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by on August 31, 2010

`All animals are free agents for their independent mental evolutional quest. The introduction of a midbrain or conscious mind merely offers a mediator some opportunity to also learn enough to aid in that quest without too much bloodshed!’
`Evil is indeed cunning so sure as hell man will consciously learn the least about it oddly just as the church yet claims as cunning beyond belief so have no idea what mind rules it!’
`Those operating computer with little problem may be simple of mind since ask no deeper questions! Those who seek to use those device to record provocative imports will struggle the maximum as they do with spelling especially if they own higher IQ!’
`The attempt to `unsay’ what is profound is that greatest of all struggles to resay to clarify those studying the mind now!’
`In 3D space the coordinated hearing integrates the two audio listening lateral minds, yet one above as one below a nominal common frequency as lateral side.’
`Because of the rapid reaction via the nontime oriented right brain is equated as emotional it defies human intellectual (left brain) ability (GSR) to express its own emotional response, better known as fightflight so the most dangerous behavior soon to be understood consciously as yet another independent `mind’ of time orientation.’
`The conscious faculty as RAS or midbrain was likely installed about the development time of the chicken where integration of a moderative mind was needed for the evolutional trek for IQ!’
`To find ancestors hidden within one’s own psyche can be unnerving, especially to realize they bias one’s conscious mind to create fodder to do their bidding!’
`Stochasm likely occurred after the primal clap so the ensuing cosmic bubble as quasar/galaxies evolved by chance. Life thereon subsequently obviously took organized guidance, at least up to a proven DNA program to carry on most of life’s needed mechanics to house a more subtle mtDNA for mind which could evolve.’
`To completely remove an offending part of one’s body with the grand cortex lobotomy to allow peace and a conscious mind’s use of its right brain half may be the solution to promote idiot savants as a great threat to a wayward considering id thus its reconsideration even before fully acquiring its incarnate body!’
`At least a far happier conscious mind would remain in its relieved body when its left cerebral hemisphere removed, yet likely another means of decoupling the right side pon’s brainstem area may be found less gruesome as complex a procedure!’
`Alcoholics have found a means to keep evicted a bothersome id even if it requires an early death with a sclerotic liver. LSD is likely a better route but with an aware conscious mind who might change that psychic matrix into a happy idiot savant!’
`The quality psychoanalyst knows tacitly one must continue to believe that there are subjective other minds which need monitoring, if not to peruse their relative qualities then take charge when given some impetus to act in better ways.’
`The objective is to keep women happy so promises are not evil in their mind because they forget the last seeking some new one!’
`Forgetfulness is that art of intellect once it understands what evokes curiosity in its conscious mind and so circumlocution becomes the business of our personal verbal devil!’
`Human evolution brought the soul up from the primal seas to an astute and cunning mental faculty. This evolved intellect now defines how the human race will meet its demise since never could its conscious moderative mind keep up with an inevitable Thanatos seeking to escape its Maker!’
`As one begins to truly experience Nature it becomes `tiger’ a conscious mind will never let go of, indeed, becomes so infatuated with the profound insights offered that little in worldly life is worthy of its attention anymore!’
`Nature has always had Her way so why not trust Her a bit more to find out what She has in mind for the more corrupted animals?’
`Without an irascible id the body remains in a supple quality physical shape, always ready to act in even strenuous ways without liability of overstress. It defines the active conscious mind’s at least tacit awareness of Nature’s presence and continues to seek to comprehend It throughout life.’
`Few of late mankind will escape the revenge of their soul as its seeks its own demise in a rational manner with far more IQ than any conscious mind has ever acquired including the idiot savant who addresses Nature directly without any censoring soul!’


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