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by on August 31, 2010

`Genius prowls Nature while intellect another’s bank account!’
`There is nothing that makes a soul or id more ugly than to be exposed to its conscious mind. Ask Freud!’
`Any claimed reason for whatever has some hidden profit margin lurking someplace unsaid, most in the mind of the deceased now!’
`Even deceased ancestors will allow a conscious mind to govern its soul to learn all about life, except why they eat excessively in order to feed those ancestors!’
`Psychotheory does not exist because too much psychotherapy remains ahead for mankind to begin to realize what governs his so well censored conscious mind!’
`Psychotherapy is only `know thy self’ yet the greatest chore the conscious mind will ever encounter yet the only chore given that mind for its entire existence!’
`Genius is no more than utilizing one’s right brain, even if only to play games in life, sadly without finding their Creator!’
`One’s difficulties in life are always from their own id trying desperately to evade their conscious mind’s curiosity. Thus the answer is some grand psychotherapeutic trip, like on acid!’
`Simple is it to escape trauma but not simple is it to find the route because it lies in one part of the human mind while the most potent `censor’ has developed in that mental matrix also!’
`As long as a human mind is able to think, there is its own nemesis also thinking behind the scenes on ways and means to so halt that former mind while continuing its own with a half dead body being fed by others as stupid in physical life.’
`Opportunity alone evokes the quality mind so at times starvation can aid most in promoting a quality mind if food comes into reach yet over some obstacle just big enough to goad the mind!’
`Old tired engines in cars as minds in men get rejuvenated by fresh lubricants if they can soak into old crusted joints as neurons that have not been too damaged by Alzheimer’s.’
`Only those carrying ancient mtDNA suffer directly from the evolved diabolical, so maybe fortunately the human conscious mind has no idea about psychic intervention until too late as now!’
`If the human animal knew it had a conscious mind it might ask questions about a possible unconscious one!’
`EMPs are like gamma or Xrays, even if of a short duration. A single flux of such high frequency equivalent today is the best way today to shut down an entire society, for only the self reliant able minded to survive!’
`Democracies are run by the inept because they must gangup on the ever fewer able minded who know when to sit down!’
`We human conscious minds are just as expendable as any chicken’s, so we should not flinch whenever our time to leave comes!’
`The opinionated have no ideas of how as what goads their mind yet mass hysteria dictates it route when unseen ethnic ancestors need a vote one way over another for never said objectives now!’
`Chi can be procured by an awakened conscious mind to use upon its own id that refuses offered Chi to defend their body!’
`It is the lack of reply that means the most today where the alerted public is aware of half truths so nothing gets aid by the perverted of mind lacking conscience to know what to say!’
`When one works in the heady field of research now, no computer of their’s is safe from governmental snooping thus the need to use it only for the Internet so let only cliche as simple fact get aired more to avoid prosecution than a bomb as never does a government want to fully end the thinking of the able minded!’


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