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Understanding The Graviton:

by on August 21, 2010

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The problem one idea is that light is a bundle of photons traveling at a speed. If the wave of energy were perceived as a solid energy bubble then all would be understood in quantum physics. The exact location of electrons orbiting a particle is not predictable because of this reason.

The electrons appear to be in all places at any given time because the wave which carries the light is everywhere. Light may have a speed limit of 186,000mps but the wave is everywhere. I speculate when the wave collapses it forms a duplicate in reverse of it’s origin and the information of the source is transferred to the electron/particle we detect as light. This happens in an instant revealing the image of the source at that exact moment. Conjecture thus far until noting the effects of quantum entanglement.

Light reveals what the star or galaxy looks like at the exact moment the wave collapses via observation. Please note that every wave of energy from every illuminated object in the universe has been shining continually since the beginning of time. Stars always release energy. The quantum effect of entanglement is found to send information faster than light.

The big misconception is that light is traversing long distances through space at a snails space of nearly 186,000 miles per second. Light is the result when the wave of energy is observed or detected, thus causing the wave to collapse creating small packets of electrons resembling the source of the energy.

The wave does travel at 186,000 miles per second but every wave has been traversing the universe since time began. If every star and galaxy has been shining since the beginning of time then the waves which have been carrying the energy has occupied this universe as well. We merely then need to observe the wave in order to collapse it to see what the source looks like at that exact moment.

So each wave which emanated at the beginning of time, it’s information at any distance is sent in an instant when observed, see quantum entanglement (QE). Thus, we cannot see distant objects as they were in the past. We see everything in the now because of QE. I theorize that once a source of light is extinguished the wave which it emanates ceases to exist thus no further contact via quantum entanglement and the star instantly is observed to blink out when viewed at any distance.

@2:40 There is another explanation besides parallel universes for the unpredictable locations of electrons within particles. Note this, electrons are not matter but energy until observed. The electron does not orbit the particle like a moon rather the energy engulfs the particle in a translucent sphere like a planetary atmosphere. As matter transforms the energy emanates outward and an Aether wave returns to fill the emptiness which was once occupied by matter. This oscillating wave action forms the electron orbital distance as noted. Add more energy and the electron position increases.

This simple concept leads to the causes gravity.

Energy emanates from every object in decay. Each element decays at a different rate based on temperature and the stability of the element or half life. This action of releasing energy creates an outward spherical wave. For every action there is a reaction. The first reaction is an emptiness within the element. Something needs to fill up the void where the energy once occupied. Matter was found to oscillate showing each outward wave to be balanced with an equal and opposite inward wave. This inward wave action is produced and interacts with all particles. The outward wave action is produced and interacts with all energy fields.

After enough particles collect, accretion, via static from the movement of the inward Aether waves, new energy appears in the form of heat at the core as mass becomes concentrated under pressure. At that moment when heat is produced the Aether wave turns into gravity.

New energy in the universe is then created via pressure from gravity. That energy can be released via quantum tunneling, passing through all matter as a wave without interference. The elements in the earth’s atmosphere is also matter so this energy passes through that too without interference.

The particle is not in a sense being in different places at the same time. It is the “energy wave” which produces the electron that is in every place. The wave transforms into a particle when it is observed or detected, see double slit experiment. There is no need to insert multiple universes to explain what is happening to a single particle.

This also explains why distant galaxies were observed to be similar to the Milky Way galaxy in size and mass yet supposedly less than a few hundred thousand yrs old.

To sum up every theory first the cause of gravity must be understood. As soon as the cause of gravity is understood then all other theories will come together and be united. I believe the cause of gravity explains everything, why the universe is inflating and ultimately explains why distant galaxies are observed to be moving away from every other galaxy which contains gravity and not from the point in space where the Big Bang supposedly occurred.


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