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by on August 31, 2010

`The Lord is too busy to brag, and besides has all the tenure anyone could ever want. So why should any second ordered mind try to win fame with a new necktie, flaunting trivia as his own?’
`One often pays some victor yet the lesson can be well worth the effort over time. The reason, while simple, escapes the well programmed conscious mind which gets the most manipulated now!’
`Even Nature aids the psychopathic by keeping their conscious minds dumb when all hope of alerting it even if what their id demands, to die happily in ignorance!’
`Certainly, no conscious mind deserves the higher intellectual id which manipulates life including willed death with AiR, thus the imperative now that conscious man awakens before too late!’
`The term “idiot” when used with savant which is obscure best defines modern intellect terrorized over a human conscious mind faced with facts that must be ignored, whatever the cost!’
`Maybe not much is impossible with the Lord’s guidance but He does not aid those of a predatory mind where only IQ prevails!’
`To realize a personal devil occupies one’s body as mind often can bring a little conscious attention yet should be reinforced quickly with the mystical experience to aid in swinging its allegiance then towards Nature’s goal to put evil behind them!’ `Does the mirror image as often disturbs a primitive mind imply their psychic awareness of what must not be revealed within?’
`The academic `computer’ minded may repeat by rote and with fidelity, just as their professors who need tenure, but neither could be a true engineer where insight brings innovation.’
`Revelation is only an act of perceiving the believed new to a temporal historical mind backing up in time!’


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