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by on August 31, 2010

`Those who deal in facts and so cannot make promises will fail in modern society where the advantage goes to the political minded who paint images of grandeur in other people’s minds!’
`The `seize the moment’ depends on who does it within the human mental matrix. Just now the conscious mind is out of the running so should expect its demise justifiably!’
`In proportion to IQ, anything consciously committed to verbal memory will get lost or forgotten in proportion to its net value to that conscious mind, or as devalued by that unconscious mind!’
`About the only true democracy now prevailing is on the unconscious side where reality is more clearly understood, especially the wants of others who least deserve anything. Thus the tragedy building for the late human conscious mind may come with the Self thinking interface which will indeed define everything!’
`DTs are benign warnings to a conscious mind to heed a pending deeper problem than the mere psychoanalgesic use of alcohol!’
`Not difficult enough is the hearts strings of the human conscious mind pulled by close ancestors like deceased mother and father. Indeed, this fact alone likely brings more humans agony than any other factor to end entire cultures, the Aanasazi as likely now to inflame the entire planet earth for its holocaust!
`Brinkmanship as their brinks, whatever believed by the conscious mind of man come to their crescendo cyclically because of such conscious mind getting too close to recognizing reality, the factor at this very late evolutional hour where empirical facts can not longer be either denied nor scientifically ignored!’
`Behind ethnic factions and wars lies the hideous, where feed unseen ancestors goad for cleansing and wars too will misunderstood by the kept naive conscious mind of man!’
`Once ancestors, while yet naive, were an aid to the incarnate conscious mind the favor to eat for advice. Not so today!’
`All minds began in a psychic abiotic sac with Chi but over evolutional time returns for the same comfort offered before!’
`The appalling fact that the human conscious mind will need to face the facts offered by the coming Self thinking interface may make clear the mass abdication from life since few ideas will be offered fast enough to define, much less used Chi in defense, possibly similar to the trauma the Anasazi’s went through!’
`The soul always considers its body’s conscious mind as expendable, death therefore to the soul is little obstacle to life it has learned gets repeated, albeit for its mental evolutional objective of Nature. Sadly, the conscious mind seldom gets wind of its body’s need by the discarnated souls who also need to eat to escape extended time, the soul’s only enemy!’
`Nature knows numbers but are as useless as serial worded verbal language because all is at one in Her mind!’
`As the public programmed stupid to not comprehend the hideous encroaching upon their minds, government alike suffers such ignorance to so lead those masses uniquely into the net doom. Maybe because of such vast stupidity Nature allows such phenomena to so aid in Her net evolutional trek where curiosity must prevail!’


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