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by on August 31, 2010

`Through the flames of one’s subjective war yet comes the adroit, if not profound, which defines far more than the genesis of that petty war, but must be left unsaid by those who hear as read the messages declaring who actually rules, even if not fully for a little more evoked agony to a past naive conscious mind!’
`It will be the perception of what twists reality to avoid the human conscious mind’s perception of it that will be that grand finding to define why matter’s reality was avoided most of all!’
`Alcoholism is a form of bulimia albeit in reverse because the suffering conscious mind seeks to escape depression, not as much obesity as is most driven by those same predatory ancestors.’
`To even suspect one’s religiously promulgated God might be of some twisted concept never enters the mind of the claimed righteous whose guidance is their ancestors as called legions to better define the devil’s evoluted henchmen today!’
`The gross need proportional stimulus to sense to respond, so a physical body’s conscious mind hears as sees less that its left brain using soul dependent on sound, as right brain subtle visual import normally offered in some dream if not volitionally hallucinated for genius which terrorizes all late authority now.’
`We human conscious minds are first manipulated by our id then another’s id as often gets intellectual aid from unseen henchmen. This apparent anomaly will soon end any claimed wisdom of man!’
`The more positive time spent in EEGs, such subject needs some adjuvant like LSD to get their minds speeded up again!’
`To become a `turncoat’ for Nature in that final result of a conscious mind’s awakened duty, for many very soon now!’
`To embellish on Nature’s work is stupid but to enjoy its designs as appalling finesse, is ample reward for most all of any future to come for a definitive mind occupying extended time.’
`Nature builtin the animal’s acquisitional program so Nature will undo that necessary function as that time comes as mankind turns instead to finishing in peace the evolutional design that Nature had in mind all along, in Her nontemporal way.’
`If mental evolution is Nature’s design and goal, sure as hell She failed with the human conscious mind today!’
`A tormented body as conscious mind is to sustain attention in worldly masstime, not escape it to find reality, the most of any terrorizing factor the soul could ever contemplate, knowing its results of terminating its folly in elevated temporal states!’
`The subjective realm approached by Chi seeking exercises are the soul’s greatest fear as it requires an alert conscious mind with the will to escape its soul’s persistent folly!’
`All worldly arguments are between the soul and its conscious mind, now well conditioned to ignore reality in the most scientific aged of all which should say the most to any alert conscious mind, especially oriented in the sciences now!’


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