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by on August 31, 2010

`A lower evoluted animal does not mind incarceration if fed, only the more intellectual soul hates it because it cannot perform folly to earn a real prison sentence it actually seeks!’
`The military mind to mark time is the dominant function of intellect as has no idea of a nontemporal state where potentials are known where marking tenured time is seen as ultimate folly!’
`When discarnates can’t defend their kind by keeping a conscious mind censored they conspire to kill the subject with AiR!’
`There is a distinct reason why late mankind now is held up to prevent its scientific perception of reality, because it is being prepared to feed legions who have control of his mind today!’
`To psychoanalyze is fine but never therapize since that is the business of the patient’s aware conscious mind!’
`The mind gets slaved by external rhythm, optical to drive the parasympathetic CNS or sonic the sympathetic CNS. Otherwise it idles in self created folly, dictated by the latter neurotic, now demanding its own status quo in slow time yet a bit dynamic!’
`Redundant thinking invites one’s id in with all of its folly prone behaviors to say nothing of its invited henchmen to evoke far more folly if allowed by a yet naive conscious mind!’
`To back up in slow time may appear tedious but to a conscious mind there could be no greater danger lurking in that darkness even when their dreams define it clearly!’
`The fearful mind should be so kept so well censored today!’
`Men in gray now aiding established federal authority best define the term homunculus, blocking dreams which could alert some suffering conscious mind. The anomaly will not be understood until the next worldwar as holocaust gets started by authority!’
`To block subjective imagination is the entire objective of a depraved soul, to exclude any chance of a conscious mind’s accessing the spirit, especially to use visualized Chi to evict the unseen predatory as helping legion henchmen to that soul!’
`Sad yet deserving it, the many hangeroner souls buying time now frantically know of their destiny, still demanding autonomy in spite of who created it. Only the kept dumb conscious mind undeservingly suffers from the long sustained enigma for allowing itself to be hoodwinked to believe it controlled its destiny!’
`While futile, the soul continues its drive to its bitter end to sustain dominance, ever fading from dominance until wisdom at last occupies its once most frustrated conscious mind.’
`That time has come whereby the human conscious mind must now abdicate its predatory perverted soul as its mtDNA following kind to swear allegiance to the Creator. The use of even pitting one’s own ancestors against another ethnic kind may be necessary to end one’s torment used to `get even’ for such ugly deserved thing!’
`Sudden tiredness indicates a tired id seeking some respite in an ongoing subjective argument often with the conscious mind trying to figure out its subjective malaise!’
`There is no anomaly about the saying “early to bed early to rise makes one health and wise” since it is Nature’s electrons that then most aid our mind on which health also depends!’


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