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by on August 31, 2010

`We soon begin to look to our left of be left in limbo on our right. Not only do our two brain halves define this enigma but the very optical design of how as which looks where for advice!’
`A quality import comes far and few between when an id rules a person’s conscious mind, thus it takes time to decipher, even if using deeper insight, to fathom the higher intellectual’s dream!’
`Those who have the least in their pocket have the most in the mind so cannot sell even the profound any more!’
`To have a deep pocket but shallow mind now means the best way to fill for former is with promises from the latter!’
`The reductive intellectual minded evade reality as the curious with insight seek it yet little care about peddling what they find as could care less about tenure or social esteem. They do care about aiding and abetting psychgopathy thus say little as know this epoch is very dangerous to everyone.’
`There is nothing that turns the attention as allegiance of a soul to its benign yet potent complemental than that soul’s more potent past henchmen climbing onto its back as it did upon its own conscious mind with great past agony!’
`To allow one devil faction to fight with another defines the profound stupidity of the human conscious mind today. The only as last quality act in its folly will thin the overburdened planet!’
`If the conscious mind knew what it was enslaved as for, it at least would attempt to stop it now that it is too late!’
`More interesting is the human conscious dilemma of which that kept dumb mind realizes something is wrong yet remains unable to act with any quality direction to extricate itself!’
`Rohypnol as the gateway drug may be a quality adjunct as can push aside the neurotic id to get beyond its most supreme neurosis and reset the conscious mind’s direction for a better life!’
`Information overload stress in women more than men may indicate their id’s need to watch to censor imports not wanted into their conscious mind, especially today with so much splitbrain information reaching into the public’s attention.’
`Obviously the devil, if it exists must watch carefully late evoluted mankind since its conscious mind yet twitches somewhat and could awaken to its enslaved state for unsaid purposes!’
`The complemental pathology of neurotic behavior versus a too liberal behavior without conscious care defines late mankind best yet both evils stem from a left brain anomaly, to say nothing of a conditioned conscious mind as then abdicated its business!’
`Security blankets in reality or from dreams are ominous signs which show overt defense so a liability for suicide if a potent conscious mind cannot come to that subject’s rescue!’
`The simple too often now is the more dangerous but for the simple minded intellectual terrorized over reality!’
`The subconscious would never divulge where it went as it succumbed to Rohypnol because the conscious mind would learn of the net quality of the drug, and likely seek to use it again!’
`Multiple sclerosis is just that an allout AiR war against a body where the sympathetic CNS wants out, whatever the cost, so the believed `mistake’ by the immune system boils down to a far greater mistake of medicine as care to know nothing about mind!’
`Between the brains are minds, even another one behind those, which should learn before death it was in charge of all thought!’
`Life for the soul becomes heady as its mental evolution ultimately defines its need to sit on ice, to offer an individualized mind for its benign dynamic complemental.’
`Only the conscious mind is worthy of worldly masstime!’
`The soul’s mind is yet valuable to the creative one, even if irascible while completing its mental evolution now. Thus it is currently imperative that man’s conscious mind learn this!’
`The best thing that can happen to most people today is some short term psychosis to alert their conscious mind of another way to know things than via some official promise!’
`The cost of mental evolution goes too far when it can alert a conscious mind as might act to moderate a longstanding program of pathological predation to win whatever.’
`Trick versus treat is the whole game now but never will the conscious mind of man will fall to reality as will fall first!’
`If men only understood, they then would feel terribly sorry for the trapped conscious mind in a woman to even help her beyond what are called the accouterments of the normal social life!’
`The coda of life is that triumphant win, seldom said, to use AiR to escape a wary conscious mind about to end all folly!’
`The pissing and shitting of the soul will finally become so severe that life will indeed not be worth living for any conscious mind be it aware of its suffering or not!’
`At least the culmination of the great human masses brings the maximum of its numbers to face the holocaust to learn a valuable lesson on their trek of mental evolution!’ `The well programmed today cannot understand their programmed efficiency because of who did the programming and sustaining a henchman to ride, whenever needed their rutty mental processing.’
`Compliance to or for any quality prolife ceases after sufficient mental IQ evolution for ensuing overt predation within masstime but for another more extended temporal existence!’
`Genuine gratitude reaps more favors, most by a Creator who recognizes favored attention to mentally evolute further!’
`Cliches as `benefiting everybody’ is democratic political jargon, where the mentally defunct expect to benefit most!’
`When ever might is felt right, the left brain of the animal continues to try to win whatever as all, even the planet if fate might allow it. It is the yet hidden anomaly of the time derived mental faculty programmed to want all the way up to death!’
`At least the masses will profit from the prophet than manages to put together mentally the universe to get on with Nature’s desire for completed mental evolution.’


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