like, all information) of the distant galaxy instantly to the particles of light which represent it causing new particles to form out of nothing, see uncertainty principal.

The photon or the wave of energy which creates the light only travels at 186,000mps but the quantum entanglement action between the source and the wave collapses in an instant to reveal the object as it is in the now. This idea casts out the notion that we can see into the past simply by looking at objects light years away.


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