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by on August 31, 2010

`How else could myth as religion ever escape ambiguity when a primitive mind tries to define the complex that not even claimed astute modern science yet cannot?’
`While the soul realizes it cannot win its final death, it yet puts up a grand fight to agonize its kept dumb conscious minds!’
`To make a mess of any one else’s life is the whole game of a soul bent upon messing up its own mind!’
`Integrity stems from an aware conscious mind, never its soul if it can sustain conscious ignorance of available conscience.’
`The conscious human mind is its soul’s greatest threat to any completed evolutional graduation so the reason for late mankind’s great pending trauma!’
`Depression stems from a loss but of the soul’s grip on its conscious mind which is beginning to ask questions!’
`We the conscious mind must “do then die” as have no opportunity to start over, since reincarnation does not pertain to us!’
`Blunt are the dreams of for the aware conscious mind ready to do battle with its soul and has few aiding henchmen available due to consciously thoroughly used Chi!’
`The NDE may be a needed adjunct to grab a lax conscious mind, where Penfield’s grabber engrams are filling the S.T. memory cortex and the time to clean them out has come!’
`In late evolutional epochs the conscious mind would be dismayed to realize it could never catch up with its own a well evoluted id, thus its need to find insight quickly to guide it for a rational life as correct that id’s past follies!’
`The long epoch of Roman life must have been a terrible period of threshing to bring rational thought to irrational minds. Its net repeat again today brings likely that culminative holocaust rather than some mass Orwellian thing that leaders seek most!’
`The soul demands its freedom from destiny a factor that the human conscious mind must awaken to very soon or perish!’
`It is up to the conscious mind to bust its id or soul for any infraction defined by its benign creative complemental, once its visual REM data has been understood. This places the greatest of all needs to learn dream symbolism just as Freud denoted.’
`There are two kinds of `movers’ the able minded and the defunct who reach for power to move with force the able minded!’
`The spirit may be needed chucked down the soul’s throat by a conscious mind even if that conscious mind dies with the act!’
`Survival in slow time is easy if the nontemporal mind offers advice early to evade a soul’s problems. Later evolutional epochs as with man, neurotic blockage of advice then brings problems!’
`The pathological sneak about to win whatever while never asking questions until their conscious mind gets alerted for the nest sneaky attempt on its life, even en masse if possible!’
`The defensive bubble the intellectual uses to sustain its own conscious mind’s stupidity can be broken easily, with an LSD high to find reality and worse, AiR to follow if once in authority!’
`It is the excess’s of AiR that turn into world wars, thus the most vicious one now pending when all current intellectuals get faced with their conscious mind’s awakening!’
`To suffer is the norm of those who cannot awaken consciously. It is Nature’s way to goad a conscious mind to find solutions to life thus evolute its stagnated soul demanding death instead, especially just before it’s dynamic masstime graduation!’
`Nature remains patient of a conscious mind begins to seek to comprehend its unconscious matrix, even aid and abet some longer life if progress for its soul’s mental evolution continues!’
`Core ideas always appear bizarre if not get censored most by the terrorized id fearing its revelation and so an alerted conscious mind which is able to act in Nature’s favor!’
`There is nothing that the left brain knows that the right doesn’t. Thus conscience as offered to the conscious mind via the right brain so knows of liabilities early, even if the left brain would prefer its ignorance to so perform folly more freely!’
`Without at least perceiving a conscious mind as dual cerebral bilateral unconscious, psychological jargon means nothing!’
`Conscience operates without time yet a conscious mind must be aware of such right brain available offer to make possible its use before some perverted intention even gets offered!’
`There is little analysis to psychotherapy any more, the culprit is fully understood now, so it is a pragmatic matter of putting it in its left brain place and allow the parasympathetic CNS to act in the net best favor of the suffering conscious mind!’
`Fear no spook however awful it appears since is the artistry of evil seeking an intimidated conscious mind, where an ignorance already prevailed about what protects all from all and uses no gun as law with promises in some claimed civilized culture!’
`To suspect Einstein had some unseen mentor guiding his curious conscious mind would come too close to reality also!’


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