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by on August 31, 2010

`Because the soul may have high IQ from a long history of incarnations and challenges as in some vast chess game, it yet does not know its opponent’s next move if it is faster in reasoning the prime factor that an always naive conscious mind must consider when dealing with their two CNS of independent volition!’
`In masstime, insight versus intellect will always prevail as the human paradigm, and a conscious mind is always naive. Thus to use the first which divines conclusions before an act that leads that way called valid intuition can evade much of life’s vicissitudes, that factor about to conclude much of stupefied humanity!’
`A mind as one’s soul that complains about being `alone’ may be a true factor where rational others fear getting near it if intellectual, and needs those others for its own survival as some kind of unwitting slave!’
`One can always make believe they are in authority’s camp. It allows time then to chance an escape if found to be a stooge thus expendable as a conscious mind not quite able to fathom all of the moves behind elegant promises, just as in modern politics!’
`From the ancient Persian Magi to the modern politician it has always been the soul who led humankind, at least up to now where the finally awakening conscious mind with the empirical obvious can see magicians are conjurers for profit and mankind is to forfeit its blood to same!’
`To awaken with the sweats should evoke more if conscious mind knew what was doing the sweating over some dream!’
`To lose a few homes yet remain alive is that anomaly that human thinking brings now just as any primitive rabbit, using the same insightive mind that Nature provides all of Her living!’
`While psychoactive drug therapy for recidivistic psychopaths may sound Orwellian, on the do the 5HT blockers aid a conscious mind realize through insight conscience standing by, the imperative for any net gain to suppressing subjective evil for regained freewill for the quality social behavior, a factor much unwanted by established authority yet best left unsaid yet!’
`Only the psychological viable should propagate now since the evolutional process over history has perverted procreative factors for the diabolical unless smothered with Nature’s constant invitation to dominate the psyche with a wiser conscious mind!’
`If the human conscious mind only knew what was driving it, an appalling silence would quickly ensue so instead a noisy bloody event will, to conclude this evolutional phase of such animal.’
`Intent underlies all action. Nature’s drive to create a masstime place in which evolution may occur, as the DNA `mechanics’ upward, until contraintent evolves enough to evoke chaos, with a kept stupid human conscious mind that should suspect something!’
`Certainly, the human conscious mind has less volitional drive to predate than its left brain goading it from within, especially lacking any right brain insightive nuance for conscience now!’
`While slavery is less overt today, it yet consumes the most energy of human thought to enslave others for a never said objective, indeed, the dumb human mind is kept stupid in all such participative proclivities for an unsaid hideous purpose!’ `Ill health most comes at first from one’s own Thanatos realizing its conscious mind is seeking. Then real ill health comes if that seeking uncovers the legions whose ugliness it will contend up to the last one of them. Only could Chi defend, and then if he were to fully discover reality and be able to teach it.’
`Many zombies now march about in uniforms with no idea of what dominates their conscious mind, much less are they aware of even being conscious!’
`It is the curious conscious mind that is worth investing time and prolife expense by Nature for Her net evolutional objective.’
`The hardest thing in life is to get a conscious mind up and running, to say nothing of it’s learning it has two unconscious!’
`The hardened or neurotic intellectually dominated mind only shows how well the integrative sympathetic CNS became instated, a factor to likely end that person’s life early if not “winning”.’


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