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by on August 31, 2010

`Metaphysics opens the mind while physics closes it like law!’
`Rest `mass’, even down to zero K. is the Creator’s energy endowment for even It’s hateful soul as will use it to pervert all it touches a factor the human conscious mind will soon see!’
`All of the predatory need their predators or little would now be learned in a freewheeling life with a kept stupid conscious mind. Thus the least favor that worldly mind can do is awaken!’
`One needs to be consciously sharkminded to handle the innate sharkminded id within their psyche today!’
`To learn what governs one’s own conscious mind now can be the ultimate awakening into a stark dark reality seething within!’
`Mithra with Sol (as Mazda) and Luna standing by, the Minotaur is executed by cosmogonic law by its rider the conscious mind.’
`Barbarians are today created by academia’s promoted IQ whereas before the Greek era, they came naturally!’
`Developed intellect becomes the most odious faculty the naive conscious mind will ever find or more fortunately, does not!’
`Only a truly insightive aware mind could evade the vast numbers of late perverted ones now ensconced in authorized power!’
`Only the insightive dare to expose any shark minded behavior, most because the nibbling sniveling perverted understand what the primitive pilot fish do remaining clear of sharp teeth!’
`When a conscious mind has control over its fatty lipids upon the stupid use of its id to create the demise of their body, that is the time for the suffering conscious mind to even seek another ethnic kind to defend its body if not shove that person’s id into hell for safe keeping!’
`In democracies only the simple minded rule because their ancestors gained control to dictate its entire social norm.’
`Heady indeed are those final hours when some past kept dumb conscious mind faces off with its ancient well evoluted soul, and even then with the fast pace of utilized insight!’
`Academic credential was the ultimate perversion evil brought to mankind where a number was to suffice for wisdom!’
`The only ritual that the human conscious mind should learn is how to tune in as shut down its prevaricating id, even if needing a flash of directed Chi to reinforce the act once in a while!’
`It is the mobility of mind that unravels past conundrums, but then only with the facts, now most vehemently unwanted for tenure which best defines late claimed civilized mankind!’


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