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by on August 31, 2010

`It is not necessarily a danger to eat high fatty meals but if their id is thinking of AiR and has unseen friends, is it dangerous indeed, especially with a curious conscious mind!’
`The speed of insight use depends on the degree or extent of censoring of the conscious mind which alone stands to offer such offered import to mankind too busy manipulating each other to see reality for their own net far better good!’
`The apocalypse is no more than the human conscious mind’s awakening to the empirical evidence of what drives it as with the ever mounting social chaos and pending destruction now!’
`The id sets up the body early with ways and means to feed its henchmen for future liaisons, even to kill that body if its conscious mind gets too nosy, a factor often found when curiosity is most noted around peer people who have some answers about life!’
`Nausea builds rapidly where discarnate energy runs short, yet is often used to dissuade attention in some next moment where a conscious mind might become alerted to the profound!’
`What should most frighten a conscious mind is what ties to scare it away from examining what was first purported to be scary thus not find it was not only benign but the most helpful ever!’
`The human soul has evolved too far to remain benign enough to complete its mental evolution now on its own. An aware conscious mind is imperative to complete same but with a very big stick!’
`Complexity is a hazard to the tenured in two ways, the simple minded love ritual with half truths yet hate reality which is not simple to their shriveled minds.’
`Life has become “mind over matter” and so what now matters to aware conscious men over its soul and its henchmen is life!’
`The human conscious mind can comprehend the profound even if its left brain demands no such thing, knowing it must fully dominate the mental matrix with intellect or else!’
`To rush fatty lipids to a wayward incarnate soul who can best upset a curious conscious mind defines that late push for control as stupidity in late mankind!’
`Between Chi and insight, the human conscious mind has all of Nature’s endowment needed to defend and learn anything if their soul does not kill their body too soon in fear!’
`The soul becomes its most ugly when about to lose its body yet its then conscious mind continues on to yet fulfill Nature’s goal of educating that soul while in extended time!’
`To kill time while evading Nature brings a death worse than allowing some conscience watching conscious mind to comment, even if that latter mind does little to correct a manipulated profit!’
`The aboriginal as religious minded with obedient heart may be fine soon to educate with their programmed belief that intellectuals who will perish enmasse, to learn of cross academic import which define empirically reality on the unconscious level, to so evolve the fastest for Nature’s next evolutional schedule.’
`The `yesno’ readout Self thinking device may best aid those with curiosity yet set of mind about reality, where a succinct answer forces ever greater thought into the most complex ever!’
`The legions are running out of `edibles’ thus the chaos now amongst the simpler minded who have less astute ancestors to so defend them from being sucked on if not fully eaten!’
`To be knocked senseless may define potent unseen ancestors in the act of changing one’s mind, when about to consider the better ideas about to emerge for conscious consideration.’
`When a stapled stomach must replace a programmed dumb conscious mind, death can be a lucky event since curbs the feeding of unseen ancestors, they go prowling elsewhere or go hungry!’
`One can be sure the soul that gets raped by its opponents for its energy is not able to remain above hell, thus with Chi an aware conscious mind can make itself dangerous to the unwanted by pushing the prowling if caught upwards instead of down!’
`Chi is that ultimate means to acquire peace for the conscious mind thus the ugly reason why mankind remains so stupid now!’


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