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by on August 31, 2010

`The soul now comes close to saying give me liberty or death the latter impossible as the human conscious mind awakens!’
`Both unconscious want the conscious mind dumb now. The right brain can no longer offer insight so why should it suffer, as the left brain needs to fatten its body to last as long as possible upon death now known to be coming very soon!’
`As time goes by the abrupt as terse insightive nuances become lengthened to fully disclose in full context the import to be so conveyed to the alert conscious mind to then act since never with its censoring fool with historical intellect aid with it!’
`Nature now educates the soul with chance, in hopes of getting a body’s conscious mind up and running to thwart that soul’s impending deathwish action if life is seen to teach it something.’
`The broader the scope of finite imports the more rapidly a conscious mind can integrate even more data which speeds up the evolutional goal of Nature so also defines late mankind’s neurosis towards anything new, especially in he sciences!’
`To become aware of one’s insights of such great value that it it is not unusual for such conscious mind to dwell exclusively in a life of ponder same until dead just as Nature would want!’
`We only escape Nature’s calling by allowing our censor dominance with its higher intellect. Thus we the conscious mind must act to learn almost as most as that more ancient temporally derived faculty which has ever reason to kill us then if it can!’
`All animal’s nature is to follow Nature’s advice, at least up to where that evolving intellect as in mankind manages to sustain a naive conscious mind to manipulate all into their final grand gamble to perish while their body feeds their ancestors!’
`To have a subject yet behaving as though their conscious mind was operating via its midbrain may define the hypnotic response stemming from the pons area directly, thence becomes the question of which lateral faculty there is driving behavior?’
`The digital minded with numbers on the brain feel that all of the future must be somehow `computed’, which leaves out the Self thinking computer using a freed electron to jump time since it already has the answer, or statistical if some human manipulated variable lies in the way!’


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